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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jameswinston Press Release!

The following is the press release sent out by Jameswinston Co. to announce their new line of underwear. I thought you may be interested in reading the entire press release, so here it is:
Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. Ltd - Press Release Jan '07

UK based men’s on-line underwear company Jameswinston Co. is shortly to showcase it’s new upgraded Spring / Summer 2007 line. The range incorporates subtle and dynamic changes to its cut and styling respectively and heralds the company as a legitimate branded underwear label.

Since its launch in October 2006 the ‘Retro Trunk’ range has been positively received by both the UK and internet media. With inclusion in the Evening Standard Xmas Guide (UK equivalent to the New York Post), ‘9.5’ and ‘10’ review ratings in and (top tier internet underwear sites), wholesale deals with two internet retailers (’s new ‘offshoot range’ website and ) talks with a major High Street retailer regarding stocking product for the New Year and articles / product inclusions mooted by UK men’s magazines FHM, Maxim and Men’s Health for 1st Quarter 07, things have clearly got off to a more than credible start.

‘We’ll be positioning ourselves a little differently for 2007 though’ says Jameswinston Co. founder Brian James, whose original concept was influenced by the simple yet easy on the eye cut of ‘50’s swimwear. ‘Our aim was to produce great fitting, quality men’s underwear in a variety of attractive colours but it seems we did some things the wrong way round’ admits James. He found that large retailers - whilst impressed by the attention to construction detail, cloth quality and colours – generally viewed the trunk as ‘nice enough’. James concedes ‘ We calculated that our product standards would compensate for the deliberately understated styling. Instead, buyers were looking for obvious ‘wow’ factor styling elements before moving onto more practical considerations’. James also quickly learned on-line shoppers don’t react very well to / trust underwear modelled only on dummies. ‘ We’ll be showcasing live model imagery on the website from end Jan 2007 onwards. The new funkier designs celebrate the guy who dares to be a little different and everything we do next will reflect that premise’.

So, in comes the 2nd generation ‘Retro’ range (the word ‘Trunk’ is dropped) and two further styles. The ‘new’ trunk is an altogether sleeker shape, yet simultaneously sturdier looking. The characteristic ‘old school‘ stitched labels remain but are now larger, more contemporary in design - with the addition of colour contrast stitching on the garment completing a very individual look. ‘I wanted our underwear to compare visually to any established brand without losing the spirit of our signature styling, says James. Colour is still key to range identity as they up the ante with shades named; ‘Mint’, ‘Dark Sand’ and ‘Soda Pink’. Extra innovation arrives in the shape (literally) of the ‘ProFIL Panel TM (pron. Profile) – a layered, specially cut, front panel that adds comfort while ‘naturally’ enhancing the wearer’s ‘package’. ‘We know men will grasp any opportunity to improve ‘things’,smiles James.

The ‘panel’ feature is also part of the new ‘Retro Hipster’ range - for those who like a smaller extra low-rise fit. Finally, there’s the specialist shop only, ‘NEON’ TM range - a hipster/brief hybrid which promotes ‘in your face’ fluorescent colours with metallic ‘look’ labels - ‘the Hipster on acid’ laughs James. ‘The range is targeted primarily at hardcore clubbers but has the same Cotton/ Elastane lycra mix as the Retro. ‘Does anyone really want to party hard in cheap, uncomfortably sweaty materials these days?’

The basic price of the Retro is reduced from £15 to £13. James states he is determined to build on the company’s growing reputation for quality fabric and exceptional fit by introducing the more fashionable styling at a very competitive price point. ‘ We’ve worked hard to create a world class product and fit. The fact our market is acknowledging that is fantastic.’ says James ‘ We just needed to ‘shout’ a lot more with our styling and marketing presentation. We’re really excited about what we’ll be showing buyers in the New Year…hopefully a few of them will be too! ’

The current Jameswinston Co. range is available at

Contact details :

Brian James
Managing Director
Jameswinston (Underwear ) Co. Ltd
+ 44 (0) 870 330 7201) or via

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