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Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing Parallel

A while back, aussieBum introduced a boxer short with integrated enhancing technology called the pilobtr. Now they have extended this concept even further with a new line called Parallel. I believe that the cut is exactly the same as the pilobtr, but there are now more color options (all in stripes) and they are made of cotton (instead of satin) so they can be worn everyday. These boxers are very fitted and will show off all your assets superbly, frankly the only reason I am opposed to wearing boxers is because they are so loose and unsupportive, but these boxers solve both those problems. So definitely give the new Parallel with support pouch technology a try today!


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a fan of boxers, I'd be willing to wear those. They are kinda hot.

Anonymous said...

i have got a pair of these and so very comy - i was was also given a tip that at the moment it is cheapier to buy aussiebums as the aussie dollar is so low - i suppose there is always an upside in a bad situation :)