International Jock

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wear the World's Most Expensive Pair!

Much like the Victoria's Secret's 'Fantasy Bra', aussieBum has made the most expensive pair of underwear for men. While not quite million dollar status, this pair features 24k gold and is valued at $14,695 AUD (that's about $11k US).

How do you get your hands (or should we say balls) on a pair? Well it seems there's a limited quantity. And you can win one! All you have to do is purchase something at aussieBum between now and April 18th and you'll be entered to win. Complete details can be found here.

And as an added bonus to encourage you to buy, they're running a "Gold Rush Sale" with up to 50% off on everything. So go shopping and get your drawer ready for summer!