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Friday, December 31, 2010

What Will You Wear Tonight?

Although your New Years resolutions may not start until tomorrow next years future may lie in what underwear you put on tonight. As one year ends and another starts we fall back to time honored traditions such as fireworks, dropping electric balls and of course a midnight kiss. However there are some customs and superstitions you may want to keep in mind as you plan your evening, in particularly what underwear you choose to wear. It may effect your coming year and even your life!

For example in Italy it is customary to wear red underwear on New Years Eve as this is supposed to bring you good luck. I have heard this is also the custom in Turkey. And in the Philippines it is customary to wear clothes with circular patterns like polka dots because it is believed these patterns attract fortune and wealth for the following year, and although this isn’t applied directly to underwear it is applicable. In many Spanish speaking countries the wearing of yellow underwear on New Years Eve is supposed to encourage financial gain in the next year. This comes from the fact that yellow is closely related to gold in color. Like in Ecuador and Peru it is believed that wearing yellow underwear on New Years Eve will attract a positive energy for the next year. And in Mexico you are advised to wear red underwear if you want to fall in love the next year, yellow underwear if you want to make a lot of money, green if your goal is prosperity, pink if you’re looking to make more friends or improve existing friendships and white to create hope for better days ahead.

So what will you wear tonight? It seems the popular choices are red and yellow for love or money. It seems like that’s what it always comes down to. Can you wear orange and get both? I may have to give it a try. Whatever you don under your trousers tonight make sure it gives you the confidence you need to have a blast! Happy New Years Eve men, we thank you for all your support through 2010 and look forward to a great 2011 together filled with some amazing underwear.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Intymen's Embossment Boxer - A Review

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new brand of underwear with a little review.  This brand is called Intymen.  Intymen is quite new and currently does not have its own e-commerce site, but you can get their stuff at many different online stores, including: International Jock, Skivvies, Wyzman, and more.  Intymen is known for their super sexy underwear.  I like their stuff because while it is quite sexy, it is never vulgar.  Today I'd like to start by giving you a little review of their Embossment Boxer in black.  I included this piece in my holiday buying guide, so I figured I should tell you what I think of it.   

The fit of these boxers is like a trunk.  They are fairly low-rise, with enough fabric to cover all the essential bits in the front and the back.  The legs are a little higher than the pouch.  There are limited seams on these with one on either side of the contour pouch and a third seam in the center of the butt.  This makes for a very streamlined and clean-looking fit.  The front pouch is lightly padded for extra comfort and shape as well as to make the semi-sheer fabric opaque.  

This trunk is surprisingly comfortable, especially considering that the fabric is 87% polyamide and 13% spandex.  This makes for a very light-weight fabric that feels great against the skin.  The fabric moves well with you and doesn't bunch up or get out of place due to the smart placement of the seams.  Usually I'm suspect of center rear seams as they often just make you feel like you're wearing an overly tight thong.  But this center seam works well and doesn't ride too tight.  I'm also usually not a fan of padded pouches as I feel they generally look fake and feel stiff.  But this pouch is actually surprisingly comfortable and only enhances slightly making your bulge look its best but still look believable. 

The style of these undies is refined and subtle.  The fabric has a very subtle pattern of stripes and flowers that are semi-sheer.  But the tone on tone design only shows when the light hits it right or when it is super stretched out (say if you bend over or something).  The design of the fabric is a nice, luxurious touch.  They feel super sexy without showing it all.  And as I explained, the lightly padded contour pouch ensures that your front assets will remain covered no matter how much they stretch things out.  The waistband is also very subtle with a tone-on-tone "Intymen" logo repeating around the top.  The only real flashy thing about these is a small foil Intymen logo on the left hip.  In addition to black, these undies also come in white and grey.  

These trunks from Intymen are excellent quality.  Often lightweight fabric like this can get "pilly" or gross looking after a number of washings.  But these undies hold their own in the washer.  Make sure you line dry them though.  These undies are super sexy without being vulgar and you can get them at a price that won't break the bank.  My only real complaint about these undies is that the padded pouch prevents them from being folded easily for storage.  Their suggested retail price is $25, but they are sold at a number of places for less.  But at $25 for the pair, they are definitely a worthwhile investment as they'll last you well.  Intymen does not actually have an online store at this time so you have to rely on other retailers to get their goods.  Wyzman sells the Embossment Boxer for $24.99.  Skivvies is currently offering the best deal with 25% off making these undies only $18.75. 

Overall, I give the Intymen Embossment Boxer a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Sexy and small.  Minimal coverage while still being a boxer. 
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Lightweight fabric that moves with you.  Well-placed seams for comfort.  Padded pouch. 
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10) - Sexy but subtle - refined. 
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Good quality.  Will last well. 
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Good price for sexy underwear. 


Dereck's Entry

Here's another winning entry from the aussieBum My Day contest.  This is Dereck R. from New Jersey.  Here's what he has to say about his favorite pair: "My favorite pair of undies are the N2N Bodywear boxer briefs. They are extremely sexy and profile enhancing. These undies are absolutely comfortable, and [I] enjoy working out in them on my favorite day Friday." 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

End of Year Sale at UnderBriefs

UnderBriefs is celebrating the start of the New Year 2011 with an End of Year sale starting today! They've lowered prices 20-45% on almost every brand in the store. Save 25% on Calvin Klein! Enjoy reduced prices on brands like Baskit, Diesel, Gregg Homme, and Joe Snyder. UnderBriefs offers free shipping in the US and now has low-priced shipping choices for its international friends. But hurry - the sale ends January 2!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Remember today is your last chance to enter the Gregg contest, we still have a few more entries to go before the winner can be chosen.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Andrew Christian Keeps Me Dry and Naked - A Review

Andrew Christian has long been touted as a stylish brand known for their innovative technologies when it comes to men's underwear.  They've introduced all sorts of performance and enhancing technologies such as the anti-muffin top waistbands, flashback underwear, show-it briefs, ActiveSHAPE, and much more.  Today I'd like to talk about one of their performance boxers - the Dry and Naked Sports Boxer.  

The fit of these undies is what I would describe as snug.  They are very form fitting throughout.  Unlike most undies, these trunks have no real excess fabric and they hug your perineum all the way down it.  The pouch has room, but is not too roomy.  The back hugs your butt nicely with a center seam to help shape the look.  The legs are just a little longer than the pouch, making these trunks a great fit for running and other athletic wear as they don't restrict movement.  

As for comfort.  These undies are a little different.  They are made of a special fabric that is moisture wicking and also designed to be anti-bacterial and anti-staining.  This is perfect for the gym-rat.  The fabric itself feels a little stiff and doesn't stretch a lot - but this helps hold everything in place, which is great for the gym.  The fabric is super thin and super light feeling making them great for working out. Despite being made mostly of polyester, the fabric is surprisingly comfortable to the touch. The black side panels are made out of regular fabric to allow for a little give.  

The style of these is great, especially for athletic underwear.  Usually performance underwear is one color and boring looking - they usually look like they're made for performance but at the risk of style.  That's not the case here.  These undies are very stylish.  They have a little bit of retro flair about them with the grey and white color blocking.  They have black contrast seaming and a black contrast waistband and side panels.  They're definitely the kind of undies I wouldn't mind showing off in the gym.  The fabric is punctured with small holes throughout to allow the moisture-wicking properties to take effect, but despite this the fabric still appears opaque.  I do wish that these came in more color options so I could have a couple different pairs in different colors to wear to the gym. 

These are very well made undies.  As promised, they do not stain or fade.  I've had these for almost a year with no noticeable changes in the undies after washing.  In fact, these things feel like new every time I pull them on.  It's fantastic!  At $26 a pair, these undies are comparable to a lot of performance underwear.  But for the style and the way they last, they're definitely worth the investment.  They also come in a brief style if you prefer. 

Overall, I give the Andrew Christian Dry and Naked Sports Boxer a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Fits snugly throughout. 
COMFORT -- 8 (out of 10) - Light fabric keeps you dry.  Stiff fabric, but holds you in place. 
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10) - Very stylish retro flair, especially as far as performance underwear is concerned.
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Well made.  Does not fade or lose its shape. 
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Moderate, but comparable to other performance underwear.   


Thursday, December 23, 2010

MUB Exclusive: Gregg Homme Jockstrap Giveaway!

The lovely folks at Gregg Homme have sent me a medium sky blue Commando Jockstrap to give away to you guys.  This thing is super hot and sexy.  I have one myself and love it.  It's actually a combination jockstrap and thong with two side straps and a central strap in the back.  The front is semi-sheer blue fabric.  I only have a size medium to give away, no size substitutions will be possible.  Here's how this is going to work.  If you want this hot jock send me an email at with the subject line "Gregg Jock".  Include your mailing address in the body of the email so I can send it out as soon as the winner is selected.  The 35th person to send in a valid entry will win.  The contest will be open until midnight (CST) December 25, 2010.  If there are not 35 entries by that time, the jock will be sent to a randomly chosen winner.  The contest is only open to U.S. residents 18 years of age and older.  MUB reserves the right to change the rules as necessary.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wickedelic Lingerie

I just wanted to let you know about a great underwear shop called Wickedelic.  You may remember we did a contest with them a while back.  Wickedlic is a British-based underwear company specializing in sexy underwear for men and women. They have a broad selection that will sure to have something to please everyone. They have everything from barely there, sheer thongs to more full-coverage boxers. They also stock fetish-wear and other items to get your groove on.

And for those of you guys out there looking to a get a little something for your lady this holiday season, Wickedelic has just the thing.  They have a huge selection of women's lingerie to chose from.  And as an exclusive for MUB readers, get 10% off your purchase with coupon code "MUBLOG" at checkout.   So be sure to check out Wickedelic. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Stonemen Styles Reviewed!

So a while back I reviewed the original collection of Stonemen underwear.  While I wasn't totally explicit about it (or aware of it at the time), my main complaints with the older styles are that the fabric is a little too thick and the print makes the fabric not as soft as it could be.  Also, as I did explain, the fit isn't quite perfect and they need to be shrunk a little bit in the wash before they stay up. 

Well today I'm back to review the latest styles from Stonemen - the Hibiscus Square Cut.  As before, they are a little too big for me when I first got them on.  It's not just an issue of the body of the fabric, but also the waistband is a little too big and doesn't snap against my skin.  This could be partially an issue with me as the smalls are meant for those with a 29 inch waist - 31 inch waist, but I am actually a 28 inch waist.  But that shouldn't make that much of a difference.  But after a good wash and a hot dry they shrink perfectly to my size.  But they do not shrink after subsequent washes, so I've concluded that they may not be adequately preshrunk or something.  Anyway, these things fit great (after slight shrinking).  As I found before, they hug everything well but they don't feel too tight.  The cut is a nice hybrid between trunk and brief being somewhere in between in terms of coverage.  This makes them sexy, but also good for the modest guy.  The legbands are thick as far as legbands go, but this holds everything in place throughout the day without need for adjustments.  

The fabric on these undies is treated differently than previous stuff from Stonemen.  It feels a lot softer.  And the big key is that the fabric is quite a bit thinner.  The original ones were  210gsm, the new ones are only 190gsm.  So quite a bit lighter. And that makes a big difference making for easier movement and a freer feeling.  These things feel great.

Of course what is really great about these undies is the style!  These things sure have style.  In fact, the style of these is so great that even though these just came out they're only available at the moment in L and XL (the other sizes should be back in stock soon).  These things are just so fun and playful.  The print is fabulous and wraps around the brief continuously without any interruptions from seams (except for at the pouch) and such.  And let's be serious, who doesn't want to imagine they're at the beach during the winter.  So these can at least provide a bit of escape from the cold for you and your partner.  Taking off your pants with these can be like a trip to the beach.  The new collection also comes in a "Red Sunset" print. 

So all in all.  I think these are a great new collection from Stonemen.  They were already good to begin with.  But they have gotten even better with much lighter, softer fabric, fun wrap-around prints, and as always a big dose of style.  These undies are well-made with great attention to detail and will definitely last you for a good time.  At $35 AUD, they're much less than a vacation to the beach. But you can get 10% off with coupon code MUBTEN. 

Overall, I give the Stonemen New Hibiscus Square Cut a total score of 9.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Not quite perfect out of the bag.  Requires shrinking. 
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Very comfortable.  Super soft. 
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10) - Tons of style.  Feels like a trip to the beach!
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Well made, will last well.
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Pricey, but well made. 


Ask! Tell!

Saturday the 18th of December 2010 will go down in history as the day the Senate took the steps needed to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” legislation that basically permitted military discrimination toward gay and lesbians in the armed forces. This is definitely a step in the right direction! Now all it needs is approval from President Obama who already has said “it’s time to close this chapter in our history”. This victory occurred despite huge opposition led by Senator John McCain, who sadly despite one time being a respected Captain in the U.S Navy will go down in the history books as a fighter against human freedom and as a villain. Congratulations to those who have fought for this day and those who will now have the freedom they put their lives on the line for.

So what does this have to do with underwear? Nothing and yet everything. Sometimes as men we don’t think about the freedoms we have and take them for granted. There was a time when we as men had no freedom in underwear. There was no style, no color, and no fun. Underwear was boring! That is not the case anymore. Celebrate the fact that we have freedom of style and fashion. We can express ourselves starting with our underwear. So remember there are still fights in freedom to be had but don’t forget the freedoms we have. Wear your hot trendsetting underwear with pride because you can now serve your country with freedom!

UMan asks: Since we're asking and telling, why not tell us what you all are wearing today?

The Green Lantern Wears Briefs

I was just at the movie theater and I couldn't help but notice hunky actor Ryan Reynold's briefs prominently on display in the beginning of the trailer for the Green Lantern.  Reynolds can be seen in the trailer jumping out of bed in his white briefs.  No brand is visible, but they are very well fitting and he wears them well.  He is seen again later in his even skimpier superhero outfit in which he wears what looks to be a thong.  Or is it just a trick of the lighting?  It's hard to tell. Whatever he's wearing it's tight and it's hot.  Looking forward for the movie to come out in June. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Packing for Vacation

Winter vacation season is upon us.  I'm just packing up to head on my vacation tonight (don't worry I'll still be blogging).  Here's a little peek at some of what I'm taking along.  What are you bringing with you for winter vacation?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tony's Gift Guide

Fa la la la ladies. It’s that time of year again to get the man in your life something that will light up his tree.  What better way to spark that yuletide spirit than to give the gift of love in a pair of sexy men’s boxers or briefs?  The boxer and brief argument stops here. Both have their benefits but the old stodgy image of B&Bs is a thing of the past and belongs in an old black and white movie, something Jimmy Stewart might have worn in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Ginch Gonch Blue-Ball Berry.
You can make your man’s life wonderful with a whimsical pair of sport brief underwear from the Ginch Gonch collection. With colorful refreshing styles, like Fruit Juice / Banan-Appeal, Blue-Ball Berry and Melon Balls, your man will have a hard time resisting squeezing into a pair. Designed with 4-way stretch cotton, your man will walk sprightly in comfort, while you smile at his swagger in an enticingly vibrant pair of underwear that is quenching to the eye.

Poor Scrooge was a cranky old sod with “his knickers in a twist” up the arse. If only his secret Santa gave him a pair of Timoteo Red Boxer Brief Quakes, it might have been enough to shake that sourpuss look from his face and avoid a night of soul searching through the cosmos with the three ghosts of Christmas past.  

Timoteo Red Quake Boxerbriefs.
Timoteo Red Boxer Brief Quakes will make your guy tremble with joy at the comfortable feel of this low-rise boxer brief, available in Red-White-Black Logo Waist Band with Red Boxer Brief. Your Christmas will be merry once your man slips into a sharp looking pair of cotton spandex boxer briefs. I won’t even talk about starting the New Year with a bang. 

The Grinch turned green with envy because he didn’t find a pair of Pipe Gold-Boxers last year under the tree. But your man won’t feel underwear envy this Christmas when he receives a trendy pair of Pipe black and gold boxers. Despite the state of his 401K, your man will feel like a million bucks while downhill skiing or shooting hoops. He’ll always be in his comfort zone in a pair of Pipe Gold-Boxers. The pipe dream lives on.  Not sure what to put under the tree. Give your man a Pipe Gift Card, which comes in various amounts.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Safe Sex Underwear

In the fight for awareness and promotion of safe sex we are always looking for new methods to get the word out. Well one man has found a great way to do this through underwear. And when you think about it what better place to put a reminder to wear a condom, since your underwear may be the only thing you’re wearing just before you get to that point with a sexual partner. The design is very fun with patterns of either cows or turtles in eight different sexual positions. And the best part is it comes with a small condom holding pocket!

Thomas Toros showing
off his boXXXers.
Thomas Toros came up with the idea based on his own frustrations scrambling for a condom. And the inspiration for the images came from having seen a pair of cows mating and having a good laugh with his friends. At the 2009 Everything To Do With Sex trade show in Toronto he sold several hundred pairs of the shorts he then named boXXXers. In the beginning he even had his mother making the underwear in her basement which was actually his way of helping her out with employment during a rough period of time. Now after getting help with promotion from a Canadian Television program Toros has a hit! The underwear will soon come in monkey and pig designs and he’s even created a safe sex alphabet series and has a boXXXers blog. You can order the underwear from his website which also has a cool history of underwear.

This is a great way to build a safer community. The only downside to this line of underwear is that although they carry three different styles for women, panty, lady shorts and thongs, men only have the option of a plain old cotton boxer. Come on Thomas at least give us a brief! But none the less this is a great idea. I am actually very surprised we haven’t seen similar products from more underwear brands. Several companies have designed lines with pockets geared toward phones or MP3 players but I haven’t seen another one with a condom pocket. So kudos to you Thomas and not to take business away from you my friend but I hope your idea inspires others to do the same in working toward a safer world.

UMan says: Actually Dr. NutHut, there are quite a few products before this that have had condom pockets.  Baskit, I believe, was the first to start this trend (although they no longer do this).  You can also get some from 2wink. Dirty Fukker also did this.  Nevertheless, this is a fun new find and definitely worth sharing. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Underwear Buying Guide

Buying underwear for someone is a very personal matter. Especially for guys, because (as much as I'd like to argue otherwise) they don't get new underwear all that often, so when they do it's important that it works for them and their body.  That being said, many guys have a strong preference for what style (boxers, briefs, trunks, etc) of underwear they wear.  Some don't care that much or may be happy with a number of different styles, but others care a lot.  So make sure you know your man well before buying.  Also, it is very important for you to make sure you know your man's size.  What he wears in pants may not be the same as his underwear, so make sure you check.  Also, snooping in his underwear drawer may not tell you the completely correct size as it's possible he may have some old undies lying around that no longer fit or never fit.  If you aren't going to ask him outright, make sure you look at a pair that you know fits him well.  It's important you get the right size because most places won't let you return it.

That being said, underwear is a great gift for the holidays and many people love to give and receive it!  So once you've figured out what style and size of underwear your man needs, there's still a whole lot to choose from.  I've broken it down for you based on the personality/type of man who might like to wear each pair.  Use this holiday underwear buying guide as a jumping off point for what to get your man.  While some of these undies may seem a little expensive to you, you're paying for quality so they're worth it.  

And finally, make sure you check shipping times and order early so it arrives in time!
For the Classic Man:
Ristefsky Macheda low-rise brief.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to keep it simple.  He's not opposed to something with style, but he likes his comfort first.  
  • Jockey has some great selections this holiday season for the man who likes to keep it simple.  The Jockey Classics briefs are simple and affordable.  And if your man's a little more adventurous you can get him them in some different colors.  I'm also loving the looks of the Jockey Echelon bikini brief.  Super modern and hip, but still classic and simple.  
  • Another one of my new favorites in Ristefsky Macheda.  Their underwear is all about being simple and understated but still body conscious.  I really like some of the briefs they have for their retro flair.   I also love their low-rise brief (shown). 
  • Another great option for the classic guy is /baskit/.  I would especially recommend (read my review) something from their Snugfit Seamless collection
For the Lover/Boyfriend: 
Embossment Boxer from Intymen.
  • This is the category for that special someone in your life or just that guy who you know will love and appreciate some sexy undies.
  • Some of my favorites are Good Devil and Intymen.  I personally love the Embossment boxer from Intymen (shown).  Once he's done unwrapping them you can unwrap him.  
  • Another good option is Doreanse, a French brand that is newly available to the American market exclusively through Audace.   The name literally means "golden bay".  They have all sorts of sexy undies including my favorite Jungle Brief.  Stay tuned for an upcoming brand profile of Doreanse. EDIT 12/16/10: Doreanse is NOT a French brand, it is just a French name.  The brand is actually from Turkey. 
  • Another great new-comer on the market is Croota.  They stock some super sexy bikinis (which are basically thongs) called second skin.   I'm also really digging their WW-III collection, which has military-inspired cargo pockets on the sides. 
  • For the super daring and open guy, there's the new K'Mando brand of underwear.  This is just a pouch for his goods and nothing more.  They are quite comfy, but not for everyone. 
The Fun Guy:
Lick brand Check Brief.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to have fun.  He's adventurous and not afraid to take risks.  That goes for his fashion choices as well.  He's daring and confident in his appearance.  There's a lot of great new styles out there for this guy.
  • Grundies is a great new brand from Australia.  I especially like their aussie collection like the trunk with the Austrlia flag or the trunk with a cock (rooster) printed across the pouch. 
  • Another great new brand is Lick, which has four collections: Leisure, Individual, Classic, and Kinky (thus their name Lick).  I personally really like the Individual collection, especially the Union brief and the Check brief (shown).   
  • Stonemen has also just released some great new beach-inspired styles, a great way to feel like you're on a vacation this holiday season.  Read what I have to say about them here
  • And another one of my favorites is Popduds.  These are screen-printed undies with original artworks on them.  You can read my review here.  
The Fashionable Man:
    James Tudor retro boxer.
    • This category is for the guy that's all about style.  He's all about refinement but also isn't afraid to have a little fun with his fashion choices.  
    • James Tudor just released some great new retro-inspired undies.  I personally love this brand with all it's funky details like the fully functional button flies (great for easy access).  I'm particularly loving the new retro boxer (shown).    
    • Another great brand for the stylish guy is 2eros.  They're underwear is all about refined style that is still very form flattering and original.  I really like the looks of their newest Icon 3 series
    • And finally there's the habitual favorite aussieBum.  This brand offers a lot of great stuff.  Some fits into fashion, some is more fun.  All in all aussieBum is just a great brand.  But their stuff is very personal, so make sure you know your man well before buying. 
    The Sporty Guy:
    • This is for the guy who is athletic and likes to do sports.  He is very body conscious and keeps in good shape and is proud of it.
    • My favorite underwear for working out is Equmen brand briefs because they support and wick well.  Check out my review here.   

      Opinion: Did Diesel Go Too Far?

      Today we bring you a new contributor Dr. NutHut.  He will be writing all sorts of opinion pieces for us.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts on our newest addition to the MUB force. 

      Advertising is an art and in the world of art you’re given an endless supply of freedom. It’s hard to judge art because really there is no wrong way to produce it. However in the world of advertising this art has to be formulated to fit an audience. And in the process of it’s creation it must follow certain marketing, commercial and legal obligations along the way. Sometime ads come out that shock and even disgust individuals, which often is the intent. Or perhaps the endorsement was aimed at the audience drawn to that particular subject matter. Whatever the case the advertiser got your attention, even if you didn‘t want that. This happened recently with a particular promotion for Diesel Underwear shot at the Brooklyn Law School.

      The Dean of Brooklyn Law School Michael Gerber called the shots for Diesels Underwear ads inappropriate advertising that caused discomfort and embarrassment for the school. The Dean sent an email out to students apologizing for the ad campaign that was shot on the schools campus. “That’s how much respect they have for the school” said a local woman to the New York Post. Michael from Brooklyn NY said “I see nothing positive about this”. Jordan Hersch a student at the school said “I thought the ad was disgusting”. Some other students were not happy that the behavior in the ads was happening in their library.

      After taking this criticism Diesel released more photos from the same campaign except this time the pictures where taken at the New York City Transit Museum. It featured models in Diesel underwear flashing imaginary passengers. However as opposed to the Law School's reaction, Aaron Donovan the Museums spokesman said “this photo shoot was closed to the public, and it provided revenue need to help keep the museum operating”. And even with the Brooklyn Law School shoot not everyone was upset. A lot of students had no problem with the campaign. One man named David from Brooklyn told the New York Post “It’s not inappropriate, it’s clothes, it’s fashion, it’s what Diesels known for”.

      So did Diesel go to far? Although the School and many other individuals strongly feel they did, they have to admit legally Diesel did nothing wrong. The fashion company went through all the right channels and received full permission from the school to do the shoot. They went in, did their shoot, paid the school and went on their way. The school agreed to this. The school should have done their research if they were honestly worried about their reputation. A quick Google search of Diesel ads would have told them that they weren’t dealing with L.L. Bean. And Diesel has the full right to advertise this way directing their marketing to a more off-the-beaten-path demographic. Some may not agree with their style nor their grubby slogans and they don’t have to support the company. However we do want to support freedom and diversity. So it’s too bad the Brooklyn Law School had to undergo this discomfort but maybe now they know to do a little investigation before signing a contract. And Diesel well keep being Diesel.

      Wednesday, December 08, 2010

      Trevor's Favorite Day

      Here's another one of the winning entries.  This one's from Trevor K. from Ontario, Canada.  His favorite day is Friday.  Here's what he has to say about it: "Friday is my favorite day of the week because it means I get a fresh selection of what to wear for the day after the laundry is done!"

      Check-In at RibbedTee for Big Savings and a $300 Shopping Spree!

      RibbedTee, maker of my personal favorite undershirts, is running a little promotion right now where you can win a $300 shopping spree.  All you have to do is go to their site a couple times a day and check-in with your email address.  Every time you check-in it will be tracked and the more times you check-in the more savings you get.  After 28 check-ins, you get a 30% off coupon, after 42 you get a 40% off coupon, and after 56 check-ins you get a generous 50% off coupon. You can check-in up to 2 times per day (in six hour increments).  I know it sounds like a lot, but if you just remember to do it you can have some big savings.  Just check-in once before you go to bed and then again when you wake up.  It's just like checking your email.  Also, pay attention.  With some of the check-ins they will give you little bits of trivia about their company.  Save these and remember them because you'll need them to enter the grand prize giveaway of $300.  And just FYI, that's a lot of undershirts, so you'll be set for life.  Further details will be given out later as to how to enter to win the grand prize, but in the mean time take advantage of the great savings they're offering just for checking in!  Check out this link for more details

      Sunday, December 05, 2010

      Goodnight Eye Candy

      Here's a little goodnight eye candy from 2wink.  Hope your bed looks something like this.  Sleep well guys!

      Underwear Prose: Wikileaks Exposed, Like Mens Silk Sheer Underwear

      Unloading classified men’s sheer underwear into the hands of our allies’ subsequently revealed what lies beneath the austere facade of diplomats.

      The Wikileaks dump exposed the bare facts of foreign affairs and required a glib tongue by America’s diplomats and negotiations as smooth as the silk underwear they wore beneath their suits.
      Behind closed doors, the conversation lingered into the night showing cracks in the tighty whitey foreign contingency where they shouldn’t be seen. The strain in relations was evident between the tighty whitey band of diplomats, who were high strung and cranky, while their counterparts clad in silky men’s sheers, were always in their comfort zone. At one point, Hillary stepped out of the room to allow the silk clad diplomats to brief the tighty whitey crew on the benefits of being comfortable in their skin.

      For the bearers of men’s silk underwear, the long meetings ran without an adjustment or a hitch. The opposite was true for the tighty whitey crew with sweat-stained shirts and dripping brows. They couldn’t seem to find peace in their briefs or in the Middle East. They squirmed and swiveled in their seats, changing positions often while the ambassadors of men’s silk stayed the course.

      Damage control efforts were successful. The tighty whitey diplomats saw the superficiality of the Wikileaks. Nothing bobbed to the surface about their subterranean missiles stashed away in secret pouch location points. Only their credit card numbers found their way onto the Intertubes with a salacious hit list of expensive self-indulgent gifts, such vices such as two hundred dollar bottles of the world’s finest champagnes and exquisite gold Chantilly Lace bags filled with chocolate covered nuts.

      It seems the Wikileaks site was eradicated from the universe, as the Wikileaks founder is on the run, escaping in a silk suit and tighty whitey underpants. His biggest mistake of all. He’ll be easy to find. Security won’t need a full body scan to see the lines beneath his pants.

      Trip for Two to Australia from Sloggi

      Sloggi underwear is sponsoring a competition to win a two week trip to Australia for two.  All you have to do is buy any Sloggi underwear from Dead Good Undies and you will receive an entry card with your order that you can fill out and send in to Sloggi to enter.  Athlete Linford Christie's favorite underwear is Sloggi so you know this is good stuff.  

      Tuesday, November 30, 2010

      Another Winning Entry

      Today I'd like to share with you Todd H.'s winning entry from the aussieBum My Favorite Day Contest.  He's from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here's what he says about why it's his favorite pair:  "This pair is my favorite because of the bright and contrasting colors.  Think it gives a nice broader look to my small frame and goes well with my skin complexion.  Not only are they comfortable but they fit nicely in all the right areas.  Plus, it is one of many different brands that I own people have said they liked the best on me so far." 

      So without any further ado, here's Todd in his bright orange Baskit brand briefs:

      And in case you're interested, here he is sporting the pair from aussieBum that he won:  

      Monday, November 29, 2010

      Cyber Monday Sales Round-Up

      So today we bring you some further deals for Cyber Monday.  Many of the Black Friday deals are still going on, so we will not repeat those.  These are only new deals that have not already been mentioned in the Black Friday posting:
      • 2eros - From now until Christmas Eve get 15% off your purchase using coupon code '2erosfestive'. 
      • Ginch Gonch - Holiday blow-out sale up to 70% off from now until December 31st.  No coupon code. 
      • Timoteo - Free shipping from now until the end of November with coupon code 'NOVSHIP'. 
      • PIPE - Two-day sale (until Tuesday) with 50% off everything!  Use coupon code 'cyperpipe'. 
      • Nuwear - 25% off everything plus free shipping.  Today only. 
      • His Trunks - 25% off with coupon code 'CM'.  All orders will get a free gift with purchase.  Today only. 
      • Undergear - 20% off your entire purchase plus free shipping.  Through the end of the month with coupon code UGVA.
      • Schultz - 20% off everything this week only.  Use coupon code 'e20'. 
      • International Jock - 25% off 2(x)ist plus big savings on Diesel, Speedo, and more!  
      • Core-Point - 50% off with promo code 'NOEL10'.  Good until December 24th.  

      Saturday, November 27, 2010

      2(x)ist on Sale at Gilt

      Gilt Group is an invitation only website where you can get great deals on designer clothing.  If you don't have a subscription already, click here to gain exclusive access to their sales.  Right now, they are having some great deals on 2(x)ist brand underwear for men.  You have to sign up though to get in. They are selling three-packs for about the price of one normally-priced pair.  This is a great way to stock-up and save.  But you have to act quickly because styles and sizes go quickly. 

      Friday, November 26, 2010

      Black Friday Sales Round-Up

      Hope you all had a wonderful day of thanks. With all the retail frenzy that goes on on Black Friday it's only appropriate that some of that should stretch into the cyber world. Of course there's Cyber Monday, but some sales have started early this year. Here's my round-up of some of the best sales on the web.  I'll try to update if any more things come up during the day.  Good luck and happy shopping. 
      • Undergear - Free shipping plus 15% off using coupon code "UGTS".  Good until November 29th. 
      • His Trunks - 35% off using coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY".  Spend $75 or more to get a special gift!  Today only.  
      • Jockstrap Central - 20% site-wide with coupon code "FRIDAY".  Today only. 
      • Pacific Jock - 20% off site-wide plus free world shipping.  Use coupon code "promo20".  
      • Piado - 40% off everything.  Use coupon code "PIADOBLACK".  Today only.  
      • Male Basics - 25% off.  Plus free shipping.  No code needed.  Through Monday. 
      • Wyzman - 20 - 60% off everything. 
      • Cocksox - 20% off everything with promo code "sport".  Good through December 4th. 
      • Bare Necessities - $10 off a $75 or more purchase.  Through November 30th.  
      Be sure to stay tuned for another sales round-up on Cyber Monday.  

        Saturday, November 20, 2010

        My Favorite Day Contest Winners!

        The aussieBum My Favorite Day Contest winners have been chosen and notified.  Winners should be receiving their prizes shortly if they haven't already.  For those of you who are wondering, here are the winners.  We will be posting the winning entries gradually over the next week or so. Today is Eric K.'s winning entry.  He's from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is sporting an N2N thong.  It is his favorite pair because "it is sooo comfortable AND sexy.  I am always just a little bit turned on when wearing them because they are so skimpy and if anyone actually knew what I was wearing under my clothes they would be shocked."

        Here's the complete list of winners:
        • Armando C. from California
        • Arturo O. from San Antonia, Texas (shown here)
        • Todd H. from Indianapolis, Indiana (shown here)
        • Dereck R. from New Jersey (shown here)
        • Trevor K. from Ontario, Canada (shown here)
        • Eric K. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (shown above)
        Congratulations guys!  You deserved it!  And for those of you who didn't win or forgot to enter, don't worry.  We have a couple great contests coming up for you later this month and next so be on the look out for those!

        EDIT 11/25/10: Here's Eric K. in the aussieBum's he won.

        Friday, November 19, 2010

        I Love My RibbedTee - A Review

        RibbedTee is a little different than what I normally talk about on here.  As the name suggests, RibbedTee makes men's undershirts.  Now you might say, "undershirts, big deal, they're all the same, right?"  Wrong, they're not all created equal.  RibbedTee undershirts are the first undershirts that I've seen that implement ribbed fabric into undershirt styles other than an A-shirt (also known as a muscle shirt, or tank).  I've always liked the feel of the ribbed fabric on A-shirts but found that they really had no purpose since they had no sleeves and that's where you want the most protection from sweat for your clothes.  Come into the picture, RibbedTee.  They sell crew-neck and v-neck undershirts in black, grey, and white made out of ribbed fabric.  For today's review I'm going to talk about their v-neck.  

        Now I want to start out this review by saying I'm not an undershirt guy.  I really don't wear them that much, I only wear them on dressy occasions.  So having a great undershirt really wasn't a big deal for me since I don't have to wear them that often.  But these undershirts have truly changed the way I think about undershirts.  The fit of these things is awesome.  The ribbed fabric allows them to conform perfectly to your body.  It's fitted enough that you aren't going to get any uncomfortable and unsightly bunching, but it's loose enough that you don't feel squeezed.  They are made just long enough that you can tuck them in without worry of them pulling out, but if you don't want to tuck you don't have a ton of fabric hanging out either.  The v-neck has just the right amount of dip that it doesn't stick up above your shirt in an unsightly way (especially useful if you want to leave the top button undone, but don't want your undershirt to show).  But it's not too low that all your chest hair is hanging out.  The shoulders fit right on the money and the arms are just enough to cover your pits and collect sweat, but they are short enough that they won't stick out from under a t-shirt. 

        These shirts are super comfy.  Made of 100% cotton they feel great against the skin.  The ribbing is not too thick so it doesn't add any extra bulk or weight to them.  They're just the right amount of ribbing.  The collar stays flat all day and doesn't roll.  It's also made of the same fabric as the rest of the shirt so it just blends in seamlessly.  Same goes for the armbands and waistband.  The style of these is pretty basic.  They come in three plain colors: black, grey, and white.  But really you don't need much more than that.  I think it would be great if they came in some brighter colors.  But then again, these are undershirts, you probably don't want to draw attention to them. They're basic, but they get the job done. 

        These things are highly durable.  They stay the same shape and feel after many washes.  In fact, they're so great that I wear them on more than just dressy occasions now.  These undershirts from RibbedTee have truly changed the way I think about undershirts.  I used to be content with just wearing sub-par Hanes A-shirts whenever the occasion arose, but now I wear these well fitted shirts as often as possible.  In fact, I wish I had more!  These really are a worthwhile investment and a steal for only $18.50 for a two-pack.  Sure Hanes is gonna cost you less, but these will last you much longer and will feel much better.

        MY RATING:
        Overall, I give the RibbedTee V-Neck Undershirt a total score of 9.5 based on the following criteria:
        FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Ribbing provides a custom fit that is just right. 
        COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Super comfortable.  I want to wear them all the time!
        STYLE -- 8 (out of 10) - Basic but does the job.  I wish they came in bright colors. 
        QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Holds up fantastically after repeated washes.  
        VALUE -- 10 (out of 10) - Excellent value.  Worth the investment. 


        PIPE Fashion Show Today

        If you happen to be in the Miami area, why not head over to Mova Lounge tonight for a fashion show from PIPE Underwear.  There's no cover and there will be underwear giveaways tonight!  And if you do go, be sure to let us know how it is! 

        Wednesday, November 17, 2010

        'Tis Almost The Season

        It's starting to get to be that time of year again where all the holidays fall one after another.  Thanksgiving is next week, and before you know it BAM it will be the end of the year.  So why not start getting ready a little early with these Christmas undies from Unico.  They are available exclusively through Dead Good Undies and come in red mesh for a festive look.  The waistband, instead of saying Unico, says "Merry Christmas".  They come in both brief and trunk styles.  And cost about $20 USD.  So get your holiday underwear shopping done a little early this year, it will be one less thing you'll have to worry about later. 

        Wednesday, November 10, 2010

        New Stonemen Styles Released

        One of our favorite brands at MUB Stonemen has just launched some new designs that promise to be better than ever.  While walking around Byron Bay in Australia, the folks at Stonemen ran across a guy who airbrushes surf boards.  They commissioned him to paint up some new beach-inspired prints for the Stonemen collection.  He came up with two great new designs - one a red sunset, and the other an ocean theme with hibiscus flowers.  These prints are special though, unlike most underwear with patterns, these prints wrap all the way around the undies in a continuous print with no breaks.  It's really quite fantastic looking.  The print is done using water-based ink (instead of plastic, as is done with most underwear), so the fabric breathes better and feels smoother.  The fabric weight is also a little lighter than previous Stonemen styles, which was my primary complaint before.  All in all these promise to be great pairs of undies.  So whether you're celebrating summer at the beach Down Under, or are in a winter in a colder climate - these undies will give you the perfect beach look to help you stay warm.  I have a couple pairs to try and so far they look great, so stay tuned for my review.  But in the meantime, Stonemen would like you to try out these undies for 10% off using an exclusive MUB coupon code "MUBTEN".  

        Monday, November 08, 2010

        Not Quite Commando, but K'Mando - New Brand

        K'Mando Sport is a new brand of underwear that is being touted as the next best thing to going commando.  There are those of us who like to go commando (granted if you're one of them you're probably not reading this blog) but sometimes that's not always practical, this is where K'Mando comes in.  K'Mando is basically a sock for your cock; it covers all your bits with as little coverage as possible.  But it's a little more complicated than that.  This pouch has a padded under-collar to help keep you supported and lifted forward.  It also features an adjustable snap closure so that it fits perfectly around your junk and stays on.  This "sock" has three separate compartments to hold all your parts in place (one each for your balls and another for your shaft).  K'Mando has a seamless front for extra comfort and to prevent unsightly seams showing through your pants.  K'Mando currently comes in four colors: white, black, gray, and nude (for a more authentic commando appearance).  I have a few pairs that I've been sent to try, but I can't quite figure out how to put them on and fit everything in comfortably.  It looks like it should be really easy, but trust me it's not.  Once I figure it out though, I'll wear them for a day or two and let you know my thoughts in a review.  In the meantime, you can  get K'Mando from Skivvies and His Trunks for about $20. 

        Sunday, November 07, 2010

        LAST CHANCE to Enter the My Favorite Day Contest

        Today is the last day to send in your photos and comments to win a pair of the new My Day collection from aussieBum.  Entries will be accepted until Midnight (EST) tonight.  So get them in now!