International Jock

Monday, October 24, 2005

American Apparel

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time. I've just been really busy. I really don't even have time to be writing this post, but I am. So here it is. American Apparel is a source that quite a few of my readers have been telling me to write about for a long time. So here I am writing about it. Also many (and not just the ones that posted comments) readers have told me that they are a better alternative to aussiebum (they say that they are cheaper and nicer). I personally have not tried these briefs out for myself but since so many people seem to be raving about them I thought that I'd mention them, because with that many fans they got to be good. American Apparel seems to only make one style of underwear, the "baby rib brief". Here's what they say about them: "Our version of the traditional brief in untraditional colors. Baby rib cotton body; Baby rib cotton leg openings; Fine jersey front panel binding; Elastic waistband" They sound pretty nice and all for just 12 bucks. I suggest you try them out (I know I'm going to). And not only that but if you really dig them they come in 22 colors so you can always have a brief that will match whatever you happen to be wearing. I must say I'm pretty impressed, not just by the price but by how nice they look and what a wide variety of colors they are offered in. These are not your classic colors, they are some cool colors so check them out!