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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Email Subscribing Service

As part of our changes for the new year, I will be moving all blog post by email subscriptions to a new service called FeedBlitz. You do not have to do anything except for accept the new service when you receive the email. I am letting you know about this in advance so that you will not be alarmed when you receive the email and mark it as spam.

FeedBlitz suggests that I tell you the following:
  • Add to their address books or email whitelists immediately.
  • Only unsubscribe using the links we provide in each email, and not their ISP's spam or abuse buttons.
  • Look out for the message from FeedBlitz advising them that the change has taken place.

So keep this in mind and don't be alarmed. And I hope you all have a happy and safe new year and I will see you again next year.

Check out the known issues section in the sidebar for updated information on common problems during the switching over of this site. Please check this section before emailing me. However, if you do find a problem that is not in the known issues section, feel free to email me.

Friday, December 29, 2006

New year new underwear.

With the new year quickly approaching now is a good time to start making those new year's resolutions. Maybe this year you might want to resolve to be more adventurous in terms of your underwear drawer. You might want to try out a thong for the first time. Or maybe you want to go streaking across the super bowl field during halftime in just your skivvies. Whatever your new year's resolutions, whether underwear related or not, you could definitely use some new underwear for the new year. So why not kick off the new year with a bang and buy yourself or your lover some new underwear?

Jock Boy Locker
is offering 27% off all orders over $50.00 with coupon code 'jbny2007'. Ends 1-2-07.
Deal by Ethan is offering 15% off with coupon code 'newyear01'.

is still offering 25% off Calvin Klein as well as 25% off 2(x)ist and C-in2.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cricket Syndicate

Christopher Straub spent a while trying to dream up a way to revolutionize the men's underwear industry. Finally he hit on a way to create it with his one-of-a-kind, vintage inspire box cut briefs. The undies are made from recycled T-shirts. He calls his brand Cricket Syndicate. The look and feel of the reclaimed tees combined with the clever eye of Christopher equals stylishly fun results. Plus, the gently worn fabric gives Cricket briefs a "touch me now" softness. And if you notice some line-art designs, that's Christopher's original artwork. Christopher started marketing his brand by selling the briefs out of a paper bag in the back of bars. About a year later he launched his web store, and the rest is history. A history that you can participate in making by purchasing a pair today. Although the styles are not only one per kind, they are limited, therefore the styles on the site are constantly changing.
Some more info:

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yet another after X-mas sale... at Skiviez

That's right. Skiviez is having an insane after Christmas clearance sale. They have 25%-50% many name brands. Including some that I've never before seen on sale, such as: Adam+Eve. Their sale also includes Wax, JM, CK, and Hugo Boss. So hurry, the sale ends Jan 1, 2007. This is a great opportunity to spend all that cash you received for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After-Christmas sales
25% Off Calvin Klein sales start on 12/26 and runs until 1/1/07.
Click here for items on sale.
Boxing Day/January Sale
Up to 75% off selected stock
(must search site to find deals)
Also good on some new stock, including HOM 3001
Free shipping on all orders over $50.
Offer good until 12/31/06

American Eagle discontinuing knit underwear?

Random guy showing off his AE trunk waistband.

I recently visited the American Eagle Outfitters site and I noticed that for the first time ever they have knit basics underwear (boxerbriefs and trunk briefs) on sale in the clearance section. I checked the regular section and noticed that all these products have been removed and are only availble in the clearance section. From this I gather that AE is probably discontinuing these styles. I am not sure, but I am guessing that all knit basics are also on sale in stores. However, they may be doing something similar to what Abercrombie did last year. But we have no way of knowing for sure. So if you have been holding out on buying some American Eagle underwear, don't. Now is the time to act and buy them, I'm sure they have limited quantities. If you are a size small you are too late, they only have M-XL currently left (But the stores may have small). When you check out the clearance section online, scroll to the bottom of the page for the knit basics.

**And did I mention they come in two-packs! Also, today only (Dec. 26, 2006) you get double AE credits on everything you buy (if you collect that sort of thing) and you get free shipping on your purchase if you buy a pair of jeans (go with low-rise to show off your new undies)**

*I am going to blog about more after X-mas sales later today, so stay tuned*

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! If you're feeling in the spirit of Christmas, why not play Santa in this lace-up short available at ABCUnderwear.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Create your own undies

I have often wanted to have custom-made underwear that I have designed myself. As I hinted at previously, DT Clothes has come out with such a thing. You can create your own underwear here, but it does come with a cost. A simple jockstrap (customized) is 45AUD and a simple (customized) boxerbrief is 65AUD. But I think it's well worth it. Who doesn't want to have custom text written across the butt of their undies? I am excited with this new system, but there are a few things that it is lacking that I would really like to see before I deem it perfect:
-First and foremost: DT Clothes is known (at least in my mind) for their fun and funky patterned undies, but you can only have plain colored fabrics used in your custom undies. I'd really like to see the implement using some of the patterned fabrics into the custom undie system (even if it does cost more).
-I would like to be able to control the color and font of the custom text as well as the exact location (kind of like online T-shirt making engines)
-I would like to have more customization options besides fabric, trim and waistband. I'd really like to be able to change each section of the fabric individually (like the converse custom shoes).
-I would like to have my own custom waistband text.
-I would like to be able to order multiple pairs in different sizes (like for use as sports team underpants)
-I would like to be able to order a custom matching tank top (since they do make tanks, I should be able to customize them)
-Also I would like to know where the jockstrap text prints since there is no butt covering on a jockstrap

So, it's not perfect. But it is a start. And I'm very excited to order a pair or two.

Sorry guys...

Hey guys!! I do not know why this is working, but it is. I was having problems with Blogger and that is why I have not been posting (I really wanted to, but it wouldn't let me). Blogger never officially resolved these problems, but somehow it seems to be working now. I think it is going to be fine from now on. Yay! I have now switched over (successfully I think) to the new Blogger. This will mean lots of exciting changes in terms of how I can manage content. You have no idea how excited I am. I was updating about my technical issues at But now, hopefully, that is over and I can blog here now.
Thank you to all those who continued to read even though there were no updates.
Also a new feature that is now implemented is labels. I have gone through all the archives and labeled everything. Now you can simply click on the label 'coupon code' and get every post that has a coupon code in it.

PS. If you subscribe to this blog through bloglet, this feature currently does not work. Hopefully it will be working soon, but it is out of my control.

Too late... but

I realize this is too late, but I just wanted to report on everything that Jock Boy Locker gave for their 12 days of xmas promotion. The codes were good through the 20th of december.

Here is a full list of all the discount:

12th day - Hung Jock & Brief - 40% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday12″

11th day - C-IN2 Swimwear - 35% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday11″

10th day - Jocko Underwear - 30% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday10″

9th day - Boiish Swimwear - 30% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday9″

8th day - GoSoftwear Swimwear - 25% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday8″

7th day - Boiish Boardshorts - 20% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday7″

6th day - Ginch Gonch Tanks - 20% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday6″

5th day - GoSoftwear Rib Thong - 15% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday5″

4th day - C-IN2 Tee’s - 15% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday4″

3rd day - Ginch Gonch Sport Briefs - 10% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday3″

2nd day - C-IN2 Bamboo Jock - 10% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday2″

1st day - ALL N2N Underwear, Swimwear & Athletic wear - 10% off - Coupon Code - “xmasday1″

Friday, December 08, 2006

JM Waves - 15% off at Wyzman.

Yes I do realize that this JM Waves collection is swimmear. But it is very stylish and fun swimmwear. And the way these swim boxers and swim briefs are made you COULD actually wear them as underwear. In fact they'd be great underneath for quick changing on beach days. Just put them on, and pull on your pants over them, walk to the beach, pull off your pants... Viola! No changing rooms needed. These cool trunks (and briefs) are 15% off at Wyzman for two days only!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Artificial Flavor

Artificial Flavor is a fairly new brand. It was started by John Vitti, his brother, and a couple friends after talking and realizing that they all found current underwear options to be uncomfortable. So they decided that they would make their own. They also pledged to not have any boring underwear. The thought that men should have as much right as women to feel and look sexy, especially when their pants are taken off. They came up with a bunch of great designs all focused around the "urban beach" image. This idea translates into sophistication and comfort met with the attitude of the streets. This is a really fun and unique line in lots of great styles and colors. I'm glad that John brought up this topic with his friends and brother, otherwise we would not have this great brand. After over a year of successful selling in retail shops they are now launching into lounge-pants and hoddies which will be available on their website soon. Artificial Flavor is offering all Underwear Blog readers a 10% discount, enter code "flavor10" at checkout.

Creative Director Marcus Prato playfully shows off the Magnum design on John Vitti.

Get 2 for 1 Ginch Gonch!

Ginch Gonch, the fun underwear company that we have all come to love, is turning two! To celebrate the occasion they are giving everyone one free pair when you buy one. Enter promo code "2years" at checkout.
Image says:
It's our Birthday we're spreading the holiday cheer
Stick your inches in our Ginches
Ginch is stealing Christmas
Stuff your stocking with our package
Happy Birthday
Ginch Gonch turns 2
We want to cover YOUR birthday suit in our loot!!!
2 for 1
Please enter promo code: 2years
for 50% off the purchase price
Double up on our gear to spread holiday CHEER!

I think this is a pretty cute ad. Great deal, so make sure to cash in on it. and

JockBoyLocker - Day 4

On the 4th day of Christmas JockBoyLocker offered me…. 15% off all C-IN2 Tee’s. You always know you are getting quality and style when you put on anything from C-IN2. And we have both the V-Neck Tee and the Hummer Tank in some of C-IN2’s new colors. Get your 15% off just by entering coupon “xmasday4″ now through December 20th…. Don’t forget the past 3 days of Christmas are also vaild til that same date!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jock Boy Locker - Day 3

On the 3rd day of Christmas JockBoyLocker offered me ….. 10% off all remaining styles of Ginch Gonch Sport Briefs. The Ginch Gonch brand will help take you back to those magical days of Christmas when you were just a kid. So get yours now so you can wake up Christmas morning and relive those fond childhood memories! Just enter “xmasday3″ at checkout to recieve your discount now through December 20th. Also JockBoyLocker has in stock the brand new Blue Bandana and Western Star line watch for those to be up on our site by early next week. Or email us at if you want to order those now.

This is a great gift. I gotta tell you, I just wore Ginch Gonch sports briefs yesterday and they were great!

Cool Underwear Buying Resource: La Redoute

This is a great site for buying fashionable men's underwear. It is a French site, and we all know that the French are known for excellent men's underwear. Click here for boxers/shorty (basically boxerbriefs). Click here for briefs (slips). Just like French stores, this website has incredibly low prices on very high quality and fashionable men's underwear. They stock well known French brands, such as DIM and Athena, as well as popular American brands like Calvin Klein. DIM and Athena are in a way the Hanes and Fruit of the Loom of France. They are very popular and reasonably priced. The only difference is that the French versions are very stylish and high quality and you can find them in France at "Target-like" stores and Department Stores. This site is definitely worth a peek, but you may want to brush up on your French skills first.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jock Boy Locker - Day 2

On the 2nd day of Christmas JockBoyLocker offered me…. 10% on the NEW C-IN2 Bamboo Jock! The new bamboo line from C-IN2 is one of best gifts Santa could leave for you this year. And we are sure you won’t be on the nice list after you get them. Especially with the new “Trophy Shelf” system in these sleek new underwear. Just enter coupon code “xmasday2″ at checkout to get your discount.

Cocksox code!

Dear readers.. if at all you were enticed to purchase some CockSox underwear after reading my review, now you have no excuse not to. CockSox is offering Underwear Blog readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is enter coupon code 'coup10' at checkout.

Jameswinston Co. Review

A while ago I blogged about a fairly new brand, Jameswinston Co. I have since tried out their line a lot and I gotta tell you, there is something really special about these. They are not your ordinary drawers, they are superb all around. I think this is my first ever 10!

But before I tell you about my experiences with the underwear, I want to tell you a bit about the company.

Jameswinston Co. is a very new UK underwear company (they're about a little over a month old). They are already causing a bit of a PR stir in the UK, and for good reasons. This brand has been a long 20 month investment, but it is finally paying off. They are starting with just one style at the beginning. They hope to appeal to a wide range of men (both gay and straight) with their wide array of hard to find and unique colors. They believe that the success to their sub-vintage line is "1) Create a great quality product 2) Make sure it looks different 3) In genuinely great shades to create a further interest twist." Right now they are "about quality cloth, genuinely great fit, subtle design elements and colours that guys can't easily obtain." But they hope to expand into caps, t-shirts, track suits, pants, etc sometime in the future. But I can tell you that they will be having some exciting new colors coming out in the near future (early 2007). So as you can see, it is clear that Jameswinston Co. is truly dedicated to bringing men all over the world the best underwear they can possibly make. I have to tell you, they have done a darn good job at doing this too.

The fit and comfort of these trunk briefs is incredible. When I wear these I barely even realize that I'm wearing anything underneath at all. That's how underwear should be. I really have no complaints about the fit or comfort. Another cool thing is that if you want a bit of a more modest fit, you can buy a size up and you will still have the same comfort as the smaller size. The ribbed trunks allow for a bit more movement, but they are both equally comfortable.

The style of these is really great too. They come in lots of fun colors (and lots of new very cool new colors will be early next year). I love all the unique logo tags all over. There's one really cool one on the waistband in the back, one on the waistband in the front, and one on the front of the leg. I'd also like to take a chance here to tell you about their great job of branding on the packaging. My trunks came in sack with the 'J' logo on it. Inside they were all in brown boxes with a 'J' cutout opening. "The packaging was simply a reaction to seeing 'another' torso wearing white underwear. We took a calculated decision to provide a style of box that showcased the colours of the underwear in a innovative way (the cut side of the box in the shape of the 'J' Logo) Not using a picture meant we had to find other means of motivating the customer. hence the text on the rear of the box gave us the means to explain that we really have worked to give the customer a great pant. The swing ticket was a nice touch to cement the fact we have quality standards. All in all the box has an organic 'feel' which works well with our 'retro' styling. The sack was simply made for the benefit of buyers - to show we think about our presentation!" It is clear they really DO pay attention to their presentation, and it pays off.

I really don't have much to say. All there is to say is lots of compliments and props to the guy behind Jameswinston. They are a great value at 15 £ per pair. That's a great deal. I would definitely encourage you to go out and purchase some in time for the holidays.

You can buy them at Jameswinston Co and UrbanUnderwear.
If you
buy them at Jameswinston be sure to use the exclusive coupon code for this blog (good through December 21st) that will get you one pair free when you buy the first two AND free shipping. Enter Jw002 at checkout.

Overall, I give the Jameswinston Co. Brand Underwear a total score of 10 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

********** 10

PS. Read the comments on this review for a special note from the owner and founder of this underwear company.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Buy 2, get a thong!

Wyzman has a special deal. Buy 2 pairs of Punto Blanco brand underwear and get a free thong! Act now, this offer is only good until this Friday.

12 days of Christmas at Jock Boy Locker

Starting today, JockBoyLocker is having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion. You can save everywhere from 10% to 40% off selected items (depending on the day). Check out their blog each day for the information.

Day 1 (today): On the 1st day for Christmas JockBoyLocker offered me … 10% on all N2N Underwear & Swimwear! That’s right get 10% off all N2N now through December 20th. Just enter promotional code “xmasday1″ at checkout. And N2N underwear are just perfect for anyone on your naughty or your nice list.

Naughty ---- Nice

Friday, December 01, 2006

Cocksox review

Cocksox, "member enhancing underwear" that is truly a sock for your cock. They, at Cocksox, have developed enhancing underwear that is practical for everyday wear. As they state "no longer is sexy mens underwear only suitable for special occasions." Their underwear is sexy and designed for everyday wear. All their designs are made in Australia from state of the art fabrics that look and feel like cotton but have benefits of advanced fabric technology. Some of the the benefits of this fabric, called Supplex, holds its shape, is color-fast, fast-drying, and breathable.

I tried the Diable Red original briefs.

The fit is excellent. Or at least for the most part. It fits wonderfully when everything is "normal" down there. But when things get a little wild the whole contraption goes crazy (if you get what I'm saying). Basically the problem is there is a pouch for the shaft that adequately holds in the balls. But when the 'meat' gets large, it pulls the fabric away from the 'potatoes' and they fall all out of place. When things go back to normal the underwear doesn't go back to its original placement. This means that a lot of adjusting is necessary throughout the day in order to stay truly comfortable. They are incredibly comfortable when everything is in place, but they are very uncomfortable when they aren't on perfectly. It also can get out of alignment when moving from sitting to standing and other major changes in body position. Also occasionally (just randomly) they will ride down a bit. This occasionally results in having to pull them up the by the waist in the front. I tried the original brief (without a waistband), but since its launch there is now a new version with a waistband. I am guessing that the waistband probably alleviates this random riding-down (but I haven't tried them so I can't say for sure, but I would definitely give them a whirl to find out). One thing that is true about the fit of these underwear is that they truly do what they say they do. They do enhance quite a bit. But not unrealistically. The enhancement that they give is very believable and does not look like you have stuffed your pants, or that you are constantly having a boner. It just looks like you are a very healthy, well-endowed man. Another issue that I see is that when moving, there is quite a bit of gaping at the leg holes. This isn't a problem if you are wearing it as underwear. But since they also make a line of swimmwear with the exact same cut, this gaping could be a bit of an issue on the beach. You could end up showing way more than you intend to show. So be warned. One last thing I would like to note about the fitting and comfort is that they have a different sizing scale than the standard, so be sure to check that out before ordering because you could end up with the wrong size (by quite a bit). Also they do fit a little small so you may want to size one up from their sizing scale for a conventional fit. One more last thing about the fit, the new style (with the waistband) comes in two different pouch sizes: the standard one, and one that is a little snugger (by an inch). Based on my experience with the standard I would not recommend the smaller one (it would probably pull and gape even more than the original sized one), but you may wish to try it out.

The style is excellent. The look great. They have a very sexy, revealing front. But a modest, full back. This is a really nice style because you can get the revealingness of thong underwear without the strap up the butt. Also, you get great realistic visual enhancement without any uncomfortable suspensories, straps, slings, cups, etc. Also I love the way the sides can be pulled above pants to give the suggestion that you are wearing sexy underwear that is much more revealing than these actually are (not to say they aren't sexy, they just can give the illusion of wearing thong underwear without all the discomforts of thongs). Also the placement of the Cocksox logo allows for playful exposure. My only complaint in terms of the look of this style is that there are not enough colors. I would like to see more colors.

Overall, this is a great product and an excellent idea. It is just in need of a bit of tweaking in terms of the fitting. But there is a new version since the ones I tried so some of the fit issues may have been wrinkled out with that (I'd have to try to say for sure).

Overall, I give the CockSox, Original briefs a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 7 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 7 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

********** 8

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Checkpoint Underwear

Today I'd like to tell you about a really cool new brand in the underwear world. It is Checkpoint Underwear. They officially launched this November. It was started by three French guys who currently live in Hong Kong. What a perfect group to make a great new line. The French are known for their great fashion in clothing and in men's underwear. And Asia in general is known for fun and innovative men's underwear fashions. So mix the two together and you get a fun line that they are billing as "genuine streetware". They're line was created because they were frustrated with men's underwear. They believe that you should "change your inside fashion life with underwear you would be proud to wear." The line was inspired by their busy urban lives in Hong Kong and Tokyo. It is a very cool line so be sure to check them out. They would make a great gift for the trendy urbanite in your life. A review will be coming soon (probably after the holidays).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Boxers or Briefs?

The age-old question answered, in a board game...? Yes, that's right. This game will have your friends revealing all sorts of things about themselves that you never knew. Great icebreaker for parties. This would also make a great gift for the underwear lover in your life. You can buy it for 19.99 at Amazon.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Today only! 15% off AND free shipping @ Wyzman

Wyzman is offering 15% off everything and free shipping in honor of "black monday". Just enter promo code: BM06 at checkout. This is good today only! So hurry!

Freshpair 25% sale! is having a huge holiday sale. They have 25% off many popular brands, including: C-In2, 2(x)ist, Hugo Boss, Play, DT Clothes, Go Software, Wax, Jocko, and Baskit. These are some incredible deals. Click here for their holiday sales guide. Also don't forget to check out their regular sales guide.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

25% off C-In2 at is running a 25% off sale on all their c-in2 products. I'm not sure how long it lasts (they did not say). And I am guessing the discounts are applied at checkout (but once again I am not sure). Whatever the case though, this is a great deal because C-In2 hardly ever goes on sale (as far as I know). To see everything on offer click here.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day After Thanksgiving Day Sales

Why deal with the rush when you can buy stylish underwear for cheap from the comfort of your home? That's right... there is no reason to go out shopping. Instead, crank up the highspeed, memorize that credit card number, sit down with a cup of coffee and browse all the great sales on men's underwear. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, and you can wear just your underwear if you want (you can't do that at the department stores).
Read below for some of my finds for thanksgiving day sales. If you have any more to add, just add them in a comment so they will get to fellow readers as quickly as possible. is having a one day sale, 20%. Be sure to enter discount code '1124'.

Steven Even
is having a one day sale. 10% off everything. Enter 'ST10' code at checkout. Free shipping is also available on purchases greater than $80.

is offering a huge Thanksgiving Super Sale. You can save up to $40 dollars cash (with 200 dollars purchase) and 200 or more in purchases gets you free shipping. Be sure to select the correct options at checkout.

Also don't forget Wyzman's sale. 15% off everything. Discount code 'tks06'

Freshpair is also having a great sales. They have an excellent gift guide and they are offering free expedited and 2-day shipping on orders over certain amounts (see site for complete details). Also you get free socks on orders over $95. Also a lot of their items are on sale for the occasions. In addition get 10% off orders with code 'Freshback'. And as always free shipping no matter what you buy.

So hope that helps you kick off your holiday shopping and helps you revitalize your own, or a friend's or relative's underwear drawer. If you know of any other great sales do not hesitate to post about them in a comment on this post.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Sale at Wyzman

Wyzman is having a huge Thanksgiving Day sale on everything! That's 15% off everything. That includes all new items and sale items!! So act now and head on over to Wyzman. Be sure to enter promo code: tks06 at checkout.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DT Clothes (Jocks)

I'd like to let you know about a brand that I have talked just a little bit about before. Yes you guessed it, DT Jocks (now known as DT Clothes). They have just launched a new line of their very fun underwear. This new line includes new styles and new patterns as well as a really spiffy new web site. They have a few of their classic colors and prints still available, as well as a plethora of new and fun patterns to choose from. They also have broadened their underwear line from just boxers, boxerbriefs, and briefs, to boxers, boxerbriefs, briefs (with lots of variations on the front fly), jocks, and newly styled boxers. They also will be launching a new section very soon (my sources tell me by the end of the month) called "make your own undies". Here you will be able to choose the style, fabric, colors, waistbands, and even add your own text (and maybe graphics?). This should be a very exciting development. I have never seen a site where you can design your own undies, I've seen design your own shoes multiple times (from the likes of Vans and Converse), but never design your own undies. I am very excited to try this new feature out. When I do I will be sure to give you all a full report. Until then, check out their site and buy yourself some new "Dick Togs*". Also if you order now, you get free shipping on all orders over $100 AUD. Review of their new underwear line to come soon.

*Dick Togs - Aussie slang for underwear and/or swimmwear. The name of this brand (DT Jocks) is derived from this slang.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exclusive Jameswinston Code

Jameswinston Co. is now offering an exclusive promotion to this blog's readers. 'A month of Xmas' special offer: Buy three pairs get the one FREE. The code is 'Jw002'. POSTAGE COSTS will be HALF PRICE - This is a great offer, so act soon, promo ends 21st Dec.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Free 2wink underwear

Click here for more information. This is a great deal so I suggest you act on it, now is the time.