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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get a Free Pair of Undies - Just Send in Your Picture

Want to win a free pair of undies?  All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself in your undies to  The catch?  The pic has to include one of underground actor Paul Cram's DVD movies in some creative way in the shot.  But that shouldn't be too hard, his work is easily findable on Netflix.  There are a number of different ways you can compose the photo, see this page on Paul's site for more details.  Your entries must be emailed in by April 17, 2011 to be eligible.  As far as I understand it, if you send in a picture that meets the criteria you will be getting a free pair of undies.  Be sure to include your size and mailing address in the entry.  For some inspiration, here's a Flickr set of some of the entries thus far (note: you will need a Flickr account to view the linked page). The MUB exclusive pictures included in this entry are of Paul showing off some of his undies.  And if you don't already, be sure to follow Paul on Tumblr and Twitter (@pcactor).  Enjoy!

Guest Post: How My Obsession Started

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you a new guest poster Matty.  You may be familiar with his Twitter @techiematty.  Matty is a 20 year old, gay college boy who's super into his undies!  He's always posting photos of him in his undies on his Twitpic, so many in fact that his account got suspended yesterday :(  Anyway, today he is guest posting about his obsession and how it got started.  If you like what you see/read he may become a permanent member of the site, so please let us know what you think! 

Hey fellow underwear lovers!!! My name is Matty and I would love to tell you about my obsession with undies! It all started in the locker room in high school. Back then I wore tighty whities and I would be the first one in there to change. But funny thing was, I was always the last one to leave that locker room. I loved looking around at all the undies that the other boys had on. I wanted a choice of colors in the mornings, not just my white undies. Once I finally started working and having money, my underwear obsession began!

I first started getting American Eagle trunks since the other boys would wear those. I got so many fun colors and I loved the simple fit of them. Then my freshman year of college and I finally lived away from home. I could buy all the undies I wanted online! I started getting Ausssiebum, Andrew Christian, C-in2, 2(x)ist and so many others. I am now in my sophomore year in college. I am only 20 and I already have a giant drawer filled with underwear! 

Trunks, briefs and jocks are all I have so far. As the year goes on I plan on trying all different kinds of undies. I love to show off my undies every day on twitter. I just take a picture of them right after I get out of the shower! So be sure to follow my twitter (@techiematty). I'm just a little twink who loves his undies. 

I want to know, what started your obsession with undies? Because we all know it had to start somewhere!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrity Undies: Dave Franco

Here's a shot of actor Dave Franco in his black briefs from his short film 'Catblock'.  That's right guys, I mean to say Dave Franco, not to be confused with Hollywood actor James Franco, his brother.  There's a definite family resemblance though, I'd say.  Anyway, enjoy! 

Cocksox Giveaway

Short Notice: With every purchase you make at Cocksox from now until April 2nd, you will be entered to win a $200 Cocksox gift voucher.  That's $200 in free money that you can use towards Cocksox merchandise!  All you have to do is buy something at Cocksox. 

4-Pack Jockstrap Deal from DeeJay

If you're craving some new jockstraps for these warm summer days ahead of us, DeeJay has just the perfect thing for you.  They are offering a four-pack of some of their most exclusive jockstrap designs.  If you were to buy each pair individually you'd have to pay $123 AUD, but together they're only $90 AUD (~$92 USD) - that's a savings of over $30 AUD!  All sizes are available.  This is a limited time thing so take advantage of it now. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

REMINDER: Last Week to Enter

This is the last week to enter our giveaway with MaleBasics.  If you haven't done so already, you can fill out this form to enter to to win.  We have had a record number of entries so far, and 25 lucky guys will be winning a free pair of undies.  You must have your entry in by the end of the month.  More details can be found here

Friday, March 25, 2011

N2N 2011 Has Arrived!

It is one of my favorite days of the year. N2N Bodywear has debuted their 2011 collection. In the next week I'll be doing a full review of this year's collection, but for now here are a few of my favorites from this 2011.

Grundies Muscle Trunk - Just $9.95

Grundies is now offering an exceptional deal on their muscle trunk.  They are now retailing for just $9.95 as an everyday low price.  This low price includes free shipping to anywhere in the world!  The muscle trunk is what I would describe as a more full coverage trunk or boxerbrief fit.  These undies have a soft silky feel and they hug your butt in a very comfy way.  These are a great bet for all sorts of activities and at this price they're definitely worth having a couple pairs.  They come in black and white with either contrast stitching (yellow, red, or white) on the black or just plain black or white for a total of five different color combinations.  While they are a fairly basic pair of trunks, the contrast stitching is in a unique pattern lending them a modern, stylish feel.  And if you buy more than three you will save 20% off your entire purchase, so it's really a great deal.  And like I said, there are five different options so it's not like you'll have three of the exact same thing.  This is definitely worth checking out.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Underwear of the Month at MUS: CK One + Mini-Review

Men's Underwear Store has what they call the Underwear of the Month program.  The program works like this, basically each month, MUS will select and feature a specific brand and style of undies that they think consumers will enjoy and should know about. These selections also aim to bring attention to some of the lesser known or less talked about styles of mens underwear. The goal is to let men know about the many options they have when shopping for underwear and to make them feel comfortable and at their best.  This month's selection is the CK One low-rise trunk.  The CK One collection is a brand new collection from Calvin Klein.  The trunkscome in white, slate (gray), and black and retail for $24.  There is also a brief style if that's more your thing.  They are made of super soft microfiber and designed to complement the CK brand line of jeans and fragrances.  I can't quite say whether it does that or not, but what I can tell you is I got the opportunity to try these trunks out and they are surprisingly soft and comfy.  CK is often a mixed bag when it comes to undies, sometimes they really hit it and sometimes they miss.  But with the One collection they've hit the mark spot on.  The fabric has a smooth, silky feeling and is super light and airy.  They would be perfect to wear under your summer shorts on a hot day or to the gym to workout.  They keep you covered and supported but not too hot and sweaty.  Also, the cut of these is very minimal.  At a glance it appears to be a fairly normal cut, but upon closer inspection you realize that there isn't much coverage.  This is fine though and adds to the overall lightness of the trunk.  The rise is very low and the legs are quite short.  There is very little fabric across the perineum.  I personally find the minimal coverage of these trunks quite sexy and part of their appeal.  I wish I had one in every color!  So for $24 bucks these could be a great new addition to your collection.  In my mini-review I give these 4/5. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bone Wear Celebrates Human Rights Day with Free Shipping

Today is Human Rights Day in South Africa.  Normally celebrated on December 10 by the rest of the world, South Africa celebrates it on the 21 of March in remembrance of the Sharpeville massacre.  In recognition of this, Bone Wear (a South African company) is offering Free Shipping WORLDWIDE this week from March 21-27.  Just place an order online.  That's all you have to do. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  Be sure to show your spirit today by wearing green undies.  What do you have on today?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Great Deals on 2(x)ist at GILT

Once again, 2(x)ist is available today on GILT.  If you're not familiar with the site, it's a place where you can get designer clothing for super discounted prices.  But you have to be a member to take advantage of the sales.  If you aren't already a member, it's free and you can sign up using my exclusive invite link (not just anyone can sign up, you need a link).  I happened to notice that they're selling 2(x)ist today and there are some pretty great deals.  Like a 3-pack of long johns for $36 (shown) or a 6-pack of no-show trunks for $36!  But you'll have to act quickly as things at GILT usually fly off the shelves.  Just thought I'd let you know.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Summer Dreaming with Timoteo

It may be cold here in Lexington once again, but I am still ready for swimsuit season to get here. It may be that I've seen too many scarves, gloves, boots, and Carhartt jackets, but I am in love with so many of the new swimsuits this year. Timoteo is just as ready for the summer as I am. Recently they released their swimsuits for 2011 and these style are just the perfect thing to usher out those winter blues and get you seeing the blues of salty ocean water or the crisp aquas and turquoises of a refreshing dip in the pool. I spent some time on their website this morning deciding which suits I want to be seen in this summer, here are the ones I have been able to narrow it down to:

WAVE RACER: $52.00 A simple, clean, and sexy cut that is perfect for exercise or play! This style comes in three additional colors.

SPEEDSTER: $49.00 I am a huge fan of retro styles. This square cut suit, with its low rise waist and cleanly cut bottom is a perfect update to a very retro style. This style comes in four additional styles/patterns.

CONTENDER: $46.00 This is the style that I am going to have to go with. I have a complete addiction to turquoise. I especially love when turquoise is accented with white. This suit, like the previous two suits has a front pouch built in for comfort. This suit comes in two additional colors.

SUPER LOW: $38.00 This one came in a very close second for me. I love the pattern, and of course the low cut. I am a sucker for anything low cut. I am having trouble not staring at this one. This style comes in eight additional colors.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Exclusive Pre-Release Sales from aussieBum

It's that time of year again that the sun is beginning to shine and we're starting to see skimpy bathing suits popping up all over the web.  I really can't wait for summer and swim season.  aussieBum is about to launch their 2011 edition of the cult classic league swimwear.  This swimwear is not yet out, but for a limited period from today through March 8, 2011 (5 days), aussieBum will be allowing a handful of selected fans to get their hands on the league swimwear early.  The folks at aussieBum have also extended that offer to all MUB readers using this exclusive link.  And as a further bonus for loyal customers who make a purchase through this special pop-up store, you will receive $10 AUD valid towards your next aussieBum purchase. This is an excellent deal and a great chance to get your hands on the newest swimwear early, but act quickly because it won't be around for long. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Colin Firth's Oscar gets some Undies

As I'm sure you're all well aware by now, Colin Firth just won the Academy Award for Best Actor this last Sunday for his role in "The King's Speech".  And I must say, he is very deserving of the award.  What you might not know is that prior to the Oscars, Firth made an appearance on the Ellen show where she presented him with a pair of customized tuxedo undies for him to wear to the special occasion.  It is unknown whether he actually wore them to the Oscars or not.  But afterward, he stopped by Ellen's studio to show her his Oscar and thank her for the undies.  He also showed her a tiny replica pair of the undies she gave him that he then put on his Oscar.  Check out the underwear hilarity in the video (above). 

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ristefsky Macheda - A New Brand Reviewed

Ristefsky Macheda is a relatively new brand hailing from Australia.  You may remember that I put them on my holiday buying guide.  It gets its name from its two designers: Stephen Ristefsky and Vincent Macheda.  Both Ristefsky and Macheda have European backgrounds, but have fully embraced the Australian lifestyle making for a unique feel to the brand.  RM entered onto the underwear scene last year sometime, but it wasn't until this past holiday season that they really got going.  They make great products and their undies are quickly becoming some of my favorite go-to pairs.  Today I want to review one of my favorites, the RM Retro Low Rise Brief

As far as the fit of these go. They're what I would call a modest low-rise.  They do sit lower than your standard full-rise briefs, but they aren't quite as skimpy as your average low-rise brief.  They're a nice compromise between the full and low rises, a sort of in-between brief if you will.  The waistband is low like low-rise, but the sides and back have more coverage like a full-rise.  The back fits smoothly over your butt making for a nice, streamlined fit.  The front pouch is a little loose to allow for movement and comfort.  

Speaking of comfort, these are some of the comfiest briefs I've tried in a long time.  Like I already said, these have definitely become some of my go-to briefs.  The soft 95% cotton/5% elastane blend makes for great all-day comfort.  You can really wear these things anywhere.  So no matter what your day has in store, these things will keep you covered and comfy.  The waistband and leg bands are snug enough to make you feel secure, but not too tight to be restrictive.  

These things are simple, but they have style.  The body is a dark, heathered charcoal color.  So even though they appear to be solid-colored in the picture, they are actually slightly mottled in shades of grey.  The waistband is in a contrast white and black.  And the ribbing around the pouch and legbands is in your choice of four colors: yellow, dark blue, red, or sky blue.  I tried yellow.  They are basic with a little retro fun to them.  These things definitely have a little panache to them.  

As for quality, these things are excellent.  As I said, they are one of my current favorites so they get quite a bit of wear and tear.  And they've held up excellently.  As always with quality undies, wash them in cold water and line dry them and you should be fine.  The waistband is triple-seamed, while the other important seams are double-seamed.  So these things should hold up well for quite a while.  At $25 a pair they are on the pricey side for something that is so plain.  But as I said, they're super comfy and they're gonna hold up well.  They're really great for anything.  Buy them, you won't regret it.  

Overall, I give the Ristefsky Macheda Retro Low Rise Brief a total score of 10 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10) - Modest low-rise;  low-rise waist with full-rise coverage. 
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Super soft fabric.  Room to move. 
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10) - Basic with some retro flair. 
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - Made well.  Triple and double-seamed stitches. 
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Expensive but they'll last you. 


Exclusive Giveaway: 25 Pairs from MaleBasics

Today we are pleased to announce a new giveaway in partnership with MaleBasics.  MaleBasics will be giving away 25 pairs of underwear to 25 lucky MUB readers throughout the month of March.  All you have to do is fill out this simple form and you'll be entered to win.  The undies will be MaleBasics branded undies, the specific pair will be based on what is available in your size.  

Now for some technical stuff: This contest is open to residents of countries where MaleBasics ships (consult their website for further details) and is void where prohibited by law.  You must be 18 years or older to win and are liable for any taxes your winnings may require.  The entry period will be between March 1 and Midnight (EST) April 1, 2011.  You may only submit one entry during the entry period.  Winners will be chosen at random and the decisions will be final.  Upon notification, you will have a one-week period to claim your prize and provide a valid shipping address or else you will forfeit your prize.  MaleBasics and MUB reserve the right to change these rules at any time as deemed necessary.  More details are available from MaleBasics.