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Sunday, May 29, 2005


I am going to busy for the next few weeks so I won't have time to blog. I don't know what Torrent's schedule is but he may not have too much time either. Thanks for being patient.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Public Display of Underwear

I think about underwear way too often. Take for example my driving down the street, and questioning what the guy at the bus stop is wearing underneath his slacks. I'm not interested in the guy, or getting into his pants, I'm just really curious about underwear.

So when I had the opportunity to take public transportation recently, I was staring at crotches and asses looking for "panty" lines. Though that doesn't sound right for men. And if I couldn't see anything, I'd glance at the whole person and try to figure out their style.

I'd doubt it works, but it's rather funny to picture some guys in tight bikinis.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Men's Underwear Brands

Today, I'd like to talk about brand loyalty. I've worn, (off the top of my head), Jockey, Jake & Co., Sonoma, Canyon River Blues, Undergear, Arrow, Hanes, FTL, 2(x)ist, Gap, Old Navy, and Polo Ralph Lauren. 12 brands and only 5 styles (boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, and thongs). That's not a great track record with one brand, if you ask me. This is odd considering I buy all my music in the same store, all my Chinese food at a certain restaurant, all my haircuts at a certain barber (with a certain stylist), amongst other things.

I think that one of the main reasons that there isn't a whole lot of innovation in underwear by the standard department store brands is because there probably IS brand loyalty in underwear. Once you've found the right pair, wouldn't you buy it over and over again? I guess I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

Todays Poll:
Where is your loyalty? Do you have a "favorite" pair? Is your favorite pair also your "lucky" pair?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ginch Gonch

Hey, I've mentioned this before but I'm gonna mention it again. I have noticed that there seems to be an increasing popularity in older guys wearing boys briefs. I don't know maybe they want to keep in touch with their childhood by wearing their favorite cartoon or character briefs. Whatever their reasoning the fact still remains, although we may want to do something we may grow. Yes I do mean what i said. You probably have grown since the time when you were wearing cartoon briefs and thus probably won't fit in boys briefs, unless of course you are small or like wearing really tight undies. But don't worry because now there is a company that makes fun undies for men. The company is called Ginch Gonch. Pictured are some fun briefs. They call them their firetruck briefs and put a racy description to them "Every man comes equipped with a hose. Tame the flame with fire trucks". I think it's pretty funny. Visit their site. Caution the flash site has some nudity. So now for all you guys out their who want to get in touch with your childhood through your undies now is your chance. Check out Ginch Gonch, but beware of sticker-shock (27 bucks a brief)!

Poll of the Day:
What do you think of Torrent and I joining together to blog?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bodysuits caught my eye.

Torrent here, with the first official post about underwear. Today, I'm reaching way back into Blue's archives and talking about bodysuits.

Blue said,
The only problem I could forsee with both of them is that if you sit down or something or it rides up the thong might get caught in your crack and give you a pretty nasty wedgie which would be pretty awkward to pick out.

Well, Blue, thongs are SUPPOSED to give you a pretty nasty wedgie. If the material isn't wedged up in there pretty good, it wouldn't be a good thong!

Here's a (blue) bodysuit that might work out better. I think I'd be more inclined to actually wear this around the house or sleep in than the thong bodysuit as I doubt a bodysuit gets too twisted like a t-shirt can.
I totally underw..sry understand where you are coming from. But I personally don't like wandering around all day with a wedgie, that's why I wrote that caution. I totally understand that that is the point of thongs but they can still ride up and make an even larger, and uncomfortable, wedgie. Hope that explains it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Welcome Torrent!

Well Torrent is already ahead of me in announcing our joining of blogs. But as you can guess we are now going to be writing blogs together. We will each be writing our own posts and publising them to our own blog and the other blog. Of course the blogs will still be different so you should check out mine here, as well as Torrents over at This is gonna be pretty fun. It will be great. So enjoy and be sure to contact us with any comments by e-mail or by a comment. And if there's some undies that you are really digging, just send me an e with the reason(s) why you like them and we'll try to work a post in about them into our busy blogging schedule. That's all for now folks!

Lending my support.

Hey everybody. Call me Torrent. I'm going to be contributing to this blog for Blue, and Blue is going to be contributing to my blog over at, I certainly hope we can entertain and inform in both places without too much double posting, but time will tell.

I've gone back and read the archives here, and so should you. My first handful of posts will likely comment on Blue's previous posts, but I assure you I'll be posting some good, original stuff too.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Any contributors?

I've been having trouble lately finding the time to blog. I really do want to but I just don't have the time to post as much as I would like to. I was wondering if there are any fellow underwear lovers out there who would like to contribute to this blog so they could also add posts. Thus we could have a collaborative blog that would hopefully get at least one post a day. Let me know by e-mail (linked at bottom of page) if you are interested. If you already have a Blogger account I'll just add you. Or you could also let me know with a comment. Hope to hear from you people soon!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Banana Boxers

Yes I know most of you think that boxers are really boring but I think that these boxers may take the boredom out of the boxers for you. These are a fun and funky kind of boxers from Intimo. These boxers are pretty cool. They have a slit in the front instead of a fly and so you get a nice seamless look. Also as you can see they just have a banana peel printed on them so when you stick your dick through the fly it looks like the banana! I think that they're pretty cool. They just are really hilarious. They have a lot of comic relief. Imagine. You'd be laughing every time you take a piss. This particular style with the banana is no longer available on Intimo's site but there are many other one's that are this same style with just a different print.

Today's Poll:
What is your favorite material for your underwear (Guys only)?