International Jock

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomorrow is National Underwear Day!

Hey guys.  Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of National Underwear Day brought to you by  What are you going to do to celebrate?  If you're in New York City you can head on over to their pop-up event at 315 West 57th Street.  You'll be able to get yourself some free undies from top brands and sponsors like Calvin Klein, Rated M, C-IN2, and 2(x)ist.  The event runs from 11am - 7 pm.  Can't stop by tomorrow?  They'll be doing it the next day as well.  That's right, National Underwear Day is so big this year it's actually going to be two days (August 22nd and 23rd)!  Check out the official website for more details.  And for those of you not in NYC, you can still celebrating with 25% off top brands at  Also be sure to wear your best pair tomorrow in celebration.  

What will you be doing for National Underwear Day this year?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gregg Homme: Business Strip Video

In my browsing today I happened across this sexy promo video for Gregg Homme. I found it sexy and amusing and definitely worth sharing. Do you guys ever play in your sexy undies on cam?  Enjoy! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

2Wink Wants Your Ass!

2wink underwear is introducing a new fit of underwear called the "freedom jock".  It's 50% jock and 50% brief.  For the new underwear their looking for a new face, or ass as it were, for the brand.  Think you have what it takes?  Send a picture of you and your ass in undies to before the 26th and your ass could be the next big thing in undies.  If you win, they'll fly you to the photoshoot! 

H&M Unveils Giant Statues of Beckham

Earlier this year H&M launched a range of undies in cooperation with David Beckham.  Honestly I thought the range would never take off.  But I was wrong, not only has it taken off, they are now doing a HUGE marketing campaign involving large silver statues of the Becks.  From now until August 31, nine 11-foot-tall statues of the soccer superstar are stationed across New York City (6 statues), LA (2), and San Francisco (1).  The statues are certainly inspired by Michelangelo's David and are modeled after the H&M campaign shots for the line.  Unlike the original David statue though, these (of course) have Beckham wearing his signature underwear. 

To further involvement, H&M will give away a $1000 shopping spree.  To win, you just have to take your picture with one of the statues and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #HMBeckham.  So there you have it.

What are your thoughts on the new Beckham statues?  We'd love to see your pictures with the statues!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Phelps Stars in new Louis Vuitton Ad

Now that the London Olympics have come to a close, it's only right that the athletes keep their buzz going.  What better for superstars like Michael Phelps to keep up their spotlight than through starring in ads and endorsements.  This time Phelps branches off from the norm in this new campaign for Louis Vuitton.  The ad may be the start of a new direction for both Phelps and the French fashion house.  Of course we've seen Phelps strip down to his swim suit before, but here he is a little more seductive than usual.  Check out Phelps in all his hunky glory.  

What are your thoughts on this new ad campaign?  Do you want to see more of Phelps or do you just wish he'd go away for a while?  

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Save 50% off at Baskit using The Daily Hookup

Half Off Designer Underwear and Swimwear
The Daily Hookup (Daily Deals) is a shopping site that offers discounted shopping on all sorts of brands.  The site works like many other popular sites such as Groupon, where you buy a deal for a discounted rate and then go redeem it at the other site.  The only difference here is that the site is geared towards stuff that the modern man would like. So the sales feature things like shaving gear, socks, and men's underwear.  And of course that's why I'm talking about it here.  For the next 9 days, The Daily Hookup is featuring Baskit underwear at 50% off.  The deal is $50 worth of underwear or swimwear from Baskit for only $25.  You can choose what you buy at Baskit.  The Daily Hookup requires you be a member to buy, but unlike GILT you don't need an invitation.  So just head on over and sign up and get your hookup.