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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I've got pockets in my underpants!

That's right. I got pockets in my underpants and you can too. These seriously are real underpants, they are not really tight pants. I repeat these are real underpants. I saw these and I thought they were pretty cool so I just couldn't resist blogging about them. These sweet manties with pockets are made by a japanese men's clothing company called TOOT. TOOT makes tons of cool and unique clothes for guys, including these boxerbriefs with pockets. These boxerbriefs run around $30 bucks US (at current conversion) and can be found here. I just thought these were pretty cool so I decided to share them. I don't think the pockets could really be too useful but they make a cool statement. They are shown in grey but they also come in charcoal. I like the grey one the best because of the contrast between the navy and grey and the red waistband. These undies have no fly. Below are some other views. As you can see from the front they look like pretty normal undies but once your friends see the back they will always think of you as one of the most fashionable people around.

Side View

Back View

Frontal View

Question of the Day:
Would you use pockets in your underwear or would you just have them as a fashion statement? If you'd use them what would you use them for?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Undershirts that match

It's been the big thing in female undies to have matching bras and panties/thongs. So why can't men do the same? Well they can. Just slightly modified for the male physique. You can now find that many upscale brands make undershirts that go with briefs, boxerbriefs and boxers. Basically you can buy a 4 in 1 set that comes with three 7 different combinations of wear (each different bottom with top, each bottom without top, and top without bottom (if you're daring) ). This particular set which I am featuring is only a brief and a tank. But as you can see there are two combos. With (right), and without shirt (left).

Ok well there's technically three but I'm not going to show the without the briefs version because the site didn't either;)

Anyways these are sets. They match but they're a little more than matching. For instance if you were to wear a pair of white briefs with a white A-Shirt that would technically "match". But it doesn't really MATCH. If you get what I'm saying. Anyways this set can be found at The tank can be found here for $25. And the brief can be found here for $17. Both the brief and the tank come in four colors (red, yellow, blue, and black) to suit your personality, style, and mood.

Poll of the Day:
Do you think about what underwear you wear or do you just grab whatever is clean? In other words do you try to match your underwear with your outfit and other undies or do you just pull anything on? Or is it a mix? Explain.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Super Briefs!

A new trend that we are seeing in men's underwear is novelty briefs and boxerbriefs. For a long time such things were only available as boxers and boys briefs. Now you can actually find men's character-like briefs. These briefs are pretty cool. Snaps to the manufacture for finally figuring out that men want to have fun undies too. These undies harken back to super heros with the Super Man insignia prominently placed on your bulge. But they also harken back to the tight clothing that super heros wear along with that little brief around the crotch area (it still is unclear to me why super heros dress that way (maybe they just wanted to show off their undies and/or package) ). This boxerbrief (above) especially reminds me of that type of outfit because of the way the legs are different color so it looks like the wearer is wearing briefs over boxerbriefs or tights. The boxerbriefs can be purchased here at DUGG for $14.41. They are also available in coloration of Boxerbrief as well as a Brief (both pictured below).

Poll of the Day:
Do you prefer to wear regular plain colored underwear or fun cartoony underwear?