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Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Trend: Jock Boxers - Reviewed

Want to let your ass hang out this summer? Jockstraps have long been an option, but the sometimes tight straps and skimpy pouch don't always cut it. Enter the jock brief and jock boxer/trunk - you get the same bare feeling in the rear with a little more coverage up front.  Today I'm going to review the Addicted brand jock boxer.

These jock boxers come in a number of different stylish colors.  I tried the black one with a silver waistband - when your ass is hanging out you don't need to have lots of other things going on. They're rather simple in the front, they appear to be just a basic pair of trunks.  But then you turn around and BAM, surprise!  I really like the metallic silver waistband (which is only on the black pair). Although the graphic nature of the logo band is present on all the colors, which I really like.  The other pairs are more colorful and funky, with contrast piping.

As for the fit of these undies, in the front they fit very much like a regular pair of trunks.  Not too tight, but fitted.  The legs are not very long and line up with the bottom of the pouch. The pouch itself is a simple contour pouch; it's not very large but the fabric does stretch so it never feels too tight.  What I will say about the fit is the leg bands are made out of the same cotton fabric as the rest of the underwear, unlike a jockstrap's elastic straps.  This means that the pouch is not held as it would be in a jock, but the extra fabric on the sides is more than adequate to hold things in place.  If you do have larger balls and are sitting down, there is a potential for them to fall out the back a little bit; it depends on what you're wearing over the trunk and how tight it is.  Overall, I personally find these quite comfortable.  I barely even realized I'm wearing them. As with all ass-less underwear this is partly dependent on how comfortable/soft the jeans are that you wear.  The fabric of the actual underwear is also soft as is the waistband.  While not tagless like most underwear these days, the tag is placed on the right hip and goes unnoticed.

These hold up very well with repeated washings.  Definitely made out of quality materials with attention to all the details.  They are available from our friends at Vocla for $34, which is a reasonable price for a conversation piece like these.  Especially if you get them in a more colorful version.

Overall, I give the Addicted Jock Boxers a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:

FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Basic trunk fit with a surprise in the back.  Small pouch and potential for larger balls to fall out.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Comfortable fabric and waistband.  Forgot I was wearing them.
STYLE -- 8 (out of 10) - Depends on the color you buy.  Looks like a pair of fairly basic trunks until you turn around.  Great graphic waistband.
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Good materials, held up well.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Reasonable price for something so unique, but also a little spendy.

********** 8

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brief Boys Review Tu Felix Lederhosen Long Boxer Brief

Lederhosen Long Boxer Brief
Tu Felix
Avg. $39 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Lederhosen Long Boxer Brief from Tu Felix, which since 2008 has sought to “represent the pulse and tradition of Austria” with an eye toward contemporary culture.

Patton: These. Are. Cute.

Mitchell: Super cute. This is the first time I’ve ever wished that my underwear came with suspenders.

P: And a slice of schwarzwälder kirschtorte!

M: That’s German. Don’t you mean a sprig of edelweiss?

P: You ruin everything. Even The Sound of Music. But you get the idea.

M: Now I’m imagining Rolf wearing these lederhosen.

P: They’re seriously adorable. The little antlers on the waistband, the embroidery, and the dual access pouch in the front – you can’t not get all giggly.

M: I think the little pocket on the right leg is outstanding. Though it’s worth noting that this is only found on the longer version – the short boxer brief doesn’t have one.

P: They’re extremely comfortable, too. At least for several hours. Like all boxer briefs they start riding a little low on your thighs and need regular hoisting.

M: Really? I didn’t have any problems with that. I was pleasantly surprised by how much lift they have, actually.

P: I think that’s the pouch. I definitely felt at home in there, but not, you know, out on my own.

M: My only real complaint is the tag. I had them on for about ten minutes before I ran for the seam-ripper.

P: It’s unnecessarily scratchy, isn’t it? Like having a woodchip stuck in your waistband. The tag is definitely something our kleine Herren will want to cut out right away. The one thing that sort of bothered me – and that you can’t really fix – was that the back can make your butt look a little flat. But that’s not always the end of the world. Oh, and the pouch takes some getting used to – if you bend forward, anyone could peek right in. Keep an eye on that, I guess.

M: You mean both eyes?

P: The more the merrier.

M: Perhaps even the “eye toward contemporary culture?” Tu Felix has a large line of clothing – not only underwear – and they offer the Lederhosen Boxer Brief in a variety of colors (not just brown). Personally, I think they’ve succeeded in bringing Austrian traditions forward, yet still selling a wearable brief. If I ever get stripped searched at the airport in Vienna, this is what I plan to wear.

P: A planned strip search?

M: These will definitely make it into my regular rotation, is what I mean. I just wish there was a company making traditional Irish clothing this fun and sexy.

P: I don’t think kilt underwear would be all that functional. Or, you know, exist.

M: I’m not afraid to dream.

 FIT /  Good
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Excellent
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Good

 BOTTOM LINE /  A unique, fun style that’s surprisingly comfortable and functional – the best way to work lederhosen into your wardrobe.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Get Inside Mario Lopez's Briefs - A Review

I'm sure that all of us have thought at some point in our lives "I wish I were Mario Lopez" or "I wish I looked like Mario Lopez." (Please, someone tell me that it's not just me who's wished these things!) I always recognized his good looks growing up watching "Saved by the Bell," but it wasn't until I was in college and saw the "are you staring at my ass" episode of "Nip/Tuck" that I began to fully appreciate the beauty of Mario Lopez. All of this rambling leads me to today's review of Mario Lopez's Rated M brand, specifically the Rated M Elementary Brief in black.

These briefs are quite comfortable. They are made out of a cotton blend (it includes modal and spandex). This blend works together to provide not only comfort but a nice, airy feel. The fabric helps to wick away sweat that might accumulate throughout the day, which is an added bonus.

The fit of these briefs is quite nice. They are some of the most well-fitting briefs that I have worn. They fit snug but not tight. They are a very classic brief in that they are very full in the rear and the sides; they are not a "low rise" style brief. These are the type of brief that I could wear to do most any activity - from desk work to gym time. They stay put throughout the day, so there is no need to worry about them bunching up or chafing/discomfort from unexpected shifting. The leg holes, a major downfall in a lot of briefs, keep their elasticity over time. It's also very nice to know that fabric wasn't spared to lessen the quality of the briefs - there is just enough fabric to cover what they need to cover without there being too much fabric to result in bunching up. These briefs help me to feign the confidence to say, in Lopez's words, "are you staring at my ass?" (Now, I don't think I have that great of an ass, but hey, a fella can dream right?)

As far as style goes, they are nothing that hasn't been done before. They are very simple and straight-forward with the only distinguishing factors being the logo printed along the waistband along with the slogan "For manful men and their very special guests." On this particular pair, the briefs are black and the logo, etc. are white. The piping is also black, so it just blends in, giving the briefs a solitary color throughout. There is an interesting fly on the briefs, but it seems to be more for stylistic purpose than for practicality; it isn't enough of a fly for an average-sized guy to utilize, let alone those who are more well-endowed.

These briefs retail for around $16. They can be found at Freshpair. This price is not entirely unreasonable for a brief that fits so well and holds up so well.

Overall, I give the Rated M briefs a score of 8 out of 10 based on the following:

Comfort: 10 out of 10 - great fabric blend; doesn't bunch
Fit: 9 out of 10
Style: 7 out of 10 - nothing to make this brief stick out from others; awkward/pointless fly
Value: 9 out of 10 - great price, though not necessarily justified since they don't really distinguish from other pairs