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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

It's that time of year again; time to get everyone gifts.  I'm sure like me, you are all pressed for time. Well don't worry, we have an excellent holiday gift guide. So if you're looking to get that special man in your life some new underwear this holiday season, look no further. And hey, underwear is the gift that keeps on giving because you'll get to enjoy them on your man as well! 

Here's some of our favorite men's underwear options this holiday season:

KW: Strike Zone Briefs
Ken Wroy underwear is a new line hailing from New York. They just released some awesome new patterns that come in both brief and trunk designs. The fabrics they use are oh-so-comfy. And the fresh prints are sure to turn heads. 

MB: Hound Trunk
Male Basics is another great pick this holiday season. They have a great new geometric collection that plays off of traditional patterns (chevron, houndstooth, etc.) in bold new ways. There are a lot of styles to choose from.

Kiniki Berkeley Thong
Kiniki is not for the faint of heart. This sexy collection brings a lot of new prints updated for 2014. They specialize in skimpy, form-fitting cuts that are both body flattering and sexy. This brand makes some of my favorite thongs. 

M+R Woof brief
Marek + Richard has been a favorite of mine this past year. Their undies are just a lot of fun! The brand is very bold and playful. I especially love the Game Boyz and Woof collections. They have everything from modest styles that cover to bold styles that reveal. 

Mack Weldon brief
I recognize that some men are not as bold as I, and that's where Mack Weldon fits. They have awesome basics that are great for any man. I especially love their briefs; they fit well and keep me comfortable all day. They aren't my favorite in terms of appearance, but they are great basics. 

So there you have it! Hope this helps you in your search for new undies for your man this holiday season. Which ones will you be getting your man?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hot Vid: Hunky Guys Run Around in Petit Q Undies

Our friends Arthus and Nico (NSFW) over at Petit Q have done it again! They've recently come out with a new line of men's underwear that is skimpier than ever.  Watch sexy models Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Sean-Paul Lockhart (formerly Brent Corrigan), and Jose Parra party it up in their undies! Watch the video above (sort of NSFW). 

Do you like to rock out in skimpy undies? 

Monday, December 09, 2013

The Top Men's Undershirts for Winter 2013

It's getting to be that time of year again where we have to start layering to stay warm. An essential part of the layering process is your foundation layer. Now I'm not much of an undershirt guy, but when it gets to be cold out like it is now they are essential. Here are my top 3 picks for men's undershirts to keep you warm this winter.

1. RibbedTee
I've mentioned this fantastic brand before.  RibbedTee is by far my favorite undershirt out there that I've tried. In fact, this is the undershirt that convinced me I should wear undershirts again. I'll even wear these shirts in the summer when I'm dressing up. What does it for me is the fabric, the ribbed fabric hugs your body perfectly without being restricting. And the length is perfect for tucking in and not pulling out. My favorite is the classic v-neck in grey. And the cost is unbeatable; get a 2-pack for $20. 

2. Mack Weldon
My second pick is a newcomer on the scene this year. Mack Weldon makes great basics for men, check out the Brief Boy's review of their briefs. Mack Weldon undershirts are super soft while being super thin and form-fitting, unlike a lot of undershirts that tend to be bulky and uncomfortable under clothing. They're a great length for tucking-in and a great overall fit. They are high-quality and durable. However, at $32 a pop they are a bit expensive for daily wear. I like the v-neck in white. 

3. UnderFit
This is another brand that has recently come to my attention. UnderFit undershirts come in both crew and v-neck designs. Currently they are only available in classic white. They are very lightweight and form fitting. I like the sleeve length on these as they are a little shorter than some of the other shirts I've tried (for example, Mack Weldon). At $25 a shirt they are a little more affordable; however, I feel that the fabric is not as high quality as that of Mack Weldon. That being said, they are a great basic choice and will last you well. My only complaint quality-wise is that the printed on tag wore off after washing. This is not really a functional problem, but just an indication of quality. 

So there you have it, these are my favorite undershirts for winter. What are your thoughts on wearing undershirts? What are your favorites?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday Sales

Marek + Richard sale banner.
Many of the Black Friday sales we wrote about on Friday are still going on today. But there's a few ones of note to cash in on for Cyber Monday before the clock runs out. Here's some of our picks for Cyber Monday undies:

  • Marek Richard - 50% off sitewide! 
  • Male Basics - 25% off sitewide with coupon code MBBLACK.  
  • Pipe - 50% off with coupon code cyber50.  
  • Cocksox - 20-50% off new and selected items.  No code necessary.
  • FleshJack (NSFW) - 25% off sitewide.  Not underwear, but a good deal. 
  • Equmen - 35% off everything in stock. [site appears to be down]
  • Wyzman - 25% off plus free shipping! 
  • Topdrawers - 10% off everything with coupon code 'Black Friday'. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Sales Round-up

While today isn't the main shopping day for online shopping, there are still quite a few deals for men's underwear circulating. Here's some of our favorites.  We will keep you updated with sales on Cyber Monday as well.  Also, let us know if there's some good sales out there that we missed and we'll add them.  
Pacific Jock's Black Friday banner.

  • DealByEthan: Thanksgiving special.  Save 15% off sitewide now through December 2.  To get this deal enter coupon code THANKSGIVING15 at checkout.  Also for MUB readers get 20% off sitewide with coupon code MUB20.   
  • Marek + Richard: Bitchin' Black Friday Blow Out!  Now through Cyber Monday get 50% off your entire purchase with coupon code FIFTYOFF!
  • Andrew Christian: 25% off with coupon code "25HOLIDAY13".  Now through December 2. 
  • Pacific Jock: Biggest Sale of the Year! 30-55% off everything.  Plus free worldwide shipping on orders of $100 or more.  Discount automatically applied at checkout.  
  • HOHOWEAR: Known for their sexy underear, HoHoWear is having a huge sale.  Up to 70% off plus free shipping! 
  • Jockstrap Central: 20% off sitewide for 48 hours starting today through noon on Saturday. Prices marked accordingly, no coupon codes necessary.  
  • 2eros: Christmas sale!  Save 25% off from now until December 9 with coupon code "festive25". Plus be sure to check out their newest styles from the NEO collection!
2eros promo banner. 
  • Love and Pride: Not actually underwear, but lots of good gift items. 24H sale! 30% OFF on every items in the site just on Black Friday! Use code BLACKFRIDAY
  • Bare Necessities: 25% off almost everything! Today only.  Use coupon code "THANKS25". 
  • Frank Dandy: Offering 20% off from now until December 8 with coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY". 
  • Topdrawers: Weekend long sale through Monday. 10% off everything. Free shipping on orders of $75+. And get a free Mckillop jock with the purchase of any Mckillop brand item.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fashion Jocks On Sale!

Just in time for the holidays, our friends at are having a sale on fashion jockstraps. From now until Thanksgiving save 10-20% off select fashion jockstraps.  Check out the sale here.  They have lots of great brands to choose from including Timoteo, CellBlock 13, Clever, PPU, Joe Snyder, and many more!

Be sure to check out, they are an awesome resource for all things jockstraps.  They have a great section on the history (with photos!) as well as a lot of great trendy jocks for sale!  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Models Drop Trou with "Jingle Balls" for Kmart

In an effort to be relevant this holiday season, Kmart just released a new holiday ad in which male models drop trou to reveal their Joe Boxer boxers.  They then proceed to do a rendition of "Jingle Bells" using their balls as bells (in the style of a bell chorus).  How clever. The ad is a little cheesy at best, and the models sadly keep their shirts on.  So all you get to see is a lot of leg, and models awkwardly swinging their hips. Too bad they aren't wearing briefs, or at least some variety of styles. Seriously, I don't think boxers are nearly as ubiquitous anymore as this ad would have you think.

What are your thoughts on this attempt at a sexy holiday ad from Kmart?  Hot or not? 

Monday, November 04, 2013

Get Ready for Winter with a Union Suit!

Jockstrap Central has just announced that they have some new union suits from Nasty Pig in stock! While it's not quite cold enough yet for these sexy things, winter will come upon us before you know it. So go stock up now while they're still available!  My favorite part of these suits is that they unbutton all the way down the front, through the crotch and up to the back.  So you can unbutton (and access) various parts without taking the whole thing off!

And seriously boys, these things are sexy are they not?  I'm not usually one for union suits to be honest, but I just want to wear these ones every day this winter!  These union suits are modernized with a tight, sexy fit.  Part of it too is probably these sexy photos from Jockstrap Central featuring hot model Adam Stray. There are some uber sexy (and revealing) pics from this shoot.  Click on the images for the uncensored version! This sexy suit comes in red and black and retails for $109.00 on Jockstrap Central. Though it is rather expensive, I bet you'll get a lot of wear (and fun) out of them.

Click for uncensored version (NSFW)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mckillop YUCA Brief Review

A couple months back we introduced you to the new YUCA collection from Mckillop. Today I'd like to offer my review of the YUCA hosta brief. I haven't had much opportunity to sample Mckillop underwear before this, but I have to say they treat their craft with pride.  Every pair is custom made to order and is truly a work of art. This is a great system because it means they'll basically never run out of your size; if you want it they'll make it. And moreover, it didn't take that much longer for them to arrive (considering they're made to order and all).

My first impression of these undies is that they're amazingly soft. In fact, that's the reason I chose to put them on for the day; the fabric is just so soft and smooth to the touch. Excuse me a second while I touch myself... mmmmm. Where was I? Ah yes, the fabric. The fabric is awesome. Just generally these are some damn comfy undies.

How do they fit? Again really no complaints in that department. As for how they fit, they're an interesting cross between a full brief and a skimpy brief. You may wonder what I mean by that, let me explain. The back and sides are what I'd classify as more of a full brief; it's large, full-coverage. Your typical brief. But the front actually takes a turn towards the more skimpy. It's not super skimpy by any means, but there's much less coverage compared to the silhouette of the rest of the brief. I like this contrast. Also the pouch is constructed in such a manner as to give you shape and lift. My package looks HUGE in these things. It's not obnoxious or fake looking, but it definitely has an enhancing effect. The key here is the briefs are form fitting along the perineum allowing the pouch to perfectly cup and lift your balls forward along with the rest of your goods. Again it doesn't feel or look fake, it's a perfect design. The legbands are much thicker than your average bands. I don't mind this actually. They are, however, not super tight. Again this is not really a problem. They're not so loose that your junk is falling out, but they stay away from being so tight that they make you muffin top around your legs (if you've experienced this you know what I'm talking about).

Style wise these briefs are on point. The body of the brief is basic black everywhere (or white if you go with that version) with a simple black waistband. There is a simple logo on the waistband centered in the front. But there is also an element of fun to them: the pouch. The pouch has a floral mesh overlay (it is an overlay, so the pouch is NOT sheer) with contrast stitching. It does bring emphasis to the pouch without being vulgar. In a few words they are simple, classy, and understated. A perfect combo. What about value? Well yes these undies are custom made to order by hand, so don't expect them to be dirt cheap. But the quality here is much better than much of the competition. You can tell these are made with love and by people who pride themselves in their work. Every last detail is perfectly done. So with that in mind, I think $40 CAD (around $38 USD) is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for these undies. This collection is limited edition, so go get them while they last!

Overall, I give the Mckillop YUCA briefs a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Great fit.  Nice cross between skimpy and full cut brief. Loose legbands. Enhancing pouch.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Amazingly comfy fabric.
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10) - Basic with some style.  Simple, classy, and understated.
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Handmade to order. Great attention to detail.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - A little pricey, but worth it if you can afford it.
 ********** 9

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

International Jock's Annual Halloween Giveaway

As always, International Jock is doing their Halloween giveaway. This year marks the 12th year of doing it. Basically for every order you place between now and Halloween, they'll give you a treat in your package (while supplies last).  Basically the "treat" is a range of anything under the sun (at least things they deal in), think of it as a grab bag of sorts.  They have t-shirts, undies (of all styles), swimwear, and more up for grabs.  But all you get to choose is the size. There’s no minimum order size and no limit to how many times you can order; you’ll receive a surprise gift every time. While the thrills of the giveaway are freakishly real, the only trick is this: like a ghost in a haunted house, the supplies might disappear at any moment, so you’ll need to act fast!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Save 30% at Big Boys!

To celebrate the month of October, Big Boys is offering a 30% discount on all £35.  All you have to do is use coupon code "OKTOBERFEST".  While it last for a limited time, I am assured that this deal will last through the end of the month.  So go check it out!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fruit Of The Loom Gets Social!

According to advertising blog PSFK, underwear giant Fruit of the Loom is launching a new social media campaign.  The campaign is hyper interactive and looks to refresh the perception of the brand by getting in your pants again.  

Fruit of the Loom is teaming up with social media site LinkedIn to give new undies to people who recently started a new job according to their profile.  The promotion is dubbed "Fresh Gigs" and is part of their "Start Happy" campaign.  The idea is that with a fresh new job, people can use fresh new clothes (especially underwear) to go with it.  PSFK reports eligible LinkedIn members will receive a message and have the option to choose their size and favorite style.  The free undies will then arrive after a couple weeks with a coupon to go and get more FTL undies.  The New York Times reports that the campaign will be offered to 5,000 LinkedIn users a week for five weeks.  And of course they are encouraging people to get super social with their new undies by tweeting using the hashtag #StartHappy.

I just switched up my day job recently, so I'm hoping I'll be offered a pair.  Let us know if you do receive an offer from Fruit of the Loom, we'd love to learn more about it!

Sound off:
What are your thoughts on this campaign?  Would you share your underwear choices on social media? Does this campaign change your perception of Fruit of the Loom?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Discussing Skimpy Undies with Davey Wavey

Today YouTube celebrity Davey Wavey discusses undies. Specifically the difference between thongs and jockstraps and his personal preferences.  The video features Davey and his guest Stuart, an underwear model at Dead Good Undies.  Stuart prefers thongs while Davey prefers a jock.  So they decide to switch it up and go for a day on the town in the other one's "pants".  Check out their reasons for their preferences and their findings in this fun video above.  Also there's just some really fun, sexy undies featured in the video.

Disclaimer: no one gets nearly naked or sexy enough.  But the video is still fun! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

For Sale: Walt's Briefs from Breaking Bad

With the Emmy's last night, many are lamenting the hit TV series "Breaking Bad" is finally coming to a close.  Well it doesn't have to end for you.  Auction website ScreenBid will be selling several items from the series, including Walt's underpants.  The bidding will start at $250, but you can bet they'll go for a whole lot more.  

Underwear shows up a lot on screen.  We'd like to know what famous underpants (from TV or movies) you would like to own. Share your thoughts below.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brief Boys Review Good Devil Ballz-Out Boxer Briefs

Avg. $24.50

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Ballz-Out Boxer Brief, by Good Devil – “for those who dare.”

Patton: I couldn’t wear them, but I don’t knock ‘em for trying.

Mitchell: I was surprised that I could wear them. The overall concept seems a little outlandish, but a whole day of wearing them isn’t as distracting as you’d think. And for what they are they’re well made.

P: I get the idea, and I can see how they’d work. They’re just not for me. For what they are, though, they do seem to work. Your balls fit pretty well through the opening and, well, there they are. They’re out! Good for a hot day I guess.

M: Totally. I usually wear thinner or lighter briefs with tight pants or shorts, so these are a good candidate for that. Having your balls out does open up more opportunities for pinching, though, or snagging on things you don’t want to snag. But it’s a nice alternative to full commando – the “free” feeling of being out there but without having them stick to your leg.

P: Can’t really argue with that. What I found most uncomfortable was the penis “pocket” – a little constrictive, and maybe a better fit for grow-ers than show-ers.

M: Yeah, it’s a tight fit. Most often it ends up off to the side. The other downside to the overall fit is in the back – they don’t seem like they’re quite high enough, and I found myself constantly tugging them back up. The tag is also a bit oversized and tends to stick up.

P: I suppose one good market for these is guys concerned with their sperm count who still want to wear briefs. All the support of a brief, only your “swimmie” factory gets to stay cool and productive.

M: Perhaps that’s why the two of us are having so much trouble conceiving.

P: I doubt it’s the only reason, but we can look into it. Overall, even though these aren’t for everyone, they go beyond the gimmick. These actually could find their way into a man’s regular rotation.

M: Agreed. You might want to think twice on gym days, though.

P: Or if you’re wearing super short-shorts.

M: Yikes.

 FIT /  Good
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Good
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Average

 BOTTOM LINE /  Not for everyone, but great for guys looking for something sexy, fun, and functional.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Choosing Male Models for NYFW

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, what better thing to talk about than choosing male models for the runway?  Especially the underwear and swimwear models.  Check out this fun video from renowned swimwear designers Parke & Ronen on how they choose their models for the runway.  Lots of eye candy!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Brief Boys Review Mack Weldon Brief

Mack Weldon Brief
Avg. $19.50 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Mack Weldon Brief, a pair of “smart underwear for smart guys.”

Mitchell: After I figured out how to get these on, I didn’t want to take them off.

Patton: There is that first step, though – they are kind of baffling when you first look at them. The trick is finding the little tab with the Weldon logo, right next to the fly. The W faces out. Otherwise, it’s really easy to put these on inside-out. I’ve worn them to the gym a couple times and feel a little sheepish, standing there trying to decipher my underwear.

M: I don’t think anybody minds.

P: I do.

M: Well, nobody else. But seriously, there’s really no other way you can go wrong with this brief. They’re one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve worn in years, and are very stylish. Mack Weldon pride themselves on their “fusion between old-school quality and modern day technology,” and they have every right.

P: Definitely. The fabric is a jersey made from cotton, Modal, and Lycra – an antimicrobial blend that’s incredibly soft and manages moisture extremely well. I normally wear them around the house, at the office, whatever, but I also wore them hiking once, and they’re not a bad substitute for higher-performing athletic briefs.

M: I agree. Also – you know I have a waistband thing – I’ve never encountered such a comfortable, nonintrusive waistband. Just the right amount of stretch without any of the usual scratchiness. The sizing label is printed on the fabric itself, on the outside. My only concern is that, over time, the waistband could warp and/or lose its elasticity.

P: I don’t know… they seem like they’re pretty well engineered. But only time will tell, I guess.

M: I’m not arguing that at all – these are very well made. I just, you know, wonder. Can a pair of underwear be perfect?

P: No pair is perfect, but these are pretty close. Mack Weldon put a lot of love into these briefs. They’re meticulously designed, extremely well-made, and – you can tell – will fit almost any guy. They even have a dart at the base of the crotch which gives a little more of a pouch shape than conventional fry-front briefs.

M: I did wonder what they’d come up with if they tried to make a brief with an actual structured pouch. With all the skill and energy that went into this pair, they might actually create the perfect pair of men’s briefs.

P: Only if they added a “this side out” label right across the butt, just to prevent confusion.

M: Until someone else wonders what “this side out” means…

P: All they have to do is ask.

 FIT /  Excellent
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Excellent
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Excellent

 BOTTOM LINE /  Superbly crafted with attention to detail you only get from master clothiers.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

New YUCA Collection from Mckillop

Today I'd like to introduce you to a sizzling new collection from our friends over at Mckillop.  Just in time for summer, Mckillop has launched a new floral-inspired collection entitled YUCA.  

This new collection was inspired by the Mayan environment.  With bright colors and bold floral prints, this new collection will be sure to set you apart from the crowd.  After testing the collection with their MUSE program, they decided to make them available to everyone!

As always, each pair is handcrafted and can be custom made into any fit you like.  There are 8 designs available, but if you want something different go ahead and email them.  The YUCA collection is available for a limited time.  So check them out now.  And be sure to check out this page with some behind-the-scenes making of photos, it's quite cool.  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rounderwear Jam Beat Trunks Reviewed

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new brand with a little review. Rounderwear is a brand that has recently come to my attention. They have A LOT to offer in the way of underwear for men.  Just a brief perusal of their website reveals this. They have everything from boxers, to briefs, to jocks, to thongs and everything in between. They have a number of different collections to offer as well. There's the classic Rounderbum collection as well as the Jam collection (which has several collections within it). They also make underwear for Joe's Jeans and Seven7 Jeans.  Today I'm going to review the Jam Beat trunks.

The fit of these trunks is perfect.  It's exactly what you would expect from a trunk.  It's close-fitting and hugs the body but not too close.  The leg length is good.  It isn't too long but isn't so short that it's confused for a brief.  They fit very well through the crotch so that they not only don't ride up, there really isn't even any possibility for them to do so.  As far as comfort goes, these are great for all day wear.  The fabric is lightweight enough that they are great for summer wear despite being trunks, but they don't feel flimsy either. The fabric isn't super stretchy like lots of underwear, but it's just stretchy enough. This helps them maintain their shape and stay fitted to the body. The waistband is also super thin and sits nice and flush up against the body.  The contour pouch isn't too tight, but somehow manages to make my package look quite huge (if I do say so myself).  

These really are a great looking pair of underwear.  While there isn't a lot going on, they're still incredibly stylish.  This is partially due to the super stylish, metallic waistband with funky print pattern. But believe it or not, just having an excellent fitting pair of underwear makes them look that much better.  It really helps these to stand out from the crowd.  Not only are they fresh and colorful looking, they also just look great because they fit great. 

At $25 a pop that's a pretty typical price tag for designer undies these days.  And for something that looks and fits so damn well it's a good deal.  They also are good quality.  I honestly want them in every color they make and more!  Seriously that's my only complaint, that I don't have more and that they don't make more colors!

Overall, I give the Jam Beat trunks a total score of 8 based on the following criteria: 
FIT -- 10 (out of 10) - Superb fit adds to the overall look and style.
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Great lightweight fabric, perfect for summer wear or really any time. Wish the pouch was more supportive.
STYLE -- 8 (out of 10) - Very stylish waistband.  Wish they had more color options
QUALITY -- 8 (out of 10) - High quality.  A little bit of fading on the pouch elastic.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Average price.  Worth it.
********** 8

Monday, July 29, 2013

SLY and Sexy - Eye Candy

Today's eye candy was sent to us by photographer Adrian C. Martin.  Doesn't his model Cristian Perez look sexy in these SLY undies?  YUM!  (Click photos to enlarge)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Sale at UnderBriefs

UnderBriefs is having a summer sale. They need to make room for new products so now through August 4 is your chance to save up to 50% on selected styles of men's underwear and swimwear! UnderBriefs offers free shipping on US orders.  They have lots of great stuff on sale, including undies and swimwear from Todd and Terry, Timoteo, Cocksox, Gregg, Justus Boyz, Clever, and more!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sauvage Retro Swimwear at International Jock

It's that time of year again.  The time to bust out the skimpy undies and sexy swimwear.  If you're like me, you like to get some new swimwear for the season to stay on top of the freshest cuts and colors.  I don't even really swim that much, but I like to strut my stuff in style at the beach or poolside.

Sauvage has launched a hot new line of swimwear for summer 2013, and it's available now at International Jock. The collection features longer shorts and shorter trunks in a range of tightness. So whatever you like, they have something to suit your style. The "in" trend for men's swimwear this summer is the fitted (but not skin-tight) swim trunk. Sauvage has a number of great options for this. I like the St. Tropex striped trunk and the St. Tropex checked trunk personally. 

From paisley prints and plaids to solid colors and tribal designs, this new Sauvage Swimwear collection brings cool vintage style to men’s summer fashion. Made in San Diego, CA, the brand features premium quality swimsuits, including styles made with luxurious imported Italian fabric for an unrivaled look and feel. 

Modeling the Sauvage collection is International Jock’s newest model, George Johnson of LA Models. George has been modeling for five months and exudes sex appeal and the natural talent of a seasoned pro. He began modeling with a trip to Hong Kong for Abercrombie and Fitch. Prior to that, he attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo where he studied kinesiology and was a receiver on the football team.