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Monday, February 06, 2017

Alternative to BIKE Jockstraps

As you may be aware, back in June BIKE announced that they will no longer be producing their iconic jockstraps. In fact, they will no longer be producing any BIKE brand gear.

So what's a classic jockstrap loving guy to do? Enter GYM jockstrap brand. Our friends at did a lot of research when they heard about the disappearance of BIKE, and they came across the manufacturer for BIKE. They made a few tweaks to the product, introduced some new colors, and GYM brand was born. 

Currently the GYM brand is available in 3 different products including the 1” GYM Swim/Run Jockstrap, 2” Workout Jockstrap and 3” Old School Jockstrap. The 1” is available in White, Black and Royal Blue. The 2” jockstrap is available in White, Black, Royal and Grey. The 3” version is a remake of the Bike Vintage Throwback Edition but now comes in White, Black and Heather Grey. Sizes run from small all the way up to 3XL. Available at