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Friday, April 29, 2005

Gap briefs

Ok so they're not exactly men's underwear but these are really cool. These are boys gap briefs. I saw these and thought that flames were just so cool. They make much cooler briefs for boys then they do for men. If men's briefs were as colorful and patterned as boys briefs then they wouldn't be labeled as so boring. Although they are boys and are a bit small who cares? The tight feel on one's package feels great and looks hot and gives great support. The waist is boys xxs-xxl which is about waist sizes 19"-32.5". That's not too small. It would just be snug and fitting. But no one will be able to tell because the waistband and seams are just the same as the adult versions (just the adult version don't have the cool designs). I just thought that these briefs were really cool looking and really hot (no pun intended). They come in 3 packs from GAP and are usually $12.50 for the three pack, currently they are on sale for $7.99 for the three (both prices are a great value, you can barely even get one men's brief for that price!). I suggest that if you like cool character, cartoon, colorful, or graphic briefs that you try out boys briefs. True they are pretty tight but they look great.

Today's Poll:
Would or do you wear boys underwear?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Baskit Boxer-Briefs

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time. Well here's an interesting developement in men's underwear. It comes from Baskit. These are Bakit boxer briefs made from 100% cotton. They have a mesh contour pouch, and a wide microfiber, elastic waistband with the words /baskit/ written on it. I really think that the contour pouch is really cool and is very unique to Baskit. Here is one of the coolest parts of this boxer brief. They have a built-in condom pouch inside so you'll always have protection with you no matter where you are. I think that that's pretty cool and handy. They are a little pricey though. At Bare Necessities they can be bought for $18.00.

Today's Poll:
Do you think that a condom pouch in underwear would be a really cool thing to have and very handy or do you just think that it's kinda gross?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Thongs are becoming a huge trend in men's underwear. They aren't just for girls or strippers anymore. They can be, and are, worn by many guys as just regular day underwear. These thongs are made and designed for and with guys in mind, so they have a pouch on the front to give room to allow for the package. Thongs are basically just a waistband with a pouch attached on the front and a string that goes in the butt-crack on the back. They can come in a variety of styles, fabrics, designs, and sizes. Of course thongs aren't for all body types because they are very revealing and very small, you have to be fairly fit to look good in them. These particular thongs are made by Intimo. They have an Angel on the front with a red background. I believe they are meant for the holidays but really they can be worn any time for a bit of comic-relief. Who says that men can't have fun? But get this deal. Thongs are normally quite expensive, these are no exception. They are normally 12 bucks. But for some reason they are on clearance (probably out of season) so they only cost $5 at!!!! That's an amazing deal so if you want one you better hurry up and get one quick.

Today's Poll:
Have you, would you, and where would you wear a thong (guys only)?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gap boxer-brief trunks

These are an interesting developement. They are really cool looking and have very stylish stripes. They are both the same in terms of style and fit. But the colors and cost are different. In terms of similarity they are both a trunk style boxer-brief that are fairly low rise and come up to around mid-calf. They have no fly which allows for a nice streamlined look. But it does have a pouch front to allow for the well-endowed. Also they both have a GAP logo waistband. One thing that I think is pretty cool is that these are one of the few brands of men's underwear out there that I've found that comes in sizes xs-xxl. That's a huge range. That basically means that it will fit waist sizes 26-45 or something close to that. The first picture shows the brand new style that just came out and costs $12.50 at Gap. It also comes in goldfish orange and grey (pictured is royal blue and grey). The second square-cut boxer-brief is currently sold-out at I don't know if they have it in stores or not but I hope they do because I would like to purchase a pair. This is $6.99 at gap (when in stock of course) and is shown in aloe green, but also comes in bluestone.

Daily Poll:
Do you like fly fronts or pouch fronts better? Why?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

FINALly done.

Ok so I am so sorry that I have blogged in awhile. As you may know I just finished up finals and then I got preoccupied with major speech tournaments. Anyways all that had me wearing my lucky underwear for quite a few days in a row (yellow plaid boxers with a black waistband.). But I am now available to blog. I am amazed at how many visitors I have gotten in such a short time to this blog. I am proud to announce that the counter has now gotten to about 450 in just a week and that this site is now part of all major searchengines, and some not so major search engines. But I guess you probably don't care because this blog is not about searchengines. It's about underwear. So I'm going to tell you about underwear. I am just going to share some of my recent underwear experiences with you. And then I will start blogging about certain kinds of undies in the next post. Anywho the other night I was dancing, long story. But long story short the dance involved a lot of jumping up and down. Anywho I was wearing boxers (bad plan) and by the end of it I ended up with them up to my navel and giving me a huge wedgie. So just some advice. DON'T wear boxers while dancing. Another thing that I find interesting is how absolutely no one at my school seems to wear adequete support or protection while doing athletic endeavors. All they seem to wear is boxer shorts. The most I've ever seen is compression shorts. I mean seriously haven't these guys ever heard of jockstraps? Maybe they should come here to find out about them ;) Seriously thought they probably won't learn until they get really hurt. Plus it's not very nice to have it bouncing around while you're running. Oh well. But I was wondering what you've noticed at your school or in lockerrooms you've been in. So that leads to the poll of the day.

Poll of the day:
What do you notice most guys wearing, in terms of underwear, in lockerrooms you've been in?