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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get in an Actor's Pants!

Independent American film actor Paul Cram is giving away his pants. In order to win his undies you'll have to answer a few short trivia questions about his movies. His current Flickr contest is over, but there will be another one, I'm told in a couple weeks, so get yourself up to date on his movies so you can be ready to win some of his next batch of undies. In the meantime, you can check out past giveaways by checking out his Flickr photo set. Also, you can still enter to win his undies by filling out this short quiz on his website.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Contest Extended!

The Ginch Gonch contest entry period is now extended until Friday February 26, 2010 at 12:00 midnight (EST). So be sure to get your entries in and you could win a few pairs!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Soon: I LOVE London + Exclusive Giveaway

Today we give you an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming styles of Ginch Gonch's I Love collection. The next styles are called I Love London and feature London iconography printed all over. I am excited about this new collection as with it they are bringing back some of the old spirit of Ginch Gonch with more obvious double entendres such as Big Ben splashed across the pouch area. They are also introducing the boxer short fit with this collection - so we'll see how that works out for them. The collection also features the new re-worked waistband, this time with a plaid print, which I think is a really fun addition.

As a special for Men's Underwear Blog readers, Ginch Gonch will be giving away three pairs of this new collection to one lucky reader (a trunk style, a brief style, and a long john). In order to win, all you have to do is send an email to with a reason why you love London and you'll be entered to win. It's that simple. The subject line of your email must be "I Love London". If your email does not include this subject line your entry may not be counted. Entry period is from now until Sunday February 21, 2010 Friday February 26, 2010 at 12 (midnight) EST. Like always, you can send us more information, creativity can help you win! Here's some more details:
-1 entry per day
-Entry times will be calculated off of EST.
-The entry period 2/16/10 - 2/21/10. extended to 2/26/10
-Decisions of the judges are final and are subjective.
-Your entries will become the property of MUB and Ginch Gonch and may be posted on this site even if they do not win.
-There will be one winner
-MUB and Ginch Gonch reserves the right to change the rules as needed.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

James Tudor - A Review

James Tudor underwear puts the "sex" in "sexy". This stuff is hot and I mean it! The line is simple and clean and puts a lot of emphasis on your package with what I like to call easy-access flies. These range from fall-front button flies, to lace-up and magnetic ones, and everything in between. The collection comes in bold, solid colors with contrasting waistbands, legbands and accent stitching. For the purpose of this review I tried out the fall-front boxer in black.

Although they are called boxers, they fit more like trunks. The bottom of the legs hits just below the pouch. They fit like a glove and stay in place all day. They are super soft and comfy and I never get sick of wearing them. The trunks fit especially snugly along the perineum and pouch to make for a super sexy, fitted look.

Speaking of sexy, these undies really are all about the style. They first capture your attention with a bold logo waistband with the company name James Tudor in bold, centered lettering. They are called fall-front boxers for a reason. They have two rows of three functional buttons on either side of the pouch which can be undone to allow the pouch to fall open. Think bum-flap on old unionsuits, only a lot sexier. Underneath is a hole, much like those found in underwear with a built-in c-ring. The only difference is you are only meant to put your junk through this hole when you want to use it, not all the time. Although functional, the fall front is far from practical. It's a lot easier to just go over the top. The thing about the fall front is it can be really fun and sexy for more intimate uses (trust me, it has been used for such purposes every single time I've worn these undies). And that's how these undies put the "sex" in "sexy".

The attention to detail on these is superb. The buttons on the pouch are branded with the James Tudor logo. Even the contrast piping on the pouch continues below when you let it fall. There is contrast piping on the back to help accentuate your rear features.

These undies are where it's at for the guy who has style. But they will set you back about $36 USD a pair. Are they worth it? If you have the money, I'd definitely recommend them. They are a fun way to spice things up and they will keep you looking stylish and sexy as well as comfy.

Overall, I give the James Tudor Fall-Front Boxer a total score of 8.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Fit's like a glove. Very snug.
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Good all-day comfort
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10) - They but the "sex" in "sexy"
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Hold up well after repeated washings
VALUE -- 6 (out of 10) - Quite expensive for something so basic, but they are very sexy.

********** 8.5

New Collection: I LOVE - by Ginch Gonch

Ginch Gonch has done it again! The new Ginch Gonch collection is called the I Love collection and will include 12 different things that we all love. They will be launching a new style every month. First up is the I Love Boys and I Love Girls styles (whichever you prefer). The new collection includes a fun, new re-worked logo waistband that is super soft and comfy. The next style in the collection will be launching soon, stay tuned for a very special sneak peek and a chance to be the first to get your hands on the new Ginch.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Brand/Arrival: Bum Gear

Bum Gear is a relatively new brand of underwear. Their styles embody traditional masculine aesthetic with a touch of the unexpected. They have a number of different collections, but their most prominent is the mesh line (shown). The mesh line encompasses the traditional bold, masculine waistbands and detailing that are typical of men's underwear, but adds an element of surprise with the bold, transparent fabric choices. Sheer underwear is not new in the men's underwear world, but this is the first time I've seen sheer fabrics combined with traditional masculine detailing, making for a very sexy, masculine look. The line comes in boxerbriefs, jockstraps, briefs, and thongs in an array of colors. There is no online store on the Bum Gear website, but they have recently arrived at ABoyStore where they retail for $24-$28 USD.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Day to Enter!

Today is the last day to enter the Baskit contest. So send your photos of you in your underwear in ASAP if you haven't already. And remember, if you've already entered you can still enter again (once per day). You have until midnight EST to enter. Here's all the details, good luck!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Bjorn Borg - A Review

Today I'm going to review some Bjorn Borg briefs. Bjorn Borg was a Swedish tennis legend, now after retirement he has focused his attentions on creating a fashion line in which underwear plays a prominent role.

I was sent a pair of his fun stretch briefs in opaline green. These briefs are what I would call basics with some flare. They have modest full coverage but they come in lots of fun colors. These are the kind of briefs that you can wear to the locker room and not feel completely exposed in, but you'll still feel stylish and fashion forward. They fit snugly but still allow for freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day.

One of my favorite parts of these briefs is the attention to detail. The leg holes do not have elastic bands around the edge as many briefs do, but instead have a special stitch to ensure that the legs stay in place and prevent gaping. The briefs are sewn with a five-panel construction with one large panel across the butt, one panel on each side extending to the pouch, and a two-panel pouch design. All the panels are sewn together with a flat stitch in the same color as the fabric to create a smooth appearance and smooth, comfortable feel. Like I mentioned earlier, these are modest briefs and the pouch reflects that. It does not draw attention to your crotch, but it allows enough room so that you fit comfortably.

I find myself using the term 'comfortable' a lot in this review, and these briefs really are all about comfort. They are perfect for sports or everyday wear. They provide the support you need to get through the day and they give you enough coverage so that you stay comfortable and they remain in their proper place all day.

Now the seal on the deal is that these briefs are not just comfortable but they are also stylish. They come in a broad array of bright, fun colors with bold, fun waistbands. The particular pair that I tried was lime (or opaline) green with a black and red logo waistband. But they also come in stunning blue with a green waistband and more neutral colors like black with rainbow waistbands. These are currently on sale at the Bjorn Borg site for $9.99 (USD), although the color I have is no longer available from their site (you can get it at Freshpair, however for $18 USD).

These briefs are the perfect thing to wear when you know you are going to be someplace where your underwear will be seen and you still need to look respectable (like a locker room). They will keep you covered, but still let everyone know that you have style. And for $10 a pair, you really can't beat it.

Overall, I give the Bjorn Borg briefs a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 8 (out of 10) - Very modest, full-coverage. Snug, but not too snug.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Very comfortable, perfect to wear all day.
STYLE -- 7.5 (out of 10) - Basic, but stylish.
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - Very well made, great attention to detail.
VALUE -- 10 (out of 10) - Seriously, where else can you get such quality briefs for $10?

********** 9

Friday, February 05, 2010

X Marks the Hot--A Review

Calvin, you’re back. And you look better than ever.

Since the 1990’s, Calvin Klein has been the trail blazer for men’s underwear as fashion statements. Every innovation in men’s underwear has Calvin Klein’s fingerprints all over it: from boxer briefs, to over-sized signature waistbands, to the incorporation of metallics. Calvin Klein is a monolithic force in underwear, catering to every taste and preference from loose cotton boxers to slinky cotton/lycra thongs

As the brand innovates, it also retools, reinventing older lines, like my beloved “Body” line or the “Pro Stretch” line (think red waistband). At first glance, I thought that the “X Cotton” line of basics I was taking out for a test drive today would be a retake of the CK XT line, which I have to admit I was not a huge fan of.

So, as I took them out of the box, I was bracing myself for what I would pull out. The first thing I realized that they were made of a MUCH softer material than the XT line. They were also lighter and felt much more like a natural fabric than the garments of the XT line did. Only then did I realize that maybe I needed to switch paradigms because I was in for a whole new experience with the CK X Cotton trunk I had in my hot little hands.

The garment is fabricated primarily from cotton (55%), but is also contains modal and elasthene in almost equal proportion (45%). The result is a very stretchy garment that provides the contour hugging properties of synthetics but with the breathability of a natural fabric. In one word: HOTNESS.

Almost as alluring as the fabric, is the design aesthetic of the garment itself. More than anything else, I really like the nod to modernity and masculinity that the garment makes. The signature on the 1 ¼” black waistband is written in a dark, aqua-like color (CK calls it “tempest”) all the way around in chunky block sans serif letters. It’s a nice departure from the usual way CK incorporates its wordmark into the waistband of its undergarments. Available in black, white, and tempest (all colors feature the black waistband with tempest writing), the CK X Cotton is a bold new addition to CK’s repertoire. It also comes in hip brief, micro brief, and boxerbrief styles.

When I received the garment from Bare Necessities, I literally tore the package open to retrieve its contents. After closing the door to my office (I love underwear, but not enough to be cited for flashing my colleagues) I slipped the trunks on and wore them for the rest of the day. I’m happy to report that though I’m a briefs kind of guy, the trunks were super comfortable. They fit true to size for a North American medium (waist sizes 32-33-34). Though, they are stretchy enough that I’m sure that you could size down if you wanted an even closer fit. I’ve got pretty trained thighs, which is why I prefer briefs, but the legs of the trunks stretched without being restrictive. Same goes for the super soft jacquard waistband.

My only small criticism is the logo element attached to the front of the waistband. It felt like an afterthought and design-wise, seems a little discordant from the rest of the waistband. Other than that, I’m a very, very, happy boy with my CK X Cotton trunks.

The CK X Cotton line is brand new, you're reading about it here first! You can get it now at Bare Necessities.

Overall, I grant a score of 8.4 to the CK X Cotton Trunk based on the following criteria:
COOL FACTOR -- 9 (out of 10) – It’s the newest and hottest thing from CK
WEARABILITY -- 10 (out of 10) – I could easily wear these all day (and all night)
QUALITY -- 8 (out of 10) – No loose threads, clean stitching, quality manufacturing
HOTNESS -- 9 (out of 10) – You’ll be an undy rockstar when you sport these, they’re masculine and chic all in one garment
VALUE -- 6 (out of 10) – They’re Calvin’s latest, so you’ll have to pay premium price from them ($26 USD a pair).

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Exclusive Contest: Show Us Yours, We'll Give You Ours

EDIT 2/11/10: The contest is now closed. Winners will be announced soon!
Hey guys, here's the contest you've all been waiting for. For one week /baskit/ will be giving away one pair of underwear a day to one lucky MUB reader. In order to win you must send us a photo of you in your favorite pair. Our favorite photo from each day will get the pair. It's as simple as that, you show us yours and we'll give you ours! You may enter once each day of the contest period, but you must submit a different photo. And that's not all, one lucky guy from the winners will also be drawn as the grand prize winner to receive a $50 gift certificate to So come on guys, send your photos to underwearblog - at - with the subject line 'I want baskit' (you must enter this subject line otherwise our system will not recognize your email as an entry).

It's pretty simple, so what are you waiting for? There's just a couple rules to keep in mind:
-No exposed bits (we have to post these on the site)
-1 entry per day, solo shots only
-the photo can be of any brand of underwear, not just /baskit/
-enter only your own photos, not your friends or net shots (if we doubt it's you we may ask for verification)
-Entry times will be calculated off of EST.
-The entry period 2/3/10 - 2/10/10.
-Decisions of the judges are final and are subjective.
-Your entries will become the property of MUB and /baskit/ and may be posted on this site even if they do not win.
-There will be seven winners.
-MUB and /baskit/ reserves the right to change the rules as needed.

* Note, entries made today (2/3/10) will be judged in the pool with entries made on 2/4/10 and you may not enter twice over the two days.