International Jock

Friday, January 27, 2006

Big Headed!

Big Headed is a new brand of underwear. They have some pretty awesome looking undies. They're line's look is large logo waist band and red ruler on the fly area. The red ruler is to measure your big head of course ;) These are really cool. They're a little expensive though at about 24.00 (plus shipping) a pair. But they are really cool. But their idea is really cool. They say that "you don't have to be buff to the bone to feel good about yourself." I think that that is a really good motto for a brand and it is so true. Shown above are their boxer briefs in black (but they also come in white). You can find many other things made by them at their website. Big headed underwear comes in boxerbriefs (above) Boxers, and boxers with a condom pouch (a bit of a rip-off on Baskit, but still cool). So go check some out and try some if you haven't already.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Celebrities' Underwear

In America we often tend to obsess with what celebrities do and what they wear. And why not? They are after all celebrities. But do we ever talk about what underwear they wear? Well not very often. So here's your task. Go online and find some info (reliable) about celebrities and the underwear they wear. And then send it to my e-mail and I may very well blog about it. But please do not post this info as comments on the blog. I will start this little segment with a little something I found out about Brad Pitt:
A magazine called up Brad's publicist saying that they were an underwear company and were going to send him some free undies. Who can't resist free undies (even celebs)? So of course the publicist tells them all the info they need to know about his size and his preferences. "Right now he's a 32/33 or maybe a 34. He's getting a little bigger because he's training," the magazine reports. The pranksters also said that they were told Pitt prefers boxers. He also would rather flannel over silk and he likes polka-dot prints. Funny huh? Isn't it interesting how the media, people in the media, pop culture, movies, actors, everyone, seems to push for boxers? Why though? What is the big advantage? Well there isn't much. Oh and that's Brad (on the left) in his boxers.

On the comment to this post please tell me what you think of this new idea (yes I will continue to blog about new styles and trends.

PS. Really sorry that I haven't blogged much recently. I've just been very busy.