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Friday, August 19, 2005

Think Pink!

The in thing in men's fashion for a while has been the color pink. It's very hot and stylish right now. Just when I thought it couldn't go anywhere else it did. Now pink has expanded to everywhere in a man's wardrobe, even down to his underpants. Aussiebum just unleashed their new color of briefs, pink. Aussiebum has been a cutting-edge brand in men's underwear for a while and now they have gone and shown the world that pink undies is not just for little girls anymore. Click here for purchasing info (I hope the link works).

The only question left now is are you man enough to wear them?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun new things

As you may notice I've done a few new things to the blog. First off there's a favicon of a pair of briefs that I've put on. Also I use the same image by the titles of all the posts. As you may notice removed the clock (because it only said my time and didn't benefit most of you) and replaced it with a image gallery. Currently there are just a few clipart images of underwear in it. They will randomly change every time you visit the page so if you reload the page you'll get a new image. Let me know what you think of all these new features and give me some suggestions for more. If you have any images to add to the little gallery send them to my e-mail (listed in the sidebar). Hope you like it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

National Underwear Day

Photo courtesy of Fresh
"National Underwear Day is a time to share the wonder of undies, and celebrate what lies beneath. Leaders in the underwear industry have come together to help the founder of National Underwear Day,, celebrate the event on August 10. (See Underwear-clad models will be placed throughout Midtown Manhattan with clipboards to poll passers-by on their preference of underwear, and collect signatures for official recognition of the day. C-IN2, a new men’s underwear brand, will have mobile changing stations set up through New York City. Free underwear, including some of our top-selling item, the C-IN2 sling, will be given to those willing to try it on. This product is unique to say the least, and was recently featured in Newsweek as the “wonderbrief.” (See 2(x)ist will have its own mobile unit, teaming up with the National Prostate Cancer Coalition to offer information on prostate cancer, and free underwear to anyone who pledges to have a cancer screening. Other industry sponsors include: RIPS, Natori, Le Mystere, Rago, Ginch Gonch, Male Power, Hugo Boss, Unico and Maidenform."

For more info go to

Wow, sounds like lots of fun. You get to party around New York in your undies. And hey, you can even get some free undies. Unfortunately this is only good if you live in New York (which I don't :( ). But hopefully enough signatures will be collected so it can become an official National holiday. So if you love undies and live in New York be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to spend a day parading in your underwear and getting free new undies. Remember it is on August 10th, so that's coming up really soon. If you don't live in New York you can still participate by adding your signature to the ever-growing list by clicking here. Also you can check out more photos from last year's event by going to my Flickr set here. So all in all it looks like it's going to be a great time for all new yorkers. I really wish I lived in New York at the moment (mainly for the chance to get some free undies, but also to parade around in them too) but alas, I do not. So if any of you are going to New York for the celebrations pick me up a pair of undies, if you have a chance (my waist is somewhere around 28). Thanks.
Photo courtesy of Fresh