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Monday, February 28, 2011

Enhancing Underwear is All the Rage

Cocksox Enhancing Jock
The term “junk in the trunk” isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Now more than ever, it is easier to fill out your derriere, supersize your package, or even give a lift to your nether-regions with the help of an underwear enhancement. In a recent survey on, they asked customers how they felt about the underwear enhancement movement: 33% of men said that they would be open to trying this kind of underwear, while 26% revealed that they like enhancement underwear and already wear them. The underwear enhancement revolution is upon us! 

Here at MUB we've definitely seen just how true this is.  With an increasing number of brands offering enhancement options like Andrew Christian and C-In2.  In fact some brands exclusively specialize in enhancing underwear like Big Boys Pants, Obviously, and Cocksox, just to name a few.   There are many different "technologies" out there to help you get a bigger profile from padding, to slings, to specially cut pouches and everything in between. 

So here at MUB, we want to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on wearing enhancing underwear?  Would you wear them every day or just for special occasions?  33% of men surveyed said they would wear them, are you one?  Or maybe you're one of the 26% that already does. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebs in Undies: Bieber Caught Again

Leave it to good ol' Justin Bieber to be showing his undies on Camera again. A couple weeks ago we posted about him flashing a purple pair on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show Ellen. Now he was seen in a grey pair of boxerbriefs on the set of the uber-popular T.V. show CSI. In the episode Justin plays a troubled teen. Be sure to check out the episode if you want to check out another great pair of undies!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Good Devil - Too Sexy to Show

Net Jockstrap
Here's some hot new photos from the most recent Good Devil collection with model Levi Poulter.  The whole set of photos is so great, but unfortunately most of them are too sexy to show you.  But here's a little taste of what to expect from the new collection.  

I'm really loving these new editorial photos.  They are very dark and edgy.  The shadows make the model look mysterious even though the underwear leaves very little to the imagination.  
 Net briefs in black and blue (above).

Get Free Underwear From Audace!

I just got wind of an upcoming deal from Audace where you will be able to get yourself some free undies!  Free undies you say?  How can that be.  Well it's quite simple, but in order to get the details you will have to sign up for the email list, if you aren't already.  Just go to their site and enter your email and you will be all set to find out how you can get yourself some free undies in the upcoming week or so.  You will be sent a special code to get yourself some free undies, all you have to do is sign up!  So if you haven't already, go ahead and do so now. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrate President's Day Weekend at UnderBriefs

Celebrate this President's Day weekend by treating yourself to some new undies.  UnderBriefs is having a special sale with 10-15% off selected brands like Baskit, Candid, Elementos, Gregg and more!  While you won't get to try your undies over the holiday (since it's also a postal holiday), you will have something nice waiting for you by the end of the week.   Be sure to check it out.  No coupon code required.  Prices already marked down on site. 

Underwear Etiquette: Going Out or Bottoms Up!

My group of guy friends and I go out a lot, at some points I think we live for the weekends. One of the guys has named our group “The Glitter”, which pretty much defines the group. At last count we roll ten deep, and are well on our way to having a reality show on Logo—then when ratings are high enough we will jump-ship to Bravo. Think Real Housewives of Atlanta mixed with the A-List and a whole lot of Sex and the City thrown in for good measure. I am the self proclaimed Carrie Bradshaw of the group. (However the other nine may argue that—watch for their comments below) I love my guys to death; I would give them an organ if they ever needed it, excluding my liver, something about all the vodka tells me it probably wouldn’t be of much use. I digress; there is an actual point to this post. I am known for judging hard, that’s probably indicative of why I review underwear as a hobby, and I am judging them for their underwear. I suppose judging one of them for his addiction to Taco Bell at 3:00 am would be more appropriate, but I’d much rather judge their boxers. Now don’t get me wrong, all nine of them aren’t guilty of bad choices in the underwear drawer; several of them actually have taste that I am envious of. The other night one of them pulls me aside at the bar “I found your blog yesterday” at that point I just started stuttering. (In my mind I just kept thinking “please say Simplicity, please say Simplicity (which is my personal blog) don’t say M.U.B.”) He replies with “I ordered so many pairs of underwear today” BUSTED! (at this point I had only told one of “The Glitter” about this blog, and it wasn’t him.) So now that “The Glitter” knows about me being a contributor to M.U.B. it has me thinking about what, in my opinion, one should wear when going out. As a group of single twenty-somethings no one really ever knows who is still going to have their pants on by the end of the night, so a good pair of underwear is imperative. Over the past couple weeks, and over many glasses of vodka I have put together my list of tips, anecdotes, and comments on what underwear are good to be found in after the sun sets on a weekend night.
  1. 1) Skip the boxers. Period. End of Story. In my humble, and somewhat biased, opinion one should never wear boxers when drinking. Why, you may ask. My biggest reason is, well when you’re dancing (read grinding) you never know which direction your lil’ guy is gonna go, but I say things are only going up from here. So you need some support, or a lot of support. Wear something that is fitting to the body. Secondly boxers just aren’t sexy, personally seeing a guy in boxers is a huge turnoff. For me boxers are just downright uncomfortable to dance in, but for the love of God do not think I am giving you permission to go commando.  UMan adds: I agree.  One should really never wear boxers. 
  2. 2) Wear dark colors. By wearing navy or black you minimize the appearance of sweat or spilled liquor on your undies. Every weekend you will find me religiously in a pair of black boxerbriefs. This rule goes hand in hand with number three.
  3. 3) Keep it simple. Patterns are fun, colors are great, and by no means should you ever wear anything boring.
  4. 4) Stay classy. You’re out, you’re meeting potential partners, friends, or dates, don’t scare them off by revealing the waistband of a jock strap or the string of a g-string when you “dip-it-low.” I personally am most comfortable taking my pants off in front of someone if I’m wearing a pair of boxerbriefs, but there is nothing wrong with a good pair of briefs. Just save the mesh, metallic, or studded undies for nights of sobriety. If you want to scare a potential partner off just strip down to a mesh thong or tuxedo patterned pair of boxers. Keep it classic and keep it classy and chances are it won’t be too hard to avoid going home alone at the end of the night. Look for a forthcoming post on these types of underwear… and exactly why the hell I have a box full of them.
  5. 5) Go for quality. Hanes and Fruit of the Looms were good and well when we were kids, heck they are what I wore until I turned 14, but we’re all adults here, so unless you’re working in a field or digging a ditch wear something of quality. If you’re dancing/getting blackout drunk there is a good chance your waistband is going to show at some point, so dress to impress.
  6. 6) Be original. No explanation needed.
  7. 7) This one is my bonus type… If you plan on getting black-out, take your own bedding, it makes spending the night on the bathroom floor a whole lot more comfortable.
To make things even easier I have picked a few of my favorites for wearing out:

So it is almost the weekend, and I hope you are going out at some point, but are you and your undies ready? If so, put a sexy pair on, go out, have a drink, have another, then have a vodka in my honor, (Ketel One) and have a damn good night. Bottoms Up!
…oh and don’t judge if you see “The Glitter” and me at Taco Bell… just blame it on the red head.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2(x)ist Neon

Just a couple days ago one of my favorite brands launched a new collection of underwear. 2(x)ist debuted their new Neon collection. The brand has this to say about Neon:

"Taking cues from ideas of the future, fast living, and the digital age, NEON dazzles with bold color in our specially-engineered Soft-Fle(x) Cotton for the man in perpetual motion. The NEON Sliq Trunk itself features an Ultra Low Rise—hitting about two inches below the hip—and the (X)-treme Contoured Pouch for an even more enhanced profile than ever before. And with brilliant hues like Hibiscus, Mediterranean Blue, Black, and White (all contrasted with fluorescent elastic piping), NEON makes the future look brighter than ever. Shine on in NEON."

The collection consists of several low-rise pieces including a sports brief, trunk style, and a pouch brief. The collection also has a forthcoming V-neck t-shirt. 2(x)ist Neon can be found in Macy's stores and online at

On a final note, if you haven't checked out 2(x)ist's website lately be sure to do that. It looks outstanding.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obsession: Gregg Homme

This week I am absolutely and utterly obsessed with Gregg Homme. The level of sheer sexiness that envelopes each pair from this brand is beyond words. I am a sucker for a sexy pair of underwear, and I can assure you that you can't and will not go wrong by wearing a pair of Gregg Homme. G.H. recently debuted their 2011 collection, so I'll let them describe this years collection-- while I try to get my drooling under control:

The new 2011 GREGG HOMME collection unveils a completely new generation of men's underwear. Think your silkiest pair of briefs feels like second skin? Forget everything you believe you know! GREGG HOMME's newest technology redefines the rules of comfort and pushes the limits of support where no man's privates have gone before.

Our new TORRID and COMMANDO collections introduce the new GREGG HOMME revolutionary and "radically thin" 8-way stretch fabric. Developed in Europe with top-of-the-field knitting machines, our new fabric features an unusually high level of spandex (the best, from Lycra© that is) to confer the "nearly unlimited" stretch and the ultimate body wrapping experience. GREGG HOMME pushes the audacity by crowning these new ultra light creations with fine, soft, yet reinforced elastics, often used and loved in the opposite gender underwear world.
Below are my favorites from this years collection. (The descriptions are G.H.'s not mine, seeing how I'm speechless over these designs I feel like their statements could be more effective than mine.)

(Above) TORRID: The hot and steamy TORRID from Gregg Homme is a highly sensual underwear collection made from a unique, hyper-stretch bodyhugging fabric. Each style successfully mimics the ’naked’ feeling under clothing, letting you forget you’re wearing it!

PUMP-UP: The men’s underwear revolution starts here! Gregg Homme’s highly original PUMP-UP collection features Advanced Enhancing Technology: a suspensor system made up of an opaque European ultra-light microfiber fabric that delivers both the support and shaping that a lot of men crave in sexy underwear.

PROVAKE: Another perfect example of Gregg Homme’s mastery of designing some of the sexiest men’s underwear on the planet, the PROVOKE collection is made from a unique distressed mesh fabric that looks rugged yet feels soft against the skin. For teasing and pleasing, there’s no denying the charismatic, attention-getting qualities of the PROVOKE collection!

Top of the page: HERCULES: Gregg Homme offers you a legend in the making! The heroic HERCULES group is a masculine underwear design of epic proportions! Featuring a silver, leather-like fabric adorned with matte sequins that give the impression of chain mail, the HERCULES collection will make its wearer feel sexy, rugged, noble, and brave!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Model to Mogul

Soccer star turned underwear model David Beckham has decided not to return as Armani’s underwear front man. Instead he’s taking charge and getting his own underwear line with Armani. This makes sense since underwear sales have soared for the company since they signed Beckham to be their international ambassador of fashion. Plus he is married to another Armani underwear notable former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. No doubt she has had a hand in the rise of her husband's success within the fashion industry. Connections are very important. Of course that’s not to say David doesn’t have what it takes on his own, let’s face it the man is gorgeous and he has talent. Beckham started playing soccer professionally when he was only 17 and through his time in the game has offered his skills to a variety of teams in as many countries. He now plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy and is a huge power behind popularizing the sport in America, the last country to embrace the sport apparently. Beckham has had a similar effect in the fashion industry. It was a long held belief that a man who made fashion and looking good a priority in his life had to be gay. Beckham was a key player in the coining of the phrase “metrosexual” meaning a straight man who took the time and energy to look good. Men took notice and thought David Beckham is an athlete, and a good one at that, with a hot wife and a lot of money so if he looks like that maybe I should too. David Beckham has been a godsend for all men!

Now he’s taking it to the next level. And hopefully he will still be the eye candy in the trunks he puts out, but either way I am sure he will succeed. We don’t know yet what design this underwear line is going to take but it will probably be along the lines of Armani’s collections that come out now. And knowing the Beckham style they will most likely be quite manly and have a sleek style all Metro Men will want. Beckham brought style to men around the world who were lacking it, and now he’s going to make sure they recognize this means their underwear too. So be on the lookout because soon we all can have David in our pants!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Style from boyRio: Jockstrap Brief

Today I was browsing around and I happened across a brand new style of underwear from boyRio.  It's called the jockstrap brief, and it's pretty much just that.  Basically, instead of having the standard jockstrap pouch in front, the jockstrap brief looks like a brief from the front but a jockstrap in the back.  It comes in blue, black, and white and retails for $27.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I think it's definitely worth checking out.  What are your thoughts on this new style? 

HELP! My Underwear is Boring

So, I’ve been away from the world of underwear for a while, which has led to my underwear collection becoming pretty worn out and boring. It has gotten so bad that in an effort to have enough underwear to make it through the week I have even resorted to wearing Fruit of the Looms. I am embarrassed to even admit that. Now that I am back in this world of underwear I am super excited to start buying some new undies. As I rebuild my collection I ask for your help. Since most of the pairs I buy will be used for future reviews and photos I need to know what you’re into and what brands and styles you would like to know more about. I am up for wearing anything (excluding boxers) so have no fear and suggest away. In the mean time I ask that you don’t judge me in my Fruit of the Looms to harshly.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Justin Bieber Flashes his Undies on Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres is known for having her own branded underwear that she gives away to celebrities who appear on her talk show.  They occasionally actually put them on for the show and give the audience a peek at what they're wearing.  Here's a little clip of Justin Bieber flashing his Ellen branded boxer shorts (?) on camera. 

Obsession: Piss and Vinegar

Obsession is a new weekly series that starts today. Every Wednesday I’ll be showing a few of my favorites from a different brand. I know when I’m browsing for underwear online I seem to almost always stick with a few brands and forget so many others. With Obsession I will be featuring up-and-coming brands, obscure brands, or brands that really break the standard underwear mold.
This week I am obsessed with Piss and Vinegar. The brand has been around a couple years, but here at MUB we have only done one post about them, which was right after the brand first hit the scene. The name was what first caught my attention. I was on Men’s Underwear Store and saw the name in the side bar. The two nouns “piss” and “vinegar” quickly drew me in and I was soon obsessed. The brand’s use of large graphics and bold colors is a fun twist on the standard underwear I have been buying as of late. Below are a few pictures of my favorite designs from Piss and Vinegar. You can find their entire collection at Beyond Big Branding. My favorite design from the brand is in the picture above. The undies are called “I Love Jesus” and have a heart right smack-dab in the middle of the crotch. I feel like for a lot of us guys are guilty of wearing our hearts on top of our crotch so this design is quite fitting. I am also obsessed with their solid color low rise briefs. These seem rather standard, but the colors that they have chosen for the briefs are a modern twist on many of the brightly colored briefs I’ve seen out there from other brands. Each pair of underwear ranges from $25.00 to $35.00 a pair. You will notice that many of the designs are tongue-and-cheek, which for me only adds to their appeal!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Andrew Christian… My new Addiction.

Having tried hundreds of brands over the past few years in men’s underwear, there seems to be one consistent thing you can count on…. Eventually your favorite brand is going to let you down with a style that just doesn’t stand up to its predecessor’s lofty standards in terms of look, style, feel and overall comfort. 

I often scratch my head when I see retail prices for some of the so called “designer” brands like Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani. Not because they don’t produce some of the most popular styles, but because they clearly have a price tag that many of us find hard to swallow for an item usually kept hidden beneath your pants all day… 

Most of us don’t mind spending the cash on a nice shirt or jeans because they not only make us feel good but they’re on display for everyone to see…. And even Calvin Klein’s obvious “budget” pairs have a lofty price tag on them. I’m sorry but I can’t justify spending thirty to forty dollars for a pair of briefs simply for the name if it doesn’t meet up with the other key selection criteria of materials, visual appeal and comfort. 

Thankfully Andrew Christian has a better handle on their market, producing some of the finest sports, swim and underwear with enough variety in style without compromising on quality by simply staking their reputation on the name of the label.

The trouble with CK (and don’t get me wrong I rate some of their underwear highly) is that there’s far too much variance in sizing and general comfort across their range. I’ve pulled on pairs that have had so little room in the crotch I feel as though they were designed more for store mannequins than for men. 

Andrew Christian have had some truly inspired designs including the Almost Naked line, which was made of incredibly soft micro modal fabrics and has ample room and stretch fabrics to satisfy even the most well endowed man. The light weight fabric is incredibly supportive but you could be forgiven for forgetting you are even wearing them at all! Hence the name obviously!

Almost Naked Brief
They also held up with their moisture wicking ability, keeping me dry and comfortable all day. No itching or irritation thanks to the unlined pouch keeping the boys cool and comfy and in place, unlike other brands that you feel as though you’re constantly adjusting or scratching at, the anatomical design lifts and enhances which is terrific for the profile of your bulge but serves the purpose of keeping your testes away from your skin which is particularly important for those of us who might want children one day. Yes, we’ve found a product that saves us from having to live in boxer shorts and keep our partners off our backs about the health effects of tight fitting briefs on sperm production. Hallelujah! 

The clever devils have also just developed a new line called the Shock Jock Flirt brief which I’m excited to give a go, along with the usual features we’ve learned to love including the Anti-muffin top waistband (which basically means that the waistband is soft and flex’s with your body to avoid that “overhanging” look so that it remains smooth and is less likely to roll down) but it comes with a brand new insert which is going to revolutionize the underwear industry…. The Shock Jock Flirt underwear comes with an insert that is designed to resemble the male anatomy, adding inches to your profile and no doubt miles to your confidence in the gym locker room! It’s removable for washing or for guys who prefer the natural appearance of their bulge but from the photos I’ve seen so far this is going to do for men what the wonderbra did for women!

This is not new technology, as their previous lines have included padded inserts for the crotch and some lines have inbuilt cushioning in the rear to enhance the shape of your buns. But this is the first (to my knowledge anyhow) brand to bring the shaping technology to the market that mimics the anatomical shape of a bulges appearance. I hope to give this item a proper review in future if I get the chance to road test them.

So put away your designer undies that look good peeking over your jeans waistband but drive you crazy all day, and get yourself into a pair of Andrew Christian briefs that will not only look great with wide elastic waistbands that look sexy with low rise jeans, but feel the way you’d expect sexy high-end underwear should without the silver spoon price tag.
To learn more about Andrew Christian visit the Underwear Addict!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sexy Bastard on GILT

Andrew Buckler's brand Sexy Bastard is currently available at GILT, a place where you can get luxury brands at discount prices.  The trunks are running for $15 a piece and the briefs $12.  Quantities are limited so you have to act fast.  GILT is a membership only store, if you don't have a membership already use this link to sign up for one. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

TSA Proof Underwear

A lot of people are in an uproar over the fact that the Transportation Security Administration has begun the use full body scanners. The issue is that the scanner creates an x-ray type image of you naked so officials can see if you’re carrying any contraband. Some people view this as an invasion of privacy and that it’s going too far and is too invasive. This concern has sparked a new wave of underwear. You can now get underwear with a strategically placed thin metal plate over your genitals blocking their view from TSA Security. The plate comes in a wide variety of styles, a plain circle, a leaf, and patriotic emblems or for the more offended patrons a few even carry anti-body scan messages. So now those frequent flyers who want to keep their unmentionables unseen have this option. And so far these undergarments have not been made illegal nor has the TSA asked passengers not to wear them. However it’s not all good news for our prudish flyers. According to Lisa Jaklitsch of, a news media website for freelance writers, wearing TSA proof underwear will guarantee a Pat-Down. And this is probably true for there was even a post on the TSA blog site stating that this is done not as revenge for wearing the underwear but as a measure of security. And really this isn’t surprising because although the underwear works Security is not going to let a blurred or obstructed image just pass, because that would not be secure. So according to that same TSA blog they aren’t going to tell you not to wear them but they do want to give you a heads up on the possible consequences.

The whole body scan has met with a lot of opinion on both sides. One the scan can not detect every possible type of weapon or explosive someone could carry. Another factor being voiced is that which we’ve considered that of privacy and invasiveness. Yet on the other hand if this is helping to make your flight more secure wouldn’t you want to lessen the chances of your ride being blown up mid air on your way to your destination? Plus it’s not like the TSA officials are getting clear sexy views of your goods down below. If a doctor can look at, feel and even stick his hands and fingers inside you for your health is it that much worse to have a security attendant who views 1,000’s of bodies a day to see your naked x-ray? But some people are very strongly opposed. One of the great side effects to this security measure has been the guys protesting by showing up in nothing but underwear or a Speedo! This just makes us want higher security so they’ll wear even less next time. So you can still chose to wear these undies however you most likely will not make it through security without question, yet if you’d rather be felt up than looked up this could be your option. I think they should make a pair with an insertable plate so I can decide if I want to be felt up or not after I see what the Security Official doing the pat down looks like!

Here's some places you can get TSA proof underwear if you are so inclined:

Friday, February 04, 2011


Hey guys, let me (re)introduce myself. I’m Chandler and I’m just your average 21 year old guy who has a passion for underwear, swimwear, and all things skivvy-related. For you long-time MUB readers you may remember me from a few years ago when I was a bright-eyed 18 year old finishing up my senior year of high school. Now some time later I’m halfway through my college years, a little more experienced, and still in love with a good pair of underwear. My goal here on MUB is to keep it light-hearted, fun, and equally informative. You’ll see me doing a lot of swimwear reviews as we approach the summer months, I’ll be writing a lot of post about my experiences in the underwear world and as a thrifty college student you’ll see me doing plenty of posts about sales happening at my favorite brands. I may be a underwear lover by night, but by day I am a full blown social networker—so make sure to become a fan of my page on Facebook (simply search “MUB Chandler”) follow me on Twitter @jockboychandler and of course stay on top of it all by reading us here at MUB. On Facebook I’ll be posting quick links to sales and updates from some of our favorite brands and stores. On Twitter you’ll find my daily pics of what underwear I’m wearing and other random pics from the ever eventful adventures of me in the big city of Lexington, Kentucky – a place where you never know where you’re going to find a guy in nothing but his underwear. So follow me, like me, read me, or post me… and lets have some fun.
Keep it classy guys!

Underwear Stock-up Event at Express

Today I was shopping at the mall and I saw a huge poster of a man in his underwear in the window at Express.  Now you don't see a lot of men in their underwear in public so of course it caught my attention.  Express is having a huge stock-up event just in time for Valentine's Day.  The deal is buy 2 pairs and get 1 free.  It isn't the greatest deal in the world, but it's still worth mentioning.  Especially for those of you who are hesitant to buy underwear online, this deal is good both online and in stores.  And of all the mall stores out there, I'd say Express makes some of the best, most fashionable underwear.  So definitely check it out. 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Andrew Christian's Sweetheart brief in time for Valentine's Day

Every year designer Andrew Christian creates a new one-of-a-kind Valentines Day underwear in limited edition only available for a limited time.  This year he has created a sheer and sexy red and white "Sweetheart Brief."

The Sweetheart Brief features a fun, flirty design with a super soft solid red front pouch and sheer sexy red mesh back that allows a hint of skin to show through. I really like this combination of the sheer and solid.  You have that sexy feel of revealing a little of what's underneath without revealing it all at once.  Which is perfect for Valentine's day.  You want to tempt your sweetheart to take them off and see more, but if they were all sheer there would be no need.  This is a Limited Edition style and only around 450 were when they're gone, they're gone for good. And judging by the popularity of Andrew Christian, these will go fast.  This item is ready for gift giving as it comes in a red heart-shaped tin. Like all Andrew Christian products, the brief is handmade in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles.

"Guys really enjoy sexy underwear because it makes them feel more confident. Along with being super sexy, I wanted to design the Sweetheart brief to be super soft with a great fit so a guy can not only feel sexy, but also comfortable." says designer Andrew Christian.

These undies retail for $24.99.  But you can get them on sale through the end of today for $19.74 using coupon code: 21VDAYR9253.