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Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm ADDICTED - Giveaway!

MUB is partnering up with a new online underwear store Vocla to bring you a special end of the holidays giveaway.  Our "I'm ADDICTED" sweepstakes launches now!  If you aren't familiar, Vocla is a great new designer underwear store that offers many great brands like ADDICTED, Andrew Christian, D&G, and more.  If you're a new customer you can get 10% off with coupon code "10new" at checkout. And they have free worldwide delivery on ADDICTED brand underwear!

Which brings us to the sweepstakes.  To enter simply send us a picture of you in your favorite undies to with subject line "I'm Addicted" and you'll be entered to win one of three pairs of ADDICTED underwear from Vocla.  Special consideration will be given to creative photos.  Entry period is from December 31, 2012 - Midnight (CST) January 11, 2013.  Decision of the judges is subjective and final.  There will be three winners, one pair each.  There will be a claim period after the winners are selected, if the prize is not claimed during this time it will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.  Contest is open to those 18 and older in the countries to which Vocla delivers (consult their website for details).  

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Stockings Were Hung... Eye Candy

Hope the holidays are treating everyone well.  Sorry we haven't had time to make up a gift guide for this year.  We've been so busy preparing some exciting new things for 2013 for you.  Stay tuned for an after Christmas giveaway.  In the meantime, enjoy this eye candy entitled "Winter Breeze" from one of my favorite artist Paul Richmond.  And be sure to check out his work online.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tommy John on GILT

A Tommy John sale just launched on GILT today. The collection features lots of great basics for guys, including trunks, briefs, and stay-tucked tees.  The collection is in basic colors like black, white, grey and red.  Great gift for the man in your life this holiday season.

No familiar with GILT?  It's a invite only flash sale site.  Don't have a membership?  Don't worry, it's free to join and you can sign up using our exclusive invite link.  Enjoy.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Underwear Conundrum

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to UMan that I thought it would be cool for the staff of the blog to submit a picture of pieces of their underwear collection hung upon their Christmas tree. Apparently he thought I was joking, because when I sent the picture to him, he said, "Haha wow. You did do it! Post please!" So here I am, posting the picture of my "Underwear Tree" for your enjoyment. (I apologize for the picture not being the best quality. My good camera is out of commission, so my iPhone camera has to suffice for now). 

"The undies were hung on the tree with great care."

And in keeping with the Christmas theme, I would like to discuss the Christmas underwear gifting concept. We are, after all, in the season of giving. I, for one, find underwear gifting to be a very intimate situation. I wouldn't buy underwear for just anyone. Nor would I accept underwear from just anyone. It is highly likely that my association of underwear being an intimate is because it's one of the last things that separates us from being in our most vulnerable state. I mean, if I'm in a state of dress in anything less than my undies (naked), then I really trust the person who is with me. Not to mention, very few people even get to see me in my underwear, especially my more exotic pairs (the bikinis, jocks, and thongs, of course). 

For most of my life, my grandmother has given all of us underwear for Christmas. Normally, they are those tacky seasonal boxers from Old Navy or someplace similar. Now, I side with UMan on the boxers situation - I find them tacky and completely atrocious and furthermore will not wear them. Needless to say, my grandmother giving me the holiday boxers is far from the intimate underwear exchange that I have in my mind. So this year, I told her, "Please don't give me underwear this year. I'm way to picky with my underwear." 

Were I to do an underwear exchange, I would hope it would be with one of two groups: either a bud with whom I have shared the fact that I have an underwear obsession or a significant other in which case the underwear exchange could turn into something even more intimate and exciting. 

So what say you? What are the readers' perspectives on the underwear gifting conundrum? Also, feel free to post pictures of your "Underwear Trees." Oh, and if anyone cares to send me a Christmas underwear package, I like anything other than boxers ;-)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Not Your Grandpa's Long Johns

From left: Timoteo, Nasty Pig, 2(x)ist. 

With the snow falling down hard outside my window this morning, I thought what better day to pull out the long johns.  Long johns have really come a long way from what they used to be.  They're no longer the fugly, thermal white things that you're grandpa used to wear.  The long johns of today are stylish and you'll want to wear them.  They're form fitting and sleek, but still keep you warm thanks to performance fabrics.  So today I thought why not do a quick round up of some great long johns on the market this season.  Here they are:

  • The Timoteo Sport 2.0 - comes in blue, white, and black.  This form fitting style has contrast stitching and pouch for an added flair.  They're sure to keep you warm as well as show off your assets with a rear seam and pouch stitching.  $36
  • Nasty Pig - comes in red, black, and white.  These are a looser fit that is a throw-back to the older styles, but still style conscious and forward.  They have a snap fly for style (it doesn't open) that sure looks sexy and intriguing.  $39 at Jockstrap Central.  
  • 2(x)ist Tartan long john - comes in black, white, and red.  This low-rise long john has a tailored fit down through the ankles, perfect to wear under your skinny jeans.  They have some style with the tartan waistband.  Functioning on pouch fly.  Normally $34, currently on sale for $25.50 from 2(x)ist.  

Friday, December 07, 2012

$10 off at Hardwear in time for the Holidays

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Just in time for the holidays Hardwear's new male ring is ready to put new strut in your step with the big attention grabber bulge you've always wanted, and it's ready to deliver on the promise of that bulge when the clothes come off to unveil the BIGGEST and HARDEST BONE you've ever seen on your body. Discover the world's best male enhancer (link NSFW) right now.  Use coupon code XMAS to save $10.  

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Review of Piado Briefs

Today I will be reviewing the Piado briefs. Many of you loyal followers may remember a giveaway that Men's Underwear Blog did about three years ago.  Well, fortunately for me, I was one of the lucky winners. I will be reviewing the exact same pair that I won through that giveaway. This is a special review for me because these very briefs are the ones that started my underwear collection. Now, I must admit, my underwear collection hasn't grown that quickly, but I'm hoping to improve that soon (and quickly).

The Piado line is unique in that it is a "green" underwear line. Their undies are 94% bamboo in their make-up, which makes them lighter and more "airy," enabling the boys to breathe. It also makes them lighter and gives them that "barely there" feeling. They call their collection the "Colors of Life" collection, and they design their undies with the inspiration of life, energy, and freedom. They seek to be an underwear company that "is earth conscious and works hard to do its share of preserving the Planet." They come in 4 color choices: red, orange, blue, and green.

The fit of the briefs is snug. Not overly tight, but definitely snug. They have a tendency to ride up and settle in the crack over the course of the day. (Honestly, I personally don't complain about that - I strangely enjoy that - but it might not "settle" well with others). The pouch is adequate for me, but as someone who is a grower and not a shower, pouch size is rarely an issue for me. These briefs hold up over the course of an 8+ hour day on one's feet, but they may not be the ideal underwear for all occasions. Something really nice about the briefs is that they have held up for 3+ years of washing and drying. They have held their color and their shape in that time despite continuous "normal" wear and regular machine washing and drying.

As with all designer underwear, the next question is that of price. After I received my free pair of the Piado briefs from the giveaway, the first thing I did was to look them up to see if I could somehow add some more of them to my collection. Because I was just starting off my collection, my uninformed mind was blown away by the price - $20 for a pair of briefs?!  Over time, I have come to realize that $20 is an average price for a designer pair of briefs.

So, keeping all that in mind, I give the Piado briefs a rating of 9 (out of 10) based on the following categories:
Style - 10 (out of 10): Bright, vibrant colors that don't fade in the wash
Comfort - 9 (out of 10):  Soft, unique bamboo fabric
Fit - 9 (out of 10):  Good fit, snug but not overly tight, tendency to ride up over the course of the day
Quality - 10 (out of 10):  They are very well made
Price - 9 (out of 10):  A little pricey for my budget, but not outrageously expensive

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Style: aussieBum PocketJockit

I know we haven't talked about aussieBum in a while, but they're still strong and kicking and pumping out sexy, innovative undies. Today I just thought I'd share a new style from them, the PocketJockit. This style features a pocket in the pouch "to store anything you can imagine". I also imagine that you could stuff the pouch to enhance your profile if you like. I just thought that this video was fun and cheeky so I wanted to share it. The PocketJockit normally retails for $25 USD, but it's currently on sale for $16 USD. So that's a great deal. No idea how long this sale will last, so act fast!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight-Loss Update

Hello. It's me again - the guy who writes about normal guy thoughts in and about underwear. Sorry I don't have a hot body or any other eye candy to offer, like the other interns.

But I am working on the body shape part of things. When I first wrote awhile back, I was down 19 lbs and just starting to notice the positive changes. Well, as of today I am 26 lbs down, and still feeling good. This losing weight business is tough stuff - way harder than putting it on in the first place. I've kinda hit a point where my losses have slowed down, because I've been busy lately, and I've been lazy about my diet and exercise. Next week it's back to the routine, hopefully.

Here are some progress pics for you. The navy blue pair is a Stafford ribbed trunk, available from JC Penney. I chose to post in this pair, because even two months ago, it was too tight and made me look and feel awful. Now I can wear them comfortably, although the muffin top is still there. I keep losing inches higher up, and the fat is settling down just above my hips (argh).

The other pair is a Calvin Klein X trunk. I put these on today because they are all stretchy and a bit flashy, and they just make me feel nice when I wear them. Hope you like 'em.

Neither of these pairs has a fly, but quite a few of the pairs I own do. That was one place where I noticed that I needed to lose weight. A number of my pairs have small rips or tears at the seam of the fly where the pouch was stretched too far because my thighs were too big before. (No, it's not because of how much is filling the pouch. I wish.) Now my flys work properly. Guess I'm just going to have to add those to the list of pairs to be replaced. Any suggestions on what to replace them with? I'm still waiting for UMan to hook me up with anything...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fruit of the Loom Ad: Rings

Just saw this Fruit of the Loom ad on TV and I have to say I'm unimpressed. Now it's not just because I'm biased against boxers (which I am). Seriously I didn't even know what they were selling. The guy has a great body, but these boxers aren't remotely flattering on him. In fact I didn't even know what they were selling and I certainly didn't realize they were his undies. And now that I realize what they're selling, I certainly don't want it.  Do guys actually wear stuff that looks this bad on them and want to look this way?

What are your thoughts on this commercial? Discuss.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sales Round-Up

Here's a brief round-up of some of the sales going on for Cyber Monday.  Happy Shopping.  
  • Cocksox - Pre-christmas sale.  10-30% off entire range.  Now until Dec 9. 
  • Undergear - 25% off + free shipping through Cyber Monday (11/26).  Use code U2VG
  • His Trunks - 30% off Geovanny until midnight 11/26.  Use code "Goevanny" 
  • Deal By Ethan - 15% off everything.  Until 11/27 at midnight.  Use code "CYBERMONDAY15".
  • Wyzman - 30% off sitewide plus free shipping on orders over $75.  
  • Topdrawers - 20% off sitewide til midnight.  
  • MaleBasics - 25% off sitewide til midnight.  Use code "Thanks". 
  • International Jock - Designer sale.  25%-50% off select brands til 12/9. 
  • Rufskin - Free shipping on orders $100 or more.  Valid til midnight.  Use code "RUFNOIR".  
  • Timoteo - Free worldwide shipping on orders over $50.  Use coupon code "FREESHIP2012".  Valid til midnight. Plus free tank as a gift with purchase. 
  • Jockstrap Central - 15% - 50% off.  
  • Pants - 20% off already discounted Diesel underwear.  Through 11/27. Use code DIESEL.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brief Boys Review Calvin Klein

Panel Stripe Hip Brief
Calvin Klein
Avg. $24 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton give the run down on the Panel Stripe Hip Brief from Calvin Klein, “a comfortable, supportive, and enhanced fit made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane.”

Patton: What exactly is elastane?

Mitchell: Apparently it’s just another name for Spandex. At least according to Wikipedia.

P: Fancy.

M: So everybody knows Calvin Klein. They call themselves pioneers of the “wholesome underwear look.” It’s pretty safe design, but good design—very well made, very durable. If you’re looking for something relatively basic, it’s an appealing brand.

P: Basic, but not totally conservative. They’re low rise—but not ultra-low rise—and fit snugly under a pair of jeans. They even have an extra seam for each cheek that more or less works like a jockstrap, lifting and providing a little more definition than the average brief.

M: Really? I didn’t think it was very flattering. It kind of reminded me of wearing a diaper. Not that I’ve done that recently.

P: Of course not.

M: I do think they’re true to size, like all other CK products I’ve tried, but they have a generous amount of stretch, which makes them prone to sagging now and then.

P: I guess it depends on your preference—sometimes a little extra stretch can prevent a brief from ending up in your ass crack. But it can also bunch up under your junk.

M: There is that. From the wrong angle they sometimes have a weird camel toe thing going on.

P: You mean moose knuckle?

M: My mistake.

P: Plenty of room for the whole kit and caboodle, though. However, while there’s a spacious pouch, the fabric’s elasticity gives that weird pointy effect—where your junk looks like a cone aimed at the floor. But at least these are versatile for all package preferences. Whether you stash it to the left, right, or over the balls, you’re good to go.

M: What do you mean stash it?

P: When not in use.

M: Of course. You’re right though. While it’s not something to be ashamed of, the CK Hip Brief is definitely more about comfort than appearance. The pouch isn’t as shaped as others, nor is it as flattering. But you can go through a whole day at work without that trapped, suffocated feeling you sometimes get with a brief, and the tag is barely noticeable.

P: Ugh. The tag—I always try to buy tagless. But yeah, this wasn’t that big of a deal, which is surprising. Overall, though, I agree with you. Aside from the fun stripes—including the matching waistband—these are everyday, wear-to-work briefs.

M: But still stylish enough to be seen at the gym.

P: Precisely.

M: So would you recommend them?

P: Well, I tend to work a long day. I get dressed somewhere between six and six-thirty, go through a nine-hour work day, and don’t really end up in PJs until eleven or so. The only… let’s call it recess I get in all that time is while I’m at the gym. There aren’t many briefs that stay comfortable during an entire 21st Century day, but these do.

M: I agree. You should probably change before you head out for drinks, though, or any other special occasions.

P: Undressing occasions, for sure. So how about the score?

M: Here’s what we came up with:

 FIT Good
 COMFORT /  Excellent
 STYLE /  Poor
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Average

 BOTTOM LINE /  Embodies today’s basic fit. Extremely comfortable, but not the sexiest pair around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Functional Forms

Does form follow function? Or does function follow form? This is a question a lot of designers, engineers, and artists debate. Is it more important for something to be aesthetically pleasing, or for it to be supremely functional?

I think that we see a wide range of answers to this question in the underwear world. You have the posing straps, the barely-there items, or the new singlets with the seat cut out - all of which are about aesthetics and not function. (Alright, you might argue about the functionality of the ass-less singlet, but I'm not going there.) On the other hand, you have extremely utilitarian options, like your traditional tighty-whities, or - to take it one step further - the "union suit". Yes, I do own one, and yes, it is very warm and comfy when you have to work outside on frigid winter mornings in the Northland. And then there's the matter of full-cut boxer shorts, which are neither aesthetically pleasing nor functional, at least in my opinion.

Anyhow, right now I'm in my second pair of undies for the day. The first pair - grey cotton 2(x)ist trunks - was more toward the functional side, since I spent the morning driving and doing dirty work. Yes, I'm a country person, and yes, I do dirty jobs sometimes. When I'm doing such work, I choose undies that are comfortable and practical, and generally inexpensive, in case they get wrecked with animal byproduct. And when I'm driving long distances, regardless of whether I'm going to be doing hard work, I choose comfortable pairs. Because really, who wants to sit for hours and hours with a thong chafing in your crack while you drive?

The second pair, black CK hip briefs, is more aesthetically pleasing. It's not the most fancy pair I own, but it's one of my better everyday pairs. If I may say so, I clean up pretty good, and I like my undies to reflect that. Nice clothes should include nice undies.

If you were to look in my drawer, you would find a number of pairs in there for specific occasions/purposes. I have a pair of UnderArmour boxerjocks for race-day running. I have a gym-ready jockstrap from when I used to frequent the gym. I have a few pairs of cheaper undies for when I'm doing outside/dirty work. And I have a few pairs of "special occasion" undies (let the reader understand).

So... do you have specific pairs with specific duties? Are there times when you would wear one pair and definitely not others?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

DealByEthan's Election Day Sale

The choice between Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is a weighty one. A much easier choice is which pair of undies or swimmers or other fashion styles one wants today at DealByEthan's Election Day Sale. You can save 15% sitewide today only using coupon code ELECTION15 at checkout. Can't choose? You can't vote for two Presidents, but you can choose two or more styles at DealByEthan.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

InTouch Hulk Boxer Briefs Reviewed

Hello old and new readers of MUB. I am very excited to be joining the team as the result of the recent “Join our team” announcement. I am a 25 year old who recently graduated from college. I have recently begun to see results from working out and have put on some muscle, which has been my dream for most of my scrawny life. With this change comes the confidence to dress myself up well and be seen. What better place to start than the most basic layer of clothing? As I outgrow my current collection and start to amass new pairs, I look forward to telling you about my new discoveries in the world of men’s underwear. Hope you will allow me a little stumbling room as I get used to things around here.

Now, I might have forgotten to mention in the intro that on most days, I work from home as an animator. Working from home certainly has it’s benefits, one of which is, not having to get dressed. As somewhat of an underwear enthusiast, I own easily over 25 pairs. Which in my opinion is not an extremely large number while making sure that there is everything from boxers to thongs in my underwear drawer. My purchases span everything from lounging, classy, raunchy and erotic while others are just plain fun.

For my first review for the site, I will be reviewing a pair of underwear that I own which falls in that category of “plain fun”. Being a geek and superhero movie fan, I just had to get my hands on (or "my ass in," more accurately speaking) this “Incredible Hulk” boxer brief as soon as I saw the picture. These boxer briefs are by a brand called InTouch (site works sporadically) and can be ordered for about $15 on eBay (auction ended).

As with all Asian sizing, I went for a Medium and it fit me perfectly. The back, and legs are snug without being uncomfortably tight. The pouch provides good support in the front and due to the soft and very stretchable material will also accommodate a sizable package. What I also like about the underwear is that the pouch is just one layer of cloth, thus it is more comfortable in warmer weather and also allows for the hulk (sorry, I had to do it) to expand comfortably.

Finally, lets talk about the aspect that really made this a must buy for me: The print. The back sports the big “HULK and the super mariner” title which could be read from across the room. A smaller image of the hulk lies underneath which isn’t going to be seen if you have a very round butt. But the front is where the impact is. The face of the Hulk is front and center on the pouch with his green arms on the sides accented by Hulk’s pink pants. The colors will survive washes so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out.

All things considered, I believe this pair is a great value for money. The elastics, stitching and fabric have all passed the test of time really well. This is one pair that is a must for all superhero fans.


• Fit: 4 out of 5 for asian size discrepancy 
• Comfort: 5 out of 5 
• Look: 5 out of 5 
• Value for money: 5 out of 5

Friday, November 02, 2012

It's Getting Cold Outside

It's getting to be that time of year again when a skimpy little thong just isn't going to cut it -- it's just too cold (although heated seats do help). But if you just can't give them up, maybe it's time to add another layer.  That's right guys, I'm talking about long johns.  I used to shudder at the thought of them; but like the rest of the men's underwear world, long johns have really come a long way with much more streamlined, stylish designs.

So here's some hot eye candy from Jockstrap Central of the new Nasty Pig long johns.  They come in black, white, and red and retail for $39 a piece (which is pretty competitive for "designer" long johns).  I really love how fitted these are and how beautifully they accentuate those rears.  Yum.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Can I get a "trick or treat"?  Stay safe this evening, wherever it may find you.

Just wanted to share this quick eye candy with you today from artist Paul Richmond.  This painting is called "In Hot Pursuit" and it stars Jesse Archer.  Enjoy! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bum Chums on My Bum - A Review

Hey boys, it's been a while since I've done a review.  Today I want to share with you some of my favorite briefs as of late. The briefs in question come from Bum Chums, a relatively new British brand.  I profiled them in January, and one point that I'd like to highlight again here is that unlike many other brands, Bum Chums doesn't farm out their manufacturing but instead makes everything locally in Yorkshire, England. This really makes a difference.  

I tried out the Fruity hip briefs in blue-berry.  They also come in a couple other bright, vibrant colors like cherry red, pink peach, lemon lush, and plum purple.  The fit and fabric of these are the two main reasons I love these briefs so much.  They are what is known as a hip brief.  They hit you right on the hip.  They're not too high and not too low.  The leg cut outs are higher than a fuller rise brief.  The pouch space is ample but not too much that it's baggy.  Same goes for the bum.  I have a rather small bum but the fabric still contours to my curves without sagging.  But it will also stretch to accomodate more of a bubble butt.  The briefs fit true to size.  They really kept the modern man in mind when cutting this patten. 

These briefs are super comfy and great for a variety of activities as well as just everyday wear.  The fabric is thicker than most briefs, but it actually works very well.  I feel well covered by these and the weight of the fabric is nice.  But they're not too weighty and they still breathe well in the summer. The entire front actually has a double layer, which helps the brief keep its shape and hold all your goods in place.  The feel of the fabric is due to the unique nylon/elastane/lycra blend that they use.  They've created a really unique fabric unlike any I've seen before, and it really works.  The waistband is likewise thicker than usual to match, but is oh-so-soft.  The interior tag is basically a sticker stuck to the waistband.  It falls off in the wash, but I recommend just removing it right away (I think you're supposed to actually).  The leg bands are perfect; I never even notice them.  In fact I really don't notice these briefs at all other than the fact that I feel supported and not flopping around all day.  

As for the style?  Like I said they're far from a classic cut.  They're really made for the modern man to work with modern clothes (like low-rise jeans).  The style really comes from the unique hip cut of these.  And the fun colors don't hurt.  They're very stylish but understated, I think any man would feel comfortable wearing these.  

These undies are very high quality.  I've had mine for almost a year now (this review is long overdue, sorry) and they're just like the day I got them.  Seriously.  And these are one of my go-to briefs too, so they do get a fair amount of wear.  For around $26 USD a pop these are well worth it.  Get them! 

Overall, I give the Bum Chums Hip Brief a total score of 8.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Awesome modern hip fit.  Perfect for the modern man. 
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - I don't even notice they're there.  
STYLE -- 8 (out of 10) - The style comes from the unique cut.  Modern.  Colorful. 
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - Like the day I got them after a year of wear.  
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Well priced, especially for the quality.  Get them!


Bjorn Borg on GILT today

Hey boys, just thought I'd let you know that GILT just launched a Bjorn Borg sale today.  If you don't know what GILT is you really should.  It's a great member's only flash sale site where you can get designer brands at a fraction of the cost (not just underwear).  If you don't already have an account you can sign up for one for free with our exclusive invitation link.  

As for the Bjorn Borg sale, they have some great offerings.  They have trunks, boxers, briefs, and even some long johns for those cold winter days ahead!  So go check it out now.  The sale lasts for the next day, but act fast because the good sizes will go fast! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ginch Gonch - Live Like a Kid!

Kasey is a new contributor to the site.  Please give him a warm welcome and feedback.
Do you own, and actually wear, boxers that feature a print of SpongeBob SquarePants, a strategically placed elephant trunk, or a douchey saying like “Place lips here?” If so, please burn them and delete my number if you have it.

Kasey in Crotch Rocket briefs.
Clearly, you wear these atrocities because you have a sense of humor. I commend you for that. Aside from obscene amounts of wealth and a home in Manhattan, a solid sense of humor is the main thing I look for in a man. But the manifestation of that sense of humor can make or break the situation.

If you want to wear something under your skinny jeans that makes you chuckle to yourself knowing what lies beneath, I have a two-word suggestion for you to replace those “Who’s your Papa?” Smurf boxers – Ginch Gonch.

Kasey flashing his I Love Paris undies.
This Montreal-based company has been around for almost 10 years now and they have perfected the combination of humor and sexuality. Tongue-in-cheek designs printed on comfortable, fitted, and durable briefs, boxer-briefs, and more.  According to their website, “[Ginch Gonch] was the first of its kind to successfully combine humor and sexuality with funky, fashion-forward designs, and has completely reinvented the underwear industry through the unconventional ways it sets the trend for the rear end.” Hear, hear!

Indeed, with design titles such as “Wiener Eater,” “Crotch Rocket,” and “Eyeful Tower,” as well as the option of a fantastic low-rise fit, this company allows you to have a childlike laugh while still feeling like your boys and your buns are supported and sexy.

I Love TV briefs.
Their recent “I Love…” collection is wonderful (though disappointingly devoid of jockstraps) and has only left me with baited breath to find out what’s coming next! This collection has something for everyone: I love London, I love Paris, I love Tokyo, I love Bacon, etc. (I currently own all of the aforementioned designs as my way of manifesting the man who will have homes in each of those locations and feed me bacon every morning.)

So to recap: Bounce the boxers and give in to Ginch Gonch. Look good, feel good, and live like a kid!

Smooches, pooches. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Tricks at Deal By Ethan, Only Treats!

No tricks here, only treats!

It's going to be Halloween soon. Some people are already going to parties this weekend. We hope you have a great one lined up!

Before or after partying or right during the busy period if you're not going out, use coupon code HALLOWEEN15 and save a further 15% sitewide at Deal By Ethan until 31 October 2012 only! 

It can be used on existing sale items even. But of course, this is not for actual delivery before Halloween :)

Use the code as many times as you like until 31 October 2012. While stock lasts. Limited time promotion.

Marek + Richard - Halloween Eye Candy

Marek + Richard is a great underwear company that makes some really unique and sexy undies.  They just sent me these hot Halloween images and I thought I'd share them with you.  Enjoy! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Eye Candy

It's getting to be that time again and I know I'm getting in the mood for some trick or treating fun!  Well I just thought I'd share this fun painting by one of my favorite artists Paul Richmond

This piece is called "The Bondage Breaker" and I just thought it was sexy and so fitting for the season.  Paul truly is great at what he does, he creates a fabulous image that you can keep looking at forever.  There's so many great details to captivate the eye, like this amazing Halloween-themed tattoo.  

Be sure to check out Paul Richmond's website to see more of his work.  You can also buy prints.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HUGE Halloween Sale at Cocksox

Cocksox is having a HUGE Halloween sale from now until the 31st.  Everything is 20% off, no exclusions.  No tricks, just treats!  Yum!  So go stock up now. 

Free Treat With Your Order

Every year for as long as I can remember International Jock has participated in Trick-or-Treat with a free treat thrown in to every purchase.  Well this year is no different, they're at it again.  Just place an order and a free item will be thrown in.  You can't choose the item, but it will be in your size.  You can often get some great swag.  The products they throw in are usually samples, overstocks, items from photo shoots, or other such things. Definitely worth the gamble.  But something you like and get something free!  Who doesn't like a good surprise in their pants?  This is on for a limited time, so place your order soon!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review of Undz Briefs

A while back we asked you to submit applications to be MUB interns.  Today we bring you the first of our interns, Georgia Dude.  Here's what he has to say about himself in his own words "I’m 23 and a recent college graduate now living my life-long dream as a teacher. I teach high school English to the current generation of over-tested students. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a fascination with underwear. I determined long ago that when I got my first “real” job I would actually start building a real underwear collection. I’ve been a faithful MUB follower since I was in college. In fact, I even had the fortune once of winning a MUB contest where I won a pair of Piada briefs, which were my first pair of designer underwear. I’m extremely excited to come aboard the great staff at Men’s Underwear Blog!"  Please let us know what you think of his first review!  And stay tuned for more from our new interns! 

Canada is not often a name that we associate with quality underwear (or with underwear at all, for that matter). The Undz (pronounced undeez) brand is a relatively new name on the market. Earlier this year, in my never-ending quest for new and exciting underwear, I stumbled across this great brand of underwear. Founded in 2010 in Montreal, the Undz brand believes that “you shouldn't have to take out a loan in an effort to fulfill your trendy underwear collection desires.”

As a recent college graduate and new to the workforce with limited funds, I can completely appreciate this belief. The Undz brand comes in two styles – briefs and boxers, which are more like trunks. If you’re looking for a way to add some color to your underwear drawer, then Undz is a great choice for you. The brand has a variety of fun colors, ranging from plain white, black, and gray, to pink, green, blue, and purple in their more traditional styles. Recently, the brand has added the “fluffy soft waistband” model to its boxer/trunk selection, which comes in newer, more exciting colors than their traditional models. What’s more, the color holds after continuous wear and washing.

Harkening to their belief that quality underwear should be affordable, the price of this underwear ranges from just $5 for the classic briefs to $10 for the “fluffy soft waistband,” with other price options between. And for just $1.99 processing and $5.99 for shipping across the US and Canada regardless of order size, it’s affordable to shop this brand. As far as fit goes, the Undz brand is made really well. Don’t just take my word for it, though. I have a friend who is dedicated to the 2(x)ist brand; I urged him to order some of the Undz briefs, and he now is a firm believer in Undz and even compares them to the 2(x)ist briefs.

From personal experience, these underwear are great for extended wear. The brand seems to stay true to size; I am a small (28-30), and their small fits me perfectly. They fit snugly (but not constrictively) at the waist and have the perfect amount of fabric, so it’s not too tight nor does it have too much fabric where it would bind. The briefs do not appear to have much of a pouch. In fact, my friend who is dedicated to the 2Xist brand was hesitant to try them simply because they lack an obvious pouch. But as he has learned, there is adequate room in the briefs. The briefs are better than most for all-day comfort because they stay in place. Wherever they are in the morning, they will be there in the afternoon. And what’s better than a pair of underwear that doesn’t ride up over the course of the day?!

Overall, I give the Undz brand brief a 10 based on the following scale:
Fit – 10 (out of 10) Snug fit without being constrictive
Comfort – 10 (out of 10) Great for extended wear. No extra fabric, so they don’t bunch up. Smooth fabric blend helps repeal sweat. Ample room.
Style – 10 (out of 10) Distinct, simple, and clean look.
Quality – 10 (out of 10) Very well made.
Value – 10 (out of 10) Very affordable and will last for a while, so worth the investment.

-Georgia Dude

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2(x)ist at GILT Today!

Today GILT launched their 2(x)ist sale.  You can get yourself some great new, colorful trunks and briefs from 2(x)ist for a fraction of the cost.  They're for sale in 3 packs from $29 (that's about $10 a pair).  The sale is on for the next 5 days, but act fast cause stock is usually limited, and popular sizes go fast.

What's GILT you say?  It's a members only online sale site.  Not a member?  Don't worry.  Sign up with our exclusive link to get instant access and a free account.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

2xist Colour 50% off Sale

For a limited time only, 2(x)ist brand is having a 50% off sale on its Colour line. Supplies are limited, and so is the sale. So head on over to 2(x)ist and get your colour on! (Oh, and keep in mind that 2xist offers free Standard Shipping to orders of $50 or more!)

-Georgia Dude

PS. Stay tuned for new posts from our sexy new contributor Georgia Dude

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bluefly now on The Daily Hookup!

Today I want to share with you a new sale, Blue Fly is now available at the Daily Hookup.  Blue Fly has a great selection of men's underwear right now, including undies from D&G and 2(x)ist.  And you can get it now at half off Blue Fly prices.  All you have to do is go over to The Daily Hookup and buy the deal.  Get $150 to spend at Blue Fly for only $75.  And you don't have to just buy undies, Blue Fly has lots of other great designer clothes for sale.  What have you got to lose?  Don't wait, the sale ends in 5 days!  Just thought I'd share the deal.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seeing and Being Seen

Do you have issues with being seen in your underwear?

Of course there's the discussion that could be had about saggers. You know the type; I saw them in the mall yesterday. Their pants are riding so low you can almost see light between their pants and their drawers. There must be someone who thinks that's sexy - for the life of me I can't see why.

But I've noticed that a lot of guys have problems with being seen in their underwear. Even more so when getting into and out of their undies. I know of guys who don't like going to the doctor, because he might see their undies, or worse (personally, I'm fine with it). In changing rooms or when sharing hotel rooms, some guys go out of their way not to be seen in a state of undress. To me, that's a hassle. Just do your thing and keep moving. That said, I do choose my undies more carefully when I'm sharing a room with other guys. Don't want my friends to get the wrong idea by my choice of undies.

Then there's the paradox of the guys who fastidiously cover up when in street clothes, but when they put on swim trunks - even boardies - the shorts ride down almost til the bush is peeking out.

This past week, I ran a 5k, and it was 35F when we started. That got me thinking about the idea of running tights. Do I want to be seen in skin-tight pants? Does one wear undies under them? Should one wear shorts over them? I ended up running in a pair of long-johns with my running shorts over.

On the other hand, I bet some of you have a bit of exhibitionist/voyeur streak. Do you like to show off, or keep things hidden? How much do you let show? Who do you let see?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Free Jockstraps!

From now until Wednesday, October 17th (midnight EST) if your product total is $40 or more, Jockstrap Central will throw in a free jockstrap. While supplies last, the free jockstrap will be one of their Omtex Gym Supports (If they run out, you'll still get a free jock, just not one of those.) On the last step of your checkout (the invoice page) you'll be asked to choose your size and color preference.

If you don't own one already, Omtex jockstraps are both durable and comfortable and are perfect for either sports or as everyday underwear and based on all the feedback, customers love them.

Think about it this way: Buy just one CellBlock 13 wrestling singlet, two Nasty Pig Jocks, three Activeman Liberty Modal Trunks or any combination of items totalling $40 or more and you'll get a free jockstrap included with your order.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something a Little Different... A Short Story and Book

Hey boys.  Today I want to tell you about something a little different.  I want to tell you about a new book.  Jeffrey Hartinger is a young writer in New York City and he's just written a book that I think some of you might enjoy.  The book is entitled "The Generation Y Handbook" and it basically is a compilation of essays, funny stories, and reflections on what it means to navigate the world of relationships, dates, flings, sex, and one night stands ... all with funny and insightful commentary from Jeffrey.  You can purchase the book on Amazon.  Below is a brief excerpt from it.  Warning, it is a bit risqué.  Enjoy.  Oh and if you're wondering, Jeffrey wears boxer briefs as his go-to style.  He prefers to keep it simple with black or grey ones from Lucky brand.  

The Night I was Kicked Out of A Threesome In Los Angeles
I told myself the only time I would have a threesome was during college. I also told myself I wouldn’t eat a large pizza alone in complete darkness after a long night out, but life is complicated and sometimes, things don’t go according to plan.

My sophomore year at Canisius College, I was hooking up with a French foreign exchange student named Vincent. He was aptly named “French Fuck Buddy.”

He was a very handsome and smart guy, but things didn’t work out for a variety of reasons, such as his annoying need to have French subtitles on during every fucking movie we watched and the fact he was moving thousands of miles away from Buffalo after the semester was over. Oh, and he had a boyfriend.

To be honest, I was a little embarrassed when I told one of my good friends that I had a threesome with Vincent and another classmate. “Well, I wouldn’t really consider it a threesome,” I said. “Vincent and I just had sex with the same person. At the same time.”

It sounded better in my head when I thought about it. Alright, alright. I had a threesome. And since I went to a small Catholic college where nobody could keep their mouths shut, a majority of the school knew of my little tryst, too.

In a way, even though I regretted it a tad bit in college, I feel that it taught me a lot about what I am comfortable with in regard to my sex life. And thankfully, it helped prepare me for the embarrassment that happened to me a few months ago in West Hollywood.

Do you know that awkward moment where you are kicked out of a threesome because you start a debate about ethics while foreplay is coming to a close? I do and it ain’t cute.

“What? I’m not having anal sex with you. What do you think I am; some kind of slut or something?” I said.

“Uh, well, you are having a threesome with two guys you just met. Although slut is kind of a harsh word.” Participant Number One replied.

This was true. But, in all honestly, it wasn’t really a threesome. It was three gay guys fooling around. They, of course, were hot, Hispanic, muscular, and in a relationship with each other.

I kept telling myself that if I took off my glasses and squinted, I could pretend it was Ricky Martin and his hot lover. This turned into a daydream mid-hookup that involved the three of us living happily ever after and starring in a gay, reality show version of Big Love entitled, “Papi, Papi, and Jeff.”

Once I snapped out of my little fantasy, the reality of the situation set in.

After I refused to have anal sex with the Spanish duo, it turned into a mild argument.

“What did you expect was going to happen?” Participant Number Two demanded.

“To be honest? I forgot to go grocery shopping and I wanted to crash on your couch and eat some of your food. I suppose that’s not still an option?” I questioned.

“You’re a piece of work. I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Leave? It was close to 5AM, I had no cash for a cab, and a few weeks earlier, I saw a few prostitutes of West Hollywood walking barefoot in an alley on broken glass in what I assumed was some sort of street walker initiation ceremony. I was scared.

Pretty Woman is still a pretty popular movie, but the working girls of L.A. County are nothing like the character of Julia Roberts, at least in my opinion.

I gathered up my stuff from the floor; my wine stained polo, my credit card, belt, and shoes. As I made my way towards the door, I turned to the anal obsessed divas; I was going to have the last word. Although I was being kicked to the curb for not having sex with them, I knew I had something that wanted. They still wanted to bang me.

“I hope this has taught you two a valuable lesson,” I said, “Because, truth be told, I was willing to have anal sex with you.” I lied. “And let’s just say that my asshole is so tight that if you put a piece of coal in it, it would turn into a diamond within a few seconds.”

I walked out the door, down the hall to the elevator, and began what I now consider my most epic walk of shame to date.

 ~Jeffrey Hartinger, The Generation Y Handbook