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Friday, August 31, 2007

Precious Undies... literally

Check out these awesome new briefs from QZ Bodywear. They have a funky look with black body and high-contrast ribbing and waistband. And on the waistband they have their logo spelled out in metal Swarovski! They're available at Men Attitude for about $33 each. So check them out!

A Jock Review

Hey guys! I know its been a while, I’ve been super busy with soccer and senior stuff, so I haven’t had time to get online. So a few weeks ago I got this great, and when I say great I mean amazing, jock in the mail. Yeah guys, let me tell you I love this thing! So I know you’re asking who makes it, what is it, and where can I get it. Well first off, its from WildmanT, and let me say I love their stuff, and it’s the Micro-Jock. And believe me, it’s micro. This jock is by far my favorite jock I have ever had, I’ve worn it everywhere, and I still find myself wanting to wear it more. I’m actually wearing it right now! So let me set the scene, I’m a fairly average guy, I’m packing a fair amount, and I’m currently shaved except for the base of the dick. So the great thing about the jock is I get to show this all off, you wouldn’t believe the looks I get in the locker room. I’m straight and all they guys know that so we have a lot of fun with it. So the top of the jock rides right at the base of the dick, leaving some of the shaft exposed, (how hot is that?) and the straps are so small you can barely see them. I just wish you could see it, well actually there are pictures with this entry, so have fun with those. I found these on some site, the model is wearing the jock perfectly, might I add. Well I know that support and performance is really important to you guys. Just to tell you how great it is in these areas, I have worn this in soccer games, when I run, pretty much all the time, in jeans to the mall, and around the house with nothing else on at all! And let me tell you, the guys at WildmanT have made this one perfect.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I got to ask Tim (owner and founder of WildmanT) some questions:
What was the inspiration behind the jock?
"Skimpy" that is the inspiration. The word "Skimpy" I was showing a dear friend of mine in Palm Springs the original Jocks that I was looking to make before we even started producing anything and he said…are you going to carry anything "skimpy". He said the newer underwear and jocks are very "heavy-duty" and more rugged, but some us of still like the "less is more sexy approach" and so I made the micro jock.

Who is this designed for?
Anyone can wear it, young and old. But it definitely is for the risk taker and someone who is not shy. The fabric was intentionally designed to barely cover your "goods".

What is this jocks main purpose?
It is a sexy novelty item. It is not meant for the gym or daily use. It is meant for those special occasions, intimate nights….or strippers!

So I’m not a stripper, but I do think that would be fun, so guys if you are looking for a jock you can truly show off in, this is the one for you.

MY RATING: Overall, I give the WildmanT Micro Jock a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10)
PRICE -- 10 (out of 10)
WEARABILITY -- 8 (out of 10)
SEXINESS -- 10++ (out of 10)
DURABILITY -- 9 (out of 10)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keep the Entries Coming...

Well as you probably know we are currently running a contest to win tickets to the 2(x)ist Spring 2008 Runway show on September 11th in NYC. I have received a few entries, but none of them have gotten all the answers to the quiz correct (although some have been really close). So if you think you know the answers, or even if you don't, please take the time to answer the four multiple-choice questions and send them in, because you have a good chance of winning! All entries are due by the end of the day (in your time zone) tomorrow. Please read all the details about the contest in this post.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Huge Swimwear Sale

Wyzman is having a HUGE sale on their swimwear. They are offering 20% off all their swimwear from now until Friday. So act quickly. This is a great opportunity to gear up for next summer. Or if you do competition swimming, then this is a great time to get ready for the coming season this winter. Discounts already marked in their online store.

What Not to Underwear...

This is not necessarily about what not to wear as underwear, but it is more a way in which one should never wear their underwear. This is a pet peeve of mine that was just brought to my attention again after seeing it TWICE in one day in the same place and after that I just had to say something here. Now I don't mind seeing another guy's underwear in public (as long as it's not one of those ridiculous sags where they can barely walk), but seeing a guy's underwear while his shirt is tucked in looks just ridiculous. You may be thinking to yourself, how could this possibly happen? Why would anyone do this? But I've seen it quite a lot. After thinking about it, my only solution to how this could happen to a guy is they put on their shirt and then put on their underwear and pants. Now it works fine when you first put it on, but as your pants slip during the day and your underwear rides up, they eventually become visible and it really just looks stupid. What is the point of "dressing up" by tucking in your shirt if you are only going to "dress down" by exposing your underwear. Now don't get me wrong, seeing a little bit of underwear over pants can be sexy, but seeing a bit (or a lot) of underwear over pants and a shirt is just gross (especially when one of the guys in question had his underwear on inside out). So what's the solution? Well here's the order in which you should dress if you are going to tuck in your shirt:
  1. Put on your undershirt (if you wear one).
  2. Put on your underwear. You may tuck the undershirt into the underwear, or you may choose not to (tucking the undershirt into the underwear is only an option if you are going to tuck another shirt into your pants).
  3. Put on your shirt.
  4. Put on your pants in such a way that the shirt is automatically tucked in.
  5. Voila, there is now no way that your underwear will stick out!
So there you have it folks. Now you know what not to underwear.... If you like this idea, I could continue on this concept with other ways one should not wear their underwear.

PS. The photo is really just here as something to look at. I couldn't find a photo to illustrate what I am referring to.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

2(x)ist Carbon now available at MaleBasics

Check out the new 2(x)ist Carbon collection at MaleBasics.

New arrivals at Malestrom

Malestrom has some great new arrivals this week. They just added the Papi Cool Jersey briefs. These fun briefs come in a multitude of colors, so there's plenty to choose from to suit your mood. They've also added other items from the Papi Cool Jersey collection. Some other great new arrivals are from Pulse. These items from Pulse are very fun an unique. I've honestly never seen anything like them before, so be sure to check them out here and here (shown above). They've also added some items from N2N to their line-up as well. And if you're looking for some fun and funky socks that still are very comfy and durable, check out the 2(x)ist socks that they've just added to their site.

Also, if you spend more than $100 at Malestrom, you will receive a complimentary 2(x)ist contour pouch brief.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Contest: See the 2(x)ist Runway Show

You can win tickets to see the 2(x)ist spring 2008 runway show. 2(x)ist is proud to be a part of the 4th Annual STYLE360 (formerly known as “STYLELOUNGE”) which will present Spring 2008 designer collections from Sunday, September 9, through Wednesday, September 12 at the Metropolitan Pavilion (in New York). The 2(x)ist show will take place Tuesday, September 11th, 6:30pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC (110 West 19th Street between 6th and 7th avenues.). The prize: two (2) pairs of tickets to see the show (so four (4) tickets total). To win this prize, fill out the following quiz. The two people with the most right answers win. In case of a tie, the entrant who got their entry in first will win. The tickets do not include air fare to New York. The quiz is below, please email your answers to me at underwearblog @ Please enter "2(x)ist runway show" in the subject field.

1. What rock-star celebrity attended the Fall 2007 2(x)ist runway show?
A. Dave Navarro
B. Fred Durst
C. Steven Tyler
D. Brett Michaels
E. None of the Above

2. Models in 2(x)ist underwear were recently spotted handing out free cups of coffee outside of what busy NYC location?
A. Grand Central Station
B. Square
C. Rockefeller Center
D. Penn Station

3. In what year was 2(x)ist first introduced?
A. 2000
B. 1981
C. 1996
D. 1992
E. None of the Above

4. Which of the following is one of the new 2(x)ist collections that will debut on the Spring 2008 runway?
A. The Lap
B. The Track
C. The Aqua
D. The Mercury

Be sure to get your entries in soon as the show is on the the 11th of September. Remember, if you don't enter, you can't win. So enter early!

The Great Jock Sale at WildmanT

Be sure not to miss out on the week long jock sale at WildmanT. All jocks are on sale at WildmanT, this includes micro jocks, stretch jocks, and cock-ring jocks. So if you are in the market for a new jock this fall (or end of summer, whatever), be sure to check this sale out. Sale ends on the 30th of August.

New Arrivals at International Jock

Be sure not to miss out on these new arrivals at International Jock, this is one of their most extensive new product introductions ever. Here's what they've added. They've added the great new UnderToys line (from Australia) that I've mentioned to you guys before (which by the way I should be getting some UnderToys for review soon!). One of the best things about having the UnderToys line at International Jock is that now there are actual photos of the products online, and not just cartoon style drawings. They also have some great new additions from Kyle. Kyle's claim to fame is creating the first ever fly-front jockstrap (which is a trend that has now become very popular in the underwear market). These new arrivals have lots of fun, bright, new colors and lots of fun contrasts between the underwear and the fly inset. And finally, there are some great new arrivals from Punto Blanco. This is the first arrival of Punto Blanco at International Jock. So many of these styles are actually older and can be found elsewhere, but they are simply new arrivals to International Jock. If you've been reading this blog with any frequency, you'll know that I really enjoy the offerings from Punto Blanco. I have not yet tried anything from Kyle or UnderToys. But all these products are great, so be sure to check out all these great new arrivals.

CORRECTION: Nation Up North, NOT National

Many of you brought this error to my attention. In this post I numerously referred to the brand Nation Up North as "National Up North". There is no such thing as a company called "National Up North" (or at least not an underwear company). Sorry for the error. The actual brand name is Nation Up North. I have now changed the entry to the correct brand name.

Free Shipping at Wyzman

Get free shipping on all orders over $50 at Wyzman for four days only. I believe that the savings are automatically applied as there was no promo code given.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brand Notice: Nation Up North

Nation Up North is a brand that has been recently brought to my attention. The brand was started Denmark in 2004 by Nanna Trier who was inspired by “The gap [she] found in [the underwear] market... to create the perfect fit, combined with first class material and attention to detail.”. Although this brand has been around since 2004, it has just recently been brought to the US. Here's how that happened:
In the summer of 2006 Eric Konz, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, wandered into a boutique shop in Madison, Wisconsin and picked up a pair of Nation Up North underwear. “I tried them on and it was the most comfortable pair of underwear I’d ever owned,” said Eric. He wasted no time contacting Nanna in Denmark and they put together a strategy for launching Nation Up North™ in the USA exclusively through the webshop.
Nation Up North has been popping up all over the place, and it continually gets bigger. They have even developed a sponsorship of UFC and WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) fighter, Alex Karalexis. This is a brand that really does appeal to a spectrum of men. The line promises a stylish, timeless, quality product that every man can relate to and enjoy. So we'll have to see how well NUN lives up to its promises. I just sent out my sample request, so I should be getting a review up sometime in the coming months.

The line currently comes in black, red, white, and grey trunks. Although the site promises more soon. The underwear is towards the higher end of prices at $27 a pair, but if it lives up to all of its promises then it is well worth the price. To find out more about how they fulfill their promises with the product, read this page on their web site.

If you have had any experience with NUN underwear, I welcome you to share your experiences in the comments section of this post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Calvin Klein Display at Macy's

So today I was walking through Macy's, and I noticed a very in-your-face underwear display. Positioned at the entrance to the men's section were four mannequins modeling just their Calvin Klein underwear. Now these weren't any Calvins, they were Calvins from the new CK Steel line. So if you have not looked into this new line, you should. The underwear looked hot. The large display was in honor of the new line and Macy's Glamorama. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with so I do not have a photo to share. But if any of you have seen such a display and have a photo, please send it to me and I'll post it. Or maybe I'll have a chance to stop by again and snap a photo. Anyway, the display was very sexy, and the mannequins were wearing just the underwear and holsters (in honor of Glamorama's Western theme). So if you are in a Macy's near you, be sure to check it out.

New HOM plume rustic string

This just in at DGU. Check it out here (also available in trunk and brief styles).

New Arrivals at Planet Undies

Planet Undies has some great new arrivals. They are now carrying 2(x)ist brand underwear. In addition to this brand addition, they have some great new arrivals from MANstore, HOM, and UDY. So be sure to check out all the great new additions.

15% off at Mensuas

Save 15% off your next purchase at Mensuas when using the promo code "joej2". Also, automatically get free shipping on your Mensuas order. These offers are both good until the end of the month.

Free Shipping at Bare Necessities

Get this deal at Bare Necessities from now until the 13th of September.

15% off at Undergear

Get 15% off your purchase of 5 items or more at Undergear. Now through August 26th when using the promo code U7PBUY4A at checkout.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Short notice... Save 10%

Save 10% off your purchase at Mensuas through the end of today when you use coupon code "joej".

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brand Update: Cocksox

There's lots of great new stuff coming from Cocksox. The first thing, which in my opinion is probably the coolest, is brand new waistbands. Or should I say, an added waistband (because most Cocksox didn't have waistbands to begin with). These waistbands for the first time have the Cocksox logo embroidered across the top (sneak peek from Cocksox shown on right). They've made 50 kilometers of this stuff, so they definitely expect it to be a success. And I'm sure it will be, who doesn't want the words "Cocksox" embroidered around their waist? As they gradually transition from the old waistbands to the new there will be a period of time where you might be lucky enough to get one of the new waist bands before they're formally released! And at no extra cost!

The next new thing isn't really underwear, but it promises to be underwear soon. The folks at Cocksox brought together some of the best men in white coats and the latest computer technology to design a new way of making lycra print fabric. This new innovation promises to eliminate the cracking, fading, and running that sometimes happens with lycra prints. I can't wait to check it out and see how well it actually works. If this really does what they promise, it will definitely revolutionize the way we print on fabric and you will be sure to be seeing a lot more printed undies and swimsuits on the way. Well obviously, these new prints are exclusive to Cocksox so you won't find them anywhere else. So this Cocksox Original Prints design series comes in two prints on swim briefs, Cherry Paradise and Tiki Lagoon. So check them out. And I'm sure they will be coming out with more prints (and probably printed undies) soon! They are definitely going to be releasing some swim trunks (the tight kind) soon because there was a sneak peek on Cocksox TV (read below). And to celebrate these new prints, they are giving all customers 10% off ALL purchases from now until the 24th with the coupon code "paradise".

And last, but not least, just like many other brands, Cocksox now has a "TV station" on the web. So be sure to check out Cocksox TV for all things Cocksox in action!

End of Season sale at MaleBasics

Starting today at MaleBasics, get 25% off C-in2 Wacky colors, pop colors, and questions marks collections using coupon code "end" at checkout.

Freshpair Giveaway Reminder!

I'd just like to remind all of you about our Freshpair Underwear Giveaway in honor of National Underwear Day. Even though the day has past, the giveaway is still going on and you can still enter. I have not yet set an ending date for the contest, but I must get at least 20 more entries before I can consider ending the giveaway. So even if you think your entry may not be winning material, submit it anyway. You've got nothing to lose! I have been a little vague in the past about the details. So let me clear it up. There will be three (3) winners who will win underwear in their given size. You may enter in one of the following ways:
  • Send me a great question via email that will inspire a great blog entry or blog debate.
  • Send me a photo of you or a friend (ask their permission) in underwear with one of two themes: Underwear in the City, or Summer Underwear. Use your creativity.
  • Write a quality comment on a post (but make sure you say that you are entering the Freshpair Giveaway).
Also, you MUST include your size along with each method of entry.
RULES: We need a valid email at which to contact you (make sure you include this on any blog comments). You must include your desired size for the entry to be valid. Readers may enter up to 3 times during the giveaway period (the end of which will be determined at a later date). Winners will be selected by judges. The judges' decisions are final. Your words and/or photo(s) will become property of UB and/or Freshpair and may be used in public places regardless of the winning status.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Review: RIPS Drawstring Brief

Well, I've gotta say, on a whole, RIPS may very well be one of the most over-looked brands out there. I think this may be due in part to the fact that their imagery is pretty low-key and basic. But don't let that fool you, they are anything but boring and blah. Yes, their underwear is fairly basic, but it is incredibly high-quality basic and every man deserves to experience their comfort and quality. And as an added bonus, the are re-vamping their site and image to include much more flashier, sexier imagery of their products (some of the new imagery can be seen in this post).

I have had the opportunity to try all of the RIPS line and a lot of it has far exceeded my expectations. But today, I'd like to highlight their drawstring brief because it is such a unique product to their brand and you won't find anything like it elsewhere.

The drawstring brief, in a sense, is like a Speedo (swim brief) minus the water-proof fabric and liner. It is one of the most comfortable briefs that I have tried. The legbands fit snugly around the legs, as they should, and I have never felt them riding up too high during the day. But they are just the perfect amount of tightness, because I have also never felt constricted by them, nor have I found "legband marks" when I take them off at night. I think the unique aspect, though, that highly contributes to their comfort is the drawstring waist. Unlike other briefs, the fabric is not taut in the body of the brief, the waistband truly holds up the briefs. Without the waistband (or without tying it) the briefs would simply flop down around your mid-thigh (the legbands would still hold them that high). This feature is really great because it allows you to tie your briefs as tightly or as loosely as you desire, allowing for a more roomy or a more supported feel depending on your preference or mood.

The look of these briefs is also great. They provide full-coverage while still maintaining some sexiness. These briefs truly could be worn as swimwear and you would not feel exposed at all. But they still feel sexy because of the drawstring, and the fact that if the drawstring is loosened just a bit they will fall open and reveal all (which also makes for easy access in the restroom).

The variety in fabric and colors that these briefs come in is great. They make them in crisp, classic white, a heather gray and a sexy black. They also have them in blue in the RIPS colors range (shown). They also come in the performance range. And in the future, they will come in red and yellow once those colors in the colors range have been launched.

All in all, these briefs give a good bank for your buck. When you wear these, you'll be sure to have something comfortable and fun that hardly anyone else will have. The unique waist really makes these briefs the great product that they are. You can also get a trunk version with a drawstring if you prefer.

Overall, I give the RIPS Drawstring Brief a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

********** 9

Friday, August 17, 2007

Blow Out Wax Sale at MaleBasics

Take 25% off all Wax at MaleBasics with coupon code "wax" at checkout.

Short Notice... deals at Malestrom

Sorry for the late notice. My inbox is brimming with emails yet to be read, and I just found this one in the nick of time. Malestrom has a couple great things going on. First off, they just released the new 2(x)ist bold line on their site (shown above). Also, if you purchase $100 or more with of underwear (or something else I guess) you will get a free 2(x)ist no-show brief. And finally, you can get 50% off Artificial Flavor. So head on over there now. This is all over at the end of the day! So act quickly!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

$5 shipping at Undergear

Get $5 Shipping on your purchases at Undergear. Offer good now through August 19th with promo code "U7PSA"

Bruno Banani Knights Line and 3Sixty

The Bruno Banani Knights line, which is available at DGU in shorts, string, or tanga styles, is a really fun new line that has quickly become a favorite of DGU customers. It is inspired by medieval times with a "toilesque" all-over knight pattern. These cool new undies also landed DGU on the cover of the August pride issue of 3Sixty magazine (shown above). If you're at all interested in the mag, the entire issue is available for download on their site. Otherwise you can head over to Dead Good Undies and get yourself some Bruno Banani.

New Bjorn Borg colors at

Check out the great new colors of Björn Borg by clicking here. And be sure to check out other undergarments from

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm back..

I'm back. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you that I would be away for the week because I honestly thought I would have internet access. But I was mistaken. But I am back now.

Lots of things happened this week, and I have TONS of emails to read and respond to. So hopefully I will get to those soon. But I just wanted to quickly spotlight the main event of the week, National Underwear Day.

I hope that you all remembered about Freshpair's National Underwear Day which was on the 7th. And hopefully some of you even participated in it. I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures to share on the blog, so feel free to send them in.

And remember, you can still submit your entries for the Freshpair Giveaway.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Exclusive Interview: WildmanT

I have had the opportunity to sit down and interview Tim Wildman [pictured below] of WildmanT. This exclusive interview goes in depth into his business, his underwear preferences, and hints at some upcoming products.

UB: What inspired you to start WildmanT?
WM: What a lot of people don’t know is WildmanT is a family business. It started about two years ago as a solution for my mother and her excess time. Three years ago she was diagnosed with what doctors thought was going to be a terminal illness. She wasn’t able to work and run around all day like she use to. So on top of being ill, dieing, she felt functionless and useless. So I started WildmanT to give her something to do. We were just another website reselling other people’s clothes and all she really had to do was get a few orders together every couple days and go to the post office. Keep in mind, I always wanted an underwear line since college when I went to school for fashion design so I thought well this will serve two purposes.

UB: Was creating your own line all part of the plan at the beginning, or did you add that later?
WM: About 8 months ago, her illness left as quickly as it came on and the business was doing a lot more than we thought. When I realized she could do more and I wanted to do more, we started looking to make WildmanT a bigger part of our lives. We had a little momentum with our name and it was just time to start making some items of our own.

UB: What has influenced you most in the design of your products (other designers, other brands, other people, etc.)?
WM: I was a really skinny guy growing up and I was infatuated with bigger and meatier, beefier guys. As a young kid, the only people I saw like that were in underwear ads. Either the posters in the men’s section of Sears or catalogs we got in the mail, I wanted to look like an underwear guy. That silly notion turned into a legitimate interest in the industry. As I got older and became a young gay man I turned my interest into gay underwear designers. I was extremely happy when Greg from GoSoftwear needed a web designer (which I also do) and I was able to work really close with his products. I loved his low-rise underwear and how he pushed the envelope with the first padded under gear [shown] for men.

UB: You have mentioned how your business is family run, to what extent does your family help out in the business and how do they feel about the whole thing?
WM: As I mentioned, it was created to give my mother something to do, but nowadays, she does the accounting, the shipping, and the customer service. When we start new lines, before we get it produced in bulk, I make the patterns and she cuts out all the fabric and I piece them together. My brother helped launch us financially to get started with all the costs and he helps with planning and manufacturing research and follow-up. Plus, come crunch-time, no matter what needs to be done, you will see the four of us around the kitchen table working through the night to meet whatever deadline we have.

UB: You are your own model, what prompted you to do that and what do your friends and family think about it?
WM: Hmmmm, well at first I thought it was just flat out funny and a way to keep costs down. My mother was a tad worried about the extended West Virginia family seeing some of the photos, as they are not as open minded, but she got over it real quick when she was able to pay her mortgage with Ball Lifter money J My other brothers laugh their ass off and try like hell to embarrass me whenever they can. Personally, I didn’t think many people would even see them and I long forgot they are even me until someone mentions it…like my brothers.

UB: Something that people often wonder about is your name, is your last name really Wildman?
WM: I think one of the best things I ever got from my father was his name. Although a curse as a skinny little shy boy growing up, it turned out to be a defining characteristic of my own personal growth. I used to get picked on as a kid being called Wildwomen. But somewhere around the 8th grade, I became 6’4” and kicked a couple asses and permanently became WildMAN.

Yearrrrrrrrrsss later, I worked as a waiter in NYC. We punch our orders into the computer and they would come out to the cooks in the kitchen with the table number, the food order and the server name “ Wildman T” The T stands for Tim. So I just got use to “WildmanT, your order is up” “WildmanT, you are the worst waiter in the world” “WildmanT, WildmanT” You get the picture.

UB: What underwear are you wearing right now?
WM: You have no clue how often I am asked that question. Well today I am home alone working on the computer all day….so none…commando. I suppose that is not a very good plug for my own product, but you asked J

UB: Do you wear just your own brand of underwear, or do you wear other brands? What are the other brands if you wear them?
WM: I always try to wear my own brand first, but when the laundry time comes around, the secondary kind is Joe Boxer. I have always loved Joe Boxer, they are so comfortable.

UB: What is your favorite style of underwear?
WM: We are currently in production with new boxers and other sturdy low-rise styles, but I am probably always going to like our WildmanT Low Rise Leg-band Bikini the best because they are soooo comfortable…much like the Joe Boxers.

UB: What is your favorite color of underwear?
WM: My personal favorite color for underwear is yellow with white trim, but didn’t start our first line with any yellow underwear. Although I like it best, it doesn’t sell best. It will definitely be integrated in the near future.

UB: What is your favorite pair of underwear out of the whole WildmanT collection?
WM: First let me say, the stuff we are working on is my favorite but it won’t be released for a few months. But I do love the WildmanT Micro Jock Laced. I think it is sexy cool looking at the same time.

UB: Do you have plans to expand into other colors and maybe even prints?
WM: The majority of all our products are done or start off being done in-house, meaning we design, cut and sew. We are starting to work with a contractor to meet our growing needs. These items will have a lot more of the intricacies that we could not accommodate with our current equipment. So yes, new lines, new colors and a fun line of boxers called “WildmanT Big Fruit Boxers” made with four fun fruit patterns.

UB: Can you tell me a bit about your popular Ball Lifter style and what your inspiration was for that?
WM: The Ball Lifter was more of an accidental thought rather than a planned product. Like I mentioned earlier, I was the original underwear model for my own items. Well a LOT of what you see in the professional product shots are guys who naturally look “full” in underwear and a lot of great lighting. I didn’t realize this at first…but I was NOT one of those guys. So, I went the other route- fake it. I tried all the tricks I use to do back in old days when I would run photo shots for Next Magazine in New York. Stuff, pin, hike, fluff…whatever it took. So I was tying all of these techniques on myself and nothing was consistent. So I thought, shoot, if I can just put my “stuff” where it looks good and keep it there for the shot, I will be all set. After three or four different contraptions, I ended up with the simplest, most comfortable solution…and the Ball Lifter was born. I had no intention of selling it. It was almost an after thought… “gosh, I wish someone would do something like that for when I put on a bathing suit, I would love to be one of those big crotched studs out by the pool”…duh…make it yourself. By the next morning I had made a prototype, illustration, and a cartoon to boot. We sold 30 or 40 the next day.

UB: Do you have any upcoming new styles that you can tell us about?
WM: No new ball lifters, but new underwear items. I don’t have a projected release date as we are testing several contractors. But I think it is important to mention, that every product made and sold is made in the USA and always will be.

UB: You also have a blog, can you tell us a bit about that?
WM: It is just a personal journal about the process it took me to get here. It also is a place to get good feedback from viewers, customers and other bloggers. I contribute a lot of our success to our blog and more importantly other bloggers who have supported our content like yourselves.

UB: Your site promotes WildmanT as "gay mens underwear", do you really think that your underwear is just for gay men? Or do you think that straight men are also buying and wearing your products?
WM: Definitely both, as we have a lot of female customers buying for their boyfriends. I will sell to anyone, but I will not ever become a “non-gay” company even if it means a better market and more sales. Gay men have worn “straight” clothing their whole lives and have been fine with it. I target gays, but anyone is welcome to wear what I make.

UB: You have a unique section on your site for users to share their photos. Most underwear companies don't do this, why did you decide to include this section on your site?
WM: My whole marketing plan was based off of the networking of individuals, and making them feel they are part of a community and part of my company.

UB: Do you have any final comments that you'd like to make?
WM: Live green, be proud of who you are, and buy my underwear J

Free Gosoftwear Top or Bottom

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Exclusive RIPS photo #5

Here's another exclusive photo from RIPS. This is the back of the RIPS Extreme sheer contour pouch brief. To check out the first exclusive photo, click here. And to get the second (which is the front of this same jock), click here. For the third, click here. And for the fourth, click here. More to come soon!

Free Shipping at Nuwear

All weekend long get free shipping on all USA orders at Nuwear.

Friday, August 03, 2007

New Brand: Benjamin Blak

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Show Off your Underwear Drawer

This is your opportunity to show the world what you have in your underwear drawer. Dead Good Undies is running a small contest in which 5 lucky people will win some goodies by entering a photo of their underwear drawer. Here's what they are looking for:

  • Men's or Women's Underwear Drawer Photos
  • Messy or Organized Drawers

So if you think your drawer has what it takes to win, or you just want to show off your underwear collection, send in some photos to

Also, if you'd just like to show off your drawer and you aren't so sure if you will win, feel free to send UB your photos and we will be sure to post them. Good luck everyone, and I hope you win!

Photos from grubbybastard and jackncokewithlime respectively. Thanks guys!