International Jock

Monday, July 11, 2016

Cocksox is Ten!

Can you believe it? Cocksox just turned 10 and they're marking their anniversary with a special collection called Decadence. The collection features a striking print of sexy Cocksox slogans, brands and tags. From day one Cocksox has loved to play with fun slogans, tags and cheeky statements to tell the story of their brand. The Decadence print shows off a bunch of the best ones and wraps them around you! By wearing these you literally become a part of the Cocksox story. Wear them with pride!

Since 2006 Cocksox has supported men across the globe with a wide range of underwear and swimwear featuring their signature enhancing pouch designs. Ten years on the sexy styles are still pumping and grinding their way through the men's fashion world. Choose your style! The Decadence collection features five classic Cocksox underwear styles - brief, thong, boxer, bikini brief, and the sports brief. 

Check out the special collection today and help Cocksox celebrate 10 years of rocking out with your cock out!