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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What will you wear for NYE?

Lots of thought goes into ringing in the new year as it is thought to set the tone for the year ahead. Everything from who you spend it with to what you wear is carefully curated. But what about your underwear? That's important too. Many cultures have different traditions about what color of undies to wear for ringing in the New Year. What they all have in common, don't wear black undies.

So what will you wear? My own personal tradition is to wear something new that I haven't worn before.

Whatever you wear we hope you have a happy, healthy and safe New Year. Good bye 2015 and hello 2016!

Tell us what you're gonna wear in the comments :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Men's Underwear

It's that time of year again, time to figure out what to give your man for the holidays. If you're like me, it's still fairly warm out and you haven't even begun to start thinking about gifts yet alone buying them. But Christmas is less than two weeks away, so you better start planning! Underwear is a pretty traditional gift for the holiday, but it doesn't have to be boring. With our help, your man will be excited to receive undies this Christmas. Here's some of our favorites this year for your man:
Kiniki - cage micro briefs in flesh.

  • Kiniki - Our friends at Kiniki have recently launched a new collection entitled Allure. This collection is the perfect mix of sexy and comfy to spice things up with your man. We are particularly fond of the cage micro briefs (shown).
  • Bum Chums - The British brand has brought us a bunch of new undies perfect for the holidays with their new collection. We love the "Christmas jumper collection" - a fun mix of kitsch and chic. 

Ken Wroy Sydney briefs.

  • Ken Wroy - Perfect for the man who loves something a little more stylish but still likes traditional fits. The new skylines collection is fun yet functional. We love the new metallic waistbands. If your man is more of a traditionalist, you can get the metallic waistband on the new solid colors as well. 
  • Tani - For the man who loves luxury, Tani is the ultimate underwear. They pride themselves in combining the best in fabric, form and function. While they are a little spendy, these undies will definitely become one of your man's favs. 
  • Stardom - Is a great new collection that brings a fresh take to basics. The royal trunks have become one of my go-tos, but really you can't go wrong with anything from these guys. Note, they are sized a little small. 
  • Obviously - Obviously has upgraded their range recently with several new pouch sizes to fit every size anatomy. For the bigger man check out AnatoMAX, otherwise turn to AnatoFREE for a more standard fit. 

Obviously's new lumber collection trunks.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Save on Jock of the Month Club

People found shopping to be hard and time consuming, so we came up with online shopping. Now even online shopping can become a chore, there's just so many options and so little time. So subscription services have become the rage, with experts curating the perfect items for you to consume. It was only a matter of time before this came to the men's underwear world. There are several out there, and we will go over them separately in later posts, but for today we want to tell you about His Jock's Underwear of the Month club

His Jock offers several different subscription options: jock of the month, brief of the month, trunk of the month, or surprise pair -- all for $24.95/mo. They also offer sock of the month for $12/mo. What's pretty cool in my opinion is if you want you can add a second pair (your choice of style) for an extra $20.00/mo. The selection comes from many popular designer brands like Supawear, C-In2, Cell Block, Papi, teamm8 and more! 

The sign up process is super easy, you just fill out a quick form, sit back and relax and let the undies come in. No complicated surveys to fill out, just click and done. 

And as a special offer, the folks at His Jock are offering a special $5 off your first month for MUB readers with coupon code MUB. 

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Huge Savings on Multipacks at Big Boys

This holiday season celebrate and stock up big with Big Boys Pants multipacks. Choose from briefs, thongs, and boxer briefs in a variety of colors to save up to 40% off. Whether you're just adding more to your collection or giving them to friends, this is a deal that can't be beat!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free Jocks at International Jock

As a little Halloween special, our friends at International Jock are giving away free Bike jockstraps with every order. All you have to do is place an order, no limit to order size or number of orders you may place. EVERY order will receive a jock. Limited time only. These iconic Bike jocks come in black, white and swimmer styles, and they'll pick one for you at random in your size. This promotion is limited to supplies on hand, so act now!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday, October 05, 2015

Flash Deal at Audace

Today only, from now until 2 pm EST, our friends at Audace are running an amazing deal! Two for one on the Doreanse "Hang Loose" collection. For each thong or brief you buy, they'll throw in another free of charge. It's just that simple. If you don't specify in the comments what you'd like as your freebee, you'll get the same size and color or whatever is available.  Act fast! Thongs are $11 and the briefs are $12. So that's TWO thongs for $11 and TWO briefs for $12, where else will you find a deal like that?  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Catch 'em with their pants down!

Our friends at Cocksox are having a flash sale this weekend. Get 40% off selected styles, no code needed! This is an awesome deal, but it won't last long. Good now through Monday (or so I'm told). Check out the sale page to shop their selection. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm Feeling the (Male) Power - A Review

It's not often that you come across a new brand of underwear when you're someone like me. And while I had heard of Male Power before, it is new to my underwear drawer. I must say, I wish I had tried them earlier!

I received a sizable bundle of undies from the nice folks over at Male Power, but so far my hands-down favorite is the Heather Rib Enhancer Bikini Brief, which I will review today. At first glance, the brief is nothing too special. It looks like your standard grey brief. Its heather grey fabric is nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. That is at first glance.

Once you get these briefs on, it's a whole different game. The fit is a cross between a brief and a bikini, although in the Male Power catalog they are officially referred to as bikini briefs. The legs are high cut, but there is still some fabric below the waistband making them not true bikinis. The pouch is generously cut, but also form fitting. I did not realize this with my initial wear, but the pouch is actually designed to be enhancing according to the product listing pages. While it is enhancing, it is still comfortable and has a natural look.

In fact, these are some of the comfiest briefs I've tried in a long time and they will definitely take a place in my core rotation. The fabric is silky soft, light-weight, and breathable. The pictures really don't do the fabric justice, it's a very subtle knit that is soft and smooth to the touch. While I've only worn them over the past few weeks in the summer heat, I have a feeling they will wear well throughout the year. The waistband is also smooth, with a side tag that isn't noticeable.

While basic, I'd argue that these briefs are quite stylish. There's something very sexy about them, while at the same time timeless. The light-weight fabric contours perfectly to the male form, emphasizing every curve in the sexiest way possible. They truly live up to the brand's name Male Power. 

These briefs are very versatile, I can't think of a purpose for which you couldn't wear these. With that in mind, and considering I'm adding these to my main rotation, I'd say they're well worth the $22 price tag. They can be purchased at both Freshpair and Mens Underwear Store. The heather rib collection also comes in a thong, jock, and trunk which I imagine are all equally comfortable.

Overall, I give the Male Power Heather Rib Bikini Brief a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - High-cut, cross between a brief and bikini; contours to every curve.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Silky, smooth, lightweight fabric. Soft waistband.
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10) - Basic, stylish, sexy, and timeless.
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - High quality fabric and construction.
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - Great for every occasion, worth the price.

********** 9

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The New Face of Hilfiger: Rafael Nadal

Tommy Hilfiger has long been a staple in the men's underwear world, but at least in my mind they've been relegated to department stores and discounters like Marshall's. I'd never consider Tommy undies fashionable before. They've been basics at best that have stood the test of time, but had very little innovation.

But now Tommy Hilfiger has revamped their men's underwear line, and they've brought on pro tennis star Rafael Nadal as the face of the campaign. The new line is sleek, with a revamped waistband and minimal seams. For the first time in a long time, Tommy underwear actually looks modern. I'm actually a little curious to go out and try some. The new range comes in trunks, boxerbriefs, and briefs and hovers around $30 a pair.

Be sure to check out the sexy commercial below featuring Nadal. If this doesn't make you want these undies, I don't know what will!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reactions to Andrew Christian Underwear

Love it or hate it Andrew Christian underwear has made a big splash in the men's underwear world since it's inception in 2001. The brand has evolved from a small indy brand out of Hollywood to a multi-million dollar global company. So obviously they're doing something right. With this evolution, so too have the styles that Andrew Christian offers - every season they get bolder and more out there, targeting a mostly gay audience. So it begs the question, what do straight men think of Andrew Christian underwear? Would they wear it? This video finds the answer.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Keep Cool this Summer with HappySacs

The dog days of summer are upon us, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer. Beat the heat in your pants with HappySacs.

Even when wearing the best underwear money can buy, as men we've all experienced the need to adjust ourselves. Many of us have also experienced the discomfort that can come from a sweaty sac. HappySacs is a new brand that looks to solve these problems. Launched by Christian Smith through crowdfunding, the HappySac is a pouch for your scrotum designed to be worn under your underwear.

HappySacs come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and should fit most guys. Fun fact I learned while doing some research for this post, it turns out most testicles are roughly the same size, the variation is actually in the size (length) of the scrotal sack. 

HappySacs also come in a couple different prints as well as black and white. There are two lines of HappySacs, the original and the ColdSac. The ColdSac is designed to keep you even more cool, for those extra sticky situations.

I've had the opportunity to try out the HappySacs myself, and I have to say this product is truly perfect for those extra hot days (or if you live somewhere where it's always hot). My only real complaint is that the three sizes aren't quite enough to encompass all the variation in scrotum size, but hopefully as they grow they'll be able to make more sizes.

If you ever complain of sticky bits, then these are for you

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Let American-Made Underwear Support You

Celebrate America and support U.S. businesses and jobs at International Jock during their “Made in USA” Sale! Every American-made brand is 25% off in celebration of the 4th of July. Your underwear says a lot about you, but did you think to check the label? Where your underwear is made makes a big difference, and what better time than Independence Day to buy local? 

International Jock carries brands from all over the world but has always made a point to seek out and support U.S. manufacturers. With hot-selling men’s clothing brands like Go Softwear, Pistol Pete, N2N Bodywear, Sauvage, Rufskin and LA Sporting Club, International Jock’s “Made in USA” sale makes it easier than ever to support companies that keep their workers employed right here in the USA. 

So head on over to the International Jock “Made in USA” Sale and remember: when you pull on your favorite American underwear you’re supporting more than what’s between your legs.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

50 Shades of May at Cocksox

Sponsored Post

Cocksox invites you to upgrade your underwear and swimwear collections with their Fifty Shades of May sale. They’ve selected fifty color combinations across some of their most cherished styles and prices are 30-50% off. 

Looking your best will cost a bit less, so now is the time to surrender your inhibitions. The sensual fabrics unequivocally prove Cocksox to be the best underwear and swimwear a man could get. 

Whatever your desire Cocksox aims to please with their enhancing designs. But don’t get tied up as stock levels are as skimpy as the attire itself. 

The full spectrum of Cocksox underwear cuts are featured in this sale. Whether you need new boxers, briefs or something a bit more tantalizing, you are bound to have your demands fulfilled. 

With so much gratification to be had, where would you explore first? How about the original – dare we say, legendary – CX01 Brief, which can be exclusively yours in Lime, Risky Red or Gold. 

The swimwear selections epitomizes everything Cocksox stands for. The sporty CX79 Boy Leg Swim Briefs in vibrant colors sits alongside mischievous sexy cuts like the CX22 Swim Thong

With these irresistible prices there is only one place to shop - it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. Cocksox will show you how...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cazwell Goes Commando, Launches Underwear Line - Exclusive Interview

Cazwell is a well-known rapper known for his songs with gay themes and sexy videos. He recently launched a line of underwear called Ice Cream Truck after his hit single with the same name. The line is a collaboration with designer Geoffrey Mac. We had the chance to sit down with Cazwell to discuss the collection, his underwear preferences, and what's next for the rapper. Check out the exclusive interview below.

MUB: Hello Cazwell, how are you? 
Cazwell: Good, thanks!

MUB: I'm a long-time fan and follower of your music. Let's get down to business and ask what we all want to know, what underwear are you wearing right now? 
C: Well today is long overdue laundry day so I’m actually free ballin’ right now in a pair of basketball shorts. But my whites are in the dryer, so I should have a fresh pair soon :)

MUB: Besides your own line, what would we find in your underwear drawer? Do you have a favorite style? Favorite brand?
C: I honestly have never have been a designer underwear kind of guy. I usually just run to Macy’s and grab a pack of Tommy’s or Calvin boxer briefs. I used to be strictly boxers kind of guy. It wasn’t until last year that I moved up to boxer briefs, lol.

MUB: What prompted you to start this line? What was the inspiration, besides the song of course? 
C: We were originally looking at sportswear. We wanted to do some basketball shorts and matching tanks, but then I said let’s just start with one simple product. I always wanted to get into the underwear business, and I did a lot of research with underwear buyers. We bounced back and forth with a bunch of names for it but landed on Ice Cream Truck because I’m associated with that video more than any other and it gave us the opportunity to work with a theme.

MUB: How involved were you in the design process? 
C: Very. I love working with Geoffrey Mac. They involved me in every step. It took a long time to figure it out. The things you think are simple like finding the right kind of elastic band to print the design on is actually extremely tedious, and there is a lot of testing involved but we finally got it right.

MUB: Will we be seeing you in "Ice Cream Truck"? 
C: Absolutely!! I’m planning the new ad campaign now. You’ll also see some new models. I'm excited about it!

MUB: It looks like the line is selling like hot cakes, or should we say hot pants? Do you have plans for expanding the line? Will you be making other styles like briefs or jockstraps? Or playing off of other slogans or songs of yours? 
C: You know I’m already thinking about that! LOL. The next step is dropping a bathing suit for the summer along with the next batch of underwear. This line obviously just started, but I hope to move into jockstraps and boxer shorts.

MUB: What's next for you? 
C: Right now I’m casting models for my next couple of videos so if you know of any, send them my way. And YES, they will be wearing Ice Cream Truck underwear…LOL!

Monday, April 13, 2015

JOR '80s Jockstrap Review

JOR is a brand that I didn't know all too much about until recently. They are a Colombian based underwear company, but have their products sold through many different places online. Most of their underwear are simple and basic styles, but they use many colors and color combinations that most companies wouldn't. The jockstrap I will be reviewing I purchased at MensUnderwearStore .

I own a few jockstraps, and I decided to give this one a try. I wear jockstraps mostly when working out, but sometimes I do like to wear them under normal everyday clothes. It's kind of a sexy secret, that only I know about.

JOR '80s Jock Strap 

Once I got this jockstrap, I was so excited to wear it, that I wore it out the next day. I had never really worn a jockstrap under jeans before, but it is definitely a feeling that I could get used to. There's a sense of freedom to it that I had never felt before.   

MensUnderwearStore carries a number of different colors, and prints of this jockstrap, but I chose to go with the pink waistband and black and white striped pouch. The pink is a very vibrant color, somewhat of a cross between highlighter pink, and bubblegum pink. 

The fabric of this is great. It is a 96% Polyester /4% Spandex blend. It is much stretchier than other jockstraps that I have. But it isn't too stretchy that it will lose it's elasticity quickly. With the spandex blend in it, it gives you somewhat of a "natural hang" in the pouch, while still supporting everything. 
I am normally a small in most company's sizing, and this one is no different. The only downside to these that I would say is that the straps that go around the back are just the tiniest bit too long. I do think part of this can be contributed to my lack of "junk in the trunk".  

The straps sit in a good place in the back, and don't seem to move around too much during movement. The elastic is just the right amount of tight. It is tight to your body, so it won't slide around, but it isn't too tight, to squeeze you too much. I have had other jockstraps where the waistband in the back likes to rise up, but these don't seem to do that. I have worn and washed these a number of times, and don't see any signs of wear on them. I would definitely recommend these for working out, wearing around the house, or everyday wear. They are super breathable, and very comfortable. 

Overall, I would give this jockstrap a solid 8.5/10. 

FIT: 8/10
COMFORT: 9.1/10
STYLE: 7.9/10
QUALITY: 8.5/10
VALUE: 7/10  


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Max's Underpants Episode 1

Ever dream of being a male underwear model? Well in this cheeky web series, underwear model Max Emerson explains the art of underwear modeling and gives a few pointers.

This is episode one, check out Max's YouTube channel for more episodes in the series.

Monday, February 23, 2015

NPH Strips to Skivvies at the Oscars

Did you miss the Oscars last night? Well then you missed out on some sexy man candy. Host Neil Patrick Harris stripped down to his tight, white briefs Sunday night for a stunt... who cares, Neil Patrick Harris stripped down to his briefs on live network television! And let's just say he's looking very toned and yummy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seven7 on sale at GILT

GILT is having another great underwear flash sale of Seven7 brand underwear. They have lots of great printed briefs and trunks available in two-packs for $15, what a deal! If you're not a member of GILT yet, you can sign up now using our exclusive sign-up link here. There's one day left on this fantastic sale so act fast!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Valentine's Sale at Big Boys

Our friends at Big Boys are having a great sale from now until Valentine's Day. Get 33% off multipacks (of 5 or more) in all styles to fit you or your guy's mood. Makes a great gift for you or that special someone this Valentine's Day. Also get free shipping!

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Brand Sheath + Review

So far I've reviewed some big names in underwear which happen to be some of my favourites. Now, I have for you a brand most of you won't be familiar with, Sheath. The pair I was sent is the Sheath 2.0 boxer brief.

Sheath has created a boxer brief with the active guy in mind. This is a very traditional cut and look for a boxer brief and while the design is simple the engineering and thought put into this boxer brief shows when you put it on. I did notice on the Sheath website that the boxer briefs are true and tested in some extremely active situations like mountain climbing, martial arts and yoga (and probably more).

Most guys are probably familiar with the pouch designs in active boxer briefs with the growth of the market all over North America. Sheath has created a pouch design that as you may guess is where the name Sheath comes from. It's a different design from 'keyholes' or lifting/enhancing pouches by a piece of fabric seen into the pouch that allows your stuff to sit into the pouch much like the lip of a cup [Uman says: reminds me a bit of the now-defunct brand Alio]. The fabric used is stretchable and lightweight enough to be comfortable and doesn't rely on any hardware or wiring inside the pouch to maintain shape. So this is a very gentle approach to underwear designed to separate and support your package. There is still some room for improvement in the pouch though, I found that as my package grew and shrunk in the cold weather that I would need to check and reposition myself.

The construction of the rest of the boxer brief is an obviously classic feel. A lot of modern underwear and pants for that matter have been lower rises including other athletic/active underwear. So this does stand out because of the higher rise. Other than the signature sheath pouch design and the higher rise, the construction is simplistic and minimalist. This includes the waistband which is a hidden fabric covered waistband with a small tag on the front that has the logo and brand Sheath. A great thing about this type of support in boxer briefs is the freedom a lot of guys are crazy about doesn't come with slipping out of one of the leg holes and for some this can happen constantly. So, if not for the construction for athletic needs, this is a great price for holding everything in place so you aren't slipping and falling out of your underwear.

If you aren't already familiar with my size, I am about a 26-28 waist and just under average height. So, when possible I try to go for the smallest size available from a retailer. The 1.0 is made in a boy's sizing 26-28 as the smallest size and the 2.0 is a 28-30. I was sent a 28-30 for this review and I was a little sad when I put these on that they were just a little big. I wasn't surprised but the higher rise did move and shift on me because of the sizing. Now, this is mostly just a heads up for the smaller guys who may be too small for these. But for every other guy who isn't a 28 these should fit great. Especially since the target audience for these boxer briefs is guys who have some more muscle, you should be fine to order the same size as your jeans. As for the leg size, these were perfect, not too tight and not to small and with a little stretch should stretch perfectly.

The fabric choice is also something most guys will be comfortable and at home with. This is a 95% cotton and 5% Elastane blend with average stretch. The 2.0 design was made to be more lightweight than the original design and as such will be more breathable and have a more natural/barely there feel. There isn't much to say about the fabric choice as it felt while I was wearing these because it is a simplistic blend. Throughout the day these moved with me and didn't require constant adjustment or shifting from moving but as I mentioned with the weather, I would slip once in a while.

Design is simple with the brand Sheath. I assume because the point of the underwear is to provide support to active people they've made a minimal design to keep the price for the consumer low and to allow for a lot of testing and designing newer designs. So, keeping all that in mind, as I mentioned before, we have a classic boxer brief that has a high rise and short length legs. This boxer brief does come in five colors (black, grey, white, blue and red) which is quite typical of many active wear brands.

It is worth mentioning that on the website there are close up pictures of the 2.0 design which shows a close up of the inside cup design and at the time of me writing this the 1.0 design is on sale.

UMan says: The folks at Sheath have generously extended a 20% off offer to MUB readers with coupon code MUB.

MY RATING:  6 (out of 10)
Recommended for: Active and bigger guys. 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Is Commando the New Trend? (NSFW)

Is going commando the new trend? Rick Owens sure seems to think so with his latest runway show for Fall/Winter 2015. The Paris Fashion Week show that is now the talk of the town featured male models in long, flowing garments wearing now pants, no underpants and with just a bit of penis peeking out as the models moved down the runway (some more than others). 

The provocative fashion show has lead people to use the hashtag #DickOwens and tongue-in-cheek captions like "just the tip" when talking about the show.

The question is, is this pure runway couture or is it sign of the future? Is it really reasonable to expect men to go commando with little coverage, and in the middle of winter at that? 

It's probably unlikely that we'll all just go commando tomorrow, I think underwear is here to stay. But these provocative styles from Rick Owens may play a new role in the underwear world with men's fashions that are more revealing so that your underwear becomes an integral and visible part of your outfit. 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smuggling Duds January Sale

Get 25% off all online orders at Smuggling Duds this January with discount code – JAN15 

This includes multi-pack deals from the Stealth 2.0 3 pack to the International Collection 8 pack that already have up to 33% off! Offer ends at midnight 1/31/15. Get yours today! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Clearance Sales

UMan says: I'd like to introduce you to our newest contributor, Michael. A 23-year-old recent college grad, who has been interested in mens underwear for quite some time now. He is very excited to be writing and expanding his already generous underwear collection. Here's his first post.   
Even though winter is just now getting underway in many parts of the U.S, many online retailers are already having "Winter Clearance" sales. This is a great opportunity to stock up on some basics, or even branch out of your comfort zone, without emptying your wallet.

Their winter clearance has a wide assortment of items, ranging from long underwear, to multi-packs, undershirts, and even some swimwear. Some of the items are up to 60% off. 

If you've always wanted to try out Andrew Christian, now would be a perfect time, with certain styles of underwear less than $13. Many clothing items ( shirts, shorts, etc) are 60%, and some are even 80% off. Also if you spend more than $100, you can get 25% off with code 100GET25OFF.  
Writer's pick: Color Vibe Sports Boxer  

Although it isn't necessarily "winter" clearance, Undergear's clearance section is still included here. They have many more options under $10, ranging from basics, to sporty, to the ultra scandalous. 
They also have free shipping everyday on all orders.  
Writer's Pick : Body Tech Team Mens Trunk 

Nasty Pig caters to a very specific market and is based out of Chelsea, NYC. With a very brand-specific style that carries through jockstraps, shirts, pants, and more. Their "Last Call" sale is a great chance to snatch up some awesome deals. They have free shipping on orders over $100. 
Writer's Pick: Crush Swim Trunk-Red 

A sale that is meant for you to stock up on basics, with Ringer Briefs, to their "Day of the Week Underwear", you are sure to find something. Many pairs are less than 8$, and Free Shipping.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sale at Charlie by MZ

Renowned swimwear company Charlie by MZ is having a phenomenal sale right now. If you're going on a cruise this January or just want to stock up for summer, now's the time to do it! 

They're offering up to 85% off their collection, plus an additional 25% off a $250+ purchase (use coupon code extra25). This sale is not to be missed for swimwear fanatics, it lasts from now until January 18.