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Thursday, October 30, 2008

WildmanT: Halloweenie Sale

Scare the hell out of people with all the enhancing products at WildmanT as well as save 15% off all your purchases until Halloween. So act fast and use promo code "bigweenie".

Monday, October 27, 2008

20% off camo at Dirty Fukker

Dirty Fukker is offering 20% off all camo boxerbriefs from now until November 1st. Check it out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Save big at Top Drawers

The Canadian dollar has gone "loonie" and has dropped over 20% against the US dollar the past few weeks. This means at Vancouver-based you can save big right now. A $100 purchase will cost less than $80 American. And of course there's no sales taxes either when shipments arrive from Canada, thanks to free trade.

Now with the Canadian dollar in freefall (because of commodity prices dropping worldwide) there really hasn't been a better time than now to check out

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Sale at Malestrom

Malestrom Online has some great sales going on just in time for Halloween. You can save up to 50% off on select undies. Shown is Inca Squarecut by Sauvage. Find more sale items here.

New Neon Glo!

Today aussieBum will be releasing their new limited edition Glo line. This line features neon colored undies with glow in the dark waistbands (something that's never been done before). Also, with the economic crisis, it's actually a great time to buy aussieBum as it will be about 30% less if you buy everything in the Australian dollar. As of this post, the undies are not yet live on the site, but I will update you when they are (which should be sometime later today). [Edit]: The Glo line is now live on aussieBum's site, check it out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Goodbye Jameswinston Co.

For two years now, Jameswinston Co. has brought unique, high-quality underwear to the men's underwear scene. They have been one of my personal favorite brands and the only brand to get a perfect 10 score in my reviews. It is with great saddness that I inform you that the company that was Jameswinston is no more. The Jameswinston site will continue to operate for the next few weeks while they sell off the remainder of their line, but after that it will be almost impossible to find. So if you have not yet tried out the brand, I suggest you do so now. Also, if you join them (fill out the form on their website) and let them know that you are a MUB reader, they will send you some great deals and discounts that you can use in the last few days. Brian James, owner and founder of Jameswinston, best expresses the reasons for terminating the brand in his open letter:

Dear All,

Since October 2006 Jameswinston Co. has been a real labour of love - and a gamble. We idealistically entered the men's underwear market looking to improve the generally poor quality of contemporary offerings. With no industry experience whatsoever, there was 'always' something new to learn:- manufacturing; underwear construction; branding; PR, web-design; photography; dealing with retailers, magazines etc. It was also a sector that was exponentially more complex than it first appeared. And we were tackling all of this for the very first time...

We were lucky to receive some great support along our journey; from our manufacturing and packaging companies, through to international magazine editors and forward-thinking retailers. Crucial to our early (and continued) survival were the internet underwear blog sites who kept us 'treading water' while we went through an unbelievably steep learning curve.

Coming back for a third time in Apr '08 was in essence, to prove a point; that a small brand, with enough experience and talent, could do the ‘impossible’ :- i.e. innovate creatively and product - wise to a level above the most successful global competitors…and make it seem almost easy. Ironically, that success in itself became a disadvantage. We observed well - established underwear brands follow the lead of our design elements (e.g. check the number of single, centralised logos on brand waistbands these days) while they, alongside magazines, wider media and even renowned pro - photographers, took direct inspiration from our marketing / visual ideas…ideas many of you told us were amongst the most cohesively creative seen in any brand. Our far from market - leader status made for incredible frustration when we couldn’t adequately capitalise commercially and subsequently remained widely unacknowledged for that influence.

So, we’ve struggled through market naivety and higher than anticipated initial investment costs, especially those of an unscrupulous yet low on creativity, early web-designer .... In addition, the ‘hits’ taken by all start-ups when they make mistakes are multiplied tenfold in this particular market sector. Well now, and off the back of our most successful trading period by far, we’ve decided to bow out. As put simply, if we can’t get near the operational / financial set-ups of the larger players, everything we do next (in this ‘crunch’ dampened economy) will become a monumentally thankless task. Not great timing, admittedly, as there was so much more to come with our new styles and designs.

Ultimately, it’s of regret our small size and costly, early mistakes were the only obstacles to creating an enduring, competitive brand. And while ‘living the dream’ was often more akin to a nightmare, for four short months (Apr - Aug '08) our unique new range innovations were an incredible sell - out success. That meant we actually became ‘the undergarment of choice’ for a damn good few of today’s males worldwide. I think we can call that mission accomplished...


Brian James - Director

Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. Ltd

Five Free Freshpairs Giveaway

Freshpair, founder of National Underwear Day, is bringing an exclusive contest to all MUB readers. You could win a week's worth of underwear (five pairs) from 2xist, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Sean John (or other leading underwear brands depending on your size and product availability). All you have to do is a send an email to with your favorite style of underwear and you are automatically entered to win. The contest will run for one week (until 10/27/08). Official rules will be sent to you in an email.

Also, for those of you who are eager to get a fresh pair, or just in case you don't win, Freshpair is giving an exclusive 10% off discount code to MUB readers from now until 11/30/08. Just enter coupon code FPMUBContest at checkout.

Remember, this contest is exclusive for MUB readers. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10% off at Nuwear

For a limited time only get 10% off everything at Nuwear using promo code "GOT10". This discount applies to brands like N2N, Andrew Christian, C-In2, Ginch Gonch, Joe Snyder, and more! So check it out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

International Jock's 8th Annual Halloween Giveaway!

International Jock's biggest, most exciting and most popular event of the year is happening NOW at They're giving away men's underwear, swimwear, jockstraps, shirts, wrestling singlets, men's swimsuits, hard cups and more with every order placed from now until Halloween. It's IJ's way of thanking their customers and celebrating one of the world's most popular holidays.

Why do they have all this stuff to give away? Throughout the year, IJ hangs on to one-of-a-kind manufacturer's samples, overstocked items, discontinued items, items received for photo shoots and more and then gives them away with every order placed during the Halloween season.

Just place an order of any size for any items and they will include a Halloween Trick or Treat item with your order ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Place your order today to receive your free Halloween treat from International Jock.

Welcome Dee Jay + Sale

Please welcome our new advertiser Dee Jay. Dee Jay is a well-established underwear and swimwear company based in Australia. They are known for their high quality, unique garments that will sure to have heads turning your way at the beach. They have everything from the super sexy to the simple, you should have no trouble find something that fits your style.

As a special, Dee Jay is offering 20% off ALL their underwear and swimwear this weekend only (sale ends Sunday the 12th). To get this discount, all you need to do is enter the code '874322' into the coupon field at checkout and 20% will be deducted from your purchases (not including shipping and handling charges). So go and check out Dee Jay today!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Free Shipping: Dirty Fukker

Free worldwide shipping on all orders of £40 (that's about $70) or more at Dirty Fukker, that's about a $10 savings. Enter "freeship" at checkout. So check it out, deal ends the 19th.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

WildmanT: Ball Lifter Bikini

Check out the brand new bikini brief from WildmanT with built in Ball Lifter. This brief will have you looking your best. It comes in a few different color combination and is sure to impress. This is not for the shy guy.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Hottie Scotty

DJ Scotty Thomson is an up and coming spinner in the New York club scene. Scotty's no ordinary DJ, in addition to spinning hot beats he's known for his hot bod which he shows off during his shows by stripping down to his underwear. Above he can be seen wearing his baskit underwear (possibly a jock?) and below he's showing off the waistband of a Jameswinston S-brief. But don't let his attire phase you, he is an excellent artist. So if you're in the NY area be sure to catch one of his hot shows. Click here for more info about Scotty.