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Friday, June 29, 2007

Go Softwear photo #4

You can find #3 here. New Go Softwear styles now available at International Jock.

Free Shipping at Nuwear

Nuwear is offering free Shipping on all USA orders this weekend only. Check it out.

Greg's Selections

You may remember the UB/Mensuas contest. And you may remember the winner, Greg P from New York City. You may also remember that he promised to keep us posted on what he bought with his winnings. Well here's the list of what he purchase at Mensuas:
Thank you Greg, what great choices. We may be seeing Greg's thoughts about these items in the near future.

A Jock Review by a Jock

Hey Guys,
This is a test guest review by Chandler. If you guys like what he writes, let me know and he may become a full-time reviewer. Here's a bit of information about this jock boy:
This year he’ll be starting his senior year of high school in backwoods Kentucky. He does a lot of traveling, and whenever he's on vacation he likes to pick up new underwear or swimwear. At his high school he plays varsity soccer, swimming, and track, "I’m a bit of an athlete" he says. But he's also known for his sense of style, "I’m a sucker for really good underwear, and I feel its less important the price, and more important how the underwear makes you feel. I love to wear swim briefs, and whenever its swimming season, my teammates are always amazed by the new 'speedos' I wear. My friends are always asking me for advice on what to wear, so I guess I’m a little obsessive about what I wear." Well there you have it, so without further ado I give you Chandler's review.
I once read somewhere that N2N should attach a label to all their products saying "Shave your pubes" and from the very moment I put on the N2N Tropic jock I found this statement to be true, this jock is truly low-rise. N2N Bodywear has long been know for its innovative designs and use of fabrics, and this one definitely does not come up short on either. This jock is designed using slim straps and their Tropics fabric, which is part rayon and part spandex. This makes the jock very light and breathable, and allows the fabric to contour to you. It has a certain way of just gently cupping, and giving the right amount of support. This isn't your old school jock either; I am an athlete in every sense of the word I run three miles a day and play four varsity sports at my high school, so I would say I'm used to wearing a jock, although in recent years I have opted for compression shorts for support, but when its 90 degrees outside a jock seems much more comfortable. I found that the N2N was not only supportive, it was the most comfortable (and sexy) jock I have ever worn. I am a big believer that a jock is not only for sports but should also be comfortable enough to wear as regular underwear. So I found that after wearing this one for several days, and washing it nightly, that I have no complaints with anything about this jock. During the day I often forgot I was even wearing one, which I feel is a sign of great underwear. Before wearing this one I was afraid of how my jeans would feel against my bare behind, (I personally have never worn a thong, and prefer full coverage in the rear) but I actually think that was one of my favorite parts of this jock. I put the jock to the ultimate challenge by wearing it to a soccer scrimmage. Normally stuff wants to fall out, but with the N2N everything down there stayed in place. When running down the field everything held tight, and unlike jocks with wider straps the N2N didn’t constrict any leg movement. My only complaint on this jock is after several washes the straps in the back started to stretch, and caused the front to sag as well, which allowed for bunching right between the legs.

All in all this is the best jock that I've worn, it is a great value, and I have now converted from a true compression shorts follower to a faithful jock-strap wearer. Whether you are an athlete or not, this is definitely one of the most comfortable pieces of underwear you could ever add to your collection. And don't forget to shave your pubes (if you're wearing this one).


Overall, I give the N2N Tropic Jock a total score of 7 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 6 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 7 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 7 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

********** 7
-Review by Chandler
Please comment and let me know if you'd like to see Chandler continue posting some reviews.

Exclusive discount at WildmanT ends soon...

The exclusive 15% off discount on all purchases made at WildmanT ends when June ends. So you have two days left to cash in on this deal and then it's over. The original post about this discount can be found here. Use coupon code "MUBLOG" to take advantage of this offer.

Trend Alert: Metallic Waistband

A new trend that I have been noticing for a few months is metallic waistbands. When it finally turned up in a new Calvin Klein line, I knew I just had to blog about it. The first time I noticed this was in the fairly new collection called Super Series by aussieBum. It is not really a metallic waistband, but more a metallic accents. This line is meant to be like superhero underwear. Another signature feature of this line is the very wide waistband. I have actually tried some of these, so stay tuned for a review soon. The next place I noticed this trend was on the upcoming carbon line from 2(x)ist. You can pre-order the carbon line at 10percent. And finally, the new pro-stretch underwear from Calvin Klein available with either a gold or silver waistband at iwantpants. I think that this trend is definitely here to stay as Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist are both mainstream underwear brands, and if mainstream companies are pushing it it is going to be hot. Metallic waistbands will definitely make a flashy statement peeking over the top of your pants. This new trend has a lot of exciting possibilities and is a very classy take on metallic underwear for men.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Bruno Banani range at DGU

A new range from Bruno Banani called Obsession is new at Dead Good Undies. Check it out!

Summer Swimwear Series Poll

As a part of the summer swimwear series I have decided to poll you guys about what you guys like to wear to the beach. The poll can be found in the left-hand column below the ads. I have had polls on this blog in the past, but this poll is special because it is part of Blogger. But not just any Blogger, it's part of the new Blogger Draft. So it is a test and may have some bugs in it. But please take it and hopefully it will work fine.

Also, I am out of ideas for the Summer Swimwear Series. So if you have any questions about swimwear that you have just been dying to ask, please ask them. Or if you have other ideas, let me know about those as well.

Go Softwear photo #3

You can find #2 here. New Go Softwear styles now available at International Jock.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

$250 of free dik, plus an update

dik has certainly had a busy June, what with appearing at pride festivities, taking pre-orders, and perfecting their product. The folks at dik are absolutely amazed by the positive response to their new line and they want to thank all of you who booked your dik early. They are going to start shipping soon. If you have not yet taken advantage of their 15% off pre-order promotion, make sure to do so now. The deal will expire on July 1st (it seems that everything that I've posted about today expires on that date). And as always, if you order 5 or more items dik will cover your shipping costs. This past weekend dik debuted at the Toronto Pride festival. A lot of people visited their booth on Church Street. They also were featured in a fashion show. dik tells us that "The models looked amazing in our gear and the crowd loved seeing dik on the stage. It was a fantastic weekend and we thank all those who stopped by to meet us and take a look at our garments in person. Based on the influx of orders after Pride, we know that people were impressed with our garments!"

Now onto the exciting part that probably caught your attention. dik is giving away $250 worth of products, that's right dik is up for grabs! dik is combining efforts with, which is a targeted-lifestyle website for men. The folks at dik are currently sponsoring XYYZ's "Tell a Friend and WIN!" section. All you have to do is enter the name and e-mail address of five of your friends to tell them about XYYZ and you will be automatically entered to win $250 worth of free dik underwear (your choice)! The contest just runs for the remainder of the week, so don't miss out. Good luck to all of you and I hope you win.

[Edit]: A reader left a note about how the terms and conditions of this contest stated that one basically had to be in Toronto to win. I contacted dik and that is the case no more. They are now prepared to ship to the winner wherever he may live.

Free Worldwide shipping at JustHOM

JustHOM is offering free worldwide shipping to brighten up your day. This offer will last until the 1st of July. To get free shipping simply enter the coupon code "FREESHIP JUNE" at checkout and the shipping charge should automatically be removed from your order.

New Arrivals at International Jock, check it out!

International Jock just added some great new arrivals from Andrew Christian and the hard-to-come-by Frank Dandy to their line up. The new Frank Dandy undies is full of lots of great new prints for summer, including great florals, bold stripes, and logo prints. The new arrivals from Andrew Christian focus on unique color combinations where the waistband is a contrasting color from the trim. There are lots of great new things from AC, including, color block briefs, sports-inspired prints, unique color combinations, Chinese flag inspired prints, and a jockstrap with a fly-front (this idea was originally executed by Kyle). So all in all, it's a great season for new and exciting underwear arrivals at International Jock.

Jameswinston coupon code still good...

The contest to win free Jameswinston Co underwear has now ended, so if you didn't get your entry in you've missed out. But don't worry, not all is lost. Brian James of Jameswinston Co wanted me to remind all of you that the promo code that you have received by email is still good until July 8th. This code will get you 10% off a single pair, 15% off 3-5 pairs, and 20% 6+ pairs. Haven't got a code yet? Don't worry. Simply go to the Jameswinston website and sign up for the newsletter and an email containing the code will be sent to your inbox.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

15% off at Wyzman

For four days only you can get 15% off your purchase at Wyzman. The sale ends on the 29th. They are billing this as a 4th of July sale, but really it's not since it won't even last until then. Use code "4th" at checkout to get the discount. As far as I can tell there is no minimum purchase.

Social Bookmark Integration

You may have noticed that I have no added a Social Bookmarking link to the footer of every entry. This has been a greatly requested feature, so you asked and I have delivered. This uses a service called AddThis to add each entry to your social bookmarking site of choice. It is now easier than ever to add any entry to digg,, Facebook, Slashdot, Google Bookmarks, Technorati, and more! It's very simple to use, just click on the image at the bottom the post you want to bookmark and select your favorite service, and voila! This is all just part of making this blog better.

15% Off at Undergear

Take 15% off your next purchase of $50 or more at Undergear. This deal lasts until July 1st. Enter promo code "U7LTN75A" at checkout to take advantage of this discount.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

UB reviewed by Chatty Chicka

Hello. UB recently got reviewed by Chatty Chicka over at "So Many Blogs, So Little Time!". The girls over there specialize in doing reviews of blogs. Anyway, CC initially gave UB a very raving review (an 8). But then she retracted her review saying she "must have been on crack the day [she] reviewed it". She then went through again and gave it another review and proclaimed this blog as "CRAP" and something that only a gay man "would give a rat's f*** about...".

Why do I tell you this? Well I think it is very rude to retract a review and I believe that Chatty Chicka totally missed the point of this blog.

I encourage and ask you to please head on over and read her review and then post a comment in the comments section setting her straight on a thing or two. Please guys, I'd really like her to get this right. Let's make this their most commented review ever, and maybe she'll just have to retract her retraction.

Last day to enter to win underwear from Jameswinston!

Today is THE LAST day to enter to win free underwear from Jameswinston Co. You could even win the entire line. To find out how to enter to win check out this post. Here's the list of what you could win:
  • 1st Prize - 20 pairs of underwear (4 New Retro/3 Hipster/4 NEON and 9 Retro Trunk) Size/Colours of choice. Worth over $600.00
  • 2nd Prize - 10 pairs of underwear (2 Retro/2 Hipster/1 NEON and 5 Retro Trunk) - Size/Colours of your choice. Worth almost $300.00
  • 3rd Prize - 5 pairs of underwear (1 Retro/Hipster/NEON/Classic Rib and Retro Trunk) - Size/Colours of your choice. Worth almost $150.00
Remember, today is the last day to enter to win!

New Releases from aussieBum

aussieBum has just released some highly anticipated lines of underwear. They just released the Animal line and the Collector Range. You may remember hearing about these as the "Jungle" range and the "Holiday" range. These two lines do not include all the sneak peek images that have been revealed so far, so you can be sure that there will be more releases soon! To see the images of unreleased aussieBum just search the archives.
Moving onto the new lines. As promised the Animal line includes three different prints in both hipster and brief styles (a total of six different pairs). The prints include snake, giraffe, and tiger (shown above).

The Collector Range also includes three different prints. These are Mint, 70s (shown below), and Pirate.All of these are limited editions, so get them now.

Go Softwear photo #2

You can find #1 here. New Go Softwear styles now available at International Jock.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

2 Days left to enter to win free underwear from Jameswinston!

You can win one of the following prize packages from Jameswinston Co.
  • 1st Prize - 20 pairs of underwear (4 New Retro/3 Hipster/4 NEON and 9 Retro Trunk) Size/Colours of choice. Worth over $600.00
  • 2nd Prize - 10 pairs of underwear (2 Retro/2 Hipster/1 NEON and 5 Retro Trunk) - Size/Colours of your choice. Worth almost $300.00
  • 3rd Prize - 5 pairs of underwear (1 Retro/Hipster/NEON/Classic Rib and Retro Trunk) - Size/Colours of your choice. Worth almost $150.00

Remember you have 2 Days left so enter now!

New Brand: Flapkat

Earlier this month I was in contact with Richard from Flapkat. Well, anyway I should have had this entry out quite a while ago, but somehow the email about Flapkat got lost in my inbox. Anyway, even though it is late, here's the info. Flapkat is a new underwear company based in England. The new line of Flapkat will initially consist of two briefs and two boxerbriefs. All the styles will feature a Bi-fly opening (so you can come out whichever side you please), an ergonomically shaped uplifting pouch, wide flapkat logo waistband, and they will be made to the highest standards with cotton/lycra shape retaining fabric. The current release date is set for September 2007. According to the site the boxerbriefs are set to be sold for about £15 a piece and the for about £14 each. I have scoured the web and I have found some preliminary photos of the underwear by itself (shown, more if you click here). Flapkat does not yet have any models, but they are looking for them. So if you think you've got what it takes to be the face of Flapkat (and you live in the UK), click here to learn how to apply for the job. So stay tuned for more news about Flapkat.

Summer Swimwear Series Part 2

One of the biggest trends in the men's underwear world right now is underwear that enhances the male package and profile. Many readers have asked me what they can do to achieve that same enhancement in their swimwear. Because there is no point in lifting it all up in underwear while wearing pants if it is just all going to be lost when you go to the beach. But don't worry, there are plenty of enhancing swimwear options out there.
What you can do to achieve 'package' enhancement in swimwear.
The C-IN2 sling has been very popular in the men's underwear world. Some people really enjoy it while others find it incredibly uncomfortable. If you like the C-IN2 sling underwear, then I'm sure you will enjoy their swimwear (I have not tried it, but it operates with the same principles). International Jock currently has the C-IN2 sling swim briefs and trunks (this one is shown) on sale, so go check it out. And even if you don't like the sling, if you're in the market for a swimsuit this is a great deal on a swimsuit and you can just not use the sling (although that would defeat the purpose of why I posted about it).

Next up is the much anticipated Wonder Jock swim brief from aussieBum. The Wonder Jock swimwear uses Wonder Jock technology to lift and push your goods forward. A word of caution though, the ice and white swim brief are see-through when wet so they are not meant for the timid.

Another option for enhancement in swimwear is the swim brief from Cocksox. They are available with or without a drawstring (I would recommend a drawstring to help hold them in place because the Cocksox briefs had a tendency to fall down when I tried them). Also, I would be a little wary of what you do in these based on my experiences with the underwear (read the review for my potential concerns for the swimwear).

Finally, let's say you really love a particular swimsuit but it just does not create a flattering package. Well there still might be hope thanks to WildmanT's Ball Lifter. The folks at WildmanT actually recommend the Ball Lifter Sport as a potential enhancer for wearing underneath swimwear.

I hope that you found this entry informative and helpful. As always, I welcome your comments on this post.

Friday, June 22, 2007

48 Hour sale at Nuwear!

For the next 48 hours Nuwear is offering 50% off all closeout items. This is 50% off items that were previously on sale. This is a great deal. Everything is priced to go! So act now before it's too late.

Bed Beach & Burn now open for business!

A little while ago I told you about the site Bed Beach & Burn. Well it is now up and running and ready for business. They do not yet have all their stock in. But when it is all in the plan to have Calvin Klein, Ginch Gonch, Levis, Rufskin, Paul Frank, Puma, 2(x)ist, Original Penguin, DT, and probably more! They currently only have items from DT, Original Penguin, and Ginch Gonch for sale. Even though you cannot currently buy everything they plan on selling, you can still get involved at their site. They are currently having a drawing to win £100 worth of product from BB&B. All you have to do to enter is just sign up for their newsletter. Sources tell us that next week BB&B will be doing a photoshoot with Ryan Daharsh in which he will be sporting some CK underwear and other underwear and swimwear that BB&B will be selling. Ryan Daharsh is known for his work as a model at Abercrombie and Fitch.

2wink Clearance Sale

2wink is currently having a clearance sale. Their clearing out the old, and one can only assume that it is to allow space for the new (so stay tuned to find out what that might be). This sale includes the graffiti glovebox (50% off), the graffiti longbox (30% off), the graffiti minibox (50% off), and the longbox split (50% off). The discounted prices are reflected at checkout. They have not stated how long this sale will last, but it can't be too long because they have the words "Be Quick, Can't Last." plastered all over the clearance pages. So be quick, it can't last.

New Brand: Djembe

Djembe is a new line of men's underwear from France is available at Wyzman. I'm really liking this new line. They have quite a variety of prints including many beach inspired ones as well as sports inspired ones. Also, the current selection is reasonably priced between $13 and $23 USD. Their beach prints are very summery and would be perfect for lounging around this summer.

Jameswinston Prize Drawing - only 3 days left

Just a reminder that the Jameswinston Co. promotion to win the entire range is still going on. Here's what the prizes are. For more info, read this entry.

1st Prize - 20 pairs of underwear ( 4 New Retro / 3 Hipster/ 4 NEON and NINE Retro Trunk) i.e. all the colors worth over $600 (inc. postage)
2nd Prize - 10 Pairs of underwear – (2 Retro , 2 Hipster / 1 NEON and 5 Retro Trunk – size/ colours of your choice. Worth almost $300 (inc.postage)
3rd Prize - 5 pairs of underwear:- 1 Retro / Hipster / Neon/ Classic Rib and Retro Trunk – Size / colours of your choice. Worth almost $150 dollars (inc. postage).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Swimwear Series Part 1

I have received numerous emails and read numerous posts on Yahoo! Answers regarding boardshorts. So I decided that this would be a good opportunity to answer many of the common questions that I receive and read.

What to wear under boardshorts and when to wear them.
In recent years boardshorts have gained popularity as the swimsuit of choice among the young. But the problem is, these garments are debateably not even swimwear. Most swimwear has some sort of lining to help give you that extra support and protection. But boardshorts are one layer with no mesh lining inside. The upside to this is that one can wear whatever one wishes underneath them, but the question is 'what should you wear?' Well, it depends on what you will be doing in these boardshorts. Boardshorts are oftentimes worn just as normal shorts in the summer. If you are just going to wear them around town and you are not going to be going in the water, I'd recommend that you wear whatever underwear you normally wear underneath your shorts. But if you are planning on taking the shorts in the water (or even out on the water in a boat) then I'd recommend that you wear something else. Here's why. Most underwear is made of cotton or some other fabric that does not dry quickly, therefore if the boardshorts (and then your underwear) get at all wet it will take forever for the underwear to dry and you will just be wet and miserable for a few hours. I do not recommend that you just wear boardshorts by themselves because they have no supportive liner and they have a tendency to fall off when coming out of the water. Therefore, I recommend that you wear supportive swimwear underneath the boardshorts, like a swim brief (commonly referred to as a Speedo) or a swim trunk. It will look like you are just wearing some sort of underwear, but you will not have to worry about being wet and miserable. Also, as an added bonus, you could take off the boardshorts and just go swimming in the suit underneath if you have a change of heart. Now this brings us to when one should wear boardshorts. Boardshorts are rather big and bulky so they are not ideal for actual swimming or competitive swimming. They are fine for just hanging around in the pool though. Also, if you just want to lounge around on the beach or the boat or go surfing, then boardshorts are perfect. In future posts I will be talking about what swimwear to wear for different swimming situations, but for now that's the lowdown on boardshorts. Keep in mind, this is all just my opinion so feel free to not follow my advice. I am very eager to hear your opinions on boardshorts in the comments section of this entry.
[Note: The boardshort shown can be found here from aussieBum]

Jock Boy Locker at Atlanta Pride will be at Atlanta Pride this weekend. Friday June 22, Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24. Stop by and say hi and check out all the great deals. Lots of clearance merchandise that will be going from 30 to 50% off regular price. They will also have some great giveaways. And as an added bonus for UB readers, just mention that you heard about it on this site and you'll get 10% off. So if you live in the Atlanta area, be sure to stop by Jock Boy Locker and get a discount!

New Brand: Undertoys

Undertoys is a fairly new brand of underwear that is inspired by children's underwear. It is similar to Ginch Gonch but with a lower price point (just $20 a pair) and no sexual innuendo. There are currently only five styles of underwear, but there are plans to expand the line. The website is also very fun and childlike. You have to shoot at the sizes you want in order to place an order. The brain behind this new line is Daniel Fryer, here's an exclusive insight into how he was inspired to start this line and how he managed to get it off its feet:
I got the idea when I saw this kid proudly holding a pair of fighter plane undies in Big W. I thought they looked pretty cool and wished they came in men's sizes. So bounced the idea off a few mates who agreed with me and so i started doing my research. I wanted to put the fun back into wearing undies.

I was only 22 at the time, 23 now, and i came to the conclusion that I'd need money to start this thing up and like any person my age – i had none.

A few weeks later I entered a competition called 'Nescafe BigBreak' – for young people with big ideas. Anyway, my idea made it through to the final 14 of 4,500 people from Australia and New Zealand. From that i won a little cash to get things started.

So I scrimped and saved and designed a few pairs, then got my first order made.

I received my first shipment late Jan this year and have been selling ever since. I've got a few stores around Australia, plus the website.

25% off all Unico at MaleBasics

Get 25% off all Unico and TripleX items at MaleBasics. Prices are already changed to reflect the sale, so no coupon code is necessary. This sale does not apply to items already on sale. Sale last until 7/9/07. Also, while you're at MaleBasics, be sure to check out the new site design.

Save 15% at Undergear

Take 15% off your purchase of $50 or more at Undergear. There's just 4 days left (deal ends the 6/24/07 at 11:59 pm ET). Use promo code "U7LBR15B" at checkout.

Impetus now at DGU, plus 20% off select Impetus

It is now official, DGU now has the largest selection of Impetus underwear and swimwear in the UK. They have a great selection with lots of different styles and colors. They have everything ranging from thongs to longjohns (afterall, it's always cold in some part of the world, right?). The Impetus collection is unique and is sure to have something to please every underwear lover. Also, for a limited time (until June 21st, 2007) the Impetus 589 collection (which includes a brief, a boxerbrief, and a boxer short) is 20% off at DGU. So be sure to check that out as well. All three silhouettes of the 589 collection are available in black, white, and red. And when you're looking around for a great selection of underwear, be sure to stop by Dead Good Undies to see what they have in store for you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Swimwear Series

In honor of the summertime I am starting a new series of blog entries called "Summer Swimwear Series". This series will feature common questions and answers about men's swimwear (whether it be etiquette or the best places to buy it). Users can submit questions and I will answer them based on my knowledge and experience. This will be very much like the Underwear Answers series. I already have quite a few ideas up my sleeves and I already have quite a few questions waiting to be answered, but if you have a pressing question about swimwear don't hesitate to send it to me (via email). If you don't, stay tuned for upcoming posts because you might just learn a thing or two.

Andrew Christian Swimwear photo #8

Andrew Christian swimwear available at International Jock. This is the last of this photo series.

New styles, including swimwear, from WildmanT

This week WildmanT has some exciting new offerings. They have now launched their line of swimwear. As Tim promised in his blog post a while back, the swimwear has come. But make note, this is just the beginning and they will have a full-fledged line of swimwear for summer 2008. The initial launch of WildmanT swimwear comes in three different styles with a variety of color combinations. There's the four panel midcut, the bikini horizon, and the four panel bikini. Also as promised, there are new styles of Ball Lifters. This new style is the Ball Lifter Sport. It is just the basic Ball Lifter but in black and white for a more athletic look. As Tim realized in another blog post:
"...not everyone wishes to show off his Ball Lifter to every passer-by that is interested, hence the all white Ball Lifter. The black, just looks hot:)"
To understand how this realization came about, read the entire post.

And remember, as a special for UB readers you can get a 15% discount off of your entire purchase at WildmanT. Just use coupon code "MUBLOG".

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2(x)ist models serve New Yorkers free coffee!

June 19, 2007 - Just this morning, between the hours of 7am and 10 am, some of New York City’s hottest male models/ Broadway Bears served free cups of coffee to wake up New Yorkers coming out of Penn Station. The models donned pieces from what is predicted to be one of 2(x)ist’s most sought after collections, the fall 2007 Carbon collection. What a nice wake-up call.

Because most New Yorkers can barely wake up without a cup of coffee each morning, 2(x)ist felt that a FREE cup served by a man in underwear would be the equivalent of a triple shot of espresso!

They were right! The following are some of the humorous responses from New Yorkers who were in high spirits with the sight of beautiful men in underwear first thing in the morning:

· “The LORD has found me today!” exclaimed an excited 30-something-year-old woman on her way to work. “You boys certainly know how to make someone’s day!”
· “Forget the free coffee, talk about a FREE show!” exclaimed another woman.
· “The coffee isn’t the only thing that’s steaming hot out here!” screamed another.

In addition to women, dozens of men were lining up for the free coffee and some were even flashing their underwear to show that they were wearing 2(x)ist. The free service was also in conjunction with Gay Pride Week as 2(x)ist is a leading brand in the underwear industry with both male and female fans of various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Celebrity followers include Justin Timberlake, Demi Moore, Nick Lachey, Fergie, Ashton Kutcher, Eve, Omarion, Dave Navaro, Usher, and many more!

Sorry I didn't let you know about this sooner. But hopefully some of you local New Yorkers had a chance to see this. If you did, please share your story in the comments section.