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Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Men's Underwear

Still looking for a holiday gift for that special someone? Why not upgrade his drawers this holiday season? Back in the day the standard Christmas gift was socks and underwear (albeit boring, plain undies). Why not continue that tradition, but bring it into the modern era with stylish undies for your man? Here's some of our favorites that stand out this year:

aussieBum has long been one of our favorites and this year is no different. Why not get your man some updated classics with aussieBum's Lockerboy range. 

Bawbags is a new favorite of ours. Their 'cool de sacs' range is perfect for the sportsman in your life who loves a good print. Also their funky patterned base layers will be sure to keep him warm this winter. 

Body Aware is a great option for the man who likes to be a little sexy. Get naughty with these sexy lace briefs

Cocksox is a perennial favorite. They've made lots of new products this year, one of our favorites is their new striped sports brief

Croota is definitely an underrated Australian brand. But that doesn't mean you should shy away. They have some great undies for your man, like their new Sprinkles trunk - perfect for the body and fashion-conscious man. 

Ken Wroy is a newer brand hailing from NYC that's really making a splash on the scene. We just love the variety of fun, bright prints. The fit of their briefs is superb! 

Mckillop wear should definitely be mentioned. This made-to-order brand offers a great selection of sexy basics. We love the way they play with opacity in their Bespoke collection

Obviously is another great for the guy who likes comfort and is maybe a little more endowed than average. Their collection is comfy and classic. While not new, their metallic collection is worth mentioning. 

Smuggling Duds is a fun brand to gift. For the guy that's jealous of all the stuff girls manage to carry in their bra, now men can do the same with these "stash pants". Check out their new super stealth range

Supawear always offers something fresh with their unique cuts and color combos. We are in love with their Diamond Dash range, great for the guy who is a little more adventurous with his wardrobe. 

Teamm8 is another brand worth noting. While seemingly simple, this collection is sexy. We endorse their bolt jock

2eros has done an awesome refresh of their collection this year. Their new vivid series is absolutely superb. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Get Ready to Shop - 2014 Cyber Monday Underwear Buying Guide

Black Friday is traditionally the day for big holiday savings. But now with online shopping, we also have the awesome sales day that is Cyber Monday. This year Cyber Monday falls on December 1, 2014.

We've put together a Cyber Monday buying guide for men's underwear. These deals below have been announced in advance so you can start planning your purchases.

We will be keeping this list up to date as more sale announcements come through. Let us know if we missed any sales or if you are having trouble with any of the deals.

2(x)ist: 30% off site-wide and $20 off purchases over $250.

Body Aware: 20% off entire purchase with code GOBBLE.

Bread and Boxers: 40% off basics and 20% off Lounge Collection.

C-In2: Additional 35% off items in last call. Coupon code CYBERMONDAY.

Calvin Klein: Up to 50% off select styles and free shipping.

Cocksox: 20% off sitewide. Free shipping within Australia and free international shipping over $100.

Giggleberries: 50% off Bruno Banani and other select brands. Free shipping.

Happy Socks: 40% off site-wide and free shipping.

His Jock: 40% off site-wide with code BLACKFRIDAY.

International Jock: Up to 50% off select styles plus free shipping!

Jockstrap Central: 15 - 50% off 150 items.

Jockstraps: 20% off with code FRIDAY.

Mr. Turk: 20% off $200, 25% off $400, and 30% off $600 or more site-wide.

Obviously: Up to 80% off. Free shipping over $80 AUD.

Pacific Jock: 30% off everything with code CYBER.

Rufskin: 20% off everything with code RUFNOIR.

Sunspel: 15% off site-wide and free standard shipping.

Teamm8: 30% off single packs site-wide with code UNDIE30.

Topdrawers: 30% off PUMP, Buffalo, and Teamm8. Plus free shipping on orders over $75.

Undergear: 35% off everything plus free shipping with code U4T108.

Wyzman: 25-60% off with code CYBERNL.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Emporio Armani Big Eagle Brief

Emporio Armani is one of those coveted brands that I had always hoped to one day own. However, for the longest time, I couldn’t bring myself to splurge the amount of money one of these pairs command. But one day I finally took the leap and this bright green pair of Emporio Armani Big Eagle printed briefs is the first Armani brief I have worn. As fate would have it, there has not been any Emporio Armani underwear reviewed on this blog and it is my pleasure to share with you my impressions of this bright green (I think officially it is called mint green) stretch cotton brief. It is also available in black, white, marine and mastic.

Let's start with the most obvious thing about the underwear: It has a rubberized Emporio Armani logo eagle on the hip. This raised design element looks amazing but doesn’t get uncomfortable. In daily wear you can barely tell there are these lines running on your underwear. So that’s not something you need to worry about. Speaking of comfort, there is no lifting or pushing out of your package in the front like in certain products that aim to enhance the bulge. Just ample room for your precious cargo to hang and be supported. This makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods. You feel like you have nothing on. No complaints about the waistband whatsoever either.

Finally, I am also able to comment on long term performance of this underwear as well since it has gone through the cycle of wear and wash a few times. The one thing that was disappointing about something in this price range was that the fabric on the crotch shows a lot of pilling. Also known as bobble, these are small round balls of fibre which result from rubbing or abrasion. This makes the underwear look unsightly and old. As per my understanding of textiles, this is more prominent in fabrics made of shorter length fibre. So take that as you will about the quality of this $30 underwear.

Overall, I would give these Emporio Armani Big Eagle Briefs a total score of 7/10:

FIT: 7/10
STYLE: 8/10 (really depends on your feelings towards the green)
VALUE: 6/10

Monday, November 17, 2014

Andrew Christian Spree Brief Review

So, I have to completely honest. I just bought this pair of briefs today and could not help but put em on and write a review. I've become a very regular customer at this men's boutique here in Alberta, Canada and have been having a lot of fun with shopping and having access to a lot of different brands all under one roof. So this boutique always has a lot of Andrew Christian and for good reasons - it has a broad audience they make a lot of different color, style and fabric combos.

I first fell in love with Andrew Christian when turned 18 and went to my first adult convention where I happened upon a booth with some Andrew Christian for sale. I was immediately drawn to the thongs and had my friend help me pick out the right one. I like to think this is the point in my life where I became an underwear fanatic, this was the tipping point and as such, Andrew Christian has a really close place to my heart as the reason why I fell in love with underwear. I still compare the quality of all of my thongs to the first one I got from AC. Now, onto the review. I will be reviewing the Almost Naked Spree Brief (with Snuggle Pouch).

I want to start with the sizing first because this is the first time I have bought an extra small (26-28) from AC. I usually buy a 28-30 in most underwear because that is usually the smallest size available and the same has been true with AC until recently. I'm rather glad I did just to try out an extra small, but also because I have a small waist (about 27) and the fit of these as you can see is very low in the front. Even though I do have a small waist, my legs and butt aren't small. The leg holes are a little tighter and I can certainly feel that when I put them on at first in the morning but I don't have a problem with them being too constricting; they move with my body. You should consider buying a size bigger if you are a 28 waist to have some more leg and butt room. Of course you may not need to worry about this if you plan to wear these to be flirty and they are coming off quickly.

As for the fit, they can be summed up with tight and bright. I'm a huge fan of tight-fitting, so this really hit the mark for me. At times I did find myself adjusting the back by pulling it up onto my waist, it didn't feel too skimpy or ill-paired with my regular dress clothes though. I felt really naughty wearing something so lightweight, barely there, so low rise and flamboyant - but that's what really attracted me to these. I would be careful, however, about wearing them too long since they are such a tight fit on the legs. But as I previously mentioned, if you are aware of your size you shouldn't have to worry about that and can enjoy the tight and bright feel of these briefs.

The construction is probably the most intriguing part of these briefs and they are expertly designed. The construction is very specific and it really shows in three aspects of these briefs which are as follows:

  1. The waistline is not the typical elastic Andrew Christian logo style. Instead it is a simple single-color waistband that AC calls a crisscross band. The band dips down lower than an average brief showing some more skin in front.
  2.  The pouch is designed as (again I'm going with what AC calls it) a "snuggle pouch" which holds everything in place a little higher up and out from the body instead of tucked in. This added push up caught my attention and I did see a difference through my pants - these were doing what they were designed to do. 
  3. There is a well placed rear seam that is accents the butt and gives definition to each cheek. 
So overall, the construction is well done and some of the best I've seen.

The AC site shows some of their briefs in action on their models with a bounce test about how they fare for jiggling and moving and I have to agree from my own experience with what the videos show. There is virtually no moving/bouncing or discomfort when moving in these briefs, everything stays in place separate from the rest of the body. Even though these are not the most covering briefs, I would love to hear how these work for other guys at the gym. I haven't had a chance to wear to the gym yet but would like to see what others might think. These would actually be really fun to wear out or on stage at the bar because as AC site says, the neon colors will glow under black light. Perfect for under your white pants. ;)

The fabric is another thing to note about this brief. They come in three colors: white, royal and black. They are made in a cotton-spandex blend while the yellow is made in 100% polyester. This is done once in a while and keep in mind I am reviewing the cotton-spandex blend in blue/pink. Online this fabric does look almost velvety, and at first I was hesitant about that, but in person it is a lot softer. Both the body of the brief and the waistband are made from the same material, so it does all feel like one piece of fabric which is very comfortable down there.

My last comments about this brief is actually a con, and that is that these are a LIMITED EDITION brief and this will be the only time you can get it!! I recommend you get it while your size is still available. And one other thing, they are ~$27 on the AC website so also a little pricey but in my opinion, these are the kind of brief that you would want at least one of to try.

MY RATING: 9.6 (out of 10)
Recommended for: feeling naughty and flamboyant. 

VALUE: 8.5

Saturday, November 01, 2014

A New Classic - aussieBum Lockerboy Reviewed

It's been a long time since I've written a review, I guess I just haven't found much worth talking about in a while. But recently I've stumbled across what I believe is a new classic from aussieBum. Today I'm going to be reviewing the new(ish) Lockerboy range from aussieBum.

If you've been following us for any period of time, you'll know that here at MUB we love aussieBum. They are always innovative, stylish and above all else comfy. So it came as no surprise when I received a sample package from them recently that there was a LOT of great new undies in there. So hard to decide what to wear and review first. I chose the Lockerboy range to talk about first because I believe that these are what I call a new classic, truly everyone can wear and enjoy these undies.

For the purpose of this review I tried out their hipster trunks. I have also tried their lockerboy briefs and have equal amounts of praise for those as well. The fit of these trunks is superb, not too long and not too short. The right length that a modest guy will feel comfortable in these, but at the same time a guy who likes to be a little sexier won't feel too covered up. The cut of these conform nicely to the male curves, making a very simple design look very luxe. The pouch seems to have an enhancing factor as well, it holds your package a bit away from the body making it look larger.

Along with the superb fit, the comfort is also on point. The fabric is a nice mid-weight cotton/elastane blend so they are soft and smooth to the touch. As is standard with aussieBum, the waistband is thin and lays flat with a soft, comfy interior. Unlike many brands that opt for tagless designs, aussieBum uses pillow tags on the waistband interior. But don't worry, it's so well done you won't even know it's there! I think one of the keys to comfort with these undies is that they don't have elastic bands around the legs, instead aussieBum has opted for a comfortable folded over design. This still holds the legs in place, while allowing for movement.

The style of these is definitely what many would consider to be basic, but that's why I like them. They're simple, attractive, but they aren't trying too hard. So many things out right now are trying to be the next big, trendy thing and they just miss with over-the-top style that no one actually wants to wear. You'll want to wear these over and over again because they are classic. With these aussieBum has taken classic men's underwear designs and modernized them with some splashes of color, but they haven't taken it too far. These will look as good five years from now as they do today (although we do recommend you replace your undies more frequently).

As for quality, aussieBum always makes high quality underwear. These wash great in the washing machine repeatedly without fading, stretching, tearing or any of the other nasty things that happen to lesser quality underwear when washed. So yes they're $23 a pair, which is a little expensive for something so simple. But they're worth it. You will get so much wear out of these, seriously go buy them!

Overall, I give the aussieBum Lockerboy Hipster a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10) - Superb fit. Conforms to all the male curves.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Luxe, you won't want to take them off. Great fabric and waistband.
STYLE -- 9.5 (out of 10) - Classic with modern colors.
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - Great attention to detail. Washes and wears well.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - A little pricey for a basic, but you will get a lot of use out of them.

 ********** 9

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thonging, Obviously - A Review

The Obviously Geometric Thong is quickly becoming my favorite thong! While some guys may be hesitant to try thongs because of the idea of having a piece of string running up the crack, this thong is one I'd recommend for anyone, from novice thong wearer to the experienced thong connoisseur. I am proud to review this thong for you today.

This thong has a very "cool" design. It is bedecked with the a geometric pattern on the pouch. This particular design is made up of an array of colors, including gray, black, white, and a cool baby blue. Across the black waistband closer to the left hip, the brand's namesake "Obviously" is prominently but tastefully displayed in the same baby blue. The designer does a very good job of pulling the color scheme together in a cohesive and artistic manner throughout. The string of the thong is wider than some I've worn, so there's not as much discomfort as with some strings.

Obviously has created one of the most comfortable thongs I have encountered. The waistband is hardly noticeable, even after a long day; whereas many thongs have waistbands that are too tight and that leave an impression in the skin after just a few hours, this waistband is snug without being too tight. What is probably the thing that distinguishes this thong from any other I've worn is the pouch; while most thongs have a "barely there" pouch with hardly any fabric, this thong has a considerably roomier pouch, which Obviously calls an "anatomical pouch.". Usually, in my experience, when you get hard in a thong, there's no way to stay inside the pouch. But this pouch seems to expand as I do. The thong is made of a Modal/Lycra blended fabric, and I must say that it is super soft and has a nice "airy" feel. The fabric also wicks away sweat from the groin to keep things nice and dry. 

As far as price goes, this thong is a little on the pricey side. At roughly $25 a pair, this thong may not be for the novice who is unsure as to whether he wants to try thongs or not. However, as a more seasoned thong wearer, I can honestly say that I can see paying this much for a thong this comfortable and stylish. 

Overall, I give the Obviously Geometric Thong a 9 out of 10 based on the following categories
Style = 10 (out of 10): very stylistic design with cool patterns and a good choice of colors
Fit = 10 (out of 10): anatomical pouch sets this thong above most others
Comfort = 10 (out of 10): very comfortable Modal/Lycra fabric blend
Value = 7 (out of 10): a bit on the pricey end, so not for the hesitant, but definitely worth the price for what you get

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Croota Review - Sprinkles! (Part 1 of 2)

I've told UMan about that I don't wear boxer briefs often - I prefer to have underwear that is fun, revealing, tight fitting and even daring. You don't often find these qualities in a boxer brief but, I was pleasantly surprised with what came across my underwear drawer recently. I was given the chance to review two new Croota products, both of which are boxer briefs. One is a trunk style and the other is a more traditional length. 

So, here's the first review. For the second review, keep your eye out for the All The Pattern review (coming soon).

First up is Sprinkles!

I'm actually really in love with the Sprinkles pair because they automatically popped out. The concept is something I've never thought about, kind of like a combo of a polka dot with a retro twist. I can't get over the name too, it just sounds fun! I had no idea what two pairs I was getting so it was a surprise that these were included. I immediately decided these were first to put on. I got the grey pair (I am modeling above) which has a simple white band, contour pouch and a short leg. The stitching on the legs gives the trunks a classic feel and paired with the colorful sprinkles pattern is really fun and nostalgic. So these definitely fit in the category of fun and flashy.

The sizing for the sprinkles pair I got is 27-29, small which worked nicely for me (I'm about a 27). I do appreciate having a sizing that goes below 28 because it is so difficult to find something that is tight fitting enough to not get too big through the day. Not many brands do go to a 27 or even a 26 and it definitely makes a difference. They fit me nicely in the waist, the junk and butt area.  The legs fit a little big in back right beneath the butt though. I suspect this is simply for comfort while walking or for shape while sitting as well as me being a 27, the smaller end of the sizing. The pouch is seamed on the sides and once down the middle to slightly contour, though the trunks hold everything comfortably snug. 

Croota uses a simple fabric blend of cotton with an elastane for stretch, so there isn't anything really special for these in that department but this works as an advantage. These are definitely not meant to be anything kinky or daring so a simple fabric choice is good for comfort and to get guys to try out something different in their comfort zone.
I've worn these to work, school, and to lounge at home and found it was comfortable, moveable and functional. They do, as I mentioned, have a little more room (as you can see in the picture above) in the legs so watch for bunching under slimmer pants. This is certainly where my love for jocks and thongs comes from, I simply don't like fabric that feels like it doesn't need to be there. 

I really wish they would make some more colors of this style. I love nice neutral tones with pops of color, it's fun and different but also realistic for the average guy too. I could also really see these in an inverted color scheme like bright pink with chocolate sprinkles or white, grey and black. There's definitely a lot of potential for this boxer brief.

MY RATING: 8.25 (out of 10)
Recommended for: Comfort and showing off (whatever that may be ;) )


Stay tuned for the next part where I will review the All That Pattern boxer brief.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

$12 Tuesday at Baskit

As you may know, for the past several weeks Baskit has been running a special on Tuesday - $12 Tuesday they're calling it. We thought today was definitely worth posting because, well these images are just so darn yummy!

The deal is, today only get the Just /b/ Trunk (which comes in a variety of colors) for only $12. It normally sells for $24, so that's a whopping 50% off! And these shots of model Nelson Marin aren't too bad either, hump day came a little early this week ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trick or Treat Halloween Surprise from International Jock

Who wants to bag some extra Halloween fun this fall? Here's a frightfully sweet offer you can't refuse. This is our favorite sale of the year and it doesn't last long. Right now, every order at International Jock will receive a FREE surprise gift! It might be a sexy pair of underwear or swimwear,  a jockstrap, a handsome T-shirt -- they're giving out all sorts of TREATS to help spice up your underwear drawer. There's no minimum order size and no limit to how many different orders you place; you'll receive a gift every time! But hurry: just like the "good house" on the block when Trick-or-Treating, quantities are limited, so don't limp along at a zombie's pace. Haunt around at International Jock, make an order, and a FREE gift will follow you home.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mckillop's Reopening Sale!

If you're a fan of Mckillop you may have noticed that they've been having trouble with their website recently. Well they've made some upgrades, and are back with a better site that is more stable than ever. To celebrate, and thank you for their patience, they're offering 50% off everything this weekend! You read that right, 50% off! That's an unbeatable deal. Use coupon code 'crash' to take advantage. The deal ends Monday at midnight, so stock up!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pumpkin Undies from aussieBum

Just in time for Halloween, aussieBum has launched a limited edition line of undies to celebrate the occasion. The cheeky Jack the Pumpkin line comes in both briefs and hipster trunks

The custom illustrated print shows funny-faced pumpkins and bats on a bright green background. Who wouldn't want these in their pants? Buy now because quantities are limited! 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

CIN-2 Grip Jock Review

CIN-2 is hands down one of my favorite brands so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I decided to review their Core Grip Jockstrap

This jock doesn’t look very similar to other styles, it has a different strap design and the pouch is contoured with side seams as opposed to a central seam found on many other styles of underwear. I find this front seam can be unflattering or distracting but these side seams flatter while also providing the same if not superior pouch contour and support as other brands.

This jock was definitely designed with the active guy in mind, it wicks away moisture and provides great support. The straps connect to the front pouch and I find this helps in keeping everything in the right place for the day. The downside to the fabric is that you can’t use a fabric softener while washing so you do require some extra care for this Jock.

While it is obvious this was made for the active guy, I’ve worn these for many different reasons. They’re great for warm summer days, running, and I’ve even worn these underneath a full suit on an active day. So consider this no matter your lifestyle.

An added bonus about this jock is that the Grip line is an ongoing collection by CIN-2, it is redone every once in a while in more colors keeping you up to date with new looks but the same quality. If you enjoy working out in style, you are going to have luck with this being available in many colors including a new season of colors that was just recently released. 

If you aren’t much of a jock kind of guy the Grip line is also available in other styles offering more coverage. This jock leaves very little to the imagination but the waist moves easily and adjusts nicely. 

MY RATING: 9.25 (out of 10)
Recommended for: Comfortable (and stylish) working out. 

VALUE: 8.5 They are a little expensive, but worth it in my opinion. 

40% OFF at His Jock

This weekend only receive 40% off EVERYTHING at His Jock with coupon code 'Oktoberfest'. Including the latest fall collection from Papi (shown above). Don't miss this awesome opportunity to stock up for less.  

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Nick Jonas Drops Trou in Flaunt Magazine

Jonas Brother Nick has been causing quite a stir with his latest photos from Flaunt magazine.  The hunky celeb drops trou and grabs his crotch à la Marky Mark in his latest spread. Woof.

What do you think, hot or not?  Sound off below. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bryan Hawn's 'All About That (b)ASS"

The ever sexy Bryan Hawn is at it again with his latest parody video to 'All About that Bass' in which he flaunts all his assets. Hawn is looking oh-so-good in those sexy undies, especially loving him in those Abercrombie briefs. This video will leave you all about that ASS, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

End of an Era - Equmen

With the recent passing of their Founder and Managing Director Gavin Jones, Equmen is saying farewell. Known for the innovations in supportive undergear that helps your body breath well maintaining good posture, this company will be missed.

If you haven't tried them yet or want to stock up, now is the time! They're clearing out their warehouse at 80% off. You can even stock up big with discounts on special multi-packs. Their briefs are some of my favorite for working out, check out our review here

Friday, September 19, 2014

Modus Vivendi On Sale at DapperMan + Extra $10

Today through Sept 23 DapperMan is having a huge sale on Modus Vivendi underwear, they have a great selection to choose from. Not familiar with DapperMan? It's a member's only daily deal site similar to GILT. If you haven't signed up yet, you can use our exclusive link to save $10 off your first purchase in addition to the already great savings. Go check it out now!

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Levi's at International Jock

Levi's has just released a new line of underwear now available at International Jock. The line is classic Americana with a modern flair, perfect for wearing under your classic American jeans -- Levi's. They line comes in trunk and brief fit in several neutral solids with the iconic Levi's red tab logo on the waistband. They're simple and chic. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bieber Bares Boxer Briefs On Live TV

Bieber has often been on our list of celeb undies sightings with his tendency to sag and let his undies hang out. But this week the Biebs went one step further when he actually stripped down to his Calvin Klein boxerbriefs on live television during 'Fashion Rocks'.

Bieber later tweeted about the incident using the hashtag #mycalvins:

Did you catch the stunt? What do you think, hot or not?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Sale at International Jock

Save big this Labor Day weekend at International Jock. Lots of brands on sale Emporio Armani, 2(x)ist, Diesel, Intymen, and many more! Sale ends 9/2/14

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Contributor: Introducing Leo

Uman says: I'm please to introduce our latest member to the team, Leo. He will be posting regularly about his thoughts on underwear as well as reviews and pictures of his collection. Here's his intro.

Leo's C-In2 Zen Slider Brief
I've been blogging for the past three years. The name Leo is a nickname and developed from ones I've had in the past, I go by Leo on most social media because I don't really like my name. I've run a personal and fashion blog for three years and recently began an underwear and swimwear appreciation blog. Clothing of every sort interests me but I think you can understand that men's suiting and underwear are the most heavenly things and get me all hot and bothered. Now I'm going to be posting here with tips, reviews and appreciation of all things underwear and swimwear.

My addiction to underwear is overwhelming at times and while I've never been bankrupt because of it, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I was. Being a really skinny guy, I prefer more fitted, sleek and revealing styles like thongs, jocks, low rise and bikini briefs not to mention everything mesh. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and go to University as a Science student. If you have any comments or questions, feel free, they are definitely allowed.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Johnny Weir Dances in Galliano Briefs!

With the growing popularity of social media, we're getting a lot more celeb underwear sightings from the celeb themselves. Instead of just accidental waistband shots, sags, and wardrobe malfunctions, we're actually seeing celebs posting sexy photos and vids of themselves in limited apparel.

Check out this great video that Johnny Weir posted to Instagram showing off his sexy bod and dance skills in nothing but John Galliano briefs. In the video he's dancing to Sia's "Chandelier", and I must say those briefs are fitting him quite nicely and leave very little to the imagination. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Empowered from the depths

sponsored post
“If you don’t feel good in it, don’t wear it. Because it will never look good. Any hesitation in the fitting room and just walk away.” These were the words spoken by L’Wren Scott in 2012 during an interview with the Telegraph and demonstrate what an intuitive designer must know. 

I'm sure that you're going to all the beaches and bars this summer. Besides the towel, sunscreen and your good pair of sunglasses, you should buy a good swimsuit every season. Don't recycle your swimsuit of last year, your friends may have a photographic memory. And this is where our friends at GayUnder can help you; a recent discovery of ours in the designer and fashion underwear world.  

GayUnder is a new commitment that will empower you from the depths. GayUnder is reinventing the male's underwear drawer with comfortable, bold, sexy and innovative collections. They have cool design and high quality clothing at incredible prices. They also have designs and brands to suit everyone and every situation. GayUnder comes to fill a gap in the gay underwear world with quality and design in a brand that makes you feel like you never did before. Free your mind, let yourself go and feel GayUnder. Explore new sensations with GayUnder, and discover a new world full of opportunities. Do not waste your money just in plain clothes, find and wear feelings with GayUnder. A breath of fresh air coming to cover your expectations, like no one has ever done. GayUnder, just feel it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bryan Hawn Wiggles his "Big Fat Butt" in a Thong!

Not totally underwear news related, but since it is hump day I thought you all might appreciate seeing some gorgeous humps.

YouTube fitness star and general eye candy hunk Bryan Hawn has released a parody video of Jason Derulo's "Wiggle". In it he wiggles his big fat butt out of his jeans and into a sexy thong. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where to Shop? Where do you Shop?

Being a blog that specializes in men's underwear, we love our online underwear stores. As you may know, we feature a list of stores where you can buy great men's underwear online in our sidebar.

We recently had the chance to go through our underwear store list and cleanup the list to remove sites that no longer exist, and update links that were no longer functioning.

There's quite a few shops, though that have not made it to our list. So we want to know, where do you shop? Have something that belongs on our list but isn't there, let us know? Maybe you own the shop, maybe you just love shopping there. Either way let us know about your favorite places to shop in the comments below!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Dancing in Undies to Sia's "Chandelier"

Sia's popular song "Chandelier" has had a lot of video spoofs of late, but this one we just had to tell you about. CheapUndies paired up with sexy models/dancers Chaz Knight and Quinn Jaxon to their own interpretative take on "Chandlier"... in their undies of course! Who doesn't love dancing in their undies?

Enjoy and let us know what you think! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cocksox Birthday Sale Ends Today!

Cocksox is celebrating their 8th birthday with a fantastic sale, and it all ends today! 

Thongs, briefs, boxers, long johns, swimwear, active-wear, all up to 40% off until midnight July 28.

Here's some words from the good folks at Cocksox:
To all our awesome customers who’ve supported us over these 8 years we hope you had a chance to celebrate too. Without the constant support, feedback and encouragement from all of you we wouldn’t be here today creating the sexiest and most comfortable underwear and swimwear on the planet!

So grab yourself a bargain before it’s too late. And if you haven't tried the new CSX range from Cocksox, now is a great time to do so! I personally love them! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July at Mckillop

Starting first thing today/tomorrow at 12:01 am (July 25, 2014), Mckillop is starting a very special deal that they're calling "Christmas in July". This deal is super cool and super special - three lucky customers will get their entire package (no max value) for free, just like Christmas! 

Here's the deal, Mckillop has pre-selected a time during the day at random, the first three orders after that time will be free! All you have to do is go place an order

This is such a fun promo, worst case scenario you end up with some awesome new undies that you paid for. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Special at Big Boys

The wonderful guys at Big Boys Pants have a great deal going on right now. They're offering 33% off their current multipack sale offer. So that's 5 pairs of underwear (your choice of style) for a fraction of the cost. The multipack offers will save you an average of $30, that's a great deal! Go check it out now.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Sexy Seamen from Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi continues the Dreamland series of campaigns for its Summer 2014 collection and this time is taking you to a world of sailors with its Seaman Line

The background images into which the models blend are reproductions of paintings by Yannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989), who is one of the most highly regarded modern Greek painters. His extensive depiction of soldiers, sailors and other men, often curiously described as “vulnerable”, was controversial and some of his exhibits were taken down by censors. It was Tsarouchis who introduced the iconic sailor motive into modern Greek theater. From the content of his images we can also deduce that he was deeply interested in fabrics and clothing and, at one point, he even tried his hand at weaving. 

This brand new line comprises evocative sailor-themed underwear, t-shirts, longsleeves and sleeveless tees. With references to sailor’s stripes, a range of luxury fabrics and a highly distinctive look these new clothes make a strong statement and offer supreme comfort. I'm really enjoying the play between reality and fantasy with this imagery; it's so evocative. Enjoy the eye candy but be sure to also check out the collection at Modus Vivendi's site

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

International Jock's "Made in America" Sale

Back by popular demand, International Jock’s Made in America Sale offers ooh-and-aah-inspiring discounts on all American-made brands. 

While only 2% of all garments sold here are made in America, International Jock has always made it a point to seek out and support U.S. manufacturers. Their 25% off sale includes top-of-the-line, all-American brands like Pistol Pete, Timoteo, Go Softwear, N2N, Sauvage Swimwear and LA Sporting Club. And, when you purchase clothing made in the States you're helping the national economy, our local garment industries and saving thousands of Americans jobs.

So celebrate Independence Day with a bang by shopping International Jock’s patriotic collection of American brands at jaw-dropping prices during their annual Made in America Sale.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Patriotic Pants from Vuthy Sim!

Vuthy Sim (pronounced Vooh-Tee Sim) has released its “Old Glory” swim suit line in thong, bikini and square cut ranges as part of its rollout of new designs for 2014. The brand also plans soon to expand its "Old Glory" line to include briefs, boxers and board shorts to cover the full gamut of tastes in silhouettes. The handsome American flag print has proven to be exceptionally popular with buyers, and I can see why. I'm loving this print as it's not your typical American flag print, but is much more refine and stylish.

Inspired by the American flag, “Old Glory” ranges allow you to show off your July 4th pride each day at the beach or poolside. In patriotic red, white and blue colors, you can’t be guaranteed a salute, but most likely attention and a few compliments.

An elastic waistband eliminates the need for a messy drawstring. The front pouch provides comfort and fit to hold and accentuate a man’s natural assets. As always, you get Vuthy Sim's unequaled attention to fit, design and quality of workmanship. Get them today on Vuthy's Etsy shop.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mid-Year Clearance at Obviously!

For the first time ever Obviously is holding a Mid-Year Clearance Sale. 

All modal products discounted – every collection, every style, every color – at up to a massive 70% off! No Coupon, no Code, just every modal product massively reduced. 

Get in quick before stock runs out! Sale ends midnight 30th June 2014.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

International Jock's Father's Day Sale!

Treat Dad (or yourself!) to some new undies, a swimsuit, or even lounge wear during International Jock's Father's Day sale. All of Dad's favorites including top brands like Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Emporio Armani, C-IN2 and more are available now for a limited time at 25% off. During the sale you'll find EVERYTHING from these major brands at the best prices of the year. 

Every dad could use some fresh underwear or an amazing new bathing suit to get ready for some summer fun in the sun. Shop now for the best selection. At these prices, International Jock's incredible selection of men's underwear and men's swimwear are sure to go fast.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take the Garcon Model Survey - Win Underwear!

Canadian underwear brand Garçon Model understands the benefit of customer loyalty. It was thanks to their customers and fans who late last year raised funds on Kickstarter that enabled the young brand to expand their collection for Spring/Summer 2014. 

In order to better understand what customers really want from their underwear, Garçon Model has launched a survey to get statistics on everything from your favorite underwear fabrics to colors and needs. This research will then be used to guide the brand’s future design and production decisions. To show their thanks every person that answers the questionnaire will be entered into a prize draw to win underwear from their new MIAMI Collection! 

So go answer the survey now, there's free underwear on the line! Survey closes June 1, 2014. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Sale at International Jock

Save up to 50% off on hundreds of styles at International Jock this memorial day weekend! They have lots of great swimwear and underwear to choose from to get you all set for summer. Some of the brands included are: Diesel, Tulio, Under Armour, Sauvage, CR7, Pistol Pete, and a whole lot more! All you have to do is click on over and save. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fruit of the Loom Debuts New Commercial

Major underwear manufacturer Fruit of the Loom (FTL) has debuted a new, mainstream commercial featuring their new "no-ride-up" boxerbriefs. While I don't know about the quality of these undies (I have a feeling they still have that bargain brand feel), I do like the quality of the commercial. What a fun concept, and they really took it there with all the puns. I also appreciate that FTL is finally letting guys run around in their undies (instead of those damn fruit costumes) to market their product.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, May 02, 2014


Alert! This just in. One of my favorite up and coming underwear designers Ken Wroy is having a flash sale on GILT. Go check it out now! If you don't know what GILT is, it's a members only designer sale place to find great deals on clothing. If you don't have an account yet you can use our exclusive link for an invitation.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Croota Releases "Sprinkles" Range

Croota underwear has just released its ‘Sprinkles’ range of men’s trunks, adding to a 2014 collection of underwear filled with unique styles, designs and fits. We can't wait to see the rest of the upcoming 2014 range!

Croota’s ‘Sprinkles’ trunks offer a subtle splattering of colors against one of two monochromatic color options: grey or black. The range features a waistband that is a mixture of two distinctive materials (cotton and elastane), which give the Croota logo a reflective surface. 

Like its other ranges, Croota’s ‘Sprinkles’ range is a lo-rise glove-fit pair of men’s trunks. It was designed for a guy who likes simple designs and subtle flair. It is made with 95% breathable cotton and 5% elastane, and retails for $22.95