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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Celebrity Brand: Rated M

Actor Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell and Dancing with the Stars fame has recently launched his own collection of underwear.  The brand is called Rated M and is for "Manful men and their very special guests" according to the tagline.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information available on this brand.  But from what I gather, there's a collection available through Mario's own site here.  This collection includes trunks, briefs, singlets, and much more in basic cuts and solid colors.  The collection looks like it would make a great foundation for dancing and rehearsals.  It allows movement while providing comfort.  There also appears to be a more limited collection available exclusively at Freshpair.  The difference here I believe is the colors and the waistband. UPDATE 12/29/11: I've spoken with the folks at Freshpair, and actually the entire collection is exclusively available at Freshpair.  The Rated M site is just a preview of the rest of the line that will be available at Freshpair.  Currently just the "elementary line" is available, the rest will be available over the next few months.

This is just another in a whole slew of celebrity lines out there. Although it appears that this collection has been carefully crafted and engineered to give you the comfort you deserve.  We're working on getting our hands on a pair or two, and as soon as we do we'll get back to you with our full report on how they fit and feel. 

25% off at UnderBriefs End of Year Sale!

UnderBriefs' annual End of Year sale just started! Now through January 8, save 25% on Baskit, Cocksox, Clever, Diesel, Gregg Homme, Joe Snyder, PPU, Sweat, and selected Todd & Terry products . This is a great chance to stock up on your favorite brands for 2012! And as if that's not enough, save 25% on all Calvin Klein men's underwear until January 2! UnderBriefs offers free shipping to customers in the US and Canada and has inexpensive shipping rates for its customers in other countries.

DealByEthan Boxing Day Sale

From now until the end of the year (midnight Dec 31), get 15% off at DealByEthan using coupon code "Box15".  No minimum purchase.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Boys Pants Does Skimpy Thongs Well - A Review

Today I'd like to take the opportunity to give you my take on one of my favorite thongs.  While I often do wear thongs, it seems that I personally have never actually reviewed a thong (the closest I came was Croota's second skin bikini).  So today I'd like to review a true thong from Big Boys Pants.

Now I must preface this review by saying that when I discuss things such as the comfort I am comparing it to other thongs I have tried.  You must understand, of course, that wearing a thong is a completely different experience than other types of underwear, so my comments are based on the fact that I am already generally comfortable having a string up my ass (for lack of better explanation).

The Big Boys line in general is very reminiscent of the Obviously brand.  The basic concept is to have a more roomy pouch to allow your junk to hang more freely and naturally.  My general feeling on these concepts is that it basically results in a rather baggy looking pouch that is not all that flattering to the wearer.  However, I feel that this idea actually does work really well with a thong.  Often the problem with thongs is that there is not adequate room for your junk if you are more endowed or when you get an erection.  There is just a thin strip of cloth and nowhere to go.  But with this thong from Big Boys the pouch is bigger and there is somewhere to go.  The pouch also fits well when you are not erect so there is no awkward extra fabric dangling there.  Also instead of just being a strip of fabric as with most thongs, this pouch is cut in a more pouch shape to conform to the shape of your anatomy comfortably.  As with all thongs, you have to be careful not to pull the waistband up too high and to wear it at a comfortable level.

As for the comfort.  This mostly falls under the fit as I have already described.  But in addition to the comfortable cut, this thong is also made of an incredibly soft and comfortable modal fabric.  This fabric is responsible for the comfort in the cut is as well because it easily and comfortable stretches as needed.  The wide waistband (wider than most thongs) sits flat and stays put, making for a very comfortable wearing experience throughout the day. I rarely find myself needing to adjust this thong, it moves with you as you sit and stand so you don't ever get that uncomfortable tightness in the pouch that can occur with thongs.  I do notice that I'm wearing the thong (that's kind of how thongs work), but it's not uncomfortable. 

In terms of style, these are pretty basic and plain.  But the cut is so daring that you really don't need too much else going on.  The thong comes in 5 solid colors (I tried steel) with complimenting waistbands.  I do like the look of the grey waistbands better than the white as I feel the white ones look a little cheap. I do also wish that there were more color options, and some more colors that are not as bright; the cut is flashy enough. 

Quality-wise these undies are exceptionally well-made.  I've worn these numerous times and they hold up great in the wash while the colors remain brilliant.  I would not, however, recommend machine drying them due to the fabric content.  I feel that it would probably pill.  At £13.95 (about $20 USD), these certainly aren't the cheapest thongs.  But they also aren't the most expensive.  I think you'll definitely get your money's worth as they last well and are some of the comfiest thongs out there that I've tried. 

Overall, I give the Big Boys Pants Thong a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Anatomical pouch.  Wide waistband.
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Pouch accommodates all sizes.  Moves with you. 
STYLE -- 6 (out of 10) - Basic.  Wish there were more color options. 
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Exceptionally well-made.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Moderately priced.  Will get your money's worth. 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Perfect Package

Here's hoping you got the perfect Christmas package.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope today brings you lots of joy with you and yours.  Here's a little eye candy to brighten your day.  Enjoy. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Sorry for the delayed guide, but better late than never right?  And there are after all 12 days of Christmas, so while there may not be time everywhere to order in time for the first day, you can still make it before the end. Buying underwear for someone is a very personal matter. Especially for guys, because (as much as I'd like to argue otherwise) they don't get new underwear all that often, so when they do it's important that it works for them and their body. That being said, many guys have a strong preference for what style (boxers, briefs, trunks, etc) of underwear they wear. Some don't care that much or may be happy with a number of different styles, but others care a lot. So make sure you know your man well before buying. Also, it is very important for you to make sure you know your man's size. What he wears in pants may not be the same as his underwear, so make sure you check. Also, snooping in his underwear drawer may not tell you the completely correct size as it's possible he may have some old undies lying around that no longer fit or never fit. If you aren't going to ask him outright, make sure you look at a pair that you know fits him well. It's important you get the right size because most places won't let you return it.

That being said, underwear is a great gift for the holidays and many people love to give and receive it! So once you've figured out what style and size of underwear your man needs, there's still a whole lot to choose from. I've broken it down for you based on the personality/type of man who might like to wear each pair. Use this holiday underwear buying guide as a jumping off point for what to get your man. While some of these undies may seem a little expensive to you, you're paying for quality so they're worth it.

This year I have a great list for you, I believe I've only mentioned one of these brands before.  So in addition to being a great gifting guide, this is also a good guide of some new brands to try for yourself.  

For the Classic Man:
Naked boxerbriefs.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to keep it simple.  He's not opposed to something with style, but he likes his comfort first.    
  • Undz is a newer brand on the scene.  They are very basic but still funky and stylish.  Also, one of my favorite parts of them is they don't cost a lot ($4.99 a piece).  So if your man needs lots of new undies, this is perfect.  I personally really like their briefs.
  • Another brand that I'm really loving lately is Naked.  They make very simple yet comfortable undies.  When I wear these I feel like I'm, well naked.  They truly feel like you're wearing nothing.  I personally really like their boxerbrief fit (shown).   
 For the Lover/Boyfriend:
Body Aware Curacao briefs.
  • This category is for that special guy in your life - or just that guy you know will appreciate sexy undies.  But as I've mentioned before: know your guy; not all guys like sexy undies.
  • I brand that has recently come to my attention is TBJON.  They specialize in really sexy undies meant for your sexy activities.  I really love their thongs.  The lyte and kol styles are great.
  • A new brand that makes some pretty sexy undies is Mckillop.  They only make jockstraps and pouches (jockstraps without straps).  I really dig their colorful power jocks - currently on sale for $15.  
  • And finally, a really sexy line is Body Aware, which has recently come to my attention.  There's an exhaustive catalog - they've really got something sexy for everybody.  Personally I really dig the Curacao briefs (shown).  But there's a ton to search through there, so go check it out!
 The Fun Guy:
Marek+Richard Underdog brief.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to have fun.  He's adventurous and not afraid to take risks.  That goes for his fashion choices as well.  He's daring and confident in his appearance.
  • A new brand hailing from the UK is Bum-Chums. These undies are really fun and colorful. They have bright colors in their Fruity collection and metallic fabrics in their Celestial collection. These undies are for the guy that loves to have fun in (with) his pants choice. 
  • A new-comer on the scene is Marek+Richard.  The company was founded earlier this year by two young fashion designers who met while studying at school together.  I really love their fun new take on things.  Especially loving their underdog brief (shown) that combines mesh and cotton jersey for a very unique, runway look. Also they're currently having a sale. 
The Fashionable Guy:
  • This category is for the guy that's all about style.  He's all about refinement but also isn't afraid to have a little fun with his fashion choices.  
  • My first selection comes from Spanish brand XTG Extreme Game, a clothing brand specializing in daring designs.  I really love the subtle refinement that this brand brings to many of their undies.  I really love their blackletter brief.  It's a really fun fabric that is lightweight and semi-transparent.  Very fashionable and refined. 
  • While far from new, I'm always a fan of DT Clothes (formerly known as DT Jocks).  They have some really fun and funky asymmetric undies that are very fashion-forward in my opinion.  
So there you have it folks, those are my suggestions for what to get your man this holiday season.  Happy shopping!  

          Tuesday, December 13, 2011

          Everything is $5.99 at MaleBasics Outlet!

          MaleBasics is having an inventory clearance sale.  Everything in their outlet is $5.99 - that's an amazing deal as some of that stuff in there retails for as much as $40 and more!  Sizes and quantities are limited, so act fast!  I'm told that this sale will be going until Friday, or until supplies last. 

          Friday, December 09, 2011

          Super Hero Briefs from DIESEL

          DC Comics and DIESEL have joined forces to bring to you super hero undies!  The range includes four unique boxers inspired by four comic book heroes: Batman, Joker, the Flash, and the Green Lantern.  Like the superheroes themselves, each of these undies features a special, unique power. The Batman boxer, for instance, will reveal a secret armor all over the more you wash and wear it.  The Flash print contains a thermo-sensitive print that will change and move as you wear it, reacting to your body heat.  The Green Lantern print has a florescent treatment on it, with a special print being visible after it is exposed to light. And finally, the Joker print features a photo-print acid effect.  

          These boxers are for spring/summer 2012, but it appears that at least the Joker print is already available online at DIESEL's site for $34.  I think, though, my favorite design is the Batman one. 

          Thursday, December 08, 2011

          Emporio Armani on GILT

          Emporio Armani is available today on GILT.  They have lots of trunks and briefs available from the high-end fashion label.  Some of their deals are better than others, but the best deal is probably a 3-pack of briefs for $27.  You can't really beat that. 

          GILT is a member's only site.  If you're not already a member, use this exclusive link to join on us. 

          Andrew Christian Holiday Video with Ronnie Kroell released

          A couple days ago we gave you a sneak peek at an upcoming holiday video from Andrew Christian with hot model Ronnie Kroell.  Well here it is folks, what you've all been waiting for.  It's a little campy and over the top, but it sure is fun to see hunky Kroell strut around in his AC undies. 

          Monday, December 05, 2011

          Eye Candy: Ronnie Kroell for Andrew Christian

          Here's a little behind the scenes look from Twitter at an upcoming Christmas campaign for Andrew Christian that will feature Make Me A Supermodel's Ronnie Kroell.  I can't wait to see the full teaser video.  For more behind the scenes looks at Andrew Christian, be sure to check out their blog.  Enjoy!

          Thursday, December 01, 2011

          New Brand:

 is a relatively new Canadian-based site founded by Bertrand Dore.  The brand is developed around the concept of making stylish men's underwear that is affordable.  Now many brands say this, but when Undz set out on this mission they really meant it.  You can purchase a pair of Undz for just $4.99!!  That's right, I didn't forget a 1 or a 0, that's 5 bucks.  For any of you who shop underwear you know that's a great deal.  Heck, cheap brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are about that price.  

          What's the catch?  While it's only slight.  In order to purchase Undz online you have to order at least 5 pairs and pay for shipping.  But with shipping (only $5.99), five pairs only costs you about $33.  And you could easily spend that much on just one pair of designer undies.  

          I've had the chance to try these out and I'm quite impressed with them.  The fabric is good quality and holds up well in the wash and the fit is nice and comfy.  I do wish that they had more colors and prints, but what they have is a great start and they're continually expanding.  Also the shipping was insanely fast: mine arrived just a day after placing my order.  I couldn't believe it. 

          So if you're looking for some new undies but you think you're gonna have to go with the bargain brands at Target, take a look at Undz and try them instead.