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Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Arrivals and Sale at

Click here for new arrivals at (shown are the DIM new arrivals). Also, check out their sale section.

Exclusive RIPS photo #4

Here's another exclusive photo from RIPS. This is the back of the RIPS Extreme sheer jock. To check out the first exclusive photo, click here. And to get the second (which is the front of this same jock), click here. And for the third, click here. More to come soon!

15% off Kinetic at Male Basics

15% off C-In2 Kinetic is back at MaleBasics. The sale ends on the 31st.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

National Underwear Day and exciting exclusives for UB readers

National Underwear Day was founded by Freshpair in August 2003. National Underwear Day is a day to celebrate all things underwear. In the above video (not available in email feeds) you can learn more about the holiday. Well being an underwear blog, this is definitely up our street. In honor of National Underwear Day and UB's relationship with Freshpair, we have some very exciting things in store for you. This August 7 brings National Underwear Day once again to Times Square. This year it will be bigger and better than ever before and will be featuring more sponsors, underwear giveaways, contests, and some surprises. But even if you cannot make it to Times Square, you can still receive some free underwear. Here's how it will work. You can enter to win some free underwear by one of the following ways:
  • Send me a great question via email that will inspire a great blog entry or blog debate.
  • Send me a photo of you or a friend (ask their permission) in underwear with one of two themes: Underwear in the City, or Summer Underwear. Use your creativity.
  • Write a quality comment on a post (but make sure you say that you are entering the Freshpair Giveaway).
Also, you MUST include your size along with each method of entry.
RULES: We need a valid email at which to contact you (make sure you include this on any blog comments). You must include your desired size for the entry to be valid. Readers may enter up to 3 times during the giveaway period (the end of which will be determined at a later date). Winners will be selected by judges. The judges' decisions are final. Your words and/or photo(s) will become property of UB and/or Freshpair and may be used in public places regardless of the winning status.

If you do not wish to enter, or you do not win, you can still get a great deal by using one of the exclusive UB discount codes at Freshpair. Here are the codes and what they give you:
Code 1: underwearblog
Discount: 10% off on $85
Expires 9/1
Code 2: underwearblog15
Discount: 15% off on $150
Expires 9/1

That's all for now. But stay tuned for more info on National Underwear Day. And if you are in Times Square on August 7, be sure to drop your trousers and show your skiviez (make sure you have your best ones on). And while you're there, snap a photo or two and send them our way.

Get your weapons at the ready...

Attention!  Hup!  Forward... March!  Guys, now is the perfect time to get your weapons at the ready for the Bruno Banani soldiers line available at DGU.  This line is a stricking camo print with three different silhouettes (hip shorts, string, and tanga).  So if you think you are soldier enough, get your gear over to DGU and make the change.  

Additional 15% off at Undergear

Take an additional 15% off the Undergear summer sale when you purchase 5 or more items.  Now through July 30th with promo code U7N15.  

Friday, July 27, 2007

10% off Tulio at Nuwear

Automatically receive 10% off all Tulio Swimwear this weekend long when you order online at Nuwear.  

Private Blog event at International Jock

Now through July 31st save 20% on everything at International Jock by entering the promotional code "JULYBLOGS" at checkout. Their huge selection of men's underwear and men's swimwear includes famous makers like C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Diesel, 2(x)ist, Bike Athletic, Andrew Christian and more than 50 other brands. This sale is available exclusively through underwear blogs. 

Sale at Mensuas

Save 15% off your next order at Mensuas by using promotion code "julsale" at checkout.  This includes clearance items!  And remember, free shipping to US, Canada, and Mexico.  The sale ends with the month.  And be sure to let them know that UB sent you!  

In case you were wondering, the swimsuit shown is the N2N Laguna Ultra Swim Brief.  

Thursday, July 26, 2007

20% off EVERYTHING and New Arrivals at International Jock

You can save 20% off everything at International Jock through the remainder of the month by entering promo code "JULYOFFER".  And while you're doing that, be sure to check out the final new releases of Andrew Christian for the 2007 calendar year.  The new releases from International Jock include lots of fun prints on the rear as well as all-over patterns and colors.  Some of the fun patterns include crowns boxerbriefs and briefs and medallion boxerbriefs and briefs.  And the rear prints include Danger Hot!, Gothic Lion, and Angel Skull.  So check all these great new styles and more.  Also, Budgy Smuggler has a new collection at International Jock.  

'Tis the Month of Mey at DGU

Check out the new Mey arrivals at Dead Good Undies.  They now have the Mey Autumn/Winter Collection and they will have more styles coming soon.  The new arrivals include the Mey Club Jazz Pant, which is probably my favorite of the new arrivals, the Dynamic Jazz Pant, and the Dynamic Hip Short (Shown).  And be sure to watch for  more soon.  

Exclusive Discount from Bare Necessities!

As a special gift to Men's Underwear Blog readers, Bare Necessities is offering Free Shipping on US orders of $75 or more ! Check out our entire collection of men's underwear and sleepwear. Enter code MBFS75 at check out to receive your free shipping. Offer expires 12/31/07.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exclusive Discounts at Danial Webster Design

After all the great response from the interview I did with him, Danial Hellman of Danial Webster Design decided that he would extend exclusive discount codes to UB readers. Here's how it works:

DWEBSTER15 will give $15 off a $50.00+ order
DWEBSTER20 will give $20 off a $100.00+ order
So there you have it. The codes expire in about two weeks.

UnderU Summer Sale is having an amazing sale from now until August 1st. Brands such as Versace, Ginch Gonch, Calvin Klein, and Roberto Cavalli, are on sale up to 70% off.

Summer Sale at Undergear

From now until the 29th, take advantage of discounts as much as 60% off retail prices at Undergear.  

Monday, July 23, 2007


This is a great sale, if you're looking for stuff by BOIISH, then head on over to They having a sale on select BOIISH swimwear and active wear, this is for a short time only so check this one out. They have some great bikinis on sale for $25 and some T-shirts for as cheap as $15. Get these great deals while they last.

2(x)ist Soy now at MaleBasics

The 2(x)ist Soy line of underwear is now available at MaleBasics. This line was almost impossible to get it around its launch, but now a few months later it is much easier. So if you haven't yet tried the soy revolution, now is a good time. 

Exclusive RIPS photo #3

Here's another exclusive photo from RIPS. This is the RIPS Extreme sleeveless tee and RIPS extreme brief. To check out the first exclusive photo, click here. And to get the second, click here.  More to come soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Exclusive Interview: Danial Webster

In a continuation of our interview series, I just sat down to interview Danial Hellman of Danial Webster Design. You may remember Danial Webster Design underwear from this review I did a while back. Anyway, here is the interview. Enjoy!

UB: What inspired you to start creating men's underwear?
DW: I was inspired by the lack of great mens underwear on the market. At the time, there weren't any brands that were fun, playful and sexy, without catering to a look that is very childish and fetishizing of little boy underwear. At the time, I was also looking for way to support other clothing design ventures, and men's underwear seemed like a good market to enter into. I figured that if I couldn't find any underwear that I really loved, there were other guys out there with the same problem.

UB: What underwear are you wearing right now?

DW: I'm wearing one of my original samples, from the beginning of it all. They're a red "punk rock" plaid.

UB: What inspires you to create the individual designs?

DW: In general, I let the fabric inspire me. As you can see, I really enjoy stripes, but over all I just hunt down fabric that inspire me. Fun energetic prints and bold graphics really inspire me.

UB: You started as a one-man operation filling all the orders yourself, is that still the case?

DW: I'm still a one man operation, but had a chance to build up a backstock earlier this year. That means no more playing catchup when bunch of orders roll in, or a new store wants to carry my line.

UB: Where do you find all the great fabrics that you use for your underwear?

DW: I hunt all over for them. I've ordered fabric from NYC and LA, but also order from online stores all over the country. I even hit the local Seattle fabric stores and buy up anything the looks like fun. I'm really hoping that in the coming year I will be able to have some fabric custom knitted for me. There's some fabrics that I'd love to have, but just can't the red plaid I mentioned earlier.

UB: What prompted you do the fun contrasting pattern on the inside of the pouch?

DW: That all started with a joke, actually. I was making underwear sample for a friend to try out and lined the pouch with a fun fabric, and realized what a great detail it was. It's in every single pair from the very first too this day.

UB: How did you decide on a pattern for the underwear? And why did you decide to go with trunks, why not briefs or boxer shorts?

DW: I started with a pattern that I already had from another project, but never really liked. I altered the waistband, pouch size, leg length and some other details to achieve the fit you all now know. I deicded on the trunk because i like them. I think they're the most comfortable style and also fairly attractive on lots of body types. I've been told by major online stores that g strings and bikini styles outsell trunks 10 to 1, but still stand by my design.

UB: Are there any plans to create briefs or boxer shorts in the future?

DW: I have considered a brief style but have yet to decide on whether to develop it, but I do know that I would much rather develop a boxer style. Unfortunately, developing a boxer would require a large output of time and money in research and development that I currently can't afford. It's definitely on my list if the company continues to grow, though. Other than these styles, I would really like to develop an all-in-one men's undergarment. I love the turn of the century all in ones and think they'd be a fun addition to my line.

UB: What do you mean by the "all-in-one" styles of men's underwear?

DW: By all in one, I mean the style that is like the underwear and a tank top all connected into one garment, with buttons or snaps down the front. Sort of like a long underwear union suit.

UB: All your underwear is limited edition. How limited are they?

DW: It varies widely. I've been trying to buy at least enough fabric to make 30 pair of a style. It's difficult to put the very limited edition styles up on my website, so not many of them make it. Currently, the truly limited editions are carried in one my retailers in Seattle, Fancy+Pants ( They carry some styles that only have 3 pairs, one per size. On the high end, I can make as many as 100 pair of some styles. It's definitely a balancing act, keeping the quantities small enough that they are unique, but having enough fabric that I can make a profit off of the business. The reason many underwear lines can sell so cheaply is that they manufacture styles in large quantities, and I'm at a total disadvantage in this area.

UB: Do you always wear your own brand of underwear, or do you wear other brands as well (if yes, what are they)?

DW: I really only wear my own undies anymore. Not out of disliking all the other brands, but I just have a lot of samples that I get to keep.

UB: Besides websites, where can we find your products?

DW: Currently, I'm mostly in Seattle retailers: Fancy+Pants, Retail Therapy on Capitol Hill in Seattle and then a store called Apartment 3, in Los Angeles, CA. I'm about ready to do a new photo shoot and make a big push to get into more retailers all over the nation. Right now, its definitely spreading word of mouth, so it's a slow build.

UB: What are your goals in creating men's underwear? How do you want men to feel when they put on your underwear?

DW: I want them to feel sexy and fun. Underwear is such a personal item, and no matter what you're wearing on the outside, you can wear whatever fun, colorful, crazy undies you want and no one will know.

UB: Who is your target market?

DW: I really think the market for people looking for fun underwear defines itself. I have clients that cut across a full spectrum of classes, ages, body types. I think my product is for anyone that wants to have fun underwear.

UB: Are there plans to expand further into men's clothing (you already have some T-shirts)?

DW: I do have some tshirts, but they are more a sideline and not a focus of my line. I really want to rework my tank tops and expand my line a little with the styles I mentioned earlier. Since I am a small business still, I think my big goal is to establish myself and do this one product really great. After I've done that, I can then start focusing on other items and have the energy to really pour into perfecting them.

So there you have it! I'm interested to know what you think about Danial Webster Design. Any follow-up questions?

I'm away

I, UMan, will be away from my desk for a while. I may or may not have access to internet to post, so we'll see how it goes. But Chandler has volunteered to do a lot more posting while I'm away. So you'll be hearing quite a bit from him in this next week.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Logistics of Owning a dik

This is the fourth installment in a series of posts by dik founder Marcus. Enjoy!

You may have noticed an absence of guest posts from dik. Our apologies for that, but as the title suggests, we’ve been busy working out the logistics of running a company such as dik undergarments. Everyone always says you don’t know what you’re about to get yourself into, and to a point that is true when you travel down a new road, but, I think a certain amount of it has been expected.

We’ve been running around like crazy, making sure that we’ve covered every possible angle. If I were to be honest, I’d say we haven’t. But in that vein, I think we’ve done very well at adapting to what we’ve come across. The first hurdle was actually receiving the garments. Although it happens every day all over the world, we’d never imported anything from Hong Kong. It was shipped via air to New York, and then trucked to Toronto.

At that point we had our first taste of customs. Because we’re new, and have never imported sizable quantities of product, we were searched. Due to the hard work of our import/export team member, it was taken care of quickly. Next was storing the product. That’s pretty easy. What made it difficult was organizing all the product! Obviously being new, we aren’t all high-tech yet with automated tracking systems, but, we have organized everything so that if you place an order, we can have it pulled and packaged on the same day. I think that’s pretty good.

Of course there are other challenges, especially when it comes to importing and exporting to and from different countries. We have massive support from the underwear lovers of the USA (thank you), but it becomes tricky shipping goods to the USA that have been manufactured in China. Again, lots of hard work and quick communication are allowing us to work through these hurdles.

None of these issues have slowed us down at all. We’re still moving ahead at full speed and are feverishly working on getting all the orders completed that we’ve received. If you’re still waiting, our extreme apologies! The response has been fantastic and caught us off guard, so thank you for your patience. It will be worth it!

There will be more posts to come. And as always, please stay tuned to Men's Underwear Blog to see the latest dik news.
-Marcus Luft
founder of dik

New Model: Djimon Hounsou

Back around the Oscars I mentioned that Blood Diamond star Djimon Hounsou would be appearing in upcoming Calvin Klein ads. Well some of the preliminary photos are now available (sorry about the bad quality of the photos). So here they are. Djimon Hounsou will be featured in the Calvin Klein Steel ads. Steel is an upcoming line of Calvin Klein underwear (slated to be released next month). Not much more is known on this, the ads should be appearing all over pretty soon. But here's a first look. Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Exclusive RIPS photo #2

Here's another exclusive photo from RIPS. This is the RIPS Extreme jock, as you can see, it is a very hot piece (and a believe that it is slightly sheer). To check out the first exclusive photo, click here. More to come soon!

Jameswinston Sale extended...

Brain of Jameswinston tells us that he's received a number of complaints that the Friday the 13th sale promo code was not working on the older style classic rib. Well, apparently his webmaster forgot to make that part of the sale. So to make up for that, he wants me to let you know that he's extended the sale to run until this Sunday (the 22nd). Jameswinston Co. wants to extend their apologies for any problems and confusion that you may have had because of this. So like before, you can buy any one pair of ANY one 'older' Retro trunk or Classic Rib at just £6, or three pairs or more at just £5 each ! Use code MAD001.

New Collection: aussieBum FLAUNT

I am very impressed with the new Flaunt series from aussieBum. They have created 22 new styles for this series. That is an unprecedented amount for aussieBum to release from one series in one day. In fact, I don't even know if any other collection of theirs has this many different styles. The undies are made out of modal fabric for maximum comfort and a great fit. Modal has recently become a very popular fabric for making men's underwear. This is because it is very soft and it holds its shape well after multiple washes. It also conforms incredibly well to the body for the perfect fit on every person. In my experience, it does pretty much just that. Modal is not for everyone, because it accentuates every single bump and bulge, so be forewarned. But still, I personally really like this fabric. Each of the styles features what a call a collage waistband. Basically the waistband is a collage of the company's logo instead of just being the logo simply scrawled across the top. I will be writing about the collage waistband trend in a future post, so stay tuned. Watch the above video to get a feel for this great new line, and then head over to aussieBum to buy.

20% off Joe Snyder

This weekend only, get 20% off all Joe Snyder at Nuwear.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Select Gregg on sale at Wyzman

Select Gregg Homme up to 40% off at Wyzman. Five days only!

Play sports this summer and save...

Jock boys Benji and Troy are playing flag football this summer. Who are Benji and Troy? You know them, they're the jock boys behind JockBoyLocker. They really are jocks. So in honor of their new sports passion, they've decided to help everyone suit up for their summer sport by giving you 20% off all order over $25. That's a pretty good deal. So just enter the coupon code 'atlflagfootball' at checkout. The sale lasts all summer long (through August 31st). So there's plenty of time to have a jock boy summer. If you want them to do a specialized version of the sale for your sports team, just tell them about it on this post on the Lockerroom blog.

Also, as a UB special for the summer, send us a photo of you and your friends playing your sport and we'll post it on the blog (visible underwear is encouraged). Who knows, maybe Benji and Troy will share some of their own pics as well.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Sale at Undergear

Check out the summer sale at Undergear.  Things are priced to go at up to 60% off regular prices.  So hurry, sale ends on the 22nd.  Use promo code U7NCLRC at checkout.  

RIPS makeover, plus exclusive photos

RIPS is gearing up for a huge brand makeover.  They are redoing their whole look with new, sexy photos and a fantastic new site.  They will also be adding to their lineup of underwear.  So be on the look out for that.

Up until the launch of the new look and products, RIPS has extended some exclusive sneak-peek photos to UB and its readers.  I've decided not to post all of them at once, but to spread them out as a sort of series.  So here is the first one.  Be on the watch for more exclusive photos soon!  

In case you are wondering, the underwear shown above is the upcoming RIPS Extreme Sheer Contour Pouch Brief in black.  Also, the photographer for these photo shoots was Peter D. Brown.

Celeb Underwear Sighting: Matt Damon

Matt Damon, also known as Jason Bourne, can be seen in the upcoming blockbuster The Bourne Ultimatum.  The theatrical trailers for this movie feature a shot of Damon jumping off a building and briefly exposing a blue waistband.  The question is, "Is that part of his costume, or is that his own underwear?".  Well we may never find out, but what I can say is we know for a fact that he prefers Calvin Klein boxerbriefs.  How?  Well in this article at Contact Music he talks about it.  Damon says that:
I had one pair of [CK boxerbriefs] when I was a broke actor and they were my favourite. I remember thinking, 'When I get enough money, I'm going to buy ten pairs of these.'

"A few years ago, I went into a store in New York, but the manager said, 'Let us get those for you.' I said, 'No I'll carry them over to the register.' He said, 'Just take the underwear.' I said, 'I have to pay for it, this is an important moment in my life.' But he wouldn't let me pay.

"So now I go there to get pants for all my friends."

So I guess if you get to be friends with Matt, you'll have free underwear for life! That's a nice prospect. And as to the photo, well that waistband could very well be a CK one. Who knows...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New XXX at MaleBasics

I just want you to know about the new line of XXX underwear now available at MaleBasics.  I believe that the new collection is called "Rock Star".  They have some really cool styles with the words "Rock Star" written on the waistband.  So check it out.  

Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central

The new Nasty Pig underwear is now available at  Jockstrap Central is also featuring a new model for the new undies.  Here's what they have to say about Paulo:

Paulo's the latest hunky model to join the Jockstrap Central hunk club. He's from Lisbon, Portugal but luckily for us, he was visiting Toronto for a few weeks. We we're driving up the street and there he was, hanging out in front of the local coffee shop talking to friends. Jamming on the brakes (and almost causing an accident) we jumped out of the car to hand Paulo a business card.

Now, you have to realize that approaching people this way rarely works as they just pass you off as being some creepy pervert that wants to get into their pants, but we explained to him that in fact we wanted him to get into our pants - well, underwear to be exact. He took the card, went home to check out the website, and immediately gave us a call. Within a few days he was decked out in Nasty Pig and working the camera.

So there you have it!  So check out Nasty Pig on Paulo only at Jockstrap Central.  

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Undie 500

So a couple days back we reached our 500th post!! That is HUGE! I am so pleased that this little whim of mine has turned into the success that it is. Thank you to all of you for your support. We are going to be doing some great stuff (hopefully) to thank you loyal readers. Also, please tell us what you'd like to see that would make this blog just that much better for you.

New Styles at International Jock..

International Jock has lots of new stuff, in fact they have 30 new styles. These styles include the new underwear from Nasty Pig that we were so excited about a while back. It also includes lots of great new colors from Intimo's Play. And finally, they have some great new jockstraps from Colt. So head on over to International Jock to check out all the great new goodies.


I've had a little free time tonight, so I thought I'd let you guys know about some great sales that are going on at some of our favorite sites...

These great lemon colored briefs are from Universal Gear, and are only $6.99. These aren't the only things on sale at U.G., most all of their C-IN2 underwear is on sale, and so are several different brands of swimwear.

If you're looking for undershirts, then head on over to They have several brands and styles on sale, from the basic C-IN2 Crew-Neck, to a great Micro-fiber from Ted Baker.

Finally, is having a great weekly sale on many of their 2(x)ist items. If you have never tried 2(x)ist then you are missing out, let me tell you they make only the most comfortable underwear.

Help Me, Help You

Guys, I need some help! Okay, here is the thing, I want to know where you get your underwear and swimwear from. "Why?", well I feel in order to truely bring you the best information about products, promotions, and sales, I need to know the brands that you, the reader, actually wear. And I also would like to know what kind of styles you like, and just really anything about what you wear. Cause this site isn't about me, it's about you, the reader.

Thanks, Chandler

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Perfect Tan Lines

Tan lines, two words that strike fear in the hearts and on the skins of millions of tanners world wide. I know I hate tan lines, unless they are done right. "Done right?", you may ask. Yes I’m here to say if you wear the right thing, tan lines can not only be a good thing, but an incredibly sexy thing. But they can also be something that must be avoided. So here are my favorite picks for suits that give you sexy tan lines, and suits that leave you with none at all. So get your tanning oils ready, strip down to those bikini swim briefs and let’s catch some rays. has suits that fit perfectly into both of these categories so that’s the brand to start with. Koalaswim is known for their outrages fetish suits, and their tiny swim suits that are always fun to look at and even more fun to wear.

The Streamline suit is a bikini style suit, so it will be great to wear at any beach, or even in the backyard (if you wear anything in the backyard.) The front is extremely low-cut, and the back is a bikini thong hybrid, which shows off your butt. This is a great suit and you will definitely have very few lines from this one. The Streamline sells for $32.00 (US) at

So this next one also comes from, and it is my favorite tanning suit. The Micro Sport Swimmers Pouch, is exactly what the name says, it’s a micro pouch to hold your junk, and nothing else. This suit has a great design, and fits right around the base of the dick to cover the dick and balls. The Pouch is made of lyrca so its great for swimming and beach going, but I wouldn’t recommended you do much swimming in it. The best part of this suit is it allows you to get an all over tan, but keeps the penis and sensitive skin around it from burning. Just watch out for sand up your butt! Get this one at for $21.00 (US).

The next suit comes from the guys at Rufskin, this one is a great denim suit called Scout. This low-cut bikini has a great ring right one the hip, and has a great cut in the front, and shows off a little skin in the back. The scout is available at and sells for $53.00 (US).

Tulio has a great suit that gives no back coverage, and very little in the front. I’ve never been a big fan of showing off my hairy butt in public, but after I saw this one, I’m rethinking that. This suit is pretty dang sexy, instead of straps holding the front and the back together this one has chains and metal rings. The Chain Side Bikini from Tulio comes in several colors, and can be found on Guys, this is one I want you to check out, and it only costs a hot $29.00.

If you’re looking for a suit that has full coverage, but won’t leave you with tan lines that everyone will see, check out the Low Rise swim briefs from Marc Ouest. These come several designs, and colors from one with a thong back, to one with a really nice sunset design. I can assure you, you will have fun in these suits and you’ll want to wear them to the beach, to the pool, or even as underwear. I found these at and the prices range from $24.00-$40.00.

My final suit comes from Aussie Bum, this one will only work if you’re wet, so get a float and get out in the water. The Wonder Jock swim briefs are not your average swimsuits for more than one reason, first, this suit has the wonder-jock technology, and these suits become sexier and sheerer the wetter they get. So leave your inhibitions behind, flaunt your stuff and get these puppies wet. These came from and sell for around $30.00. For a great tan I would recommend getting the white.

Okay guys, so there you have it, my picks for getting great tan lines. But with these perfect lines comes some responsibilities, these are simple but they are so very important to become fully sexy. First off, if you’re tanning in public in any of these suits you gotta do some shaving, no one wants to see a dude in a bikini if he is covered in hair. So get a good razor and give that hair down there a good wack, I’m not saying shave it all, but keep it trimmed, I always leave a little stubble, cause what girl (or guy) doesn’t like their man to be a little ruff around the edges. And finally, if you haven’t got a base tan, don’t head to the beach just yet, wait till you get a little sun, so strip off those clothes you’re wearing, yeah I mean all of them (hey man, the briefs have gotta go too) and head out to the back yard, and get a little tan (everywhere.)

So there you have it, summer is already in full swing, so get out there, and get a good bake.

Friday, July 13, 2007

20% off N2N Bodywear

All weekend long, get 20% off N2N Bodywear at Nuwear. And you know how Chandler feels about Nuwear. So you should get some.

Andrew Christian now at Wyzman

The fantastic Andrew Christian is now available at Wyzman.

dik in a mailbox

That's right, dik is now coming to your door. If you have pre-ordered some dik it should be on it's way to your door soon. dik is beginning to ship out the products. And if you haven't ordered some yet, now is the perfect time to order because the wait is over. I should be getting some dik soon, so I'll let you know how it feels (and a whole lot more).


Hey guys, it's me Chandler. This is the first post in a series of weekly roundups that I'm going to try to do every Friday. The posts will be titled Unzipped. They are going to be about, well me (to be honest), stuff like what I'm wearing, brands that I'm digging, styles that I love, and just random underwear/swimwear/sportswear occurrences in my life. It's going to be a way for you, the reader, to get to know who I am, well a little about who I am. So here goes, and I wanna hear from you guys. You can tell me what to wear, and I might just wear it, and tell me what styles and brands that you're into, I'm here to be your muse, so let me amuse you! The title means exactly what it says, this is my unzipped letter to you...

Week One:
Currently Wearing: Nothing but my Jockey Elance Bikini Briefs and a smile

It has been a long week, and Friday is finally here. For some reason this week my N2N red swim briefs and I have become inseparable; I've worn these guys everywhere, and yes I do wash them nightly. If you haven't tried anything from N2N, let me be the first to tell you, "Dudes you're missing out". These things are uber-sexy and uber-low rise, after wearing these guys all day they have fallen to well below the top of my dick, how much sexier can you get? I really don't know. Okay, so its safe to say that N2N is my favorite underwear/swimwear brand, and if you ever get anything from there, you'll absolutely love it. So did you see the new David Beckham pics? I know you did since we posted the suckers on here a couple days ago. WOW those were some great pics, I just wanna get me a pair of those briefs he had on, then maybe I'll be able to bend it like Beckham. Well this week I found a great store offering some great brands at discount prices, if you're looking for basic 2(x)ist, Rips, Calvin Klein, or Ralph Lauren underwear, check out your local TJ Maxx stores, they have these brands at well below retail prices.
I'm gonna keep this installment of Unzipped pretty short since it's the first one, but first let me tell you about some of the posts I'm working on for the next two weeks. The first story is about tanlines, I know we all hate having them and I know I hate seeing a girl, or a guy with bad ones, so I've got my top picks for suits that will either leave you with great sexy tanlines or none at all. Another story I've got is "Designer Underwear, is it worth it and whats so special about it." And the one I'm looking most foward to, "Me and My First Thong," so I've never worn one, but I'm about to give one a try, who knows if I'll be a convert or not, let me know which brand you think I should try. I've also got a few swimwear and jock reveiws in the works, and a profile on the Marc Ouest collection. So see you guys next week.

And be sure to tell me if it was worth me leaving my pants "unzipped" for you guys.

Peace, Chandler

PS- The pic is of my N2N swim briefs, that I'm in love with.

13% off for the 13th

Mensuas is having a special one day sale in honor of Friday the 13th. Save 13% off your order today by using promo code "july13". Good luck!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Concept: Reversible Underwear

Well I've read in many forums about guys turning their underwear inside-out to get an extra use out of it without washing. That is just gross. You should just get yourself off the couch and do some laundry or buy some more underwear. Jeeze. But that is not what this post is about. Up until recently, I had never heard of underwear that is actually meant to be reversed. Now this underwear is not intended to be worn two days in a row. Rather, this underwear is more like the reversible belt or the reversible shirt; it is meant to give you two looks for the cost of one. Now of course the difference in the two looks is limited, because it is still made out of the same fabric (you wouldn't want there to be two fabrics because that would add way to much bulk). But still, it is a very creative idea and will add more options to your underwear drawer. You can find quite a few reversible styles at Erogenos made by a brand called Key. I am particularly fond of the reversible purple (shown above) and the reversible blue (shown below). They are a little more expensive than some other alternatives, but they are nowhere near the cost of buying two pairs with so much styling. This idea definitely offers some great options for the future of underwear, but since I have not seen it from any other brands (yet) I cannot classify it as a trend.

Friday the 13th at Jameswinston

Jameswinston Co.'s TRULY SCARY Friday 13th PROMOTION !!!
Jameswinston is clearing stock and creating an opportunity for those who want to add the great fit and colors of the cult classic to their wardrobe. This offer will last until Sunday 15th July and allows you to buy 1 pair for just £6, three pairs for just £5 ! Somewhat appropriately the code to use is MAD001.

Dirty Fukker Party

The Dirty Fukker line is very very close to the final stages. The new underwear will be shown off tomorrow (Friday the 13) at the Agua Con Gaz club in France. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out. And hopefully we will have pictures to show you after the fact.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Celebrity Underwear Sighting: David Beckham

David Beckham's super low-rise white briefs can be seen in a spread in the current issue of W magazine. It's not like we don't see his underwear often. With him being a soccer (or should I say football) player the soccer shorts often come off during victorious celebrations. But this sighting is a much sexier and fuller view of his underwear. The briefs that he is sporting are apparently from Dolce and Gabbana. I'm not sure quite what style, but they are from D&G. So if you know any places where they can be purchased, please post.