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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ginch Gonch Reworked - A Review

Ginch Gonch was one of the pioneers in the men's underwear world of, for lack of a better term, what I call "funderwear".  In other words, they were one of the first brands out there to create fun underwear for men.  They take child-like themes of tractors and hot dogs and make them adult with names like "Wiener Eaters" and "Shaft Blaster".  

I reviewed some Ginch Gonch low-rise briefs in the past.  But since then, they've undergone a lot of changes with new owners and new designs.  So I thought it only fitting that I finally post a review about some of their new stuff.  Today I am going to write about the "I Love London" series "Skid Vicious" briefs (regular rise).  Now unfortunately this brief is currently out of stock at Ginch Gonch, but this review should also apply to all of the briefs in the "I Love" series (except for, of course, the style section of the review).  Or if you like, it is also available at I Want Pants

Now for the review.  First I want to say that I love that Ginch Gonch finally added an x-small size to their lineup.  Now I am right on the cusp between x-small and small.  I'm a 28" waist and the x-small is 26-28 and the small is 28-31.  So theoretically I should be able to wear both.  I went with the small. Right out of the box they were a little too big.  The pouch was just a tad baggy and the leg openings weren't quite as snug as I would hope.  While this may have been alleviated by choosing the x-small, I am not sure.  Anyway, I was able to throw them in the washer AND dryer once or twice in order to shrink them to size.  Now I definitely recommend that you try them first before doing this and proceed with caution as you don't want to ruin your brand new undies.  After the shrinking, these things fit fine.  The legs are still a little loose and there are moments I am afraid I might fall out of them, but I have not yet done so.  As I have mentioned, these are full-rise briefs.  So that takes a little getting used to.  I still do, however, feel like there's a little too much extra space going on in the pouch area.  But overall they fit well with enough room for movement while not feeling like you're old and without style -- of course the colorfulness of these briefs helps with that.  

The comfort of these is what I would call average.  The fabric is not nearly as thick and heavy as previous Ginch Gonch styles.  While this makes for a lighter feel, you also lose that ultra plush softness that Ginch Gonch had before.  Also, the waistband is now quite thin, making it fit better under pants.  But once again, it is not the thick, soft waistband that they used to have.  So it is a trade out.  You lose the super softness in favor of a more sleek, streamlined fabric.  One isn't necessarily better than the other, they're just different. 

As for the style.  These things are just as fun as ever.  They've dropped the innuendo in favor of less provocative names like "Skid Vicious".  But they still have an image of Big Ben splashed prominently across the pouch in what can only be considered a suggestive manner.  I love the fun and funky colors and the urban grunge feel that they have.  And what's more, they have a unique feature that I haven't seen anywhere else (which is a lot coming from me).  And that is the printed waistband.  On these briefs there is a plaid, printed waistband with the logo printed over the plaid.  It's very unique and very fun and it will definitely turn heads peeking above your jeans.  I also love the use of different colored elastic on the banding (purple on the legs, black on the pouch) in a continuation of that urban feel. 

As for the quality of these things.  I do want to point out that previously Ginch Gonch encouraged you to hand-wash all their undies.  While that was a pain in the you-know-where, it did help preserve them.  Now they are encouraging you to machine was them.  While this is much more convenient, it definitely does seem to take a toll on the bright colors.  The blacks fade to gray after a few washes, which is not the end of the world but is a little annoying.  On this particular pair though, the fading just kind of adds to the whole urban aesthetic.  

Overall, I feel like Ginch Gonch has changed their stuff a lot.  They've gone from super small, hyper-sexual, and hyper suggestive names and styles with super soft fabric to more mainstream cuts and mundane names using an average fabric.  So now Ginch Gonch isn't just for the super out there and sexy, but is trying to appeal to everyone.  While this is probably good in terms of a marketing strategy, I feel like this may have lost them some of their original followers that helped them to build their caché. 

Overall, I give the Ginch Gonch Skid Vicious Briefs a total score of 7 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 8 (out of 10) - Needs to be shrunk initially.  Still a little roomy. 
COMFORT -- 8 (out of 10) - Average with a more average fabric. 
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10) - Out there and in your face fun.  A little less innuendo than before. 
QUALITY -- 8 (out of 10) - Not as soft fabric as before.  Fades after a few washings.    
VALUE -- 7 (out of 10) - A little pricey, especially for something that will fade.  But they do have good sales. 


Timoteo: Behind the Scenes Video

Here's a behind the scenes view of a recent Timoteo fashion shoot.

Valentine's Special at Wyzman - 15% off

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disney at Xzytes

I was just browsing the web as I do, and I came across some of the cutest underwear at Xzytes.  It is Disney branded underwear with all sorts of fun Disney characters such as Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Piglet, Pooh, and the Cheshire Cat.  These undies come from Disney South Korea, so you probably won't find them anywhere else unless you're gonna take a trip.  And what's more, these things are a great deal!  They're only $9.90 USD a pair!  That's unheard of.  I have no idea what the quality is like, but even if you can only wear them once to a party they'd be worth it.  But they're 95% cotton and 5% spandex so they should be decent.

As a child I remember I used to always love having cartoon characters on my underpants, but finding the same characters for adults is a lot harder.  But here they are!  Check them out while they last!  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With Men’s Sheer Underwear, What You See is What You Get.

Steve Sheer struts past a sign that says “Au Natural Beach” while wearing a pair of silk sheer briefs. Despite the “no clothes past this point” warning, Steve proceeds with a slight swagger in his bold bronze butt.

Steve knows that when he wears a pair of silk sheer underwear, he is au natural in every sense, despite the support of a comfy contour pouch, which leaves nothing to the imagination.

The other nudists stare at Steve’s sheer audacity as he approaches the pool. They wait to see if he’ll toss aside his see-through men’s briefs and strip down to what lies beneath the seams. But in Steve’s world things are always as they seem. He has nothing to hide and proceeds to place his towel on a lounge chair and lay down on top of it with his sleek sun lotion smeared package glistening beneath the sun.

The nudists begin to appreciate the sheer genius of being salaciously au natural without stripping down to the skin. Comfort and style prevails over rules and regulations.

Steve Sheer is invited to join a dicey drinking game in the center of the pool. Steve rolls the dice on a raft that floats between him and a nude quorum of three: Ned Nude, Nancy Nude and Niles Nude. Steve rolls a three, which means that he and two nudes take a shot of rum and vermouth. A game of truth or dare ensues.

“Can I touch it?” asks Nancy Nude. “I want to see if it’s real.”
“Touch what?” Steve grins with his down deep derma hotter than burning.
“The pair.” She winks, as her hand slips below the raft. “Ah! Soft like silk.”
“It is silk,” says Steve.
“And sexy,” injects Nancy. “Better than nude.”
“I want it, too!” pipes Ned and Niles Nude.

Steve climbs out of the pool, his wet silk briefs clinging to his slippery bronze skin. The Nudes watch Steve saunter toward the bar. “A cup of ice and something sheer,” he says.
“The way I like my underwear.”

The bartender hands him a cup of sparkling water to match the sparkle in his eyes. He turns around to face The Nudes in the pool and holds up the cup. “Here’s to sheer!” He shouts. The nudists all cheer.

The next day something is different at the Au Natural beach. Steve’s progressive style has changed the souls of the nudist elite as a sign painter kneels in the sand under a blazing hot Jamaica sun. He whips out his large paintbrush and adds an addendum beneath the words, “No clothes past this point,” – “unless you’re in a pair of men’s sheer underwear.”

When Ned and Niles Nude and the other nudists, too, reach the Au Natural sign and start to strip down, they stop a layer above the lotion slick skin at their new silk sheer briefs.

“So, hot," says Nancy. “Better than nude!”

You can be like Nancy Nude, too, and put a smile on your man’s face by putting his butt into a pair of silk sheer briefs. When your man is in a pair of sheer underwear, the allure is in seeing what lies beneath his briefs because the beauty of your man’s charms is always skin-deep. To read more about

Friday, January 21, 2011

2EROS was Gifted at the Golden Globes

Dennis Quaid
We'd like to first off congratulate 2EROS on having the opportunity to give away their products at the Golden Globes last Sunday.  They were the only Australian brand present.

Among the stars who chose 2EROS fashion gifts were the casts of Glee and Modern Family, Jesse McCartney, Dennis Quaid, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her partner, Mekhi Phifer, Twilight star Edi Gathegi, Lost star Naveen Andrews, Host of E! News Giuliana Racic and her husband, Bill Rancic, Winner of The Apprentice.

Naveen Andrews
It’s easy to see why 2EROS has been discovered by Hollywood. The label is sexy and fashion-focused, catching the eye with its coolly streamlined designs and bold range of colors.  Expect to see 2EROS on many taut, fit celebrity bodies in 2011.

2EROS could also be read as ‘Zeros’. The brand’s logo features two circles, which may or may not represent male assets.  “We named the brand after Eros, the god of love and lust,” Jason Hoeung, co-founder of 2EROS, says with a smile.

And as a special for all you, 2EROS is giving 15% off your purchase with coupon code "goldenglobe".  

Jesse McCartney

Arturo's Favorite Day

In continuation of posting the winning entries from the aussieBum My Favorite Day contest, here is Arturo O.'s entry.   He's from San Antonio, Texas.  These are the photos he sent of his favorite day, and here's what he had to say: 
"Ay Papi!  My favorite day has to be laundry day. I get my /baskit/ of laundry out and hang my underwear out to dry.  The wind RIPS through them while the sun seems 2(x)ist simply to embed each pair with it's warmth. I long all day to get the Ginches back on my inches. Now if I only had me an AussieBum to fill them out then I'd be all set. "

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What’s under his kilt?

Wearing underwear under a kilt.
For ages the consensus was that you are not a “real Scot” unless you are bare under your kilt. However recently the Scottish Tartans Authority, an organization dedicated to keeping the integrity of the traditional Scottish garb, has decreed that refusing to wear underwear beneath your kilt is “childish and unhygienic” and that this flies in the face of decency. The organizations director Brian Wilton said kilt wearers should have the common sense to wear underwear beneath their countries national dress. And he went on to say that just because highlanders wore nothing in the days before wide0spread underwear usage was available doesn’t mean that we in the 21st century should do the same. Underwear is important for two main reasons the first is decency the second is hygiene. The first is the obvious complaint that without underwear in certain situations you are at risk of revealing yourself. And although some, including myself, find this an appealing feature of the kilt others feel it is disrespectful of the traditional and almost sacred significance of the tartan or kilt and I can understand that. The second is a dirty fact that we usually try not to think about, that our underwear is a sanitary protection that protects the cleanliness of our garments. Apparently there have been problem with kilts becoming so dirty they practically were declared a biohazard. Sounds crazy but a kilt maker named Slanj who has provided traditional kilts for Billy Connolly and Ewan McGregor insists his clients wear underwear because he has had some returned in such a messy state that he called them too unhygienic for his staff to handle. A high quality traditional Tartan is very expensive and not as easy to clean as a pair of briefs so this is a valid concern.

No underwear under kilt.
Yet not everyone agrees. Formula One Racing driver David Coulthard said “Kilts are from the past and so is the tradition of not wearing any underwear. I'm proud to be a true Scotsman. It's a tradition that should be left alone. I've been wearing kilts since I was a little boy and will continue to wear my kilts in the time-honored fashion. There is nothing childish or unhygienic about it.” And many kilt wearers have this same opinion.

Matching underwear under kilt.
This is a subject I am torn on because on the one hand I love the idea of a naked man under a kilt yet on the other I also like the image of a nice pair of underwear hiding beneath that manly cloak. But this is an underwear blog so I am going to go address this from a different angle. This case really emphasizes the magnitude of the impact underwear has had on us. At one time the Scottish Military were required not to wear anything under their kilts for ease of movement and today the authority on this rich and distinctive culture has ruled it necessary for underwear to be worn in order to preserve the dignity of this tradition. Often we get so caught up in the look and visual attractiveness of underwear we forget that they serve an important role in our lives. They support, protect our modesty and keep us hygienic and clean which promotes good health. So whichever side of this kilt debate you are on, you have to give underwear credit for the impact it has made. Thank you underwear.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doreanse - Now available in the USA

Since adding Doreanse from Turkey a few weeks ago, the owners of men’s underwear e-commerce website have been impressed with their customer response.

Ribbon Boxer.
“We are extremely excited about Doreanse,” said one owner. “In the very short period since Doreanse was introduced, customers have already reordered items. They are buying different styles depending on their tastes; Doreanse offers everything from comfortable to sexier styles. Although everything has been popular, I would say the boxers in their Swift line is the best-selling style, followed by the Swift trunks and shirts. The brand’s sport shirts, which come with matching boxers and briefs, have also been very well-received.”

Doreanse is unique in producing silhouettes made from a cotton/Modal blend at an accessible price range of $9 to $20. “This is a very low price point for Modal fabric; men’s underwear made from it usually runs $18 to $30,” he said. “Customers are getting a very soft, very breathable fabric made from natural fibers. Another unique aspect of the brand is they make a lot of bikini styles with thinner waistbands than the classic men’s waistband, resulting in very comfortable garments.” 

Jungle Brief.
Doreanse trunks, boxers and thongs run in sizes S through XL, which are “true to American sizes.” Although is the first retailer to offer Doreanse in the United States, the 11-year-old brand is already well known, very popular, and in high demand all over Europe and beyond, and can be found in stores in France, England, Australia, and many other countries. 

Doreanse really does give you your money's worth.  Their name combines the French words "dore" and "anse", literally meaning "golden bay".  What I really like about this brand is they combine sexy with comfy.  While they have a lot of fun, low-rise, low-coverage styles, they are still comfortable thanks to the modal fabric.  I personally really love the Jungle brief.  And at an average of $11 these undies are completely affordable.  Stay tuned for a review. 

Alpha Male Undies Is Giving Away a Free Shopping Spree

AlphaMaleUndies will be refunding the price of one lucky customer's entire order this January.  All you have to do to enter is place an order at AlphaMaleUndies this month.  Then at the end of the month they will randomly select a winner to get their money refunded.  Whether you pay via credit card or Paypal, it will all be refunded in full.  Who knows, it could be you!  And for those of you who don't get the free cart load, you can still get 20% off your order this January with special coupon code 'mus234'. 

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy No Pants Day

Today January 9, 2011 is no pants day in several cities across the country! Here’s a quick look at a few of the festivities going on today:

First off in San Francisco. The main festivities will take place on public transportation and there’s a group you can join so you don’t have to ride bare legged solo. To join the group meet at Powell Station at 2:10pm in San Francisco. It should be a great chance to meet fellow underwear enthusiasts and a large group of fun folks!

Today is also no pants day in New York! There are 6 meeting point in New York; Hoyt Playground in Astoria, the Old Stone House in Brooklyn, Foley Square Manhattan, the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows park Queens, the Great Hill in Central Park and Bushwick Park in Williamsburg. The groups will gather at 3:00pm sharp and begin the ride through the MTA, going until about 5:30. Take a backpack, to store your pants, and a metro card to ride the rail. Have a blast guys!

YES! It’s No Pants Day in Phoenix Arizona too! Like the others it’s all about public transport, here it’s the light rail. Meet the group at 2:00pm at one of three locations; Montebello and 19th Ave, Central and Roosevelt, or Sycamore and Main. They also have some fun festivities planned later as well.

Other cities having no pants day include Austin, Boise, and Boston. It looks like there’s a great trend growing. Yet for those of us not in one of these cities there is no need to be too jealous or feel left out. According to the official no pants day is the first Friday in May and the underwear dress code goes beyond public transport making it the most casual of all casual Fridays. It may be time to start planning an event in your community. NO PANTS FRIDAY MAY 6TH!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Exclusive Discounts at Grundies

Australian brand Grundies is having their special Stocktake Sale going on right now with discounts up to 60% off.  There are some truly great savings going on on truly quality undies.  And as a special for MUB readers, Grundies is offering an extra 10% off with coupon code "underwearblog" for a total savings of up to 70% off!  That's HUGE!  So be sure to take advantage of these savings while they last.  The Stocktake Sale is going on until January 16 and the coupon code is good until February 15. 

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Keeping my Devil Cool with 2wink - A Review

2wink is a company that has been around for quite a while now.  While I have posted about a lot of sales that they have, it's been a long time since I've reviewed anything from them.  In fact, the last thing I reviewed from them was their Graffiti Minibox in 2006!  This review was a guest post over at Undies Drawer.  You can read the review here.  In fact, 2wink was the first review I ever did based on actually wearing a product.  Needless to say both 2wink and I have come a long way since those days.  So today I want to reintroduce you to some of 2winks new stuff with a review of their Cool Devil trunk

One of my biggest complaints about the old 2wink stuff was the fit.  It just wasn't quite right - too big in the thighs, too small in the pouch.  While I didn't quite realize this at the time, this problem was due to the fact that the Graffiti Minibox was made entirely out of cotton.  The Cool Devil trunk eliminates all these problems by adding 8% spandex with the cotton.  This allows for a much more tailored and individual fit.  This trunk is snug, but not too snug - you can move but you still feel supported at all times.  The Cool Devil trunk provides a fit that I would call "cozy".  I am almost constantly aware of its presence hugging my butt and balls, but it's not uncomfortable.  It's like a nice embrace letting you know that your undies are there for you.  The trunks are low-rise with short legs (about a 1.5" inseam).  The butt is seamless allowing for a nice snug, comfy feeling.  I do want to point out, however, that my butt is on the small side and on me these feel snug.  So if you have a large bubble butt these may not cover it very well.  The pouch has enough room to grow but is not too roomy.  

The fabric on these undies is soft.  Like I said it feels nice and cozy as it very softly holds you in place.  While I am aware of these undies during the day, it is not an uncomfortable feeling.  These undies do a good job of staying in place throughout the day.  While they are low-rise, they are not so low that you keep having to pull them up every time you bend over.  

The style is basic with a little bit of punch.  The body of the trunks is crisp white.  This is in stark contrast to the bright red legbands and yellow and red waistband.  They are fun while not being too over-the-top. They are a good "go-to" pair for days when you don't want to be too sexy or complicated but you still want something a little more than basic.  My only complaint is that they don't come in more colors.  

At $18 a pair these are a little pricey for something so basic.  But the fabric is super comfy and soft.  It's a small price to pay for something that's going to hug you in a warm embrace all day long.  One thing that is quite impressive is how color-fast these undies are. One would think that the red waistband and legbands would eventually fade or run onto the white body but that is not the case.  These undies are still as bright and crisp as the day I got them.

Also, if you prefer, the Cool Devil line also comes in a brief style which is currently on sale for only $9.  

Overall, I give the 2wink Cool Devil Trunks a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Allows for movement.  Low-rise but not too low. 
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Soft fabric.  Feels like a soft embrace.  Constantly aware of their presence, but not uncomfortable. 
STYLE -- 7 (out of 10) - Basic with a punch.  Wish there were more colors.
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Color-fast.  Doesn't fade.   
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - A little pricey for something so basic.  But good quality. 


K’mando Strapless Pouch Fits like a Glove and Looks like an Elegant Sock Puppet

The next step in men’s underwear design is both less and more: less straps, less material, yet more comfort. With the K’mando Strapless Pouch, cumbersome straps are a thing of the past. Cushioned and seamless, the K’mando Strapless Pouch supports the three amigos down below while hiding unseemly seams beneath your clothes – not the way to stand out in a crowd.

K’mando, the no-holds-barred approach to men’s underwear, is like a ball-bearing wall for your balls but holds everything in place in a soft unencumbered way, in 100% Micro-Terry COMFORTREL fabric, an au naturale feeling beneath the pants.

Life is restrictive enough: staying in between the yellow lines, working from 9-5, standing in line at the store. Why should underwear be restrictive, too?

K'mando underwear doesn’t follow the rules. It’s the new break out style in men’s underwear – the underwear that says f*** you to traditional men’s underwear brands that are too afraid to take a chance.

Don’t be a victim of the old traditional tighty-whitey, ball, and chain straps of the past. Be bold and ballsy in K’mando mens pouch underwear, available in white, black, gray, or nude. Feel free each day while going commando into the work demilitarized zone. As other wounded warriors grimace from being ensnared in an underwear trap, a smile brightens your face, beaming the comfort of feeling as if you’re wearing almost nothing down below. Just because you’re stuck in a cubicle, doesn’t mean your underwear needs to be, too.

Don’t be an underwear robot. Break out of the pack and make a statement to the same blurry faces that you see disappear into a crowd on the street and beneath their pants. They’re stuck in an underwear rut that requires a constant tug and shift. In a K’mando Pouch, you can take on a day without worrying what’s happening down below.

Go K’mando and win the war against tug and shift underwear,