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Friday, October 27, 2006

Gregg Homme Sale! is having a huge 2 day sale (20% off) on ALL Gregg Homme underwear. This is something you cannot miss!! This includes the X-it brief and biker short that I recently mentioned in this post.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

International Jock Trick or Treat... treat mainly

"Free Halloween Treat Giveaway Until October 31, 2006!
Just place an order of any size for any items and we will include a Halloween Surprise Package with your order ABSOLUTELY FREE!
We’ve got rooms full of quality apparel in our warehouse that we want to send to you for FREE. One-of-a-kind manufacturer’s samples, overstocked items, discontinued items, items received for photo shoots and more.
We're giving away jockstraps, underwear, t-shirts, wrestling singlets, hard cups and more. Since all of these supplies are limited we can't promise exactly what you will receive. Your package will be a HALLOWEEN SURPRISE!
Sorry, but we cannot accept requests for specific types of merchandise.
Place your order today to receive your FREE SURPRISE PACKAGE from International Jock."

Click here for more info.

That sounds like a great Halloween treat to me! Or it could just be a trick and really you don't get anything. But I think it is probably a treat.

A new "style" of underwear

So this looks like just another boxerbrief, right? WRONG. It's not. It's an all new (at least to my knowledge), patent-pending, design for underwear. It's called the pocket brief (they come in full cut brief and boxerbrief, but really the brief is more of a trunk) by Alio. It contains a revolutionary one size fits all pocket to lift and separate all your junk from the body (photo of inside below). This helps keep you in place all day long and prevents you from "sticking". This may not be an issue for you, but if any of these awful things sound familiar to you, this is the underwear for you. It's great for the active man or the man who does lots of physical labor for his job (plumber, electrician, construction worker, etc.). But it's also quite fashionable too. And my bet is the pouch could enhance your goods. I'm also betting that since it has a pocket for you penis that it will no longer be an issue digging through your pants to thread it through the fly (if you use the fly on your undies). It's received quite a few accolades. So I'd say it's worth a try. It comes in two styles, both in navy and white. And everything costs 14.50. And if you're not satisfied you have a 30 day money back satisfaction guranteed. So why not try it out for that price and that deal? You can find all of this at

Sunday, October 22, 2006

X-it Brief

I was just surfing Wyzman because they are having some great sales on DT Jocks and Ginch Gonch, and I decided to buy a few since the sales are almost over. Well I happened to notice this really amazing and unique looking brief. It is made by Gregg Homme. It is called the X-it brief. It comes in black and white. Just look at it. How amazing is it? It has "a waistband that accentuates your lower abdominal area for a bold and original look that’s X-citing, X-traordinary and X-tremely breathtaking! Made with bamboo fabric, one of the most innovative exercises in sheer comfort. X-perience it today! Made from 64% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 8% spandex." How amazing does that sound? I did not buy one, but I think I may have to in the near future. It costs 27.99 USD and can be found here. I just really love that waistband. It is so sexy. If anyone tries this out and wants to write a review just let me know.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Aussiebum is giving away cash!

Aussiebum, renowned Austrailian underwear manufacturer, is having a special going on where you can play an online video game called "Riding the Ram" (go to their home page and click on game at the top) and when credit to their online store. It is a pretty easy game to play and it is really easy to win $3AU ($2 US). And you can win up to $8AU ($6US) off your next purchase. You have to get 80,000 points to get $3AU, 150,000 points to get $5AU, and 250,000 points to $8AU. Good luck on the game and don't fall off the ram. It is a pretty fun game and you are inspired to keep playing by the cowboy (that is your character) wearing only his AussieBum briefs that you could win if you do well in the game. The only problem is you can only use one discount code at checkout so you cannot get anything for free. But it is still a cool idea. The contest ends the 31 of October (2006).