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Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Underwear Purchasing Site -Jock Boy Locker

A new website has come on the scene in the underwear world. It is Jock Boy Locker. They sell many popular brands including: Hung, Ginch Gonch, Jocko, Go Software, and N2N (and others). The owner of the site has offered all visitors to this blog a 15% discount on their entire purchase! All you need to do is enter the discount code "JOCKBOY" at checkout. Just thought you might like to know about a new place to fill your drawers up for a discount.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wyzman contest

Following the suit of Ginch Gonch (I do not know if that is the intention), Wyzman is having an underwear contest in which they are giving away 600 dollars worth of designer underwear. Just thought that my fellow undie fans might want to know. Click here for more info.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Abercrombie Underwear

Old A&F Boxerbriefs

I have been wanting to buy some A&F boxerbriefs for a long time. Well the other day I went to buy some at the store but I couldn't find any. I checked online. None there either. I was devastated because I think that the waistband of the A&F bbs looks really nice. Well I e-mail Abercrombie and their reply was very ambiguous. Finally I checked their site a week ago and guess what! Yes, new boxerbriefs. I'm not sure if I like them as much as the old ones. The waistband is different and doesn't have the stripe. And they also added a moose on the leg. And they removed the fly and ribbing and they are now fly-less and basically seamless. But they still are pretty cool. I might have to go buy some. So you can check that out at
New A&F Boxerbriefs

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Do you have any underwear photos....

to share?? If you do then why not send them to me (no nudity please) with the subject line of 'photo for gallery'. My e-mail is underwearblog -at- If you send them to me I will pick my favorite and feature them in the sidebar gallery instead of the current clipart. Also if they are really great I might feature them in a post and talk a bit about the style you're wearing.
*No nudity
*Must show men's underwear
*Photo must be taken by you
*Must have permission of person shown in photo to submit photo
*Decent resolution
*Subject line "photo for gallery"
If you know the style of underwear shown please include that
Also if you would like include a nickname you'd like to be known as (otherwise anonymous) and you can give an age and location if you want as well


Have fun, I'm looking forward to seeing your submissions.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blink 182

In continuation of our celebrity underwear commentary I'd like to bring to notice Blink 182's variety in underwear. Notice how in this candid picture all three of them are lounging around in different white undies. One's got on boxers, the other boxerbriefs, and the third briefs. What a combination. But we do know that they all also wear boxers sometimes too from the following photos. But these photos aren't as candid and were done as a publicity shoot. From that we can gather that the punk rockers (who are now broken up) don't wear their "hip" boxers in their spare time.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Play by Day or Night

Play by Intimo has just recently released a really cool new line of undies. They can be bought here at 10percent. Just thought I'd let you know about this cool new style that you should check out.