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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sauvage Retro Swimwear at International Jock

It's that time of year again.  The time to bust out the skimpy undies and sexy swimwear.  If you're like me, you like to get some new swimwear for the season to stay on top of the freshest cuts and colors.  I don't even really swim that much, but I like to strut my stuff in style at the beach or poolside.

Sauvage has launched a hot new line of swimwear for summer 2013, and it's available now at International Jock. The collection features longer shorts and shorter trunks in a range of tightness. So whatever you like, they have something to suit your style. The "in" trend for men's swimwear this summer is the fitted (but not skin-tight) swim trunk. Sauvage has a number of great options for this. I like the St. Tropex striped trunk and the St. Tropex checked trunk personally. 

From paisley prints and plaids to solid colors and tribal designs, this new Sauvage Swimwear collection brings cool vintage style to men’s summer fashion. Made in San Diego, CA, the brand features premium quality swimsuits, including styles made with luxurious imported Italian fabric for an unrivaled look and feel. 

Modeling the Sauvage collection is International Jock’s newest model, George Johnson of LA Models. George has been modeling for five months and exudes sex appeal and the natural talent of a seasoned pro. He began modeling with a trip to Hong Kong for Abercrombie and Fitch. Prior to that, he attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo where he studied kinesiology and was a receiver on the football team.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brief Boys Review Stonemen New York Brief

Avg. $37 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Stonemen New York Brief, a unique handmade cut from Australia.

Patton: I wish I’d thought to wear these when I was actually in New York. I thought about it on the plane. Such a missed opportunity.

Mitchell: You keep saying New York. Are you afraid to tell people you went to New Jersey?

P: I took the train into New York whenever possible. Think about it: I could’ve mooned the Chrysler Building with the Chrysler Building.

M: How meta.

P: And – another nice thing, had I worn these in New York – they’re superb for lots of walking. They have a great cut that’s very supportive, never slip, and hug and hold everything in place.

M: Yes, those Aussies at Stonemen really know what they’re doing. To be honest, I was wary of another undergarment that is focused more on the pretty picture or pattern than the engineering, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well-made these are, all around. The pictures on their website make them look a little rubbery and formless, but they might just be over-Photoshopped. In person, you can tell that these are as light and flexible as any other cotton brief.

P: Agreed. It’s amazing how well these fit, especially for a low-rise brief. And they’re gorgeous. I remember when you used to wear Ginch-Gonch all the time. Cute underwear, but not the greatest quality. These are light-years ahead. The only thing I’d point out is that there’s no obvious pouch design, yet it’s weird how, once you put them on, this doesn’t seem to be a problem.

M: I expected to feel confined in these, too. There must be a magic spell at work, though, because they’re quite roomy.

P: I kind of want to buy all of them. Well, almost all – I probably don’t need the ones with hummingbirds on them. But the cityscapes, the sunsets, the nebula, stampeding stallions, ocean waves – I need all of them, for sure. It’s kind of like buying a cool t-shirt, except you need to be on a pretty intimate basis with your friends to show these off.

M: And most of those come with multiple waistband choices. Speaking of the waistband, by the way, another nice feature is that the seam rests on the hip, which is a nice change from briefs that tend to scratch at the base of your spine. So far, these haven’t bothered me.

P: Anybody who stocks up on them will also be helping the environment. For every pair they sell, Stonemen donates one Australian dollar to nonprofit conservation groups intent on preserving the oceanic ecosystem.

M: They’re big on that in Australia.

P: Almost as big as they are on awesome underwear.

M: You know, the more I think of them, the more I like them. Even the way the screen print continues all the way around, a full 360º like a panorama – they’re truly a work of art.

P: Well said.

 FIT /  Excellent
 COMFORT /  Excellent
 STYLE /  Excellent
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Good

 BOTTOM LINE /  Beautifully made in every way, and worth every Australian cent.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Jockstrap

The Jockstrap
(jock·strap - noun - ˈjäkˌstrap)
"A support or protection for the male genitals, worn esp. by athletes."

And also an exceedingly fucking sexy undergarment choice. (This added definition has not yet been approved by Merriam-Webster.)

The jockstrap has come a long way since its inception in 1874 by the Bike Company (who still manufactures jockstraps to this very day)! Originally designed for bicyclists and, as stated above, largely worn for athletic purposes, we have since reaped the benefits of the growing popularity and selection of the "fashion jockstrap."

Click to enlarge.
Almost every major underwear designer now has a collection of jockstraps to choose from. And some exceptionally rad companies have been popping up in recent years putting extra emphasis on their jocks, such as the glory that is New York-based company Nasty Pig (which was also my nickname in college.... Okay, that's not true, but I wish it was).

I encourage every man, gay or straight, to own at least a few jockstraps. Straight men should be aware that there are a slew of women in the world who love seeing a man's ass in a jockstrap or a thong and will squeeze and slap it with more zeal than the gruffest rugby player after a victory.

Not only do they look hot, but they can also offer great support. They can bring that package you're undoubtedly so in love with front and center. I find that C-in2 and DT do the trick on this one magically well. And jockstraps can also offer a bit of lift to those cheeks of yours.

Click to enlarge.
Jockstraps are also a wonderful choice to make during the hotter times of year. It obviously allows for a lot more breathability. Especially if you get one that's made of mesh. Andrew Christian's mesh air jock with "show-it technology" is one I highly recommend (also because of the aforementioned package amplification).

Now, among the gay community, the sexual lure of the jockstrap is a bit more obvious. It's like putting a spotlight on the goal. Now, that being said, I've encountered a number of people who associate "jockstrap" with "bottom." Not true. Watch more porn (yes, I just said that to gay men as if I needed to). Jockstraps are sexy no matter what your preferences are. I frequently wear them and I'll leave my preferences completely to your imagination. ... You're welcome.

I love wearing jocks. Yes, I'm wearing one right now as I write this. Wearing a jockstrap out and about (especially to work or on interviews, etc.) makes me feel sexy, confident, and is like my little secret that I carry with me throughout the day. Although, that secret tends to be let out after enough Stoli.

Some superior designers, in my ever-so-humble opinion, to turn to when purchasing jockstraps: C-in2, Andrew Christian, DT, ES Collection, Timoteo, and Nasty Pig, among others.

So there you have it. The powerful forces behind the Men's Underwear Blog asked me to rant about jockstraps and I have done so. Now do yourself a favor, go buy one, look at your ass and package in a mirror, and thank me later.

Smooches, gentlemen, and thanks for reading! Love ya!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

FLASH SALE - Andrew Christian Grab Bags

Get them while they're hot!  Andrew Christian has just announced on their Facebook that they're selling mystery grab bags on their site today!  You choose the size and get 3 pairs of undies for $24.99.  That's an amazing deal, usually it's about that price for one pair of AC.  As of now they have all sizes available from xs - xl.  But these do go fast so you gotta act fast

Sunday, June 02, 2013

New Brand: CURB + Eye Candy

Today I want to introduce a new brand CURB.  This UK brand specializes in sportswear that's designed to enhance performance and have comfort.  The line includes briefs and trunks in five bold colors.  So check out this hot new brand and stay tuned for more info.

These sexy pics are of CURB model Ben.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

NY Times Talks about Shift in Underwear Ads

Watch this video from the New York times about a shift in men's underwear advertising.  They discuss a shift from the hyper-sexualized male ideal to a more relatable guy in underwear advertisements.  Have you noticed this shift?  I think I've definitely seen a change in some underwear advertising recently.  The ads are more quarky and fun and not as much about the sex.  But then again look at Andrew Christian; the sex is definitely still out there.  The truth is and always has been, sex sells.  So sure maybe some companies are switching up underwear ads, but does it work?   What sells you (or doesn't sell you) on underwear when you're shopping?  Let's get the conversation rolling boys.