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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Sorry I haven't blogged lately. But I've been gathering up lots of information for you on cool new underwear related things and trends to get you or a friend for this holiday season. One thing that has been catching my eye over and over again lately is the new line of men's underwear, C-IN2. This fairly new brand was co-founded by the creator of 2(x)ist. Even though it is a new line it has been getting many rave reviews from fans in the underwear community. I'd suggest that you look into this new line of products. Lots of the undies in this line offer what is called "sling support technology"-think breast enhancers for the male part. This is achieved with an adjustable ½ wide elastic sling inside the pouch that forms a ring around your scrotum and penis which lifts them forward. On top of this great new idea C-IN2's line of underwear also boasts soft cotton material, low rise, and sporty cuts and designs. I really suggest that you go and check out this great new brand. Freshpair offers a great selection of the line here. This great new line also offers every style for every type of guy; from jocks to briefs, to boxerbriefs, to boxers, to longjohns, C-IN2 offers it all with lots of comfort and style. So what're you waiting for? Go check it out.

Shown, Kinetic Mesh Active Slip Brief


Anonymous said...

I...think...I'm going to buy these...then find a man to wear them and them alone.

And I think I'm going to link to your blog.

Anonymous said...

now those are delish!! too bad I don't have the body to pull em off LoL oh well!!

Anonymous said...

I purchased two pairs of the C-IN2 with sling support for myself as a Christmas present, a brief and a boxerbrief. Sadly I was somewhat disappointed. I'm not all that big, but the pouch on both pairs wasn't big enough to alllow the sling to hold me up and push me forward. The underwear turned out to be like a lot of other on the market today, nicely small and colorful, but under-sized in the pouch area!

Tim in Indy

Anonymous said...

i purcharsed four pairs pf the cin2 and i have to say it s the best underwear confortable nice and the sling support is very good.

Nudle said...

Very stylish and comfy indeed. I must agree about the sling being ineffectual. It doesn't work... My recommendation, get the same style without the sling, save some bucks.

Anonymous said...

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