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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Long Johns

It's that time of year again. Yup you guessed it. It's winter and it's time to pull on your long underwear. But this year instead of dragging out those old union suits like your grandpa used to wear why not treat yourself with some new and improved winter underwear. The men's underwear world has gone through some major innovations recently, and some of those innovations allow you to have warm underwear that still maintains style and doesn't have a lot of bulk to it. So go out and buy yourself some "modernized" long underwear. They can range from 20 to 40 dollars. They are seriously a good investment, especially if you live anywhere where there are white christmases. So treat yourself to some in-style long johns this year and go out and buy a few.
Here's a couple to check out first:
  • C-IN2
  • Unico
  • Hugo Boss
  • 2(x)ist

  • Question of the Day:
    Do you wear long underwear in the winter or do you just wear the same things that you wear the rest of the year.


    Anonymous said...

    Another one to add to the list

    Anonymous said...

    Yep, cycle to work everyday, and its freezing over here. Where a pair of briefs underneath though..

    tightywhities854 said...

    don't wear long underwear in the winter, wear either briefs or boxerbriefs, which i find very hot.
    a big fan of all kinds of underwear. My Blog Title is 814brief

    Anonymous said...

    calling from Scotland. always wear low-slung briefs, but it doesn't get that cold here.

    Nudle said...

    I must say I've never worn long underwear. They cover too much. I would feel like a baby in one of those full body woolly suits.