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Friday, December 09, 2005


iPods are one of the most successful gadgets of all time. Apple has made millions of dollars off of these handheld electronics. Many companies have decided to capitalize off this success by making all sorts of clothing and accessories for this new trend. The trend has now expanded to your underwear. Yes that's right, I'm not kidding. Now these iBoxers by Play come with a pocket designed specifically for your iPod listening pleasure (although you could use the pocket for any number of small electronics as well). I think this is a very fun and novel idea. I'm not sure how practical it is but it would be a great holiday gift (even if just as a gag) for any gadget lover in your life. I like the fact that although these are boxers they are still very fitted (but not quite boxerbriefs) to avoid the bagginess that is often associated with boxers. They can be purchased for twenty-two dollars here. Enjoy.

Poll of the day:
When and how would you use this pocket (if you would at all)?

1 comment:

Nudle said...

These are way cool! Now there's a place to put the iPOD while I do the vacuuming around the house! Hey hey...