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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Valentine's Styles from aussieBum

aussieBum just came out with two great underwear options for you to wear this valentine's day. Normally I don't endorse boxers because I personally don't like them and they do not provide the support that I feel every man needs. But these boxers are different. They are stylish and they solve the support issue. The boxers are in silky valentine's designs and are very low-cut with short legs (so they don't cover too much) - perfect for a romantic valentine's day. Now you might be wondering, how do they provide support? Well, aussieBum has implemented a special supportive pouch that is much like their Wonder Jock undies, only in a boxer. The pouch appears to be made from a mesh-like material (similar to that found in some swim trunks) so you boxer wearers will still get the "airiness" that you enjoy. I think this is a genius idea, and it might just get me wearing boxers on occasion (of course they need to come out with some new fabric patterns so they will be suitable for everyday wear). The only drawback, they're a little pricey at $30 a piece, but they're probably worth it considering the quality that aussieBum is known for and the fact that it is for a special occasion. Also, be sure to check out their cute promo video below:

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