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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Arrivals at Undergear

Undergear has some GREAT new arrivals. I am absolutely loving some of these.

First up, is the Gregg Homme Fahrenheit brief or boxerbrief. These sexy undies have snaps holding the pouch in place, so you can show as little or as much as you want (also, it probably makes for easy access).

They also have some great new Japansese-inspired underwear from Tactics ranging from a jock to a brief to a trunk. So check those out as well.

Also, Undergear has some branded new arrivals like the African mask theme undies (there is a brief and a trunk) and the mythical collection (there is a brief, another brief, and a trunk). The mythical series uses symbols of power taken from mythical lore, such as dragons, griffins, and gargoyles, to enhance these undies.


Anonymous said...

I stillcan't work it out from the pics - does the crotch of the Fahrenheit briefs & boxerbrief unsnap, or does it just open down both sides for a quick exit?

UMan said...

I think it just unsnaps down either side. I believe it is still sewn in place to the waistband and to the crotch seam (the seam that connects the back piece of fabric to the front piece).

Anonymous said...

cool - thanks!
it's certainly a good industrial look for playing tradesman dress-ups!