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Monday, November 08, 2010

Not Quite Commando, but K'Mando - New Brand

K'Mando Sport is a new brand of underwear that is being touted as the next best thing to going commando.  There are those of us who like to go commando (granted if you're one of them you're probably not reading this blog) but sometimes that's not always practical, this is where K'Mando comes in.  K'Mando is basically a sock for your cock; it covers all your bits with as little coverage as possible.  But it's a little more complicated than that.  This pouch has a padded under-collar to help keep you supported and lifted forward.  It also features an adjustable snap closure so that it fits perfectly around your junk and stays on.  This "sock" has three separate compartments to hold all your parts in place (one each for your balls and another for your shaft).  K'Mando has a seamless front for extra comfort and to prevent unsightly seams showing through your pants.  K'Mando currently comes in four colors: white, black, gray, and nude (for a more authentic commando appearance).  I have a few pairs that I've been sent to try, but I can't quite figure out how to put them on and fit everything in comfortably.  It looks like it should be really easy, but trust me it's not.  Once I figure it out though, I'll wear them for a day or two and let you know my thoughts in a review.  In the meantime, you can  get K'Mando from Skivvies and His Trunks for about $20. 


Brock said...

I ordered one from Skivvies and it arrived yesterday. It is very difficult to get on correctly so if you find the magic way to do that, please let us know; it seems like my balls don't sit in the pouch correctly. Even though I wasn't sure if I had it on right, I did try to wear it for a little while this morning. I was surprised by how soft the inside is and it was very comfortable. It kept everything together but didn't feel binding and didn't seem to pull at all. It was almost like wearing a jock but it allowed my whole package to float freely rather than being pushed against my body. I'll have to play around with putting it on because I'd love to wear it regularly.

JayToday said...

Hunh. I've been looking for something like this for a while so I may have to get myself one !
Only thing I can't help but wonder is what happens if you happen to spring an erection.. there doesn't seem to be the room for "expansion" lol
thoughts ?

Jay said...

I bet that k'mando ad of yours on the right gets a lot clicks :)

Seriously, though, can't wait to read your review. I've been wondering what this thing would feel like.

UMan said...

Brock - I definitely agree with you, it is very much like wearing a jock, but without all the straps. I had a similar experience with my balls in the pouch, it just doesn't quite seem to let them go in the right place. As for putting it on, I've found that the best way to do this is to just grab all your junk (shaft and balls) and shove it all in. I'll try to give a more detailed account in my review once I've mastered it.

JayToday - Glad to help. As for erections, since this is snapped in place, it's quite tight around the base so it's not going anywhere. It is very much like a sock, so just like a sock it stretches to accommodate. Since it is one size fits all, some may have more room than others to grow.

Jay - Stay tuned for the review! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like these. But I'm an older man and don't get erections as frequently as when I was 20 something. I'd think that erections would be a bit of a challenge while wearing these 'shorts'.

To put them on, just put your balls in first, then slide your penis into the shaft sleeve. Snap and I'm set to go. I like the feel of the separate 'sock' for the shaft of my penis.

Great with jeans.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick up a few if they had the TSA logo stamped on shaft and balls.

What a perfect outfit for National Opt Out Day!

micky61 said...

can u get them in australia

UMan said...

Anonymous - actually erections aren't too bad in these.

Michael - They're currently only available online, so I'm sure you could get one of the stores to ship to Australia. They may not standardly do it, but if you send them a nice email I'm sure they will. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

These look great. Any idea how well they work with a tight sack?

Anonymous said...

My problem isn't an erection. I am 73 years old and I have a "grower" not a "shower". Being 73, it's almost completely shrunk and I'm wondering if I could even use one of these.

Anonymous said...

They are definitely hard get yourself into. Not quite sure if I've managed it perfectly yet. If you are anything more than "average" down there it can be a bit difficult to fit everything in there. It does stay in place if you get hard but I can sort of pull on your balls... isn't as stretchy as other fabrics. Overall I would say its best for smaller guys.

JayToday said...

So I bought one and I'm finally getting around to posting about it.
I am 100% regretting the money I spent on it.
I'm just not the right shape to be wearing them. My balls are apparently too small and my cock is too big.
I too am more of a grower rather than a shower, which leads me to wonder how someone who's packing anything serious when soft could even think of approaching this product.
Looking at the photo again, I guess it holds true to how I felt when wearing them. You essentially need twice the helping of ball sack to penis ratio to fill it in properly and in my experience with men and their .. parts (teehee) few and far between are the men who would fit into this as well as the model shown would.
I'd almost have been better off with a washcloth and a rubber band around my junk.

Anonymous said...

I really like these. I better hurry up and order enough to last a few years before they quit making them. (based upon the negative press here). I really like they way they hold my stuff. Really cool and just right. The sort of thing I've only dreamed about before.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bought one, and liked it so much that I bought two more! Love the fit and feel!

As far as putting them on, it helps if your balls are hanging. Scoop them up with the sack, then slide your shaft in its pocket. Voila!

Was out in my backyard with only the K'Mando on. Neighbor woman peeked over the fence, decided she liked what she saw, and came over for a closer look. I popped a stiffy, and everything stayed in place (with some shaft base exposure). What a great way to get to know the neighbor ladies!

All in all, VERY satisfied!

Anonymous said...

Kmando great for jogging since does not restrict like jock strap. I found it comfortable and as advertising almost like running nude. Difficult to stop to urinate but just will have to get used to. Would make interesting Kinesiology study, which higher performance Kmando, jock strap, or athletic thong. Waiting to see comfort for swimming and then triathlon, wonder how metal snaps hold up in salt water, only concern. Getting toward comfort of original Olympiads in the nude. Any questions email me at Jorma

Anonymous said...

Despite all the negative comments about the K'mando sock, I love it! To get it on, shake your balls into the ball cavity then slide your penis in the top part. I use the tighter of the two snaps. Erections are perfect in them as the material will stretch. I have bought about 12 of them as they have become my underwear of choice. In the winter I use two K'mando's. The outer has never slipped off. I also wear a donut cockring so that may be helping the K'mando sit in place more correctly. I wish the K'mando had been invented years ago!

dan83 - dan richards said...

Hi all! i bought one of these and have been wearing it on and off for about a week and had no problems at all with it. Ive even washed it and its still in great shape.

I live in the UK and i like to buy from sellers in the UK so i dont have any nasty customs bills to pay so i was really pleased when i found them available here >

got mine 1 day later which is great service - so good ive even been back and bought 3 more of them.


Anonymous said...

I have been wearing the K'mando for a week now and love it. The support is incredible, but it is also very free feeling. It fits great and does an impressive job of enhancing the assets. Definitely going to be buying more of these.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy one, but not sure. Any feed back
How do u piss in public ? What happens when u sport
Wood ? How does it feel ? Anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Should I get one ? How do u piss in a public washroom ?
What happens when u sport wood ? Anyone ?

Anonymous said...

I just put my junk in a small sock.
Is that the way it wi feel if I buy one ?
Any feedback ?

Anonymous said...

What size should I get ?
M or L ? What s the difference mean
With the size ?

Anonymous said...

Is it comfortable or tight on your balls ?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this product will work for me.
I have above average size balls. average
Size in shaft girth. A little Below average
In shaft length. What does anyone think ?
Will I like this product ? How will it feel ?

Anonymous said...

I few ? After reading all these posts.
CAn anyone answer ?
What does a grower and a shower mean ??
What happens when u get a boner in it ?
How's your junk smell when u take it off ?
How do u piss in public with it ?

Anonymous said...

Hey UMan !
Can u answer any of my questions from
Yesterday and today (the last 6 posts) !
Doesn't seem like any uses this blog !
Can u answer my questions ? Thx.

UMan said...

Seriously sir you need to calm down with your posts on this site. This is not a forum, it is a blog. No one is responding because they haven't had a chance to read what you've said (as this is an old post) or they don't have anything to say. Please do not spam other posts on the site with unrelated questions/commentary to K'Mando.

I personally have not had a lot of experience with this product so have no advice for you.

Anonymous said...

Uman - I am very sorry. I certainly did not mean any
Harm. It's just that I want to get one right away, but
I really would like all my questions answered first.
Do u know of any other blog, forum, etc. that could
Help me ? Thx and sorry again. - Danny

Anonymous said...

Sorry UMan -!s there any way u can start a new post
For the Kmando product on your site today.Maybe I can get some Questions answer right way... Thanks again-

UMan said...

We have written quite a bit on K'Mando. There is even a review that is only a few months old:

Please search the site and read user comments. There are a lot of them. Some of those might answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

I bought 7 of them and enjoy them very much. I have found them to be very breathable and full of support. I wear mine daily as underwear and found no problems with it. I am 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard with a 6 inch girth and average size balls. I feel I am average in size and have no shame in sharing my stats. My roommate who also has bought one is 3 inches soft 7 inches hard and 5 inches girth with big balls and fells it to be very comfortable.

Now to answer the questions I keep seeing and will be honest as can be.....

How do you piss in public?
I find it to be pretty much the same as normal. Just pull it off and do you deed. Make sure you shake it off pretty well. Then stick your balls in and then insert your cock.

How does it fit if you get an erection?
I find it to have room even with my 6 inches and my roommate stated that if he was any bigger than 7 inches it probably wouldn't fit to well. I wear it at the second snap and he does to and it stays on all day.

How does it feel?
It is soft in touch and fits very well. You feel as if your junk can breathe very well. It also prevents chafing on really hot days. It has more support on your balls than underwear, but doesn't keep them strapped to you. I wore boxer briefs and briefs and really think this is 10 times better.

Does it feel like putting your junk in a sock?
This I would not agree with. It feels like underwear that are meant just for your cock and balls. It feels really unique and comfortable at the same time.

Medium or Large, what is the difference in size?
My roommate and I purchased the medium one due to it having a variety of colors. Large only comes in white. I found with just white that pre-cum and cum can stain it and make it look dingy.

How does it fit big balls?
The material is stretchy enough that you can fit your fist in the area that holds your ball.

How does it fit with big girth and small shaft length?
I think I have fairly big girth and it fits fine. The length when it comes to being small really shouldn't effect it. The top of your shaft and balls hold it place and with two different snaps it hold snug.

Whats a grower?
A grower is a guy with a cock that grows more than twice the size when soft.

What is a shower?
A shower is a guy that soft is fairly big, but when hard only grows an inch or two.

What does your junk smell like after wearing it?
I think it smells the same as if you were wearing underwear. I wore Boxer briefs and normal briefs and don't smell a change.

Reviewed by Mike H

Anonymous said...

Thanks mike For all the insight.
What's that about cum and pre cum again ?
I can't believe u are wear a med.
Thanks mike
go over that pre cum / cum reply again.
Does it make u look a little hard when
Wearing it ?
I have a large and it's tight on my balls and cock.
Go over the pissing part again. How do u put it on
In the washroom without looking like a dickhead ?
The section for your cock is so little ?????
Do u wear them all the time ?
Do u let people see u wearing it ??? Washroom ??
Gym ??? Anymore sight ? Danny

Can u give me anymore insight ??

Anonymous said...

Mike H
I can't believe with the measurements
You and your roommate have, that the kmando
Fits comfortable. Also, how does one measure their
Girth ? Btw how old are you and your roommate ?
The kmando does not feel like you are kmando.
I don't get it.
- Danny

Anonymous said...

Mike H
How does your junk smell after wearing it all day ?

Anonymous said...

Mike H -
There is no way you fit your 6" hard
Cock in the kamando !
Impossible !

Anonymous said...

The difference between a grower and a shower:

Shower: Difference in length between flaccid and erect is small. Usually a fairly long length.

Grower: When flaccid is very short or maybe even inverted (acorn appearance). When erect is longer, like the length of a shower.