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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Summer Thong

Obviously Thong.
Hey boys! Guess what? Summer’s right around the corner. And with summer comes the heat, and when it gets hot people get frisky. Wink. Wink.

CK Steel Thong
Summer for me means one thing: time to haul out the thongs. Now, I live in the upper Midwest, so year-around thonging is pretty out of the question for me, especially during the nasty subzero winter months. So when May rolls around, I’m so ready to break out the flip-flops and skimpy underwear.

I think the thong is one of the most misunderstood male undergarments. Men I’ve interacted with think it is either not masculine or uncomfortable, but usually both. I’m writing to clear up those misconceptions and get you lovely readers to at least try one this summer (if you don’t wear them already).

True, thong underwear is not in the mainstream of typical male undergarments. However, take a quick jaunt through any major department store men’s underwear department and you’ll see them beside boxes of other cuts of underwear. It’s a reflection of the growing acceptance of this garment as a viable and enticing alternative to your usual boxers or briefs quandary. Additionally, they come in myriad styles and are made from a wide range of materials from cotton to microfiber, to the latest in eco-friendly fabrics. You can find a pair that will reflect your personal style and can be as masculine or crazy as you like.

Thong underwear, for my purposes, is divided into three distinct categories: thongs, y-backs, and g-strings. A thong has a thicker back which tapers into a triangle before it meets the waistband in the back. A g-string, on the other hand has a thinner back and remains the same width when it meets the back of the garment. The y-back is a hybrid, where the triangle in the back is actually a string on two sides of the triangle.

Hom Plume
Wearing a thong is an experience in itself. I recommend easing into the garment; wear it for a couple of hours, then progress to half a day, and then try it for the entire day. You want to make sure you when you put it on that the pouch of the garment is situated to go as far back as it was designed to. The uncomfortable feeling begins when the string is too far in front. After a couple of minutes, it should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all if fitted correctly. This is the beauty of wearing a thong; you’ll have the freedom and breathability of wearing nothing, but the support you need for your boys up front.

Interested yet? Good.

Since thongs are minimally designed, a good fit is essential. As I described above, a poor fit will result in a less than optimal wearing experience. I would recommend, therefore that you invest in a quality garment that is well designed and made out of materials that you like. Here are some recommendations for all three kinds of thongs:

1. The Calvin Klein Steel Thong. I highly recommend this thong for all the newbies out there. The CK brand is a familiar one to most guys and the fabric is very soft. The wide vanity waistband is stylish. Overall, the CK steel thong is a very approachable and wearable garment.
2. Obviously for Men Thongs (see above image). I’m wearing a version from the original line, but recent lines offer the same comfort, same comfortable, anatomical pouch and the same ultra thin material. Again, the thongs from Obviously are very masculine looking and very approachable.
3. The Hom Plume. When I first started reading the underwear boards, men from around the world crowed about the Hom Plume. It is truly one of the best thongs out there. The sides of the garment are strings, but are very stretchy. The material of the garment is thinner than paper-thin and mold to your body. It truly feels like you’re wearing nothing.
N2N Tropic String
1. N2N Bodywear Tropic String. The now discontinued tropic line featured a rayon blend that yielded an ultra light fabric that was supple, super stretchy, and soft all at once. This g-string is made exclusively of that material. Though, the back is super skimpy, the front features that infamous N2N pouch that provides enough coverage for your manjunk.
The N2N “Mojave” line is made from the same fabric but in different colors.

N2N Waistband Y-Back
1. N2N Signature Waistband Y-Back Thong. Stylish, cotton garment that features the y-back. The N2N Signature Waistband Y-Back Thong is again, a stylish garment that is both masculine and sexy.

So, men, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought and that you’ll join me in "thonging" this summer.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I will give the thong a chance this summer

Anonymous said...

I agree! Of course I live in the hotter and more mild winter states so Thonging all year round works for me, it's so true what you say about the right fit and knowing how to wear it. I got my best friend at one time to try thongs and he wore it for about half a day and didn't care for it much. I think he must have been wearing it wrong, b/c I won't go back to regular underwear fulltime!!!

Anonymous said...

so nice and sexy ass!!
thongs looks really great on the guy of the pics!

Steve said...

There's another lovely thong, made by Narcisso.
My best girl friend called it a sleeping thong: it's crocheted with lots of horizontal threads (yarns?) across the back. Maybe not truly a thong because it appears to give some back coverage, however minimally, but there's a mere string connecting the front pouch and the back.
It's definitely fun and relaxing to wear. Surprisingly (to me), not as many boys like it.
But I love it. Click on my name (above) to see one.