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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With Men’s Sheer Underwear, What You See is What You Get.

Steve Sheer struts past a sign that says “Au Natural Beach” while wearing a pair of silk sheer briefs. Despite the “no clothes past this point” warning, Steve proceeds with a slight swagger in his bold bronze butt.

Steve knows that when he wears a pair of silk sheer underwear, he is au natural in every sense, despite the support of a comfy contour pouch, which leaves nothing to the imagination.

The other nudists stare at Steve’s sheer audacity as he approaches the pool. They wait to see if he’ll toss aside his see-through men’s briefs and strip down to what lies beneath the seams. But in Steve’s world things are always as they seem. He has nothing to hide and proceeds to place his towel on a lounge chair and lay down on top of it with his sleek sun lotion smeared package glistening beneath the sun.

The nudists begin to appreciate the sheer genius of being salaciously au natural without stripping down to the skin. Comfort and style prevails over rules and regulations.

Steve Sheer is invited to join a dicey drinking game in the center of the pool. Steve rolls the dice on a raft that floats between him and a nude quorum of three: Ned Nude, Nancy Nude and Niles Nude. Steve rolls a three, which means that he and two nudes take a shot of rum and vermouth. A game of truth or dare ensues.

“Can I touch it?” asks Nancy Nude. “I want to see if it’s real.”
“Touch what?” Steve grins with his down deep derma hotter than burning.
“The pair.” She winks, as her hand slips below the raft. “Ah! Soft like silk.”
“It is silk,” says Steve.
“And sexy,” injects Nancy. “Better than nude.”
“I want it, too!” pipes Ned and Niles Nude.

Steve climbs out of the pool, his wet silk briefs clinging to his slippery bronze skin. The Nudes watch Steve saunter toward the bar. “A cup of ice and something sheer,” he says.
“The way I like my underwear.”

The bartender hands him a cup of sparkling water to match the sparkle in his eyes. He turns around to face The Nudes in the pool and holds up the cup. “Here’s to sheer!” He shouts. The nudists all cheer.

The next day something is different at the Au Natural beach. Steve’s progressive style has changed the souls of the nudist elite as a sign painter kneels in the sand under a blazing hot Jamaica sun. He whips out his large paintbrush and adds an addendum beneath the words, “No clothes past this point,” – “unless you’re in a pair of men’s sheer underwear.”

When Ned and Niles Nude and the other nudists, too, reach the Au Natural sign and start to strip down, they stop a layer above the lotion slick skin at their new silk sheer briefs.

“So, hot," says Nancy. “Better than nude!”

You can be like Nancy Nude, too, and put a smile on your man’s face by putting his butt into a pair of silk sheer briefs. When your man is in a pair of sheer underwear, the allure is in seeing what lies beneath his briefs because the beauty of your man’s charms is always skin-deep. To read more about

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Anonymous said...

Sexy story yes, but it does fail to recognize true nudists would never stand for this sort of thing. In fact, they would find the underwear deliberately offensive. In nudism, while you celebrate the joy of being free of clothes, you also don't go to any lengths to attract attention to your genitals. They believe that covering them up, whether its a skimpy bathing suit or sheer underwear just draws that attention.

So folks, if you're going to a nudist resort, don't actually try this. Go naked and be free.