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Friday, June 17, 2011

New Camoflage Jockstrap both Hides and Shows at the Same Time

Jockstrap Central has just got in two sexy new mesh jockstraps from Male Power.  And to show them off they've enlisted hunky Irish model Mairtin. 

The new jock is perfect for the guy who wants to show off but prefers his onlookers to be up close and personal to really see what's really going on - while the sheer fabric is see through, the camouflage print makes it difficult to see what's beneath - until you get up close for a thorough examination. 

This jock includes a roomy camo pouch lined with black piping, 3/8 inch wide leg straps and a 1 /14 inch wide black waistband with a racing stripe and winged male power logo front and center.

It comes in two versions - either green beige and black or red white and black.

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