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Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Singlet Jock Available at Jockstrap Central

Check out this exciting new singlet jock from CellBlock 13 now available at Jockstrap Central.  Ask yourself, "what's hotter than a guy in a wrestling singlet?", if you answered "a singlet with the ass cut-out" then this singlet is perfect for you. These wrestlers-with-a-twist are made of super high-quality nylon and spandex that's tight enough to cling to your body yet stretchy enough to perfectly put your package on display.

Of course, CellBlock 13 improves on this already phenomenal piece of kit by cutting out a convenient hole from the backside for double the pleasure. Whether you are shoulders to the mat with your crotch thrust to the heavens or you are face down and your ass up in the air, this brings a "hole" new meaning to this spectator sport.

These sexy singlets come in an array of fun colors: red, blue, yellow, and black and run for $50 a pop.  Jockstrap Central has done a phenomenal job with the shoot as always, so you'll definitely want to check them out, if just for the eye candy.

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