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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Collection: Jock Series from 2EROS

Australian company 2EROS has released a new line of underwear called the Jock Series. The collection is inspired by the amazing fabric. It's made from 'Tactel' (a type of Nylon) with wicking and elastane. This treatment to the fabric allows sweat to be pushed away from the skin, keeping you drier for longer and you will definitely love how soft it will feel. This introduces the sports theme. Its got an all-star feel to the color palette. The waistband is inspired by the stripes on the Union Jack, taking elements from the Australian national flag, and featuring the logo as the star in the middle. Plus we have subtly embossed the 2EROS logo repetitively on the blue strip.  It comes in brief, trunk, and jockstrap styles in red, white, and blue.  The collection retails for between $25 - $35. 

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