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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weight Loss and My Undies

So... It’s been a long time since I’ve written for MUB, but here I am again. I am a married, straight guy who also happens to appreciate good men’s undergarments. Does that make me weird? I don’t know. Most people would probably say so, but who cares? They’re my undies, and no one but my wife gets a vote on them.

Anyhow, in the last few months I have started working toward losing weight and achieving a healthy body shape/state. My overall goal is to lose 50lbs, to get me to 185ish. So far, I’ve lost 19lbs, and I’m trucking right along. No fancy system or diet - just eating less, eating better things, and getting off my butt regularly to do stuff. Mostly running, which I’m still trying not to hate.

What does this have to do with underwear, you ask? Well, one of the big factors in wanting to lose weight is my own vanity. I want to look good in my clothes (and out of them). Being almost halfway to my goal, something I have noticed is that my undies fit better and look better. Nothing miraculous, like growing an inch, like some claim will happen. But there’s less fat, which means that I hang more nicely, which means that I fill out a pouch more nicely. Also, there’s less flab on my ass, which means that my undies look nicer and don’t ride up so badly. And my muffin-top (every undie-man’s horror) is shrinking bit by bit.

Yesterday, I wore a pair of trunks that I hadn’t worn in awhile because they were too tight. Well, guess what? They are still stretched a bit, but they now fit decently!

By the time I’m down to my goal weight, I’ll be down into a smaller size, so I’ll need new undies. UMan says that if you readers like my stuff, he might help me get some new drawers. ;) I haven’t picked out any “goal” pairs to strive for, yet. So for you readers - post in the comments your suggestions for specific pairs you think I should aim for.


GayCountryWes said...

I think a nice pair of Cocksox would be great for you to work toward. I would love to see you reach your goal. Work hard and keep the goal in sight. Take a picture and post it on your bathroom mirror or the fridge to see it every day.

Go see the briefs at the Cocksox Site.

Anonymous said...

hey cool yaar, i sail in the same boat as urs,, me strt guy,, crazy for underwears, n yes have all styels in all the brands , n yes me too on way to loose some weight to look good in my undies

TriGuy said...

Agreed - wearing sexy undies is a h-u-g-e motivator for getting fit and staying fit. It would be damn hard to rock a pair of Joe Snyder underwear and look at myself in the mirror and not at least be somewhat in shape.I guess boxers exist for a reason.