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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brief Boys Review Good Devil Ballz-Out Boxer Briefs

Avg. $24.50

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Ballz-Out Boxer Brief, by Good Devil – “for those who dare.”

Patton: I couldn’t wear them, but I don’t knock ‘em for trying.

Mitchell: I was surprised that I could wear them. The overall concept seems a little outlandish, but a whole day of wearing them isn’t as distracting as you’d think. And for what they are they’re well made.

P: I get the idea, and I can see how they’d work. They’re just not for me. For what they are, though, they do seem to work. Your balls fit pretty well through the opening and, well, there they are. They’re out! Good for a hot day I guess.

M: Totally. I usually wear thinner or lighter briefs with tight pants or shorts, so these are a good candidate for that. Having your balls out does open up more opportunities for pinching, though, or snagging on things you don’t want to snag. But it’s a nice alternative to full commando – the “free” feeling of being out there but without having them stick to your leg.

P: Can’t really argue with that. What I found most uncomfortable was the penis “pocket” – a little constrictive, and maybe a better fit for grow-ers than show-ers.

M: Yeah, it’s a tight fit. Most often it ends up off to the side. The other downside to the overall fit is in the back – they don’t seem like they’re quite high enough, and I found myself constantly tugging them back up. The tag is also a bit oversized and tends to stick up.

P: I suppose one good market for these is guys concerned with their sperm count who still want to wear briefs. All the support of a brief, only your “swimmie” factory gets to stay cool and productive.

M: Perhaps that’s why the two of us are having so much trouble conceiving.

P: I doubt it’s the only reason, but we can look into it. Overall, even though these aren’t for everyone, they go beyond the gimmick. These actually could find their way into a man’s regular rotation.

M: Agreed. You might want to think twice on gym days, though.

P: Or if you’re wearing super short-shorts.

M: Yikes.

 FIT /  Good
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Good
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Average

 BOTTOM LINE /  Not for everyone, but great for guys looking for something sexy, fun, and functional.

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