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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brief Boys Review K'Mando Pouch

Avg. $20 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton try the “three-chambered design” that holds your anatomy and “feels like nothing at all.”

Patton: I’m going to be frank and up front about this one. This is not clothing. This is a sex toy.

Mitchell: Well, I did manage to wear it for a day, but I can see what you mean. Honestly though, this is more functional than I thought it would be. I expected to put it on and immediately hate it, but I didn’t. The terrycloth material was extremely soft and comfortable. It was nice to be able to wear a pair of jeans with the sensation of going commando but without the scratchy feeling you get in a man-on-denim scenario. But it does have its obvious drawbacks, the largest being that it’s totally impractical. It takes several minutes of fiddling just to be able to put it back on, and I couldn’t imagine having to do this in a public restroom several times per day.

P: Fiddling, or reattaching?

M: The second drawback is that the fabric, while somewhat stretchy, isn’t nearly stretchy enough. Depending on a man’s physical makeup, the “one size fits all” approach is not going to work unless the fabric is far more flexible.

P: I’m pretty sure it’s just a sex toy.

M: And how did that work out for you?

P: Let’s just put it this way: the longer I tried to stuff myself into it, the less likely it was to fit. This isn’t something to wear to the office, or even to the bar. This is something to wear if you’re not allowed to touch yourself.

M: It is pretty snug on there, isn’t it? I expected that it would slip off, but it stays on securely.

P: Through all kinds of activities.

M: If you can actually manage to put it on.

 FIT /  Poor
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Average
 QUALITY /  Average
 VALUE /  Average

 BOTTOM LINE /  A fun idea, but one size does not fit all, or even most.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to UMan I found this review, but any additional
Info would be great. I'm looking to buy this soon.
Not sure it for me. I have a little above average balls and
And girth size. But a little shy in shaft length. Will it work ?
What' happens in the case of erections ?
Pissing in public ? How ?
Does your junk smell after wearing it ?
Is it tight on your junk ?
How does it feel ?
Any other info ?
Thanks. - Danny

Anonymous said...

Also - what does a grower and a shower mean ?
- Danny

Anonymous said...

Ok - someone help me out !
Got my kmando 2 days ago ! Wow not sure this
Is good at all .... First, my balls are a little above average.
And my cock is a little below average. I ordered a large.
My cock and balls will not fit ... Soft ! What happens if I'm hard ?? Putting it on is brutal. Your junk smells
When you take it off. Once it's on .... It makes you look
Like you are sporting a boner all the time.
Anyone - is this how it is ? Or am I doing something
Wrong ? - DannyB

UMan said...

You have so many questions. This really is not meant as a forum to ask questions. Did you read the review at all? It answers some of your questions. Also not sure how you ordered a large, they are one size fits all.

Anonymous said...

UMan -
I did read the review. Not much help.
They come in m and large now !!
The large is met for very small cocks.
Can u answer any more questions
For me ?

UMan said...

Where did you find this? I'm looking at the company site and they still say one size. Are you sure you have the same brand?

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm sure !
It gives u the option when u place
The order.
Can u give any sight to this and
Answer my questions ?

UMan said...

As I already told you on another thread I haven't had a lot of experience with these. Seems like you've answered a lot of your own questions though.

Anonymous said...

Brutal ! Waste of money so far.
To small ... To tight ... And I'm not huge !
Balls are crushed. My balls are a little above average.
Shaft section way to small. I'm a little below average
There. Makes you look like you have an erection
All the time, even when you don't. But with everything
So tight, it gives you a boner. Cock smell like
Spunk when you take it off. Real bad too.
So far not happy.... Any other comments from
Anyone ? Would like to hear from you !

Anonymous said...

UMan or anyone ?
What's the difference between the kmando and the
Naked cock pouch products ?

Anonymous said...

I bought 7 of them and enjoy them very much. I have found them to be very breathable and full of support. I wear mine daily as underwear and found no problems with it. I am 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard with a 6 inch girth and average size balls. I feel I am average in size and have no shame in sharing my stats. My roommate who also has bought one is 3 inches soft 7 inches hard and 5 inches girth with big balls and fells it to be very comfortable.

Now to answer the questions I keep seeing and will be honest as can be.....

How do you piss in public?
I find it to be pretty much the same as normal. Just pull it off and do you deed. Make sure you shake it off pretty well. Then stick your balls in and then insert your cock.

How does it fit if you get an erection?
I find it to have room even with my 6 inches and my roommate stated that if he was any bigger than 7 inches it probably wouldn't fit to well. I wear it at the second snap and he does to and it stays on all day.

How does it feel?
It is soft in touch and fits very well. You feel as if your junk can breathe very well. It also prevents chafing on really hot days. It has more support on your balls than underwear, but doesn't keep them strapped to you. I wore boxer briefs and briefs and really think this is 10 times better.

Does it feel like putting your junk in a sock?
This I would not agree with. It feels like underwear that are meant just for your cock and balls. It feels really unique and comfortable at the same time.

Medium or Large, what is the difference in size?
My roommate and I purchased the medium one due to it having a variety of colors. Large only comes in white. I found with just white that pre-cum and cum can stain it and make it look dingy.

How does it fit big balls?
The material is stretchy enough that you can fit your fist in the area that holds your ball.

How does it fit with big girth and small shaft length?
I think I have fairly big girth and it fits fine. The length when it comes to being small really shouldn't effect it. The top of your shaft and balls hold it place and with two different snaps it hold snug.

Whats a grower?
A grower is a guy with a cock that grows more than twice the size when soft.

What is a shower?
A shower is a guy that soft is fairly big, but when hard only grows an inch or two.

What does your junk smell like after wearing it?
I think it smells the same as if you were wearing underwear. I wore Boxer briefs and normal briefs and don't smell a change.

Reviewed by Mike H.