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Friday, February 22, 2008

Long Johns Compared

The following is another guest review from Nick from Michigan. Since it is winter in most parts of the world, he decided to compare some of his long underwear. His rating scale is out of 5 (not 10).

Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings

-As you can probably tell by the name, these long underwear are performance oriented, and skin tight. I really like wearing these out to jog because they are excellent at retaining heat and moving with me, much like a second skin. I do not recommend wearing these to work or class, because of the fabric texture, they're not exactly the most comfortable thing to sit in for extended periods of time.
Price: $50

American Eagle Long John

-Although discontinued for this season, the AE Long John should be back next winter for a repeat performance. I really liked that they came in different colors, so I picked up a pair in blue. They turn up the fun factor in wearing long underwear. As far as keeping you warm, they do the job, even for extended periods.

Buy: Discontinued for the season (try AE next year)

Joe Boxer Long Underwear

-Finally, a plain white waffle long john that doesn't look like it belongs on an 80 year old. Even though Joe Boxer took a spin on this classic style, the stretchiness of the design feels slightly constrictive when worn under clothing. As sleeping underwear, they're pretty great. You can get them at Kmart in the US, and Sears in Canada. They should still be in stock, or even on clearance as spring collections roll out.

Buy: KMart or Sears brick and mortar stores

C-In2 Long Johns

-As far as casual long underwear goes, C-In2 takes the cake. Although the softness rating is a meager 1 on HisRoom, I would easily rate these a 2 or even 3. They're suitable for just about anything, including extended sitting, sleeping, outdoor activities, etc. One thing I thought was great was the "molded" crotch area. Unlike the other three, C-In2 gives you a little bit more room up front for the jewels.

Price: $27 Currently on Sale: $18

Below, each pair is rated for comfort, style and durability. The "rating" number is from 1 (favorite) to 4 (least favorite).

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