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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Debut Video from FU e=fu8

Check out the debut promotional video "Banished from Eden" by FU e=fu8.  This video is a little on the artsy/edgy side as far as underwear videos go.  I'm not really quite sure what is going on or what they are trying to portray.  But there sure is some good eye candy.  So enjoy! 


Anonymous said...

Hot, very raw & sexy. what you see is what you get, nice sexy underwear that will get you banished from Eden, b/c it's a sin to wear such sexy underwear with a name like FU?!

Anonymous said...

love the total flow of this video & how the underwear color & cut keeps on changing in the blink of an eye. The line looks hot, reminds me of 2(x)ist.

JayToday said...

Seems SUPER amateur is you ask me. Even if we overlook the videography which I just don't get, the model's movement and "pose-iness" is just unappealing.
Honestly, after seeing that video, I have no desire to buy this brand for fear the product is just as uninspired.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant marketing & looks like a great product too!
Nike wanted to really say Just F*** It but it would never go over well; so that changed the F*** to Do, & it became Just Do It.
who amongst us wouldn't want to wear something that says FU, it's so in your face & to the point!
am going to bet money that Chelsea boys will be wearing this in the upcoming summer months.

Anonymous said...

Sexy! love the name & the formula combination!

Anonymous said...

Art is in the eye of the beholder, this is very artsy.
it reminds me of the stuff Steven Klein gets paid gobs of $$$$ to do for W Magazine & for the videos Madonna uses for her tour. I became a fan of M again b/c of the
Xstatic Process video he did for M. It blew me away & this video does the same. Well done for a new brand!!

Todd said...

actually saw some super hot male dancers in the parade this past weekend in the east village, nyc wearing this while dancing shirtless.
The briefs looked hot, they looked hot.

UMan said...

Todd, any chance you have some pics to share?