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Friday, November 27, 2009

Piado: Review

Piado is a great new brand of underwear that focuses on underwear as style and fashion. Their products are eco-friendly with fabric made from a bamboo lycra blend (94% bamboo/6% lycra). Piado makes two styles, a boxerbrief and a brief. You can purchase Piado boxerbriefs at His Trunks for $24.

Today I'm going to be reviewing the boxerbrief from Piado. I own them in red although they come in an array of fun colors. I want to start by talking about the fit. These aren't your average boxerbriefs; they have a unique fit that I haven't seen before. When not being worn they look almost like a very full-rise pair of briefs - but once you put them on they are definitely not briefs. I would describe the fit as more of a trunk fit - the legs come to just above the package (depending on how large it is), but they do not cut up like briefs. Upon close inspection you realize that these boxerbriefs have quite minimal coverage - something I really like about them. They have no fly to make for a streamlined look. The streamlining continues on the back with minimal seams on either side of the butt. The waist is low-rise, but not unbearably so. It's not what your grandfather wore, but it's not scandalous by any stretch of the imagination. The fit is designed so that it fits you, but it doesn't squeeze you, it just gently conforms around your body in a very pleasing manner.

The bamboo cotton fabric is oh-so-soft and I really didn't even notice that I was wearing anything all day. They are very touchable and breathable and are a great illustration of the benefits of using natural fibers for your underwear. And, as is becoming standard, these undies are tagless so you won't have anything irritating your butt all day. The styling of these boxerbriefs is very modern with bold, bright colors. But the design is very simple so that even the most conservative man would feel comfortable wearing these. It has just enough detail to be fashionable while not going overboard. There is contrast piping around the legs and at the waistband. And the bold Piado waistband will be sure to be a conversation starter (if you choose to show it off).

Because of the low lycra percentage these undies do stretch out a little bit during the day - but it's nothing uncomfortable and nothing that a quick spin through the washer won't fix (although be careful you don't put them in for too long). At $24 a piece at His Trunks, these undies are worth the price. They are moderately expensive, but for the natural fibers and the fun, but not over the top, comfort it's money well spent.

Overall, I give the Piado boxerbriefs a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 8 (out of 10) - Small and sexy, but can get a little loose during the day.
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Incredibly comfortable natural fibers make for superb comfort all day long.
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10) - Very edgy style, but still wearable.
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Stretch out a tad during the day, but easily shrink back to size.
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Moderately priced, but worth it.

********** 9

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