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Friday, February 12, 2010

New Brand/Arrival: Bum Gear

Bum Gear is a relatively new brand of underwear. Their styles embody traditional masculine aesthetic with a touch of the unexpected. They have a number of different collections, but their most prominent is the mesh line (shown). The mesh line encompasses the traditional bold, masculine waistbands and detailing that are typical of men's underwear, but adds an element of surprise with the bold, transparent fabric choices. Sheer underwear is not new in the men's underwear world, but this is the first time I've seen sheer fabrics combined with traditional masculine detailing, making for a very sexy, masculine look. The line comes in boxerbriefs, jockstraps, briefs, and thongs in an array of colors. There is no online store on the Bum Gear website, but they have recently arrived at ABoyStore where they retail for $24-$28 USD.


Jay said...

That photo spread is actually quite funny :)

Wil said...

He'd be better off if he went without the undies though.

Jay said...

Haha, true :)