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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baskit Contest Winners

Here's the list of the winners of the Baskit contest. Each won a pair of Baskit underwear. Eric K. was also the winner of the $50 Baskit gift card. Today and over the next few days, we will be posting the winning entries (photos) that got these guys their new undies. We'll also be posting some of the runners up. Enjoy!

2/4/10: Trevor K. from Ontario, Canada (pictured)
2/5/10: Andrew L. from San Francisco, CA
2/6/10: Derrick P. from Tucson, AZ
2/7/10: Eric K. from Sioux Falls, SD
2/8/10: Andre O. from India
2/9/10: John T. from New York
2/10/10: Ned K. from Fort Wayne, IN

The photo to the left is of Trevor K. from Ontario. He was the winner for February 4th. He's sporting red Timoteo briefs in this photo.

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Unknown said...

Big grats guys! I'm jealous! I still win a bit though since I get to see you all =)